This story follows on from the last chapter of we are not alone enjoy

"What's going on?" Clyde shouted as Rani Grabbed him.

The world began to spin around them, and the two teens held each, but as soon as it began the spinning stopped, and Clyde and Rani slowly got up.

"Where are we" Clyde asked.

"Not sure, last thing I remember is everything spinning" Rani replied.

Clyde and Rani looked around, and could see they were on some waste ground, but they couldn't see much else, as a white fog surrounded them.

"Where's everyone else" Rani continued.

"There gone," a voice behind them said.

Clyde and Rani turned to see a man, in a long bottle green coat, with a tweed jacket and bow tie underneath, standing next to a blue police box.

"Doctor" Clyde and Rani both said in unison.

"In the flesh" the Doctor answered with a smile.

"What's going on Doctor?" Rani asked.

"Yeah, where's everyone else" Clyde added.

"There in another time line, you would be too if the time cube hadn't protected you" the Doctor explained.

"Another time line?" Rani repeated.

The Doctor nodded.

"While you were back in 1994, someone went back though time, and whatever they changed created a new time line," the Doctor continued.

"And that's where Sarah Jane, Luke, and Maria are" Rani answered.

"So we just go back and put right what been changed" Clyde replied.

"If only it was that simple," The Doctor said with a sigh.

The time lord slowly walked towards them.

"I'm afraid it's not just one event that's been changed, and the tardis can't locate the events that have been changed" the Doctor added.

"So what do we do now?" Rani demanded.

"Come on Rani, there's always a solution if you know where to look" The Doctor replied with a grin.

The doctor turned to Clyde.

"The time cube if you would be so kind" The Doctor asked.

Clyde wasted no time, and handed it to him.

"Now where are you?" The Doctor said as he closed his eyes.

With his mind the Doctor looked into the time vortex, and soon where Sarah Jane, Luke, and Maria, were in the new time line.

"Found them" The Doctor continued.

Without another word, the Doctor opened his eyes and ran to the tardis.

"The cube will take us too them" The Doctor yelled as he flung open the doors of the police box and ran inside the tardis.

"Come on kids what you waiting for" he called from inside.

Clyde and Rani turned to each other.

"You ready for this" Clyde asked Rani.

"Oh Clyde, you should know by now I'm always ready" Rani told him as she kissed him on the cheek.

Rani then turned and headed into the tardis, Clyde stood there for a moment; he then smiled to himself, and followed Rani into the tardis, which then disappeared.

A dog barked in the darkness of bannerman road as a wind began to blow though the street followed by a strange wheezing sound as the tardis appeared.

The door opened and Clyde, Rani, and The Doctor stepped out of the tardis.

"Looks like we're back home" Rani said.

"I'm never gonna get used to travelling in that tardis" Clyde replied.

Clyde turned to the Doctor.

"So where exactly are we" Clyde asked him.

"You mean when are we" Rani corrected.

Clyde poked his tongue out at Rani, and the doctor checked his sonic screwdriver.

"2008, September the 2nd to be precise" the Doctor replied.

Something began to blep in the Doctor's pocket; he pulled out a pocket watch.

"Well I must be off" The Doctor said.

"You're leaving" Rani replied.

"Sorry somewhere I need to be" The Doctor answered.

"But what are we supposed to do" Clyde asked.

"Find Sarah Jane, Luke, and Maria, the cube will do the rest" The Doctor explained as he tossed Clyde the cube.

"Thanks Doctor" Clyde told him.

"Good luck" The Doctor added and he went back into the tardis.

Clyde and Rani watched as the tardis vanished.

"So where do we start?" Clyde asked.

"13 bannerman road of cause" Rani replied.

The 2 teens were about to head towards Sarah Jane's house when the tardis reappeared, and the doctor put his head around the door.

"Just one last thing, remember that this is a new time line, so quite a few things will be different ok" he said.

The Doctor then went back inside and the tardis vanished once again.

Clyde and Rani just looked at each other, and then headed to 13-bannerman road, to find a large gate across the drive.

"Hey this wasn't here before" Clyde said.

"Try around the back" Rani suggested.

They were both headed around the back but the gate was locked so they decided to clime over the fence, but as Clyde jumped over he slipped and fell into the garden.

"Ow" Clyde moaned as he hit the ground.

"Keep your voice down" Rani told him as she helped him up.

Clyde and Rani went around to the front door but the key wasn't in its normal place.

"Now what" Rani whispered.

"Guess were going to have to try a window" Clyde told her.

"You sure about this" Rani asked him.

"Trust me" Clyde answered with a grin.

They both headed to one of the windows when a figure walked past.

"Get down" Rani told Clyde as she grabbed him.

The two teens couldn't believe their eyes, the figure was Mrs Wormwood.

"No way" Clyde said.

"It can't be" Rani replied.

"I thought we'd seen the last of her" Clyde spat.

"We better get in there and find out what she's up to" Rani continued.

Clyde managed to prise one of the windows open, and they both headed inside.

Inside the house seemed dark and threatening, not the friendly place it normally was.

"Now what" Rani whispered.

"Upstairs we need to warn Sarah Jane and Luke" Clyde replied.

But then the lights came on and Clyde and Rani turned to see Mrs Wormwood.

"What are you kids doing here" Mrs Wormwood demanded.

"What are we doing here, what are you doing here" Clyde shot back.

"Mum what's going on" Luke said as he walked into the room.

"Luke" Clyde said as he moved forward.

But Luke backed away from him.

"How do you know my name" Luke asked.

"Luke it's us" Clyde replied as he continued to walk.

But Luke hid behind Mrs Wormwood, who put her arm around him, the boy looked really scared. Mrs wormwood turned back to Clyde and Rani

"Look I don't know who you are, but you better get out of my house before I call the police" She told them.

"Your house, this is Sarah Jane's house" Clyde snapped.

"I don't know what your talking about, please Just leave us alone," Mrs Wormwood pleaded and she pulled Luke closer.

"We better go Clyde" Rani said

"But…" Clyde stared.

Rani grabbed his arm.

"Clyde we have to go" She continued.

Clyde slowly turned and left with her. Mrs Wormwood crouched down next to Luke.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"I don't understand, how did those people know my name," He asked still shaking.

"Don't worry about it, ok," Mrs Wormwood told the boy.

"But what if they come back" Luke answered staring to get really upset.

"Hey, you know I would never let anything happen to you" Mrs Wormwood said as she wiped a tear from Luke's eye.

Outside Clyde and Rani were walking away from 13-bannerman road when Clyde suddenly stopped in the street.

"Ok, you mind telling me what the hell is going on" Clyde demanded.

"Clearly in this new time line Luke was never rescued from the bane" Rani explained.

"But wasn't Luke was created, so the bane could take over with bubble shock?" Clyde continued.

"I'm guessing in this time line that hasn't happened yet, maybe they haven't worked out how to control the 2% yet," Rani replied.

"Would explain why Mrs W is bringing Luke up as her son, do you think she's the one who's been behind this all along" Clyde asked.

"Does seem likely, who else would this new time line benefit" Rani Answered.

"So where does this leave us" Clyde said.

"We need to find Sarah Jane, lets just hope in this time line she met the Doctor, and she knows all about aliens" Rani Added.

To Be Continued.