Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lefbridge Stuart was stood in a control room, watching the alliance fleet arrive on a computer screen.

"Send a message to all UNIT base's and UNIT personnel, tell them we are now at maximum code red" The brigadier said to one of his soldiers

The soldier nodded.

"And contact Geneva" The brigadier continued.

"Right away sir" the solider replied.

"Sir the alien ships are taking positions around the planet," Another solider told him.

"Probably targeting our major city's," The brigadier added.

"Brigadier I have Geneva for you" the 1st soldier said.

"Very good Sullivan, Put them through" the brigadier answered.

"Yes sir" Sullivan replied with a nod.

The face of a man then appeared on the computer screen.

"General" The brigadier said.

"What's the situation sir Alistair?" the man asked.

"A few moments ago and alien fleet was detected entering our air space, and have taken up positions around the planet," the brigadier explained.

"Then we need to get the planetary defences online and attack at once" the man said.

"I don't think that would be wise" The brigadier answered.

"Brigadier we have a duty to protect this planet" The man replied

"I do not believe they plan to attack us," The brigadier continued.

"Then why are they here" The man demanded.

"Apparently there is someone on the planet they want and I'm sure they wouldn't want to risk killing him in any attack from orbit" The brigadier added.

"As far as I am concerned entering our air space is an attack of war, you have your orders brigadier," the man answered.

"I'm sorry but your message is braking up sir" the brigadier replied.

He then signalled Sullivan to cut the transmission.

"Typical military mind threatened by anything they don't understand they want to blast it out of existence" The brigadier added.

"I remember someone being just the same," A woman's voice said.

The brigadier turned to see a woman standing in a doorway.

"Kate" the brigadier greeted as the woman headed over to him and gave him a hug.

"Hello dad, I came as soon as I could," She told him.

"I'm glad you did" The brigadier replied.

"So what do you need?" Kate asked.

"I need you to activate the sub wave network and contact as many of the doctors companions as you can, we're going to need all the help we can get" The brigadier explained.

Kate nodded in reply.

"Sir Colonel Graham is on the line," Sullivan said.

"Thank you sergeant" The brigadier replied.

Lee grahams face then appeared on the computer screen.

"What are we dealing with Colonel?" the brigadier asked.

"It's the Alliance alright, looks like we didn't defeat them completely after all" Lee Graham answered.

"What do you think there next move will be" the brigadier asked.

"Normally they would have started bombarding the planet from orbit by now, looks like they really want this boy" Lee Graham explained.

"I see" the brigadier replied.

"I've already sent out a marine alert and contacted the other agency's around the world so if the alliance do attack we'll be ready" Lee Graham continued.

"Good, any news from Sarah Jane and my grandson" the brigadier asked.

"Nothing yet, but I'm sure that's nothing to worry about" Lee Graham replied with a small smile.

"Indeed, Sarah Jane and my James sure know how to look after them selves" Kate added as she and the brigadier also began to smile.

Sarah Jane and the others were still stood in Anna's forma base of operations watching the alliance fleets progress.

"This is all my fault, I should never have come here" Gavin said.

Rani turned to him.

"You had no choice Gavin" Rani replied.

"But if I hadn't come here, neither would have the alliance" Gavin continued.

"And how would that have helped your people" Sarah Jane asked.

Gavin turned to her but remained silent.

"You came here to help them Gavin that's all that matters, remember the alliance attacked you, so none of this is your fault ok" Sarah Jane added with a smile.

Gavin nodded and returned the smile.

"Clyde and Rani were right about you, are pretty cool" Gavin told her.

Just then walker picked something up on the radio.

"Sarge I'm picking up another transmission from the alien ship" Walker told James.

"Lets hear it" James replied.

"Defenders of the earth as I am sure you can see we have your planet surrounded, your choice is simple hand over the king of Solaris and the key of Methergone, if you refuse we will use any means necessary to obtain what we seek, you have one hour" a voice told them.

Gavin now looked confused.

"A key, I don't have any key" Gavin simply said.

"They seem pretty sure you have something" Clyde replied.

"But I didn't bring anything with me from Solaris, even the robots followed me here" Gavin answered.

Gavin then suddenly stopped.

"The robot's" Gavin repeated.

Gavin then quickly went over to his robots and soon found some sort of key still clutched in the yellow robots hand.

"Must have been trying to give it me when his power core failed" Gavin continued.

Gavin then slowly opened the robots hand and looked at the key.

"Sure doesn't look much" Clyde said.

"Wait there's a small hole in the red robots chest" Rani pointed out.

Gavin turned to her and looked at the hole.

"It's a key hole," he added as he went over to the red robot.

Gavin placed the key into the hole and slowly turned it, the robots chest then opened and the room was filled with a bright blue light.

"Cool" Sam said as everyone shielded their eyes from the light.

The light soon faded and everyone could now see a diamond shaped object inside the red robots chest cavity.

"What is it" Danny asked.

"The key of Methergone" Jack said.

Everyone turned to him.

"The key of what" Josh replied.

"It's a power source to activate a device which opens a passageway between the earth and the planet Kriteria the original alliance home world," Jack explained.

"So why go to all the trouble to come here and open this passageway, why not just go to this Kriteria?" Jay asked.

"Because the passageway is also a wormhole" Jack answered.

Sarah Jane suddenly looked shocked.

"No it can't be," She simply said.

"What's wrong" Sky asked.

Sarah Jane turned to her.

"Anything that passers though a wormhole is effected by time distortions, years can pass on one side of the wormhole while only minutes have passed on the other" Sarah Jane explained.

"I'm guessing this device the key powers stops this from happening" Luke continued.

Sarah Jane nodded.

"The device stabilisers the wormhole stopping the time distortions" Sarah Jane answered.

"But the settings can be changed" Jack added.

"There planning to send the fleet back though time, and change the cause of the war" Mark said as he realised what Sarah Jane had.

"Yes so the alliance win the war instead of us," Jack replied.

Meanwhile high above them a lone ship flew towards a large ship at the centre of the alliance fleet inside 2 pilots sat at the ships controls while a 3rd sat at the back,

"Fight leader serpentine reporting in, requesting permission to land," The pilot asked.

"Permission granted opening launch bay doors" A voice answered.

The ship soon landed and the fight leader Serpentine made his way into a room where a figure sat on a platform in the centre of the room high above Serpentine.

"By you command" Flight leader said.

The figure then slowly turned spun to face Serpentine

"Speak centurion," The figure said.

"All ships are now in position around the planet" Serpentine told the figure.

"Excellent the boy will not escape us this time, he the humans responded to our demands," the figure asked.

"They are still yet to respond, we do not believe they will except" The centurion answered.

"As was expected" the figure replied.

"Shall I give the order to begin bombardment of the planet?" the flight leader asked.

"No we can not risk killing the boy or destroying the key, we will have to do things a little differently, Red Eye" the figure called.

The doors to room slid opened and a man in black armour with a red cloak and a mechanical robotic eye came into the room.

"I'm sending you to earth, take what troops and equipment you need find the key and bring the boy to me, only he has the power to activate the key" the figure told him.

"By your command imperialist leader" Red Eye said as he bowed and left the room.

To Be Continued.