A Different Girl

Elitemassacre6 aka Britt

Chapter 6: Trial of Fire, Trial of Love

Things just couldn't be simple. Cassie couldn't throw a halloween party without all hell breaking loose. Finding out Jake was one of those hunters, everyone getting kidnapped, finding out Luke was one of them too. She'd had to watch wile Jake tried to fuck her girlfriend on her own bed, but all of these things worried her less than the fact that somehow, she'd both broken that vessel and killed Luke on her own, and she wasn't sure how. All of a sudden there was all of this power in her and she directed it at him.

She threw her blanket and sheets into the dryer and checked that all the doors were locked before she finally laid down on her freshly made bed. She looked up as Faye walked into the room, a frown she didn't recognize on her face. Cassie really wished she hadn't asked her girlfriend to distract her witch hunter neighbor. The image of them on her bed still replaying in her head.

Cassie watches as Faye glances over to where she and Jake were hours ago before grimacing deeply and shaking her head. "What happened in there, Cass? How did you do that?"

"I don't know. He was going to kill her and all of a sudden there was this power that I could feel, and it was so much...more than anything before. I had to stop him." Cassie's confused, because Faye hasn't moved to come closer, and that look that she doesn't understand still paints the taller girls features.

"I was asking about you setting him on fire and subsequently killing him. But, if you want to talk about how you miraculously saved Diana's life without even trying we can discuss that now." She understands the look a bit better now. Suspicion, distrust, worry. She doesn't like it, and if she's able to wipe it from Faye's beautiful face, she'll do it all so she can to never see it there again.

"I couldn't let her die, Faye. He was holding that match over her life, and I looked over at you and I saw it on your face... and it just happened." What else was she supposed to do? Everyone had been near panic. But the look on Faye's face. Like if Luke had killed Diana he would have taken everything from her in an instant. The blonde couldn't watch it happen. She loves her more than anything. Enough to carry around the pain of realizing that Diana still hold's Fayes heart with a lock and key. She looks up again at Faye's face and that look is gone and all there is is regret and the i'm sorry that Cassie's waiting to hear fall from her lips.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know how to make it go away, how to get over it. I thought I was. But, he was going to kill her, Cass. It all came running back and I don't know what to do." She looked at Cassie and pleaded with her eyes to make all of this go away.

"You should go to her. He could have killed all of us, but he was half a second away from ending her life, and she's alone. Diana needs you. So go." The salt didn't sting her eyes when the tears started to fall from her eyes, but she wished it would. Some physical pain would maybe help her to ignore the fact that she could hear her heart ripping in half inside her chest.

"I don't want to go. Please don't make me. I love you, Cassie." She walked closer and pulled the blonde up, connecting their lips. They stood there kissing for more than a minute before the shorter girl stepped back. Faye could taste both of their tears in her mouth and she wished that everything was just okay.

"Please just go, okay. I need you to. I love you, but go. I'll see you...tomorow..." Would she?

"Ok. Bye. You'll see me tomorrow." She grabbed a pale hand and brought it to her lips, eyes closed. When she dropped it, she nodded before backing out of the door and closing it. She started the walk towards Diana's once she was out of the house, having locked it with her key. It was a bit colder than she'd thought and as she turned onto the right block she started to wish she had grabbed Cassie's favorite yellow hoodie, it smelled like her and Faye loved wearing it because it was like the blonde girl was right there next to her all the time.

When she got to the door and went to ring the bell, it opened by itself and there stood Diana. Faye furrowed her brow and rubbed her arms again.

"Come on in. Cassie called and said you were on your way. I swear it sounded like she was crying. I don't know though. I guess she tried to keep it out of her voice. She keeps herself so...hidden from most of us." Faye followed Diana up to her room and was promptly handed a hoodie as she sat down on the bed.

"She's just afraid that she'll let us in and we'll hurt her. We're alot alike in that way. You have to earn her trust. To show as much of yourself as she is. Cassie's...sensitive. But keep that between us. This is knowledge you have to earn yourself." Diana smiled and Faye found herself thinking about that silly first-thing-in-the-morning-grin of Cassie's. The memory had her smiling back.

"So what's up?" Diana turned her tv back on as she sat down. She'd been watching a show about illusions and the things the human brain is built to misconstrue.

"You have time for the truth?" Faye lay down on stomach, the hood of the sweatshirt falling on her head and filling her nose with Diana's overwelming warm scent. It was all apple pie and thanksgiving and love and she really wished she'd stolen Cassie's yellow hoodie before she'd started walking.

"Yep. I think I've seen this. How do you feel about the cooking channel?" She flipped the remote over in her hand, contemplating.

"It's cool. Cassie cooks for me alot, it would be nice to figure out something new I could make her." Diana clicks on the channel and their making pasta. Faye pays attention for long enough to understand how it's done before Diana looks over at her.

"So, tell me what's up."

"Yea...so, you remember when Cassie somehow broke that bottle thing that Luke was about to light and kill you? She said that she'd looked over at me. And I looked like...like if he killed you that it would be like I would loose everything I cared about. So it just happened, it broke. The same way when she somehow killed him. She thinks I'm still in love with you. It's breaking her heart, and I just... When I left there, I thought she was right, but all I've been able to think about since I got here is her. Her smile and the way her hair smells like vanilla and her skin smells like lemon. The way she smiles when we go watch the sunset. The way she looks at me like i'm worth something. But she told me I should come, because you almost died tonight you were alone."

"I'm...suprisingly okay. I thought I was gonna die, but I'm okay now. It feels like someone's trying to end us every week now and it's getting old. Anyway, you should go back now. You did what she asks. Now you should go back and tell her everything you just told me." There was a reassuring smile on her lips and Faye nodded, standing up and handing back the navy hoodie. Diana walked her out of the house and the brunette ran all the way back to the Blake house, locking the door behind her. She walked up the steps quickly and knocked on Cassies door.

"Babe, it's me. Can I come in?" She rolled on the heels of her feet and waited as she heard light footsteps at the door. the blonde's face was tear-stained and she wanted to hold her badly.

"You came back..." Her eyes were a bit red and Faye hugged her to her chest.

"Of course I did. Me and Diana are friends again, but you were all I thought about, baby. You are everything I want, okay?" The door was closed behind them and they sat on the bed a few inches apart. Faye pressed feather light kisses to the blonde's closed eyes, brushing her hair out of her face with tan fingers.

"So what'd you...do?"

"I learned how to make pasta. And that apparently the human brain is hardwired to make mistakes. And...maybe I am too." Faye hit the light next to her, pulling her shoes off and laying the covers over she and Cassie, the two of them tucked together.

"What kind of pasta are you gonna make me?"

"That pesto lasagna you like. I'll grab us a bottle of wine from Danny, and we'll have a glorious night in."

"I like that idea." She yawned, and Faye pulled her closer, the scent of vanilla and lemon making her smile.

"I love the way you smell, it's just perfect. I love you."

"I love you too baby. Go to sleep."

"Okay. G'night." Her head lays directly over Cassies slow heartbeat and when she falls asleep it's all she can hear.