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It was probably just like every typical 'geek falls for the popular kid' story. It made Claude want to vomit. It wasn't like he had any choice in the matter, however. If he had his way, he would never fall in love. Life would be so much simpler that way. But, of course, a simple life would be highly improbable. Especially for someone like him.

In every relationship there are rules of conduct. For instance, with females, it is considered rude to date your friend's crush. It is rude to flirt with your friend's ex. For males, the rules are a lot less complex, yet entirely more difficult to comprehend. Regardless, in either case, it is considered ridiculous to fall in love with your best friend. Claude had, unfortunately, found himself in such a predicament.

Sebastian Michaelis was the typical womanizer. He was with a different girl every night, never really committing. He was loud, rebellious, and confident. Normally, Claude found these attributes major contributing factors to Sebastian's attractiveness. Though, when these were coupled with alcohol and the presence of a female or two, the results were usually disastrous. Claude never really mentioned his annoyance at Sebastian's habits, tolerating them for the sake of their friendship.

When Claude had first met Sebastian all those years ago, it was hard. Claude wasn't a very verbal or emotional person, yet around Sebastian he was finding it difficult to keep his feelings buried. Of course, he didn't want to lose his friendship with Sebastian, and, ultimately, that's what trained him to control his thoughts. Sebastian had been the best friend Claude could have asked for. Sebastian always had his back. In fact, that's really how the two of them had become friends. Sebastian was willing to stand up for Claude, even when he didn't know the boy.

Though he had long since buried his feelings for his best friend, that didn't mean they weren't there. It was quite ridiculous, really. Claude was an adult, a young one, but an adult nonetheless. Yet, he still dragged around this incessant schoolboy crush. He would catch himself daydreaming during class, occasionally blushing when Sebastian came around, and nearly having a heart attack every time their skin came in contact. What he wouldn't do to rid himself of this feeling! Yet it seemed fate had something different in mind.

Claude was the only reason the apartment was in order. Sebastian was, frankly, a slob. When he wanted to, he could clean up nice, but that was a rare occasion.

Claude busied himself with finishing the preparations for breakfast. Surprisingly, Sebastian was the better cook, though he was never coherent enough to cook in the mornings. Normally, the task of breakfast fell to Claude. The table was set, and Claude was carrying a pitcher of orange juice to the table when Sebastian strode into their kitchen. It was apparent he had just finished his morning shower; his hair was still damp and he was clad in nothing save a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Claude averted his gaze from Sebastian as quickly as a three year old who still believed in cooties would look away from a couple kissing. He could feel a slight rush of warmth flood to his cheeks. He cursed himself in his mind as he set down the pitcher on their table.

Sebastian plopped down in a chair, grinning as he served himself a rather large helping of breakfast. Claude seated himself next to his ill-mannered friend, sighing deeply. He should be used to Sebastian's belief in little to no clothing before noon, but he wasn't.

"Look," he said, keeping his eyes plastered to the pitcher of orange juice straight ahead of him. "I wanna see your junk just as much as the next guy, but I'd appreciate it if you'd cover it up until after breakfast," he said lightly.

"Oh, right," Sebastian said between bites. "Sorry." He made a lame attempt to pull the damp towel higher up his waist, making no real change. Claude decided it was an 'A for effort' matter, and let the subject drop.

"What're you doing tonight?" Sebastian asked after a beat of silence. He turned to his friend, his deep scarlet eyes glinting with mischief. Claude knew that look only too well. "I was going to get a couple of friends to go out tonight," he continued on without really waiting for Claude's answer. "We could be each other's wingmen and-"

"-As tempting as that sounds," Claude interrupted, "I have to study for my finals. Which, by the way, you should be doing, too," he smiled slightly as he spoke. Sebastian's excited expression fell as he remembered his duties as a student, which he frequently ignored.

"Dammit, Claude," he said, sighing, "Why do you have to be so…" he struggled to find a word.

"Responsible?" Claude supplied, laughing lightly. It was true. Sebastian and Claude were almost polar opposites. Which was a good thing for Sebastian.

"…Straight laced!" Sebastian finished for himself. "Come on, we can study for finals tomorrow." Claude laughed loudly at the suggestion.

"What, when you're hung over and I'm exhausted from babysitting?"

"Oh, live a little," Sebastian pleaded. Claude rolled his eyes. Sebastian didn't really know how tempting his offer was. But, Claude had far more practice resisting Sebastian's charms. In fact, he was probably one of the only people on the face of the planet that could say no to him. Ironically enough, he was one of the only people who hated saying that word. Especially to Sebastian.

"Okay," he conceded. "I'll live a little." Sebastian's face broke into an ear to ear grin as Claude spoke. "I'll help you study," Claude smiled. Sebastian's smile faltered. He groaned as he brought his forehead forcefully to the surface of the kitchen table.

"Don't be such a baby," Claude laughed. "You'll be thanking me later."

"Doubtful," Sebastian muttered. Claude said nothing, merely smiled as he began to eat his breakfast. It was a typical morning. Sebastian was always trying to get Claude to party and Claude was always trying to get Sebastian to study. Usually, Sebastian would neglect his studies and party –with or without Claude (and it was usually the latter). Occasionally, Claude would successfully convince Sebastian to study and be responsible. At least for one night. Claude always enjoyed those nights. There were no females around to distract Sebastian from the task at hand, and Claude was able to spend time with Sebastian. Granted, there was nothing really romantic about studying, but Claude wasn't about to complain. Time with Sebastian was time with Sebastian. And it was quite valuable at that.

"Just one request," Claude said as he stood to clear his dishes. Sebastian lifted his head, a visible red mark on his forehead from where it had collided with the table.

"Wear some clothes, okay?" he teased, still smiling. Sebastian rolled his eyes and let his head thud back to the table.

"You're so unreasonable," Sebastian grumbled sarcastically. "I would like to be comfortable while I study."

"So would I, and clothing is a reasonable request," Claude retorted, even if he didn't really mean it.