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Chapter 1

Bella POV

It was the day before he went overseas. Jasper, my husband is a sergeant in the marines. This is his second tour over there in the past 2 years. We recently had a baby girl. She is 6 months old. She is her daddy's girl. We were going out to dinner tonight. The night before was always the hardest, I knew I wouldn't see him for 6 months with few phone calls, as many emails as he could. He would be stationed in Baghdad, and he worked security. That is what scared me the most. He would be in the line of fire at all times. I worry sick every day. I have a little girl to take care of now. She will be my first priority. It's going to be hard. We can do it. We have done it in the past. I have the strength. I was pulled out of my thoughts. My mother took Erica for us so we could go to dinner. We went to our favorite place.

"Honey," He said

"Yeah," I said with a tear fall.

"Everything will be okay. It will go faster than you think. You will have Erica to take care of. You have a huge support system. Rose will be by your side whenever needed. She'll need you too with Emmett going too." He said

"I know. I just worry about you. It's not like you are on a ship like last time. This is different you are on the ground and more exposed to the danger over there even more." I said with a tear falling.

"I love you. I will do everything I need to come home to you." He said and I nodded. I knew he would be safe but it still didn't settle my nerves. He would miss his daughters first Christmas, maybe her first birthday. I'd have Rose to help me through it, we would help each other. We would need each other. That is for sure.

"I love you too. I know." I replied. He wiped away the tear that fell down my cheek. We had an amazing dinner. It was a bitter sweet. I knew I would have difficult days when he was gone. When we went to pick up our daughter, my mom was in tears. She worried same as I did. She missed him as much as his own family did. Our last visit was a hard one. They weren't able to come and see him off.

"Son, be safe." She said with tears streaming down her face. He had tears in his eyes. He rarely cried. This was the hardest for him. He wasn't just leaving his wife he was leaving his little girl too. He put her to bed he didn't want to let her go. We both knew the risks of losing him. When he put her to bed a single tear rolled down his cheek. This was his last time putting her to bed for a long time. He knew he'd miss her first steps, first words. It was a choice he made, I am damn proud of him too. He gives his life for everyone else to have freedoms we have. Without him and the others in the military we wouldn't be free. We made a huge sacrifice. Although I miss him when he is gone. I know he loves what he does.

He ran me a bath, and had the candles and all. I love him so much. We had been through so much in the time we have been together. We soaked and showed our love for each other. We made love and the morning came all too soon. It was early and we had to get him off to the base. I smiled a sad smile when we got in the car. I knew in only minutes I would see him walk through that gate and know he may never come back. I knew that was always a possibility. I now had Erica to worry about. It was not just me. It gave me the strength. We pulled into the parking lot. That was when I lost it.

"I love you." I said. When he parked and we got out he embraced me.

"I love you too." He said. I didn't want to let him go. This is always the hardest part. Emmett and Rose pulled in. Her eyes were just as red as mine were. I was taking our baby girl out so he could say goodbye. He took her from my arms. He had tears in his eyes. He didn't want to go. I saw Rose and Em walking over to us. I gave them a week smile. Rose returned the same to me. We were never good at this you would think we would be better at this with 3 other deployments and multiple under ways we wouldn't cry. We did every time.

"Em you keep him safe." I said.

"I will Bells." He said with a sad smile. He never cried but I could see it hurt him to leave Rose.

"Jazz take care of Em. Bring him home safe." Rose said tearing up.

"I will, I always do." Jazz said smiling.

"We'll be fine, we'll be back before you know it." Em said. He reached out to hold Erica. He loved her as much as Jazz. He kissed her on the cheek.

"I'll bring your daddy back. Don't worry baby girl." He said to Erica as he patted Rose's Belly. She was 5 months pregnant. They hadn't found out the sex of the baby. I was hoping for a girl.
"I'll be back little one too." He said as he rubbed her belly. "I'll miss all your mom's strange and crazy cravings at 1 in the morning. "We all laughed at that. It was time for them to head in. Rose and I had tears streaming down our faces. They gave us long embraces. Em pulled me into a hug.

"He'll be fine. We both will be, take care of Rose please this is hard on her. I love you sis." He whispered to me.

"I will. I love you too Em. Stay safe and out of trouble." I said. Jazz gave Rose a hug and whispered something to Rose. She nodded. I knew it had to do with what Em told me just switched around. We gave our spouses hugs and kisses one last time before they walked the gate. Rose pulled me into a hug as they walked through the gate. I didn't want to see them go but they had to. It was always hard to say goodbye.

"Rose you want to come to the house, I don't think I can be alone today." I said. She nodded. Next week she would find out the sex of the baby. We wouldn't be able to have contact with them for the next few days probably. We headed to the house Erica was going to get hungry soon. I made some tea for us. After I fed Erica, she went down for her nap. Rose and I just sat there and cried. It was hard on both of us. It was a rough day. The next week passed quickly. Rose asked me to go with her I was really excited. I was happy for her. I know Em would miss the birth but he'd get to be there after. We arrived at the hospital. Rose was glowing with excitement. She really wanted Em to be here. He was like family to me. Jazz and him had known each other since the 2nd grade and joined the military at the same time, in the same boot camp class, and they to lucky to be stationed in the same base let alone unit.

When we were called, they took us to the room. I had Erica with us. Erica is what kept Rose and I upbeat. We didn't want her to see us hurting, she fed off of our emotions. They put the jelly on her stomach, she giggled. It tickled her. I laughed. Erica smiled. They did the usual check and pictures.
"So you want to know what you are having?" The technician asked.

"Yes," Rose said with a huge smile. She typed it on the screen.

"It's a boy." She said. I had tears rolling down my eyes so did Rose. Em wanted a boy. He'll be so excited.

"I'm happy for you Rose. Em will be happy too." I said.

"I am happy too. He will be ecstatic." She said. "I'll email him tonight about it. "

"I agree. He'll be happy to hear. He has been excited, Jazz told me he has been antsy to find out. Scan the ultrasound pic too and attach it to the email. Make him wonder until he opens the picture. It will be all worth it in the end to add some suspense. He'll know it was my idea." I said.

She laughed. "I will." We got the pictures and headed home. She had been staying at our house, we both felt more comfortable having each other.

The days quickly flew by, we emailed daily whether we heard a response from our husbands. We missed them dearly. Erica started walking at 8 months old. It was amazing to watch but so sad knowing that her daddy missed it. I sent videos of her walking, of us playing. Rose was 7 months pregnant. She was getting big and she felt fat, I kept telling her that there was a baby inside. I know how she feels I was the same way. I took pictures constantly of her growing belly and sent them to Em she flat out refused to show him her fat Belly as she put it. I told him I would send them. She would only send pictures of her upper half excluding her belly. It made me laugh.

Jasper POV

It was 2 months in my deployment. I opened up my email I had a few from my wife. She was constantly sending pictures and it is what kept me going each and every day knowing I had a family back home waiting for me. I missed my daughter dearly. Emmett came walking up as I pulled the picture up, she had also sent a video.

"Hey man, can I see." He asked.

"Sure, not exactly sure what it is?" I said laughing. My wife had never sent anything risqué but you never know.

"I highly doubt that is what it is." He said laughing. I opened it up. It was a video of Erica walking. Em started laughing when Rose said she didn't want to be filmed because she was fat. She just told her she had a child growing and it needed room it was perfectly normal. Em just laughed. "That's my wife. She loves being pregnant but she is starting to become miserable. I feel bad for Bella some days, my wife can be a bitch at times. It has worsened with her pregnancy. She yelled at me one day when I ate the last chocolate bar. She never ate much chocolate before and never craved it. Evidently, she wanted it. I had to drive to the store at 11 o clock at night to get her a chocolate bar." I just laughed when he said that. "Bella got pissed that I didn't get her a pizza with sardines at one point in her pregnancy and she hates sardines." I said smiling.

"Erica is walking now. That is awesome jazz. I had an idea how about you make videos of you reading children books?" He said. "Then Bells can show them to her at night and it will be like you are there with her."

"I would love to do that. I want to surprise Bella with that will you have Rose get some and send them to me. I'll pay you back bro." I said with a tear threatening to fall.

'I know you miss her, I also know you miss putting her to bed. She looks like an angel when she is sleeping Don't worry about the money either." He said with a smile.

"I know, you miss her too." I said.

"I do, very much Jazz, she could always cheer me up. I'm excited for my little boy. I'm still going to get Bella back for that." He said. Em was like family to us. He was Erica godfather, and Rose was her godmother.

"That's my Bella for you. She loves to pick on you. I just can't believe Rose actually let her talk her into it or she found it hilarious." I said.

"She probably found it fucking hilarious knowing Rose. Those two together they can cause trouble, but I love them both." He said

"I know what you mean. Remember when she and Rose went shopping for Halloween and brought back costumes and we thought they were for them, and they were for us." I said. Em started laughing.

"And they withheld sex from us if we didn't put them on and get pictures." He said laughing.

"I still want to know where those pictures are. They are probably hidden in a safety deposit box or something." I said laughing.

"I know man. I want to know too. They need to be burned." He said laughing. I nodded.

"What they make you be?" Lance Corporal Bradley walked in. Shit, the guys will get a laugh out of this.

"They made Em be a cheerleader and me be a school girl." I said. Bradley was about rolling on the floor.

"Wow. I want to see these pictures. I take it they didn't just take 1." He said.

"No, they made us pose." Em said pouting.

"What's so funny?" asked a few guys walking in.

"Oh nothing, except McCarty and Whitlock's wives made them dress up as a cheerleader and school girl and took pictures to prove it and they don't know where the pictures are." Bradley said laughing. They all busted up. We needed the laughter. We all missed our spouses. We needed some humor. It can get gloomy. We didn't care. It kept up moral. I checked the rest of the messages after they all left. We'd be teased about this but it was okay Em and I laughed about their antics. I started to read an email from her.

My dearest husband.

I miss you dearly. I hope you enjoyed the video and pictures I have been sending you. Erica misses you dearly. She has been having problems sleeping lately. She is getting in some teeth too. She's been a fussy baby lately. She is doing well walking. She can take 10 steps by herself. She is growing so fast. Rose is getting bigger by the day. She really likes the name Jared. I do too. We have been spending our days outside either in the park, walking, or baby shopping. I have been keeping in contact with the other spouses. It has been helping. I still am having problems sleeping. I love you. I have to go. It is late. I miss you and love you.

Your loving Wife.

P.S. Tell that brother of mine hi, I miss his jokes. Rose misses him dearly. She is really struggling right now. She is having Braxton hicks. She is miserable also and just want to have her little boy.

I hit reply and started typing my reply.

My dearest wife,

I love you and miss you too. I miss you both dearly. I hope she isn't too fussy. I am glad to see the video of her walking. Em cracked up about Rose in the video. We started talking about you and Rose's antics the Halloween prank came up. All the guys found it hilarious they were about to roll on the floor. Em knows it was you who thought of the idea to surprise him of the sex of the baby. I am glad you are talking with the other spouses, they can help you through this. I know it is hard for you. I will be home soon. I am glad you are keeping busy. I wish I could be there to help you sleep. I haven't been sleeping the best either. I need to go and get some sleep, have watch in a few hours. I love you and miss you dearly. I will tell Em hi. He misses you both. Give Erica a big kiss. I am going to have a surprise for you soon. Its really for both of you.

Your loving husband

I hit send. I needed to get some sleep. I had a 12-hour watch in a few hours.

Emmett POV

I was happy to see Rose in the video. She cracks me up. I miss her dearly, I can hardly wait to get back home to see her and my baby boy. I will get Bella back. The guys found it hilarious our wives made us dress up in women's costumers. Jazz and I were on watch. I saw something suspicious flash in the desert . I motioned to Jazz. He nodded. All of a sudden, the sound of a rocket launcher was heard. Jazz and I dropped to the ground and started crawling for cover.

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