Virtual Reality ch.3 by ~miacachan

Silabus was ahead of the group as they entered the Home of the Canard guild. When they got into the living room, Eclipse saw a short, round, pink-furred, dog-like character, wearing magician's robes sitting on the couch. Immediately, she headed to him and bent over the couch to look at him, " Hi, there!" She cooed. The one on the couch stared at her, then to Silabus who was near the door. Silabus smiled.

" Hey," The dog-like character replied, " You must be a new member, I'm Gaspard!" Gaspard, held out his hand for her to shake, and she did. She gave another smile, " I'm Eclipse. And yeah, I'm a new member!"

Haseo turned as Atoli suddenly came in with a chim chim. He paused, turned and headed for the opposite couch from the door. He wouldn't want to step on that new one that she found, even though he really felt like it. Eclipse was now sitting beside Gaspard and was having a really fast conversation with him. Atoli went up to Silabus, probably because of a question about Eclipse. After a while of observing Eclipse, Atoli walked over to them, " Hello," She said.

Eclipse looked at her and replied, " Hi, I'm Eclipse! Nice to meet you~" She stood up and formally bowed to her. Atoli bowed as well, " I'm Atoli. It's also nice to meet you." Then, she held out that cursed chim chim that Haseo most likely might have attacked, " And this is chim chim!"

Haseo groaned as he watched Eclipse and Atoli get over excited over that four-legged purple creature that looks like manure. That's right, manure. Silabus walked over and sat down beside him.

" She gets along well with them..." He whispered, looking at Haseo's reaction from the corner of his eye. As expected, he got irritated, " Like I care," He replied," just had to bring her into the guild."

" Why not? I mean we only have 4 members," He pointed out, " It's not like you'd be tired watching over us!" He smiled.

Haseo wouldn't stop grumbling after that. Silabus headed out and Atoli had to log off for the day. Gaspard, who was still talking to Eclipse, noticed Haseo eyeing on them intently. So he decided to ask, " What's wrong Haseo?"

" Can you two log out now?" He asked, obviously irritated, " As in NOW."

Gaspard pouted, making Eclipse giggle at the sight of the puppy-like eyes he was showing, but instead, he agreed, "Well then, looks like I'm off!" He turned and smiled to Eclipse, " Are you going off as well?" She hesitated to respond for a while until she replied," Maybe later. I'll go around town for a while," She stood up and was heading for the door when Gaspard hurried to catch up with her, " Wait!"

She turned, " Yeah?" He tugged on her arm for a bit, and she got the hint of leaning down and listening to his whispered words, " Be careful..." She blinked and said, " O-okay...of what exactly?" Gaspard didn't respond after that and just logged off. Eclipse stared and suddenly noticed Haseo with a raised brow on her.

" A-ah~ I'll be going outside then! " She waved and ran towards the door.

Haseo heard the echoes of her 'goodbye' through the corridor leading to the exit of the Home. He stretched on the sofa and stared at the ceiling. What did Gaspard just tell her just now that made her tense all of a sudden? He wondered for some possibilities. Maybe a meeting? Or a warning? Or a new song that a singer just published?

" Whatever it might be, " He thought out loud and stood up, " I'll find out."

Eclipse looked around the surrounding area filled with only trees. Slowly she held out her sharply-tipped knuckles in front of it and took breath, " I don't know how much time I might be able to get strong enough as the others," She whispered to nobody in particular, " But training helps doesn't it?"

She whipped out her hand at the tree, merely scratching it and leaving an inched mark. She cursed, " If they had level up guide'd be easy for me to get a higher level..."

" Like before?"

" Yeah, like before..." She nodded.

Suddenly, it hit her. She snapped her head to the voice behind her. There was a man standing there between the trees and the large boulder covering her from anybody's view from the town. Slowly, she took her stance. One hand outstretched, showing her weapon and the other one, over it, and her legs slightly apart. The man gave a toothy grin and leaned onto the tree beside him, " Actually I agree with you. Everything would be easier but.. that's what this game is all about."

" Just who are you?" Eclipse asked, raising her tone, not moving from her stance, " You know what? Never mind! Just leave me be." She waved her hand around, emphasizing for him to leave.

But instead, the man stepped out from the shadows he was lurking on a while back and she could now see his character. He had blond hair with 2 red horns sticking out from both sides. He wore typical armored clothes that were richly decorated with the colors blue and silver. She eyed on the pouch on his right leg, holding a gun of some sort and then looked up to his face. Deep golden orbs stared back at her, as if pulling out some memories from the back of her mind. And then, she realized it.

" If it's hard to level, then it's fun right, Eclipse?"