Stefan Salvatore has lost his way. But when Bonnie discovers a way to bring him back, how much are all of them willing to risk to bring their friend back to them?

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Chapter One


Bonnie Bennett's back ached with the pain of bending over for what felt like the millionth time. She picked the box of rings in her hands and turned.

She dropped the box, squealing loudly.

"Damn it, Bonnie!" Bonnie opened her eyes to see a cloud of blonde hair bending down to pick up the box.

"Sorry Caroline!" She said, biting her lip. Caroline got back up.

"You're lucky I'm a vampire and I don't bruise. 'Cause that really would've hurt!"

"I'm sorry, Care!" Bonnie said, laughing. Caroline winked at her.

"It's okay. Have you tried Elena again?" She asked. Bonnie sighed and looked at her best friends troubled blue eyes.

"I don't think she can help us with the carnival, Caroline." Bonnie said, dropping the box at the bench where a stand had a big sign that read "RING TOSS". They started walking back to the truck and Caroline sighed.

"Listen I know she wants to bring Stefan back, but as far as I'm concerned, Klaus has a strong hold on him. I don't think Stefan is going to come home any time soon." Caroline said, biting her lip.

"I know...but try telling her that her boyfriend has become a monster and doesn't love her anymore. Would you have the heart to do it?" Bonnie asked. Caroline shook her head, and picked up a box of cotton candy. Bonnie raised an eyebrow, looking at the box. Caroline looked down.

"Right...vampire strength equals dealing with the heavy stuff." She said, sighing as she pushed the box into Bonnie's hands and picked up a box with coca cola bottles in it.

"Anyway...I know that she's going through a tough time but...shouldn't this be perfect for her? It'll take her mind off it!" Caroline said, nodding. Bonnie sighed.

"I just...I don't think she'll wanna do it, Caroline."

"Hey guys!" Caroline whipped around at the sound of Tyler Lockwood's voice, butterflies flying in her stomach at the sight of her boyfriend.

"Hi." She said, grinning.

"Hey." He kissed her, then touched her nose with his finger and winked.

"How's it going, Bonnie?" He said, looking at her. She smiled.

"Good. Just adding the last touches."

"Well, I'll help out. The truck is-"

"Around the corner, behind the stage." Tyler nodded and ran off to the truck. Bonnie looked at Caroline and whistled.

"You two are so cute." She said, laughing.

"Oh, shut up!" Caroline said, blushing. Bonnie laughed loudly. Caroline grinned wickedly.

"Oh yeah, what about you and Jeremy? You two get all cuddly and smoochy-"

"Okay! Okay! I'll stop!" Bonnie said, blushing. Caroline laughed.

"It's so crazy...the fact that we can be normal teenagers and have boyfriends and gossip and do all these kinds of stuff when we' know...not even human." Bonnie said.

"Well, my boyfriend is a werewolf and your boyfriend can't die if someone evil tries to kill him, so...I say we're all a perfect match." Caroline said, smiling brilliantly.

"Caroline!" Bonnie yelled out, looking at her watch.

"Okay, okay! I'm coming!" Caroline sped down the stairs and opened the door, looking an angry Bonnie in the face.

"I'm sorry!"

"We're half an hour late to an event WE organized!" Bonnie growled.

"Sorry..." Caroline whispered. Bonnie shook her head.

"Come on." Caroline locked the door behind her and jumped into the car.

"I can't wait! This is going to be awesome!" Caroline said, grinning.

"Cause you organized it?" Bonnie said.

"Hell yeah 'cause I organized it. I am amazing." Caroline said, shrugging and brushing her shoulder. Bonnie laughed.

"Still the same old Caroline." She said, shaking her head in amusement.

"Hell yeah! Haven't changed one bit! Except now I kind of...grow fangs and stuff..." Caroline suddenly turned the radio up loudly.

"I LOVE THIS SONG!" She started rapping along with it, while Bonnie watched her, cracking up laughing.

"Yeah I'm in that tonka
Colour of willy wonka
you could be the king
but watch the queen conquer
first things first
i'll eat your brains
then imma start rocking gold teeth and fangs!"

"HEY! Do you think I can actually get that done?" Caroline yelled, turning down the radio. Bonnie looked at her incredulously.

"Get what done?"

"Get gold fangs!" Caroline said, grinning. Bonnie laughed.

"Unfortunately, no." Bonnie said.

"Well you have like the power of 100 witches with you. You can do it for me!" Caroline said, smiling. Bonnie shook her head, grinning.

"I'm not going to abuse my powers by giving you pimped out fangs, Caroline."

"Awww!" Caroline pouted. Bonnie laughed as she pulled in to a space in the parking lot. They hopped out of the car and ran into the carnival. Caroline rubbed her eyes.

People were all over the place, kids running around and zapping each other with the fake Harry Potter light up wands. Some were running around with zombie masks, pretending to eat people. Parents were helping their children onto rides and some people were playing games at the stalls, or eating in chairs.

"Oh my god, this is the best carnival EVER!" Caroline squealed.

"We were wondering when you two were gonna show up!" They both turned to see Jeremy and Tyler walking toward them.

"Sorry, Caroline was having a crisis!" Bonnie said, kissing Jeremy.

"You okay?" Tyler asked. Caroline rolled her eyes.

"She's over exaggerating, I am perfect." She said, kissing Tyler.

"Yes, you are." Tyler said, smiling.

"Ew." Bonnie said in a pitched up nerd voice. Caroline pinched her.

"Shut it!" She sang. Tyler hugged Bonnie, then led Caroline away.

"We'll see you guys later!" Caroline called out behind her. Jeremy laughed, then looked at Bonnie and held his arm out.

"Shall we?"

"Oh god, that was horrible!"

"I thought I had more muscle then that!" Jeremy said, laughing. Bonnie was crying with tears of mirth.

"You didn't even get it past the 50 mark!" She said. Jeremy growled playfully at her.

"Hey, that hammer was heavy okay!"

"Yeah yeah, blame it on the hammer!" Bonnie said, wiping the tears away and clutching her stomach. She looked over at the stand that read "RING TOSS".

"Oh...they have the cutest monkey on display!" She squealed.

"Where?" Jeremy asked. She pointed and he looked.

"Okay. Let's play!"

"I don't think so mister! I won't be getting that monkey if YOU play!" She said, winking at him. Jeremy scoffed.

"Fine, you do it."

"I will!" She said, walking over to the ring toss. A young woman looked up at them and smiled.

"Hey guys. for one?"

"Yes please."

"$3 dollars for 3 tries." The woman said, smiling. Bonnie handed her $3 and grabbed the rings.

"Prepare to be amazed." Bonnie said, winking at Jeremy. She threw the ring out and it hooped itself around one glass bottle.

"Nice! Let's see if you can get the same bottle!" The woman said, smiling. Bonnie threw the ring out and once again, it looped itself around the bottle and fell on top of the first ring.

"Whoa! If you get this third ring around the same bottle, you get one of those!" The girl said, pointing to the stuffed animals, where the monkey was next to an elephant. Bonnie grinned wickedly.

"That monkey is so mine! Look, eyes closed!" She turned on her side and covered her eyes with one hand, then threw the ring out.

"WHAT?" Jeremy exclaimed. Bonnie took that as confirmation and grinned as she watched the third ring land on top of the second and first ring.

"Hey, you are really good at this! So, the monkey, huh?" The woman asked.

"Yup!" Bonnie said, grinning. The woman walked over to the monkey and Jeremy whispered in Bonnie's ear.

"You didn't cheat, did you?" He said wickedly. She shrugged.

"Maybe a little."

"You little-"

"Here you go!" The woman held the monkey out for Bonnie and Bonnie grabbed it, looking at Jeremy and poking her tongue out.

Her finger brushed against the girls hand.

Her head snapped back to look at the girl, a weird feeling creeping throughout her whole body.

A feeling she usually got when she touched a vampire.

" okay?" The girl asked.

"Um...yeah." Bonnie cleared her throat, then took the monkey off the girl and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine."

" want another go?"

"Yeah, I'll try-" Jeremy began.

"No...sorry. Let's go, Jere." She grabbed his hand.

"Okay, have a nice evening." The woman said, smiling. Bonnie looked down and noticed a glint of blue in a ring the girl was wearing. She turned and lead Jeremy away.

"Hey, Bon, what's going on?" Jeremy asked.

"That girl is a vampire."


"I touched her and I got this strange vibe off her! And she's wearing a lapis lazuli ring!" Bonnie whispered.

"What do we do?" Jeremy asked her.

"We find Tyler and Caroline and we kill her. She could be a threat."


3 Hours Later: End of Carnival

Bonnie hid behind the truck, her heart racing. Caroline was on the left of her, and Tyler and Jeremy were hiding behind the car on the other side of the lot. They looked over and nodded. Bonnie peeked over the side of the truck and saw the girl walking down the parking lot by herself, searching in her bag.

"She's getting close..." Bonnie whispered. She held her hand out in a fist and Caroline nodded, understanding that it meant not to attack yet. The girl came level with the truck in a matter of minutes and Bonnie nodded. Caroline growled and jumped on top of the truck, then on top of the girl.

The girl growled and rolled Caroline over. Caroline ran at her and she grabbed Caroline, then threw her into the car where Tyler and Jeremy were hiding. Tyler grabbed the girl and punched her in the gut, his eyes glowing golden, but she grabbed him and snapped his arm back behind his back and threw him to the floor. Caroline grabbed the girl from behind and she threw Caroline over her shoulder.

Bonnie could see they were losing the fight, and decided to call the big guns in.

She leapt from beside the truck and looked at the girl menacingly. The girl yelled in pain and clutched her head, falling to the floor.

"Okay, okay! Truce!" She yelled out. Bonnie growled and maximized the pain. The girl looked at her angrily, then gripped her head in pain.

"Truce!" She groaned.

Bonnie was suddenly thrown back into the truck, her own head pounding. She cried out and tried to battle the magic being used against her when suddenly, someone came into the parking lot, helping the vampire girl up.

"Damn...I forgot how stubborn us Bennetts can be sometimes."

Bonnie looked at the woman before her and gasped.


AN: If anyone is wondering, the song Caroline is singing in the car is "Monster" by Kanye West ft Rick Ross, Bon Iver, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. The part I used was a snippet of Nicki's verse. I hope you guys remember who Lucy is! haha! If not, she was the witch who was helping Katherine in Season 2, in the episode "Masquerade". Then she betrayed Katherine, and helped them put her in the tomb? Go rewatch the episode if you can't remember :)