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Warning: This story mentions physical and sexual abuse of a minor. If that is a sore spot for you then I apologize. It should not be too bad but if it bothers you then you may not want to read. Also, this story deals with prostitution. I know absolutely nothing about prostitution, I made all of this stuff up. I know nothing of that kind of lifestyle, everything in this story has been made up from my own mind.

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Chapter 1


It's hot!

The heat is pretty abnormal for a night just into the month of September. I would give anything to go back to the motel and lay in bed, butt naked with a pint of ice cream and the air conditioner up as high as it will go. Actually, I could do that but new clothes don't buy themselves. I look ridiculous squeezing into my old slutty wardrobe that so obviously won't fit my new pudgy figure these days. These fucking booty shorts I have on right now are sticking to me like a second skin. Let's not get started on my peach dress that now doubles as a tank top. Yeah, it's that bad.

I push my hair from my face, cursing myself for not grabbing a hair tie before I left this morning. There was a nice breeze earlier so I figured I wouldn't need one. Shit, if I had known it would be such a hot sticky night I would have kept my ass inside. I'm sure I look like a frizzy, hot mess.

Tonight has been pretty slow with all the fucking cops on patrol. They do a good job scaring off the other girls with their flashing lights and threatening glances. That's probably why I'm the only one on this block. The fucking cops don't scare me. They think they run shit because they wear a badge but the minute they're off the clock they're paying me to give them a blowjob.

I pace back and forth in front of the Okey Dokey corner store that has been my rest stop for much of the day. I try not to be in the same area more than twice a week, since I don't have a pimp I can do that. Nobody tells me where to go or what to do. I don't answer to anyone but myself.

A car pulled up to the curb just as my feet protest in my cheap, second hand heels.

"Hey baby."

Finally! I thought I was going to be out here all night. My new limit is five guys a day since I don't quite have the energy to perform like I use to. This asshole is lucky number five.

"Hey. You looking for some company?" I lean into the window, flashing my innocent girl smile.

"How much?" He tried to wink but it came off pretty awkward. This must be his first time. He's an amateur, I can tell.

He looks pretty clean. Blonde hair, blue eyes, baby face, he doesn't look a day over twenty-four but in this business looks can be deceiving. I've had run-ins with some psychos.

The most clean-cut, white collar businessmen are the ones to be weary of. They have some of the strangest fetishes...And some of them are rapists. I've unfortunately encountered both. I think I can handle this guy though.

"Depends on what you want sexy."

He smiles at my obvious attempt to butter him up. "Hop in."

Hop in, I do.

"What's your name?" Blondie asks looking away from the road to gawk at my legs. Really, like I would give this douche my real name. The last thing I need is a stalker. "Rachael."

"I'm Mike."

"Well it's nice to meet you, Mike. Do you have somewhere in mind for us to go?"

"I was hoping you knew of a place."

I was right. He's an amateur and a cheap bastard too! So, what? If I don't tell him to take me to a motel then he won't even think to mention it himself? I mean, it's the least he could do since he wants to bang my brains out.

Bella, when is the last time that's actually happened?



What the fuck ever. I'm tired and ready for this to be over. I direct him to a deserted parking lot behind an abandoned building that's pretty popular amongst us prostitutes. It's so dark, most cops just drive past it without taking a second glance. Judging by the petrified look on this Mike guy, this won't take long. He parked the car and killed the engine. I turn myself in his direction to do my usual rundown on what's acceptable and what's not when I notice he's already unbuckling his pants.


I can't help but notice he's shaking and sweating profusely. Gross!

"Uhh, umm, if you want head it's fifty. You want to fuck it's one-fifty." His nervous energy is starting to rub off on me, and let's face it; I'm the last one who should be feeling nervous.

He stopped trying to take his pants off and instead opened his wallet and took out three crisp fifty dollar bills. Great! It looks like I'll be putting in way more effort than I have energy for. Most guys just want head, apparently not him. I pocket the money quickly.

"Where do you want to do this?" I ask.

"Backseat?" Although, he doesn't look too sure himself.


I guess it will work.

Since this shit hole he calls a car is only a two door, and Mike here doesn't look like he's going to make the first move, I take the initiative and climb to the backseat first. He awkwardly followed seconds later and practically fell all over me.

Geez, it's fucking hot in here!

"Can we turn on the air?" I feel like I'm in an oven. Who the fuck drives a two door anymore? Also, who the fuck drives around with their windows up in almost ninety degree weather?

You picked a real winner here Bella.

"Sorry, I don't have air. We can roll down the windows though, if you want."

Why aren't they down in the first place? I'm entirely too irritated for this shit!

I mean, not only does he want to fuck me in the back of this small ass, whatever it is, but he obviously hasn't done this before, and he doesn't have air? My patience is running thin and I'm two seconds away from saying fuck it and having him drive me back to where he found me.

You need the money...

Suck it up and get it done!

He tried to kiss me but I quickly dodge him reminding him kissing a hooker isn't what he's paying me for...He didn't try it again. Once he's completely naked I start pulling each article of clothing from my body; shoes, booty shorts (no need for panties), and my shirt. I leave my bra on because well, my nipples hurt and I don't need this asshole thinking he can have his way with them too.

I pull a condom from my pocket and move to straddle him. His mouth is gaping and his eyes are fixed on my midsection.

What the hell is looking at?

"Uh...Are you...Are you pregnant?"

I look down at the roundness of my stomach, "Does that bother you?"

Should it bother him? He's paying me to fuck him, not to be a fucking swimsuit model.

"No, no it's just kind of...strange."

Strange? That's all I get is strange? He's not exactly the most upstanding citizen either.

"Fuck man, are we going to do this or not because I can go." All he has to do is say the word.

"No, don't go. I'm sorry it's just," his eyes travel to my stomach,"...how far along are you?"

Ladies and gentlemen, I think my patience has just run out.

"Why?" I hiss.

"Just a question."

I'm sick of this guy and his fucking questions. I open the condom and slide it down his inadequate length. His baby dick is pointed toward the sky and I can tell by the way he's practically vibrating that as I said before, this won't take long.

I position myself over his cock and slowly slide down onto it. He squealed, fucking squealed like a pig in a barnyard as I start to move my hips up and down. The seconds turn into minutes as I start to bounce on his dick, getting absolutely no pleasure from it. He's moaning and thrashing beneath me like a virgin. His hands grip my hips urging me to move faster. I hold on to the headrest to accommodate him because as they say, the customer is always right.

"OH SHIT!" He screamed and before I know anything I'm toppling backwards. I hit my fucking head against the window


"It moved!" He pointed

"What are you talking about it moved? Are you high?" I can't believe he pushed me like that.

"Your fucking stomach moved!"

You have got to be kidding me!

"So what it moves all the fucking time asshole! I should make you pay me extra for hitting my fucking head!"

"This isn't right. We shouldn't be doing this." He tried to sit up. I push him back down probably too hard because he hit the side of his car with a loud bang. Oh fuck this!

"Look Mikey Boy, suck it up! Either you fuck me or you can take me back." I straddle him once more and slide back onto his baby cock. I start to move my hips again hoping to sway his eyes away from my protruding belly.

It worked for a little while. I had him squealing until my stomach so called moved again. Mike freaked out, again!

"I'm sorry I can't do this with you. I feel so dirty." He cried, this time succeeding in pushing me all the way off of him.

"So, you feel dirty not because you're fucking a prostitute, but because you're fucking a pregnant prostitute?"

"Yes! This is wrong Rachael, I can't do it!" He's a blubbering mess and I am very pissed.

It makes no sense and I don't think I want to even try to understand it.

"Get out! Keep the money but get the hell out of my car! I never should have done this. Jessica is going to kill me!" He threw my clothes at me.

Seething, I start putting them back on. He thinks this Jessica chick is going to kill him. If I don't get out of this car I'll do it for her.

"Get out Rachael!" He urged me back up into the front of the car. Well, now he's just being plain rude. "You're a fucking asshole! And just so you know, you might want to consider getting an implant for your pencil dick, you pussy!"

"Get out!" He opened the door and literally pushed me out, slamming it back when my ass hit the ground. I kick his car as he speeds away leaving me stranded...

Great! Now I have to walk all the way back to the motel in these fucking heels...Fuck, that's got to be a good seven blocks from here.

Well, you never get anywhere by pussy footing around, Gran always said. I start my long trek home.

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