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Chapter 58

Lucius and Narcissa Mafloy had spent an anxious couple of days waiting for news about their missing son. This was the first time, the lead investigator, Auror Dawlish was meeting with them personally. Their contacts within the Ministry were keeping them informed about the progress of the investigation.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet us, John." Lucius said in greeting.

"No problems, Mr Malfoy, I wish it was under better circumstances." Auror John Dawlish replied.

"So what progress have you made?" Narcissa asked impatiently.

"I am sorry to have to tell you but we believe your son has died." Dawlish replied in a somber tone.

"Have you found his body?" Narcissa asked quietly as she attempted to keep her composure.

"No. But all the evidence we have uncovered lead us to believe that he is dead." Dawlish replied

"So you are not positive my son is dead. I will not believe that my son is dead until you bring me his body!" Narcissa asked angrily.

"We have tried but we believe he was eaten by an giant snake which was buried by a cave in."

"SO GET SOME PEOPLE TO CLEAR THE CAVE IN AND RECOVER MY BABY'S BODY! IT IS NOT THAT HARD!" Narcissa screamed as her composure finally cracked. Lucius pulled his wife into a hug.

"The Minister will never authorise such a major operation. It is cost double our yearly budget due to the danger involved." Dawlish replied timidly.

"Don't worry about the cost. I will personally pay for it. In regards to the Minister, I am certain he will agree with me. Just start the process immediately." Lucius ordered.

"I am sorry, Mr Malfoy but until I get approval from the Minister. I can not do anything." Dawlish informed the Malfoys.

"It is not your fault, John. I blame Dumbledore for this disaster." Lucius said ominously.

"On that front, there is some good news. We believe that their is enough evidence to charge Dumbledore and the Weasley girl. So at least you will finally be able to get rid of Dumbledore from Hogwarts." Dawlish explained.

"Why are you wasting time talking about politics now? My baby is missing!" Narcissa sobbed.
"Sorry about my wife." Lucius apologised on his wife's behalf.

"It is totally understandable." Dawlish replied. "How do you want to handle Severus Snape?"

"How is Severus involved?" Lucius asked in surprise.

"Our investigate indicates that he knew about the possible threat but he disregarded the warning."

"WHAT!" Narcissa exclaimed.

"He was warned by the Potter kid about the possible threat but Severus thought the child was just playing with him. So he did not take it seriously. Not surprising considering the hatre he has for the kid s father. Since he took no action in regards to the warning, which makes him criminally negligent."

"I want him prosecuted! He should have investigated the potential threat to his godson" Narcissa screamed.

"Yes, Madam." Dawlish replied, "But it is going to hard as Dumbledore is protecting him and a lot of the recent Slytherin Alumni will back him as well."

"I want him punished to the full extent of the law! Do it now!" Narcissa said angrily as she now had a new person to direct her anger at. Dawlish took that as an invitation to leave so he willingly got up to leave.

"I will show you the way out." Lucius offered as he led the auror to the reception hall fireplace. Once they were out of earshot of Narcissa, Dawlish asked.

"Does she expect us to prosecute, Severus?"

"I think you better. It is not a good idea to get on her bad side. She is not related to Bella LeStrange for nothing. Her family knows more dark curses than even the Dark Lord." Lucius explained.

"I will try my best. But the most I can do with all the resistence is give him a slap on the wrist. You are better off taking him to the civil courts which will wipe him out." Dawlish suggested.

"You can only do your best." Lucius said reassuringly as he patted Dawlish on the back.

"Good Evening Mr Malfoy." Dawlish said formally after taking a deep breath to settle himself and prepare for the uncoming battle.

Goodbye, John. Malfoy replied.

The next morning, a red letter approached the Malfoys.

I wonder who is so rude to send us a howler at this time. Lucius thought as he opened the letter.




The howler then ripped itself into pieces. Lucius quietly admitted to himself that Sirius had out played him this time. That was when he looked up and saw the murderous look in his wife's eyes.

Tell me that my cousin got it wrong. Narcissa demanded.

Well... Lucius began to say but the stinging curse aimed at his groin stopped him from continuing.

"Let me explain." Lucius pleaded as Narcissa sent another string of curses at Lucius. "So explain!" Narcissa said angrily as she paused her cursing.

"This was not meant to happen."

"What was suppose to happen?" Narcissa asked.

"The cursed book from our Master was suppose to kill the youngest Weasley." Lucius explained.

"Did you know what the book would do?" Narcissa asked.

"No." Lucius admitted.

"Yet you introduce it to a children rich environment and our baby is now missing possibly dead." Narcissa screamed as her temper ignited again. She immediately fired a powerful stinging curse at Lucius.

"I did not introduce the cursed book into the school." Lucius replied.

"But you did not know what the book would do. Did you?" Narcissa countered.

"I never imagined this happening." Lucius admitted.

"Not good enough." Narcissa said as she fired a reducto curse directly at her husband. Lucius dodged baredly in time. Mr Malfoy spent the next few minutes trying to dodge the powerful curses of his wife. When the curses turned deadly with things that can cause permanent injury. He started returning fire with disabling curses. Due to the drugs in her systems and her extreme rage at him, the curses that did connect had no effect. As a stunning spell hit her face with no effect, the fight became a battle of survival with lethal curses being exchanged.

It reached the stage when she was firing killing curses while he was responding with borderline dark curses. That was when Lucius was hit with a killing curse to his leg which put him down permanently. Narcissa who was saisfied with the result sat down to recuperate that is when the curses she received finally took its toll. She was dead within a minute of her husband dying. Unnoticed in the corner, a house elf was sobbing while saying.

"I tried to stop the possessed girl." over and over.

When the aurors arrived and saw the damage.

"What the hell happened here?" An auror asked.

"Do not touch anything. One of you go tell the Minister. While the rest of us stand guard and investigate what we can.." The Senior Auror in charged decided.

Minister Fudge arrived at the scene shortly after being informed.

"What happened?" Minister Fudge asked as soon as he arrived.

"It looks like a domestic dispute that turned deadly. We suspect it was triggered by the Howler over there. This is all speculation as we have found no evidence of any witnesses." The Lead Auror replied completely ignoring the house elf entirely as offcial procedure dictates.

"Very sad business. It must be the emotional tormoil from having their child missing presumed dead." Minister Fudge said to no one in particular.

"I will try to identify the sender of the Howler in order to determine the cause this incident." The Lead auror said as he resumed the investigation.

"Bugger! Who is going to pay for the work on the Chamber of Secrets. I need to stop it immediately before we incur a too big large a charge to hide from the Wizemgamot's oversight committee. This is not the type of thing I need just before an election." Fudge exclaimed as he rushed off.

When Harry, Hermione and Mandy went down for breakfast in the Great Hall, they noticed a large stream of goblins heading to the Chamber of Secrets. All the goblins were carrying mining equipment and were moving in a rapid pace. Their were quiet a bit of jostling between the goblins in their rush to reach the Chamber of Secrets.

"Last night Marietta told me that the goblins are here to clear the cave in." Mandy informed them then lowered her voice. "Initially the Malfoys were going pay for the operation but they passed away yesterday so now the goblins are going to make their money from selling anything valuable they recover. The only reason they agreed to such terms is the thought of the valuable Basilisk corpse that is suppose to be down there."

"The Malfoys are dead, I am surprised their was not a special edition of the Daily Prophet." Padma commented.

"That particular paper is super conservative. So they would hold off publishing anything until they have confirmation from official sources. They would not dare publish something so damaging to such a powerful player in the political arena without triple checking everything." Hermione theorised.

"The LAV does not care about such things. I wonder why they did not release a special edition." Padma asked.

"The Malfoys' deaths is big news in Magical Britain but the rest of the world could not care less. Since the LAV is more an international paper, the story is not big enough in global terms to justify a special edition."

As soon as they entered the Great Hall, Pansy approached them.

"Hello Potter, Granger. Or should I say son and daughter." Pansy said smugly.

"What are you talking about, Parkinson?" Harry asked impatiently.

"Don't you know, I am going to marry your magical guardian in the not so distance future. The contract is ironclad. My father and Mr Malfoy made sure of that when Draco started showing homosexual tendencies. After the marriage, the first thing I will do is remove you from my husbands' protection if you are lucky." Pansy said vindicately. She was still angry that they had refused to let her join their study sessions.

"At least I am not marrying someone many years my senior." Hermione countered.

"It could be worse. He is easy on the eyes and rich. Maybe I should get my future husband to arrange a betrothal contract for you to the ugliest guy I can find." Pansy replied.

"That is assuming that you can control your so called future husband. He might decide to fulfil the contract then ship you off to Siberia for the rest of your life." Hermione said vindictively.

"What would a mudblood like you understand proper society?" Pansy said arrogantly before walking off. She knew that Hermione statement was most likely true.

"Come on. Let us get breakfast and see what the competing papers say about the demise of the Malfoys." Harry suggested. After they sat down, Harry started reading the Daily Prophet like normal while Hermione began with the LAV. A little later, Harry was interrupted by Hermione grabbing his arm.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Read this article." Hermione directed. As she pointed to a story on the second page.


Draco Malfoy's killer might have inherited her homocidal tendencies. During our research to uncover the origins of the killer's ability to speak to snakes we might have discovered a possible link between the Killer's Great Aunt and an unsolved murder which occurred at the same school.

As we previously reported, the killer claimed she was possessed at the time that she killed Draco Malfoy. Our experts consider this possibility highly doubtful. The ability to control snakes is an inherited ability, a possessing spirit would not be able to use such innate ability. So we starting researching her family tree to identify the origins of her abilities. We soon discovered the killer s great great grandparents spent quiet a bit of time in India where the ability is common. According to a diary we obtained the Killer s great great grandmother was very friendly with her native butler. During our research we discovered an interesting fact. It turns out the killer's great aunt, Muriel Prewitt, was attending Hogwarts at the time the same snake killed another student.

At the time, they were unable to say for certain what happened. The incident was blamed on Hagrid based on hearsay with Dumbledore's backing. It seems that Dumbledore did not want a proper investigation as he banned senior aurors from being included in the team sent to Hogwarts. He claimed that it would frighten the students and parents unnecessary. When the aurors arrived Dumbledore pressured them to blame Hagrid even though the initial inquiries put doubts to his guilt. The preliminary examination suggested that a snake was responsible for the death while Hagrid admitted in questioning that he had a dangerous spider as a pet. When the aurors were not able provide an alternate suspect after a single day of investigation, they gave into Dumbledore s demands and blamed Hagrid.

Muriel Prewitt was not questioned due to the brief nature of the investigation even though classmates have indicated that Muriel and the murdered girl did not get along. The same classmates were pretty sure Muriel was missing from her bed on the night that the girl was killed. What was even more suspicisious was the Prewitts suddenly support of Dumbledore not long after the incident.

This support seems to be mutual as Dumbledore refused to allow aurors to take the recent killer and her brother into questioning when they publically demostrated their ability to communicate with snakes. If they had been allowed to be questioned, then the Malfoy death might not have occurred. Dumbledore assured the Ministry that he would personally investigate the matter which is the only reason the Ministry back down. What happened to the investigation? It is still continuing as Dumbledore has not been able to find the suppose culprits (Scapegoats).

We tried to contact Dumbledore to comment on our investigation but he has not returned our owls or floo calls. The British Ministry of Magic has said they will be investigating our claims and requested that we pass on our supporting documentation which we gladly did. Hopefully Hagrid will have his name cleared and the responsible parties will be held to account.

"That is brilliant!" Harry exclaimed.

"I agree. Padfoot is back to his pranking best." Hermione said in agreement. "Blaming everything on Dumbledore."

Filch stormed into the Great Hall in a towering fury. He immediately started chucking nails, knives and his other torture instruments at Dumbledore. The first knife barely missed its target. But Dumbledore was not as lucky in regards to the nails as they hit their mark.

"MRS NORRIS BEING PETRIFIED IS YOUR FAULT, DUMBLEDORE!" Filch accused as he continued throwing sharp objects at the Headmaster.

"Please calm down." Dumbledore replied as he did not want this argument out in the open. Filch refused to listen to him instead he continued throwing sharp objects at the Headmaster. The other professors were too shocked to assist Dumbledore and the students were enjoying the show. They watched the usually dignify Headmaster race around the Hall trying to avoid Filch. His beard and hair flying behind him like a flag while his usually hidden knobby knees and arms pumped to give him the speed he needed to avoid FIlch. No one knew that the reason why Dumbeldore had not used his wand was that he did not want people to know he lost the Elder wand. Just as Dumbledore was running out of steam and it looked like Filch was catching up, Harry pushed Percy into Filch's path.

"YOUR SISTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MRS NORRIS BEING PETRIFIED!" Filch yelled as he chucked a fanged frisbee directly at Percy's groin. Percy collapse to the ground in obvious pain. That was lucky as the next object that Filch had thrown would have hit Percy square on the head if he had not fallen. Flitwick finally took action and put Filch in invisible ropes before he could do anymore damage. McGonagall transfigured the knife in Filch's hand into a rubber ducky. It was left to Snape to confiscate the bag with all the sharp objects that Filch had brought with him and make sure he had no other weapons consealed anywhere. As Dumbledore and Percy headed to the infirmary, Filch yelled.


Muriel Prewitt got up late. Getting up late was in her opinion, was a right that every proper pureblood should have. After getting up she ignored the massive flock of owls outside her window and proceeded with her morning routine. It was only when she went to open her window to allow the owl to deliver the Daily Prophet did she realised something was wrong. Like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Birds, she was overwhelmed by the flock of owls as they delivered Howlers and other unpleasantness on to her. A frightened Muriel covered in bird droppings and other unidenttified potions sat shaking in a corner as Howler after Howler accused her of being a murderer. When the doorbell rang. she ran to open it hoping that help had arrived. . The sight of two aurors greatly relieved Muriel.

"Are you here to help me get rid of all these owls?" Muriel asked desperately.

"No, Madam. Are you Muriel Prewitt?" One of the Aurors asked.


"You have to come with us?"

"What for?"

"Have you not read today's newspaper."

"I did not get a chance to as I got over run by owls."

The more senior auror handed her a copy of the LAV. The article was the straw that broke the camel's back in this case, Muriel's heart gave out an she died from a heart attack.

Oh Shit. We found like this. The senior auror said to his junior.

Why can we not tell the truth? We did nothing wrong. The junior auror asked.

Do you want to fill in 500 different forms and risk getting sued by her family for wrongful death? The senior auror explained to the horror to his partner.

You are right. We found her dead like that when we arrived. The junior auror said in agreement with his partner. You better remove that paper in her hand. It might contradict our story.

Good thinking.

A few days later, Sirius walked into the British Ministry of Magic for the first in months. He took a moment to appreciate the freedom that the death of the Malfoys gave him before he headed to the Ministers' office.

"What can I help you with today, Mr Black?" Minister Fudge asked nervously. It was understandable since rumour has it that Sirius had inherited all the Malfoys' accounts and so that meant not only was he extremely wealthy now but he had also evidence of all the bribes that Lucius had paid Fudge over the years.

"I wish to discuss a few things with you."

"I have time for such an important member of society like yourself."

"That is good to know. The first issue I would like to discuss is the Ginerva Weasley case."

"Why are you taking such an interest in the case?" Minister Fudge asked curiously.

"I can understand how young people can do stupid things. In fact, when I was slightly older than her I did something very stupid that almost cost two lives. So I believe that young people should be given second chances." Sirius explained.

"So what did you do? May I ask?". Fudge asked curiously.

"It is a long time ago and I have paid for the mistake many times over."

"Alright." Fudge replied even though he made a note in his head to investigate Sirius' past. The possibility of blackmail material would be worth the effort.

"Getting back to the girl. Is their anything you can do for her?"

"The late Mr Malfoy did quite a bit of lobbying to impose the maximum sentence on the girl before he died." Minister Fudge replied.

"I believe it will be a simply matter for me to change those minds." Sirius replied.

"What sort of punishment do you think she deserves?" Minister asked.

"A slap on the wrist and a warning." Sirius said hopefully.

"That is not going to happen. The members of the Wizemgamot that are violently opposed to Dumbledore will never go for such a light sentence. Especially for someone so close to the ex-Chief Warlock." Minister Fudge replied.

"What do you think would be acceptable to them?" Sirius asked.

"A few months or years at Azhaban." Minister Fudge replied honestly.

"That is way too harsh. Do you think you can sell a sentence of expulsion from Hogwarts if you point out her young age?" Sirius asked.

"If you you are willing to push it I believe they will accept expulsion plus having her wand snapped."

"Can you get them to back down a bit more? Maybe only supervised use of her wand until she is of age."

"I think I could sell that to the Wizemgamot but the supervison will have to extended to her 21st birthday. The extra supervision will satisfy the hardliners especially when I suggest that her mother will be held accountable for wand use."

"That sounds acceptable." Sirius replied reluctantly. It was a harsher punishment then he was hoping for but the fact that Fudge was willing to go this far without enticements was a good sign.

"What the next topic on the agenda?" Fudege asked as he wanted the meeting over so that he could survey the new political landscape with the demise of the politically influential Malfoys. The shake up could create opportunities to establish new alliances.

"I heard that you were searching for the person who sent the howler to the Malfoys just before they died. You can end the search as I can it was me." Sirius stated matter of factly.

"Thank you for the information. The aurors would appreciate the information even though they have although ruled the deaths accidental." Fudge said dismissively. "Just out of curiousity what did the howler say?"

"I just told them they need to work on a new heir immediately. It seems that Narcissa did not agree." Sirius replied.

"Speaking of the Malfoys. Is it true that you will inherit everything including their title?" Fudge whispered.

"I believe so. We made an agreement where if one of us passed away then the other would inherit everything including the responsibility of our respective charges. This was for the protection of the children."

"Does that mean you will get the Malfoy vote in the Wizemgamot was well?" Fudge asked eagerly.

"I suspect so but I would not know for certain until their wills are read. But I do not really care about politics." Sirius replied honestly.

"If you want you could assign me your proxies so that you don t have to deal with the political game? It is very cut throat and if you do not devote a lot of time to it. The game can eat you alive." Fudge offered quickly. He wanted the votes to sure up his position as Minister

"That is a very kind offer but I want to look for someone to look after my interest." Sirius explained.

"If you want, I am willing to offer you a magical oath to use your votes in your best interests."

"That is not really a good offer since we both know that vote trading for unimportant issues is how you get legislation you want passed." Sirius replied illustrating his understanding of the political process.

"What do you suggest?"

"How about this deal? I give you the Malfoy title including its vote and in return you use your considerable influence to protect me and my godson's interests." Sirius suggested.

"How could you give me the Malfoy title?" Fudge asked with curiousity.

"I was thinking that if you can get the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to declare that Lucius died beofre Narcissa. Then we can create a retrospective marriage contract between the Fudge house and the Malfoy house where her death is considered a breach of contract and you get the house as a result." Fudge realised immediately that it could work and it would not take a lot of work. A big part of him wanted to accept the proposal immediately as this offer will make his family a political force to be reckon with for generations to come.

"Why don't we let our lawyers work out the details of our agreement but I think your proposal is very interesting." Fudge countered.

"Before we begin negotiating can you do me a favour."

"Depends on the favour?" Fudge said cautiously.

"Well as you know, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has not been able to confirm the deaths of the people in Azhaban when the prison was destroyed. So they are considered as in limbo. If you declared them dead as Minister of Magic then their wills will come into play." Sirius explained.

"May I ask why you need such a favour?"

"I am pretty sure that Narcissa Malfoy inherited the LeStrange fortune through her sister Bella." Sirius explained.

"You want the cash and the vote." Fudge suggested."That will not be a problem."

"That is great. You probably have a lot of work to do so I better leave you too."

"Great meeting with you, Mr Black." Fudge said .
"I will get my lawyers to contact your lawyers tomorrow." Sirius said as he made his exit. Satisfied in the knowledge he had got everything he could set out to achieve in the meeting. After taking a short celebrating drink at the Leaky Cauldron, Sirius made his way to the Grangers. Dan, Emma and Grant were all waiting for him in their finest clothing.

"What is the occasion?" Sirius asked.

"We have been waiting for an opportunity to introduce you to the British Prime Minister. So that when we do leave the country you can act as our representative. As chance has it, we are going to make a joint announcement today with the British Government. The Prime Minister and his minister for the environment are both attending to get some of the good press. So get changed so that you don't look like a wizard." Emma explained.

"What is the announcement? If you are funding a celibacy before marriage program then you can count me out." Sirius asked in a joking manner.

"Our solar business is going to merge with the National Grid Group which is the company that owns the country's gas and electricity network. We will gain control over the entire network and the government gets over sight plus dividends. It is great deal for everyone. Consumers will be charged less for utilities and employees of the National Grid Group whose jobs would have been threaten by us will not have to worry." Grant explained.

"Are you going to reveal to them how we generate the electricity?"
"No. That was not part of the deal we made. The government really wanted that knowledge to be included in any deal but we stood firm refusing such a request. We were in no hurry to do the deal but they had a deadline. We both knew that if they wait too long and enough individual consumers got their own power units then the deal would not be worthwhile." Grant replied.

"Are their still a lot of attempts to discover our company secrets?" Emma asked.

"It has gotten worse. Last week, our security division had identified at least one attempted intrusion per hour. We predict it will get worse before it gets better as we expand into more areas." Grant replied.

"We better get going before we become late." Dan urged.

"Okay. Let us go." Emma said as she lead the others out.

"By the way, what is our relationship and how did we meet?" Dan asked.

"We are trying to keep the lying to the minimum so we are going to say that you are our fellow investor, our daugther's best friend's godfather and family friend. Our first meeting was when we applied for guardianship of Harry." Emma explained.

"What excuse do we give for me not applying for guardianship myself?" Sirius asked.

"You are too much of a womaniser." Dan replied.

"Not too mention too irresponsible and too flighty." Emma added.

"So all my virtues." Sirius said with a smile.

"Speaking of being responsible today. We need you to act like your name and be serious. This meeting is important and establishing a good relationship with the Prime Minister is essential to our future plans. So do not good around chasing interns." Emma warned.

"I can be charming when I want." Sirius replied as he gave Emma one of his winning smiles.

"That will not work on me. I know you too well." Emma replied while smiling showing that she was not as immune as she claimed.

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