Everything was going just fine today until I got wacked upside my head with something by someone. I woke up in a van? Yeah a van. What the hell? What am I doing here?

"AHHHHH!" I scream bloody murder, hoping that someone will hear me and call 911.

"Go back and shut her up," I hear a man say from the front.

"HELP ME!" I scream even louder than before.

"Shut up!" The man says as he comes back and tapes my mouth shut.

Stupid idiot. Didn't he know I could just lick my lips and get the fucking tape off of my mouth? I guess not.


"Don't scream little girl," He hisses.

"AHH!" I scream, muffled by the tape.

He slaps me across the face.

Who the hell does he think he is slapping a woman?

Well... Mostly me but...

I lift up my leg up and kick him in the stomach as hard as I can.

He groans.

"We're here!" An other man yells.

Here? Where is here exactly?

The man growls deeply at me. "Come on."

The van door opens up and I'm exposed to the chilly cloudless night. The man that was in the back with me gets out and pulls me with him. Right when my feet hit the ground I turn around to the tall guy and kick him in the balls then make a run for it because, the other guy is too dumb to be kidnapping someone.

Damn this drive way is long!

I don't even make it half way until somebody grabs me roughly and picks me up.

"AHH!" I kick, scream, claw, and scratch trying to get away but to no avail.

"Shut the hell up!" He yells.

I keep on screaming until my lungs hurt too much to scream and we- well he walks us into a huge house.

"Take long enough?" A blonde guy with a southern voice says. "I'll get him."

Get him? Get who? Where the hell am I!

"Ahh!" I scream again.

The man puts me down and rips the tape off of my mouth.

"Shut. UP!" He yells.

I try to kick him in his balls again but he stops me.

"Calm the hell down, Isabella."

How the hell does he know my name?

"What took so long, Aro?" An other man with blonde hair comes down along with the southern dude.

"Have you met this bi-"

"Who the hell are you?" I ask cutting the guy named Aro off.

The man chuckles. "I'm Carlisle Cullen."

"Why the hell am I here?"

"Simple. I wanted you from the day I saw you, and now I have you."

"I'm not a piece of property you own you jack ass!" I yell at him and an hand goes around my arms so I turn around and kick Aro in the balls making him go down. "ANd your men must not have any balls."

Cullen laughs a little. "Come. Dinner is done."

Wow... He's alot more stupid than he looks.

"What makes you think you-"

He walks over to me and hits me across my face.

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