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Chapter four

The Indian Ten Commandments

Treat the Earth and all that dwell therein with respect
Remain close to the Great Spirit
Show great respect for your fellow beings
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
Do what you know to be right
Look after the well-being of Mind and Body
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater Good
Be truthful and honest at all times
Take full responsibility for your actions


"You have a son, Bella, Jared? How? Why didn't we know of this? Charlie didn't say anything, does he know? How could he not, I know he has visited with you, why didn't he say anything?"

Yeah why, indeed? #9: In Bellas' book of How to Rip Your Daughters' Heart Out- Pretend daughter and grandson doesn't exist to the outside world; that ought to drive it straight through and get the point across. Because we all know how the little girls forgive the first eight on the list.

"Yes Billy, Jared and I have our son Caleb. We didn't find out who each other were until this morning. So Jared didn't know he was a dad until then and I didn't think I'd ever find him nor recognize him because we made Caleb the night of the wolf celebration and both of us had covered faces. Charlie knew and I don't know why he said nothing. I have to get back to cooking, please make your selves at home."

I needed to distract myself and focus on the food. I didn't want to think of the reasons Charlie had to keep my baby a secret. It fucking hurt. I didn't want to bring it up tonight, there was more than enough shit that needed to be said and my family drama didn't need to be aired to all. I'd bring that up when Charlie and I are alone.

Jared had been so understanding and excepting of us, even when I lost it and cried he just comforted me and held me till I let it out. His arms felt like home just as they did four years ago. Even with not seeing his face that night; his embrace was his and his alone, nothing could feel like that, like all was right in the world. Something had happened when we had looked into each other's eyes when we first met this morning, like everything just aligned and righted its self. I felt like I was where I was meant to be. Like the pull I had felt was always leading me to him and when I got there and reached him, I could finally breathe in relief. All my feelings from the past four years could be free to just be. I had felt connected to him so much that night but this, this was something more.

"Shi'ma can I gets a dwink of some apple duice, pwease?"

"Of course you can sweetheart; I can hear more of our guests have arrived. Are you having fun?"

"Yeah Shi'ma Pawls my best fwend now, he gonna shows me whats he looks like later. Him says I can sees hims big teef and long long tail."

"He did, did he? He seems like a very good best friend to have."

"Him is Shi'ma, he not mean no more; buts hims is sad. Why hims sad shi'ma?"

"Honey, I don't know Pauls story. Caleb, I think he had a lot of things that hurt his heart happen to him. We don't need to know his past to love him, do we?" I may not know his story but I have a fair idea of the root of his pain. He is a broken soul from years of abuse. The wolf gene may have cleansed the scared up skin but not those that still dwell within. I want to reach out to him and hold him till his hurts are healed but he is an animal that has been caged for far too long and it takes time for those that have been caged and abused to trust the human hand again.

"Nuh uh, I lub hims bery much. He lub me too but it otay if he no says it, I know."

"How did you get so smart?"

"Mida Means says I was firsts in da lines for da bwains whens all dems ovfers was busy pwaying, I gots da best one. Shi'ma, does you fink I's not fair cus Mida Means, hims says I gots da bestes heart cus I was firsts dere too?"

"I think you are more than fair chikala kwoli, you may have been first in line but you have no problems sharing, you give a piece of your heart to everyone, Caleb, and you are so smart that even us old people learn new things from you. You are the most beautiful person I know."

"No Shi'ma, I's is hansoms you is butifal, yous' is soo pretty mama dat P'apa always is looking at you." Too right my boy his hansom but he sure knows how to charm and in turn embarrass the heck out of me too.

"Well, I sure do thank you for you kind words there young sir but I am sure you must be mistaken" I said in the best southern accent I could manage. Letting his little giggles loose he replied to me in his best southern drawl.

"I do's not maken mistakes ma'ams, I do's sees da looks in my pa's eyes, hims sees dat yous' butifal too. Yous' da most pwetty of all da giwls in da worlds."

There was a chorus of aww's coming from the family room that made my cheeks heat up.

"Shi'ma whys you turn pink in da face"

"It's hot in the kitchen Caleb."

I heard the front door close and the next room go silent apart from Seth's hello. That could only mean one thing, Charlie is here.

I grabbed Caleb and walked into the room with him on my hip. He was my security blanket right now and I wasn't letting him go. I couldn't face Charlie without Caleb in my arms; I know I would lose all composure and cry like a baby.

Charlie and Sue looked confused looking around the room still not seeing me and Caleb, until many heads turned to us. I could see a mix of emotions speed across Charlies' face, shock to joy, joy to fear, fear to anger and then somehow, indifference, then that look you get when you know there's nothing that can be done to change it. Yeah, knife, stab, heart.

#10: Dads of the world; act like ya don't care, even in a room full of people.

"Hi Dad, Sue I'm Bella and this is Caleb my son, Charlies' grandson."

"Hi Bella, it is a pleasure to meet you both finally. I remember you when you were just a baby yourself but I have been waiting to meet this little guy for a while now." Wow, I guess there's one person he told. That has to count for something right?

"Bells, it's good to see you both but um…what are you doing here?" He just barely managed to keep the irritation from his voice or it could have been a slight tenor of fear.

"I moved here dad, this is my home and I will be teaching at Lapush Tribal School as soon as the summer break is over. Can some of you guys start up the grill and help me take out the food, please?"

"Sure Bells, we can do that. Why don't you stay and we can take Caleb while you talk with your dad?"

"Um no, I need to help. Thanks anyway Jake, Caleb is fine with me for now."

"Shi'ma, takuwe kici Mitunkasila sni awayak hemaca lel? Is conza kici miye?" {Mama, why for my Gandfather not care I am here? He angry with me?}

"Sni niye, miye hca tawa conza kici. Hemaca cate sice, wunpala" {Not you, I am the one his angry with. I am sorry, puppy.}

"It o tay Shi'ma. We go to makes da food now?"

"Yeah, let's go."

"Bells, um…do you think we could talk?" Hell no we can't, I'm barley holding together here Dad.

"I'm a bit busy now Dad, soon okay?"

"Sure Bells, soon" I had to look away from the broken look on his face.

I managed to avoid Charlie and my emotions for the most part by getting to know some of the other guests; Bree was lovely and sweet though I also got the impression that she was no push over which is good because the girl would need a back bone in this group. Emily was a godsend; she knew just how these boys worked at trying to swindle food before it was even ready, Quill was the worst at that.

Old Quill kept giving me strange looks that made me feel like I was on the other side of the looking glass at the zoo; like I was a chimp about to sling dung at him, tempting. Leah, she looked in pain. I don't know her story but she didn't want to be here at all. She wasn't rude to me, she just wasn't anything. She mostly sat by Sue and that was the section of guests I was avoiding. Actually there seemed to be a lot of avoiding, Billy kept throwing filthy looks Charlies' way and Charlie re-directed them at me, Caleb had picked up on this and well, no one messes with his Mama so the filths were slung back at Charlie by way of the fiery glare of my three year old.

Everyone enjoyed the meal even with the tension hanging in the air. There was lots of laughter at the guy's antics of stealing each other's food even though we actually had left over's.

It was when I had just finished loading the dish washer that Charlie had grabbed my arm and dragged me to the first floor guestroom that my night's fun halted.

"What's with being a caveman Dad?"

"Why are you here Bella?" straight at it then I guess, no need to waste time on small talk.

"I live here Dad, this is my home."

"Don't get smart, why are you back here? It will do no one any good you coming back, everyone was happy Bells even you. You were doing so well in Cali, this, you and Caleb being here will only make things complicated."

One inch goes the dagger to my chest. Fuck me that was harsh.

"I think everyone has taken it okay so far. Why didn't you tell anyone about Caleb?"

"What good would it have done?" Well maybe it would have shown that you still love me.

"Oh I don't know, maybe there wouldn't have been such a shock to Jake and Billy that you had a grandson, that maybe you wouldn't be getting dirty looks from your best friend because you didn't keep someone that should be so important to you a secret."

"What was I supposed to say Bella? Everyone was happy here; you and Caleb would've only made things complicated for everyone. You were doing fine, they were doing fine, there was no need to disturb things."

Ouch, another inch

"Wow, Cha…Dad, thanks so much for letting me know how you really feel."

"While we're letting it all out there's no need to hide that you call me Charlie unless it's to my face."

Well I guess if his all about truth, maybe I should just tell it like it is

"Yeah, I guess your right there. It is a lot to remember to call you Dad when you've been so damn absent in my life. I mean what opportunity did I have to call you dad growing up? What was it, two phone calls a year, Christmas and my birthday? Let's not forget the two week visits here where I'd be dumped with Sarah, Jake, Becca and Rachel while you fished with Billy and Harry. Shit Charlie, you of all people had to know how bad Renee was at anything grown up. The woman couldn't cook to save her life, imagine what she was like at keeping the heat and Electricity connected. Did you even bother to fight for me, or was it easier to let me go? You were doing fine right? No need to disturb things? I don't know why I deluded myself once again with you. If not me, I really thought that you would at least be willing with Caleb. I just don't get it, is your heart that cold? Are you really so ashamed of me that you totally hid the fact that he existed. Why?" Fuck no, why did I let that shit fly. I never want to hurt him like this. Damn defensive shit.

"Ashamed? What could I say? You wouldn't even tell me who the father was but it wasn't too hard to figure out he was Native and the dates all added up, I knew you conceived him here. You showing up here would just make things complicated."

"So it was about me not knowing who the father was?"

"All you do is lie Bells, if it isn't Jake than who? Then who, how can you not know? Did you go around just giving it up for anyone?"

Lie? What in the world have I lied about?

"No, I don't just give it up for anyone and I don't lie. What have I lied about? I told you, I didn't know who the guy was, I told you it was my first and it was a one night thing. I also told you that if I could, I would find him."

"And you expected be to believe that after Cullen."

Wow, I guess he knows about the wolves and so it stands to reason he'd find out about the cold ones too but he sure as hell didn't know the whole truth.

"I expected you to take my word because I am your daughter and I have never given you reason to doubt me, this has nothing to do with Edward or any other Cullen and certainly nothing to do with Jake. This is about me and Caleb and I don't regret having one night on the beach, it was beautiful, even if it was with someone I didn't know. I honestly don't understand you. I don't see how that little guy could possibly complicate things."

I had done a good job at focusing on my anger up until this point, it broke my heart that he hid Caleb and that he could be so cold to me. It broke my heart that these ugly words were coming back and forth between us. I love my dad no matter what; I just wish I could grasp some minute amount of where his reasoning for all this has come from. I choked at the end of my speech trying to hold back the lump and tears but I failed miserably.

"I guess I just assumed he was Jakes' kid all this time and that you'd stuff things up for him and Bree but now that I know you just went and screwed some random…"

Plunge that sucker right in; now twist and the jobs done my heart is now shattered. Jakes kid, why must people think that? What the hell?

"I think that is enough Charlie. Bella doesn't deserve you to talk to her that way and I won't put up with it."

"This has nothing to do with you Jared; this is between me and Bells."

"Actually it has everything to do with me. Caleb is my son and he isn't a complication, he is a blessing. I suggest that if you don't want a big wolf chewing a hole in you, that you keep your mouth shut and go sit next to Sue like a good boy: `cause I'm barley holding the wolf back, now go."

"And what happens when you imprint Jared?"


I always took Charlie for a smart guy, now not so much. Did he not see how much Caleb looked like me and the way he was always with me if not with Bella? I guess if he stopped glaring daggers at her, he'd have seen more clearly. It had been pissing me off all night. His reaction to her being here when he first showed up, I could not only see but feel the pain he was causing her. Bella was good at avoidance, whenever I felt pain trickle from her she'd divert her attention elsewhere and it was usually to Caleb.

When I saw Charlie grab and drag Bella off, it took Jake and Sam to hold me back. Caleb wasn't fairing much better but it only took Paul to hold him. He was shaking too and little tears were rolling down his cheeks. The boy has a temper when it comes to his mama being harmed.

We could all hear the argument, even the humans. It was getting louder and heartbreaking to hear and feel. Bella was doing well to cover her pain with anger but I could feel it tearing at her heart. The grip on me loosened when Charlie mentioned Jake being the father of Caleb and I knew it was only through shock that I was released. I took my shot and went to Bella, only just keeping my wolf at bay.

Bella was in tears and that made the war that was warring with my wolf even harder. It was time to put Charlie in his place. He may be my future father in-law so it's best now that he learns I won't stand for this shit.

"I think that is enough Charlie. Bella doesn't deserve for you to talk to her that way and I won't put up with it."

"This has nothing to do with you Jared; this is between me and Bells."

Oh yeah it does buddy

"Actually it has everything to do with me. Caleb is my son and he isn't a complication, he is a blessing. I suggest that if you don't want a big wolf chewing a hole in you, that you keep your mouth shut and go sit next to Sue like a good boy: `cause I'm barley holding the wolf back, now go."

"And what happens when you imprint Jared?"

"This isn't how I wanted Bella to find out but I have imprinted, on her. So there will be no issue there. Even if I didn't, I'd still rather know my son as I'm sure Jake would've liked that opportunity had Caleb been his. What Bella and I shared that night was not some random hook up; it meant a hell of a lot to me and if I could have found her I would have. Things didn't work the way I would have liked and I have gone four years missing a part of me that I have just gotten back and Caleb is an extra blessing. I won't have you hurt Bella more than you have. I don't blame you for the four years I missed of their lives but maybe if you didn't hide the fact that you had a grandson some pieces could have been put together and we'd have found each other sooner."

"So it's my fault, I don't think so. Obviously names and numbers weren't exchanged so you were some random guy to her. It wouldn't surprise me if you weren't the only one, I mean she had been with Cullen, it's obvious by how cut up she was when the good little vampire skipped town and she hung off of Jake all the time…"

I didn't get the chance to punch the prick because Paul did it for me as Jake and Sam grabbed me again and Leah took Bella in her arms and held her glaring at an unconscious Charlie.

I was dragged outside where I phased uncontrolled for the first time in years.

"Calm down Jared, Caleb and Bella both need you. Emily has Caleb in the tipi right now settling him down and Bells is a mess crying all over Leah who is one step from waking Charlie just to knock him back out"- Sam

"Calm, did you hear that shit. I fucking thought he was a good guy. He wasn't even there for her as a child and by the sounds of it her mother wasn't much either. How the fuck did she end up so, so her? She is perfect and she had two fuck ups as parents"- Jared

"I think a lot of what was said tonight was out of anger, Jared. Charlie no doubt believed Jake was the dad and I think with him learning of her past with the Cullen's when he found out about us wolves, he knew Jake and Bree were imprinted. It came out all wrong but I could hear his worry when he asked you about what would happen if you imprint. I think that is why he kept quiet about Caleb, he thought he was Jakes and Jake had imprinted. It doesn't make it right what he did and I don't know if he and Bells will ever be okay after all that was aired tonight and how it was done but I think it has all been a huge misunderstanding and everything came out in anger"- Sam

"I don't get how he could be that way to her; it was killing her, Sam. How could he not want to brag about Caleb? I can't wait for my mother to meet him and Bella. Even if he thought Jake was the dad, why would he deny him the chance to be in his life?"- Jared

"I can't justify his reasoning but I'd guess it was to try to save Bella and Caleb the pain he thought it would cause to see Jake so happy with Bree. When I found her that night in the forest he was the epitome of a father sick with worry. I know he loves her but maybe after finding out that she was willingly with a vamp caused him to question things about her, I don't know. We need to phase back, I have pants here for you luckily Emily has taken to having a few spares in the trunk of the car"- Sam

We both phased back and dressed. As we made our way back to everyone I had to wander why it had been Paul to punch Charlie and not someone else.

I checked on Caleb first in the tipi, he seemed much calmer now. Emily was reading to him from a book. I quickly went in to give him a kiss and say good night seeing as he was getting sleepy.

"Night buddy, I'll see you in the morning okay?"

"P'apa, is Shi'ma o tay now?"

"Yeah buddy, she is fine. Don't worry okay; daddy will take care of her alright. I'll send her in to say goodnight soon, be good for Emily"

"O tay"

"Thanks for watching him for us Emily; I owe you one for this."

"Nonsense Jared, you owe me nothing. Now go see to Bells okay."

I nodded my head to her in agreement and made my way to Bella to find her tear streaked but laughing at one of the guy's antics, no surprises that it was Quill, Collin and Brady. I went up and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back to my chest. My wolf needed to be as close as possible knowing that he would bring her the comfort she needed. She may be putting on a good act but she was barely holding together. I nuzzled her neck taking in her sent while rubbing my thumb across the slither of bare skin on her belly under her shirt. She relaxed into me and I walked us backward to a chair and sat with her on my lap.

"Thank you for standing up for me with him Jared. I'm sorry you all had to hear that. I didn't want to do this tonight, especially with everything else you lot have to hear soon."

"You don't have to do it tonight, I'm sure everyone will understand. You never have to thank me for standing by you, or up for you. I would've been there sooner but I was held back by Jake and Sam. I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner."

"Don't be, I think it is best I know how he really feels about me. I am sorry I acted out of anger and said some pretty hurtful things even if there is truth to them, I said it in anger to hurt him and I hate that I did that."

"I think anyone would have Bella, he was pushing you and you had enough. It's understandable honey."

"What is that printing thing that you said you did on me?"

"Um, Imprinting; it's a wolf thing, when we find our soul-mate we imprint on them. It is complicated to explain the right way and people have different views on it. My view is that it shines a light on the other half of your soul to point us in the right direction when you're heading the wrong way. Others think it takes away free choice and it is meant to breed better wolves. I believe each of us has someone out there that is the other half of them because I knew when my other half of me was gone. I didn't look into your eyes that night we shared on the beach but I had every intension to do so when I woke up but you were gone. I knew you were the one. I felt a connection with you and when you left you took half of me with you. I know it sounds corny but it's true. When I looked in your eyes this morning, I already loved you and wanted to know everything about you. Imprinting just solidified it for my wolf, what I already knew and allows some deeper bonding and connections."

"Okay, can you give me the need to knows for now and then some time in the near future tell me everything?"

"Yeah, um okay. To start with, I can be whatever you need; be that a friend or lover, it's up to you. I would like to be your lover and get to know you on that level. From the connection I have with you, I'm guessing that you feel that way with me too. My wolf can sense that I calm you in the way a lover would. I can feel a current of your emotion and if I was to mark you, it is said that you would feel mine too. Being my imprint, means that you are part of the pack and you, the other imprints and Caleb come before all else with us wolves including the tribe. I will never leave you or stray to other women and when or if you accept the imprint neither will you. Now that I have imprinted on you, my wolf will want to consummate with and claim you."

"But didn't we already do that on the beach four years ago?"

"No, I made love to you that night. My wolf wasn't present, I mean he was but because I didn't look in your eyes he was sleeping in a way. He doesn't care for sex unless it is with his mate. He did stir that night but it was the first time I'd been with anyone since phasing and I pushed him back from fear of hurting you. He liked your smell, that's what got his attention. But as I said, I pushed him back. I was mad at him for wanting to look at you, I refused to look any woman in the eyes after I phased because I was angry."

"Why were you angry?"

"Because I felt my choice was taken from me. Before I phased, I was with Kim. She and I had been a couple for a while and I thought at the time she was it for me and so when I didn't imprint on her I was pissed and I had to end it with her so she wouldn't get hurt like Leah did when Sam imprinted on Emily. After that, I was mad that I had my choice taken from me and refused to look at any female, until the morning I woke to you gone. I wanted to imprint on you when I woke up but you were gone. After that morning, I looked every woman in the eye hoping that I'd find you. I knew if I could find you, you'd be the one. I also knew there was little chance of me finding you because you told me you'd be going off to college, if I knew where I would have searched for you."

"Wow. I'm sorry I left before you woke but I had an early flight. I hated leaving; I always felt a pull here. I always had to fight myself to stay in California. I always knew I'd be back here but never thought I would find you though. I didn't even know your name or what you really looked like; honestly I thought you could have been from any of the other tribes that were visiting that night. I have had this pain in my chest constantly since leaving and I knew that was my losing you. Even though I was so scared when I found out I was pregnant I was so happy that I hadn't lost all of you. I got a piece of you when I got Caleb and that helped dull the ache a bit but it was still there. So what happened when we looked in each other's eyes, that something more, that was imprinting?"

"Yeah, that was imprinting. Something more, that's a good way to put it. That was our souls connecting and bonding as one. Charlie is coming to now, do you want him to stay or go?"

"He can stay; it will save me having to repeat it for him at a later date, he can make of it what he will. At least the truth will be out there."

"Okay, Paul heard you so he'll allow him to stay."

"Well best to get this over with."

She hopped of my lap but grasped my hand in a grip that told me she had no intensions of letting go. We made our way to the bonfire and everyone else joined us. Paul acting as guard dog making sure Charlie didn't breathe in Bellas' direction. We passed the fire as I pulled Bella to the tipi to say goodnight to Caleb. He was just nodding off as Bella thanked Emily and said goodnight to our son giving him a hug and kiss. He was out like a light in no time. Bella made sure he was wrapped up warm and we joined the others who were all waiting patiently.

"Alright so I'll start from my first day at school because that is where I first met Edward. I saw them across the cafeteria and they seemed so beautiful, ethereal really. I heard who they were by a girl who was sitting by me wanting to give me all the school gossip. By her account they stuck to themselves never talking or getting involved with any of the other students. After lunch that day I had biology class where I was to be seated with Edward. All throughout the class he looked murderous and he was out of the room like a rocket as soon as the bell rang.

He didn't show up again for two weeks but I kept getting strange looks from his family. So the next time I saw him I found it odd that he'd act friendly to me and want to get to know me. Why me, when neither he nor his family would give any attention anyone else at school? I was drawn to him from that day on. I had been curious by the odd behaviour before but after having a conversation with him he became the focus of my every thought. He kept acting odd for a while, one day he was all charm and friendly and the next he'd say we couldn't be friends.

I first really knew that he was more than human the morning I was nearly killed by a van that slid on the ice. No human, no matter the amount of adrenalin can stop a moving van with their body without some kind of damage. He passed it off saying I hit my head and we both knew I didn't. So my suspicion and curiosity had peaked. I came down to first beach with a bunch of friends when a comment from a girl that was trying to antagonise me was made out of spite and jealousy, Lauren had a thing for Edward and it bugged her that he paid attention to me, so when she asked why Cullen didn't come with me Sam overheard and his reaction intrigued me and had me thinking that maybe there was a very good chance you knew what they were and that's why they couldn't come here. I asked Jake what Sam meant by the Cullen's don't come here and the disdain behind it. Jake told me the legend of the cold ones and the wolves in the short version.

I wanted to know more so I went to Port A with Jess and Angela, while they looked for dresses I went to the Quileute gift store to get a book on your legends. I got lost on my way back and was trapped by four men, they pushed me around and I managed knee one in the groin but there were too many, I was going to be raped and possibly murdered and I was scared. That was until I heard tires screech and the men backed up. Edward came to my rescue, again. We got in the car and he took me to diner where I asked him the truth about what I had already figured out. He admitted they were vampires and that he had strong feelings for me.

It was never asked but just assumed that we were a couple after that night. I found myself agreeable to everything with him, even when he told me he'd been watching me sleep. A normal reaction would be a restraining order but I found it sweet. Him telling me my blood was like his special brand of heroin, I saw as him being so wonderful and strong for resisting.

I was invited to a family baseball game and it was all good and fun until the nomads showed up on the field. Alice didn't see them coming in time to get me away. There were three of them; James, Victoria and Laurent. Carlisle kept it friendly and it was all going well until James caught my scent on the breeze. Edward and the Cullen's all stepped in front of me ready to fight. Their reaction set James off, he was a tracker and liked to play games. I became his new game.

Edward had read in James' mind that he would track me to kill me all to get at Edward and the Cullen's for protecting food. Edward wanted to take me away but I was worried he'd go after Charlie if he tracked my scent home. We had set it up for him to hear me argue with Charlie that I was going back to Phoenix, which I was but we set it up so he wouldn't believe I was by leaving a scent trail with Edward heading in a different direction. I went with Jasper and Alice to Phoenix and we hid out in a hotel room waiting to see what James would do. He discovered that it was a false trail and headed for us. Victoria looked into school records and he got my old address and my number. He called me from my mothers' home phone and I could hear her calling to me in the back ground. He said he'd let her go if I met with him at my old ballet studio. I couldn't let my mom die for me and I knew that I had to get passed Alices' visions so I couldn't decide what to do or she would see. It was hard but I was worried sick and my mind wasn't really working on a set decision so I managed to get passed her and Jasper.

When I got the studio I found out he had fooled me with one of my old dance tapes. My mom was safe and I was trapped with a psycho vamp. He threw me around and stomped on my leg before Edward showed up just as he was going to bite me. They fought but James still managed to get to me and bite me once he threw Edward off him."

Growls were steadily coming from all of us during her story but that tid bit popped the top. We were all barley human as tremors shook our bodies.


"Thank you Sam. After I was bitten, Jasper, Alice, Carlisle and Emmett showed up. Carlisle tended to me as the others exterminated James. I'm not too clear on details but Edward sucked the venom out of the bite, I woke up in hospital a few days later learning the cover story was that I fell down a flight of stairs.

We came back and all was going well, I was compliant as always to whatever Edward wanted to do, including our little get together for my eighteenth birthday at which I cut my finger. As I have mentioned earlier, James could track, Alice has visions subjective of the decisions made. Edward can read minds, all but mine and Jasper is an empath. He feels what everyone else feels and he can make you feel what he wants you to. He felt the bloodlust of every vampire in that room and went to attack me but allowed himself to be dragged off and away from me. If you remember, I told you how Edward said I was his special brand of heroin; my blood calls to him and is stronger for him than any other vampire. I didn't understand why. I thought it was as he said; that I was his mate. He said that I was made for him and that's why I was silent to him and why my blood smelt so good to him.

The three days that went by after my birthday, Edward kept his distance. He showed up on the third day and asked me to walk with him because we needed to talk. I was no fool, I knew he was going to put an end to our relationship and I was okay with that. Somehow since being bitten, the hold he had on me was slowly being severed. What hurt was that the rest of the family left and didn't say goodbye. They were the first real family I had ever had. Growing up I only had Renee and Charlie and between the pair of them, neither really looked out for me or showed they cared. The Cullens did but they just up and left me like I was an unwanted pet. I followed Edward trying to find him to beg him to let them stay in contact with me because he had said he'd make it like he never existed, they were an extension of him so I knew he'd make them cut ties. I ran for hours lost in the woods not knowing from what direction I'd come. I'd been out in the cold and rain a long time and I was so tired I had dropped a long time before Sam found me.

Three nights' later Alice and Jasper came to me and explained the truth as they had just found out the night of my birthday after I had gone home.

Vampires have the ability to draw in their prey. Everything about them draws you in, their looks, their scent and they can dazzle you. Sort of like hypnotising you; that is what he had done to me. He used tactics on me that they use to lure in their human prey. He was addicted to me and made me addicted to him, dependant on him. After he left it was like going to rehab and going through detox.

I did it though, I was so freaking mad at him, at all of them except Ally and Jasper. No one knew what he was doing, they all believed the lie but they still voted that it was just best to leave me without any explanation. Ally and Jasper were so pissed they left the family for good and not on good terms, Jasper tore Edwards arm of in a massive fight and he would've killed him too if the others didn't stop the fight. I still have contact with Ally and Jasper every week via phone and Skype. They won't come back here because it is Cullen land, they are no longer Cullens"

"We gather that Victoria is the redhead vamp by your reaction this afternoon, what of the third nomad, Laurent?"

"I…I …he's dead."

"You have to tell them everything mita cante skuye" {my sweet heart}

"Means, what…how are you here?"

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