Finding and getting on a green bus was the relatively easy part. Actually getting out of the facility's grounds was the difficult part. Busses would only get moving once they were full, or very close to being full. Jacob's bus was near the end of the closely-packed hovervehicles. This meant that about half an hour was spent doing absolutely nothing. Well, everybody except for Jacob. By some sort of grand stellar conspiracy, a certain Lynn was aboard the very same vehicle. While others spent time twiddling their thumbs in abject boredom or sleeping, Jacob had the pleasure of a delightful conversation. It was centred around fantasies about the alien empire, mostly, and the technological wonders to be found. It was a line of conversation and thought that Jacob indulged himself with frequently, but that made it no less fascinating or exciting.

Eventually, the vehicle set off, speeding away from the concourse with nothing but the soft hum of exotic engines being heard. All eyes were facing out of the tight windows, desperately trying to catch glimpses of grand alien structures as they whizzed by. Unfortunately for these eyes, most of what they would meet would be farmland or manufactory, as the green bus apparently provided service outside of the capital city area. This capital city being Eteno City, supposedly the grandest and most heavily populated city in the empire.

When that piercing wail sounded, the vehicle was stopped near a cluster of country homes, built of tan wood and reinforced with metal alloy bars, as the branches of towering pine trees swayed in the wind above. A handful of people disembarked, their eyes locked on their handhelds, searching for the next step or snippet of useful information. Concealed flack guns that narry a single human had spotted before pounded furiously at the sky while searchlights illuminated the orange evening sky. The bus' driver, an AI, proceeded to feed instructions to the remaining passengers telling them, in essence, to get off the bus and head for a ditch. Nobody wasted a second in doing so.

Jacob attempted to retrieve his bag resting on a rack at the rear of the vehicle, but his father yanked him away by the shoulder and pulled him away from the bus with him. Soon, black puffs and tracers crowded the entirety of the sky, as the roar of engines became apparent in the distance. To Jacob, they seemed to be coming from one of the fields. He turned to the origination of the sound, and in the far distance, it appeared that aircraft of some sort were being launched in the distance. Just as he was dragged into a ditch, he saw a thin, black frame with long, forward-swept wings catapulting across a field, and into the sky.

It was rather obvious what was going on at this point. Even aliens apparently were familiar with air raids.

"Good", Jacob thought, "It seems they understand how we felt."

As the flack guns continued to send their rounds up into the clouds, two fighters screamed overhead at a staggering speed, one chasing the other. They were going so fast that nobody could even distinguish their shape. They may as well have been random balls of metal speeding by.

Nearly ten minutes passed after that, the dominating characteristic of the event being the ever-present wailing of raid sirens and the steady thrumming of the flack gun against the dirt. Then, all at once, the frenzy stopped. The flack gun was silenced along with the sirens, and the bus' AI relayed a message from the vehicle's speakers, rather loudly one might add, that it was safe to return and that service would be continuing shortly.

It was so peculiar, how the AI seemed to go on. Even as the bus passed wrecked fighters not too far from the road, or burning buildings being tended to by fire crews, it soldiered on without even seeming to acknowledge what was going on.

As the vehicle slowed gingerly to a stop at another cluster of rural homes, the handhelds of both Jacob and his father vibrated as they were nestled between their arms and sides. Text indicated that this was the location of their new home. So, they got off with their bags, paying no mind to the others that disembarked with them. Tiny maps appeared on their handhelds, displaying their current position and the cluster of homes before them on a grassy knoll. With no prior warning, Jacob's shuddered in nervousness. It seemed so far way before, as did other things, but now... now was the time that he would actually be meeting and getting to know real live aliens. Not just a quick few conversations or jokes like with Georg, but actual social discourse. Jacob's father either ignored or failed to notice this, and started towards the home marked on his handheld. Jacob followed close behind. He was just behind his father when he rapped on the door of the marked home, that looked so similar to the others around it, and the ones before. Some talking in the alien language was heard, as well as the sound of a person making their way heavily and wearily down stairs. This was it.

The door opened to Georg, three other Eteno standing close behind.