The skies shone as if it were gold itself. The hill overlooking the small town became visible through the bridge that connected them. Slowly, Haseo shifted on the grass below the single tree of the hill. He sat up abruptly as a breeze passed by. He closed his red-tinted eyes and gave a grunt. After what happened during his fight with the Infamous Azure Kite, he had to start over again. He looked up and started thinking. What if Shino's character could be reformatted, just like what happened to his, and could be wandering around the game without him knowing?


His character was only reformatted because of that cursed Data Drain ability of Kite.

Even after repeating the word 'Imposible' in his mind a few times, he still had a slight feeling that maybe...she's here.

He tightened his grip on the grass below him and pulled out some of them. The wind immediately blew it out of his grasp once he opened his palm. He sighed and tucked a strand of his silver hair behind his ear and stood up. Maybe if he went to the Hulle Granz Cathedral, he may be able to find her there.

Once again, Impossible.

He was making his way back to the bridge when something caught his eye. He turned back, drew out his Twin Blades, and posed ready to strike on whoever might catch him off guard and attack. Instead, he found a blonde haired girl sitting on a branch of the tree he was just on. Her red-tinted orbs were staring at the skies, as if on a daze. Haseo walked over to her and kicked the tree trunk. Leaves shook and some fell on the ground. She feel to the ground as well. Surprised, she turned to him, " What was that for?" She asked, irked.

" What were you doing there?" He was determined to ignore her questions and fire back one of his own. But it seems that the girl was also thinking the same thing.

" WHAT was THAT for?" This time, she stood up and dusted her back from the fall, " And WHO are YOU to start with?"

Haseo huffed, "I should be asking the same thing. How long have you been there? And if you're gonna PK me, think again." The girl eyed on him suspiciously, and he did the same.

" You know what?" She started as she turned, " I'm leaving~!"

Not much of a surprise for him. He turned as well, this time towards the bridge where he could have a nice chat with Phyllo once more. Strangely enough, he found himself turning his head to eye on the -probably- newbie. She just stood there, her back against him, one hand on the trunk of the tree. As if sensing his eyes on her, she turned. He froze and snapped back to the path he was heading on.

" W-wait~!" She cried, catching his attention.

" What?" He asked sharply, not bothering to look at her.

" Sup! I'm Eclipse-a newbie." She said, lowering her voice at the last word.

Haseo snickered at that. Something like denial to her.

" Umm..." She started again, this time hiding behind him.

" Umm what?" Still not turning.

She inhaled, then exhaled. Haseo sensed that this was a tight matter to her, so he turned, just in time to hear her speak, " Could you help me?" She said in the highest tone of courage she could muster. After all, they just met. He kicked her out of a tree and she fired questions at him. Not the kind of friendly meeting people would expect. But here she is, asking help to the 'kicker'.

" On what?" Haseo returned the question.

Eclipse, who had that shy expression just now, suddenly snapped, " Don't you 'On what' me! It's standard for games to have nice people who would help newbies!" She cried. Haseo gave a confused look, " Just what games have you been playing?" He asked.

She smiled at the question, "Trickster Online." (LOLZ! I MISS TRICKSTER ONLINE!) Haseo looked at her as if she was an alien, "Well this ain't Trickster Online. You should know that." He said. Eclipse nodded, "So will you help me?"

Haseo took a second to hesitate and think. Right now, he was experienced despite his low level. She had a lower level than him though. So what's the harm? He weighed his disadvantages and advantages for helping this girl.

Advantages: - They can go on exploring. She could lead him around the world...and who knows! Maybe meet Shino again.

Disadvantages: - Saving her butt when she gets PKed. Yeah, what a drag...

Well, the odds are 50 to 50. He'd help.

" Okay then," He finally replied. This is what Shino would do. Yeah. Might as well live up to what she taught him.

Eclipse gave a loud cry, " YEAH!" She pumped her fists on the air. And that's the only time Haseo noticed her job. She didn't have a weapon on her side. No sword, so she's not a Blademaster. No daggers, so she's not a Twin Blade. Maybe she's a Wavemaster, like Shino, who only draws out her staff in battle. Yeah, that must be it. But he decided to question her, " What class are you?"

She turned to him, "Oh...I'm a Knuckle Master!" She replied too immediately, " And you are...?"

Deciding that maybe she'll be asking that along the way repeatedly, he replied, " Haseo. I'm an Adept Rogue" And so, he lead her to town.

That's also the time he noticed her appearance. Despite her bright blond hair and red-tinted eyes, she wore dark clothes. Nearly the same style as him, though. Eclipse wore a revealing black outfit, showing her midrif, arms and legs. She had a gray and black tube top under her black jacket that ends on her shoulder, revealing her arms. She wore a black skirt with tight black shorts that reaches to her knees. Her black, high-heeled, metal boots had gold rings near the bottom and she also wore metal gloves which also had large rings around her wrist.

They entered the Root Town Mac Anu and looked around.

" Where do you wanna start?" Haseo asked, turning a bit to hear the reply of the new girl through the noise of the marketplace.

" Hmmm..." She hummed and looked around, " I dunno..."

Haseo gave a grunt, "How am I suppose to help you when you don't ask for help on SOMETHING?" He retorted. Eclipse eyed on him, " Fine. Let's level then." She said. Haseo, hearing this, lightened up. Yeah, leveling and destroying the mobs are his favorite part of the game. Too bad they had to find mobs suitable for her starting level...which is 1.


He's also at his starting level. Oh great! Just freakin great!



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