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Chapter 18

Grimmjow spends the entire next day meditating and practicing, leaving Ichigo to sit and watch in boredom. The orangette did manage to sneak out a couple times, but the majority of attempts he was met with Grimmjow's irritated voice calling him back. The other wasn't kidding when he said his overbearingness will last until Ichigo's heat should've ended. Now, after hours of listless pacing and staring, Ichigo is using Grimmjow's lap as a pillow. It's only been fifteen minutes since Grimmjow ended his practice and started meditation again, but the orangette is exhausted and took it upon himself to fall asleep on his lover's lap. Grimmjow is dragged minutely from his trance upon a knocking at the door, a frown touching his lips when Ichigo doesn't answer it.

"Kitten, answer the fucking door," he mumbles. "Ichi!"

He opens his eyes and finds the other fast asleep on his lap. Carefully, he slides from beneath him and heads for the door. Kisuke is on the other side with Byakuya and Mayuri, the teal man hisses aggressively at the creepy scientist. Kisuke holds his hands up in defeat, smiling jovially to gain Grimmjow's attention.

"We've decided to allow you to stay here," he comments. "It's best for your training… and there's less chance a weaker Shinigami will annoy your current condition."


"Where's Ichigo?" Byakuya asks.

"Sleeping. I was meditating, but he fell asleep and I had to answer the door."

"May we come in?"

"You two can, but I don't trust that fucker around my bitch."

"Must you refer to him in such a way?" Byakuya frowns. "That simply isn't considered a good title within the human or Shinigami world."

"Do I look like I came from either?" he growls.

"Now, now, children," Kisuke smiles. "Let's play nicely. Mayuri won't do anything; since So-Taicho is allowing you to harm him in any way you wish should he touch Ichigo. Fair enough?"

Grimmjow thinks about it a moment, yet nods with a feral grin on his face. He steps aside to allow them passage, leading them to the living room where Ichigo still snoozes. The three take up the chair and couch, Grimmjow sitting back by Ichigo and watching him crawl back to his lap in his sleep. The larger male runs his hand through orange locks, simply petting the smaller to calm his nerves and keep him asleep.

"How far have you gotten on your training?" the blonde asks curiously.

"I've been at it all day. I should be spending that time with my bi… bedmate," he corrects with a glance in Byakuya's direction. "I think I'm getting the hang of it, but I've yet to change forms."

"It'll take a while," he nods. "Shiro took a rather long time and he was inside Ichigo's mindscape with no other distractions."

Grimmjow nods slowly at that, not about to tell the other that he's actually rather far. You needed to learn fast in Los Noches or you were discarded as useless, so the Espada picked things up far faster than most. Grimmjow knows how to catch onto something with little prompting, so this is child's play to him. He's not trying to change form; he's just attempting to learn the ins and outs of this strange new ability. Meditating like he does gives him the opportunity to see things from his mindscape and pick it apart; an ability that has been highly envied by the other Espada under Aizen's rule… one of the reasons Aizen never put his disobedient ass on ice.

"How are your Shinigami coming along with finding that ass in the living world?"

"Rukia and Renji are tailing him now," Byakuya offers. "They can't do anything about him for the moment, but they're learning he's in to far more illegal things than simply abuse."

"It was his scent on Ichigo," Grimmjow growls. "That fucker raped my mate, I want him dead!"

"There are worse things than death, my impatient friend!" Kisuke grins. "Don't worry; he'll pay for what he did."

"Damn right he will!" Grimmjow hisses.

Ichigo stirs on his lap and Grimmjow glances down, the orangette yawning and blinking sleep fogged amber eyes. He cuts his eyes at the others, silently telling them their welcome has been out worn. It's okay to have them there with Ichigo asleep, but he's not about to indulge them with his submissive awake. Too much can go wrong with Ichigo roused enough to stray from Grimmjow's side, especially with three people against him. One wrong move and one can take away his mate while the other two hold him back. It's paranoid of him, he knows that, but his instincts won't chance it. With a swift nod, Kisuke quickly ushers the other two out and shuts the door.

"Mm… Who was here?" Ichigo asks with a yawn.

"Kisuke, Byakuya and the creepy fuck I don't like."

"Why did they leave?"

There's just a hint of hurt within the teen's voice and Grimmjow momentarily regrets making the other's leave… momentarily. He shrugs, not caring enough to explain it to Ichigo, and leans down to kiss him. The smaller male immediately opens his mouth to allow Grimmjow access, thinking this is going to lead to more promising fun. Grimmjow smirks against his lips, not planning to disappoint the other in the least. If Ichigo wants sex, the teal haired man is more than happy to give him all he wants and more. He lifts Ichigo up and onto his lap, the orangette spreading his legs to straddle him before wrapping his arms around his neck. Before he can buck his hips up, Ichigo grinds his own down and they both hiss in pleasure. Grimmjow growls at the aggressive act, warning his lover not to push control at this time. Ichigo, catching on to this, grins widely before trying to act serious and give a submissive whimper. They haven't played like that since they were in the living world and Ichigo was kissed by Ryo, however the orangette has been eager to play more like that.

"… Kink," Grimmjow mutters.

"Shut up and play with me," Ichigo huffs.

With a deep chuckle, Grimmjow knocks him backward and sighs in relief when his head misses the couch. Thinking it'd be best to play in a friendlier environment, the teal haired man hoists Ichigo over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and heads toward the bedroom. The orangette just lies there limply, wondering what the other plans on doing before Grimmjow's steps falter. With a Cheshire grin, the ex-Espada slides open the door to the garden and carries Ichigo out there. It's been a long time since Grimmjow's enjoyed a good romp outside. Ichigo's face lights up crimson as realization dawns, the image of the entire Gotei 13 walking in to check on them and seeing Ichigo's bare ass in the air for Grimmjow to plow into burning into his brain.

"Oh hell no!" he shouts as he starts to struggle.

He's tossed to the ground, pinned, and facing Grimmjow's bared fangs in less than a second. His heart beats erratically at the more feral gaze within those cyan orbs… but it's definitely not more in fear than pleasure. Grimmjow keeps Ichigo's gaze, reaching down to pull the sash on his hips off before tying the orangette's wrists to a short post holding up the wrap around porch. The minute Ichigo realizes what happened; he breaks that hypnotic gaze and scowls at his lover… a scowl that quickly turns to a pout upon the challenging snarl.

"Grimm, I don't want to have sex outside," he sulks. "What if they catch us?"

"They won't be back for a long while," Grimmjow waves off. "We'll be fine."

He starts sliding Ichigo's shirt up around his bound wrists, the orangette struggling once more beneath him. He sighs in annoyance, really starting to dislike his mate's spastic emotions. He tears through the shirt, ripping it to ribbons and taking a good sized strip to tie around Ichigo's eyes.

"What the hell!" the teen snaps. "Take the blindfold off!"

"In case you haven't figured it out, Kitten," Grimmjow growls out quietly. "The more you struggle, the more I bind. Now be good."

"Grimm, I don't want to… Mm!"

Grimmjow ties the strip of shirt tight behind Ichigo's head, sighing in bliss at the lack of sound from the now gagged male. He just knows those amber eyes are scowling for all his worth beneath the blindfold, the very thought making his member twitch. Finally, and extremely reluctantly, Ichigo's body goes completely lax and Grimmjow rewards him by taking off the blindfold.

"See? That's not too hard, is it?" he purrs. "Now, you keep doing as you're told and I'll take the gag off. Let's see if you can behave long enough to get your wrists free."

A huff is released through Ichigo's nose, those eyes scowling even though his body is relaxed beneath the larger male. Grimmjow lies flush atop Ichigo's tan body after slipping his own half jacket off, frowning at the inverted colors and only wearing it to piss off the Shinigami. With his sash gone, his hakama is merely draped over his hips. His swollen cock isn't covered by it, the stiffness pressing against Ichigo's before he moves teasingly against the teen's erection. Ichigo gasps out but it's blocked by the gag, his head tilting back to bare his neck to the teal haired male as his back arcs. Grimmjow repeats the action a couple times, his half-lidded eyes fogged with lust as he watches Ichigo's reactions. With a smug smirk at the fact Ichigo's bucking back, he stops and slides down the other's body slowly. Ichigo whines in irritation, yet lifts his hips when large hands grasp the waist band of his jeans. Ichigo prefers wearing his human attire now that he's on 'vacation' and refuses the Shinigami uniform for the simple fact everyone would be wanting to spar with him.

"Such a good bitch," Grimmjow purrs.

He yanks down the pants and the boxers beneath them, licking the head of Ichigo's cock. The sensation tears a low groan from the other, sweat already beading along his body. Grimmjow blows on the sensitive member, propping his head up with a hand as he toys with his catch. He draws his free hand along a silky thigh, dragging his nails lightly along the soft skin, and move to fondle the smaller male's sac. Ichigo is near tears at this point, hating his lover for his constant teasing and wishing he weren't so feline in nature. His body quivers beneath Grimmjow's fingertips and the teal haired man glances up to see the desperate need within amber eyes, those eyes taking on a slight glow of gold at the edges of the irises. He reaches up and removes the gag, deciding Ichigo's been submissive long enough for another reward… and silently hoping his mouth will get the better of him.

"Ah! G-Grimm… please," Ichigo pleads mindlessly. "Please... please… I… hah… I need you… please…"

"You're so fucking beautiful when you play nice," Grimmjow smirks teasingly. "Tell me what I want to hear."

"… I… hah… I don't know what that is. Please… ah… please, just…"

"No. Tell me what I want to hear first, and then I'll fuck you," Grimmjow remarks while pulling away a bit.

"No! Oh, god, no! Please!" Ichigo cries. "I… I… I love you?"

"Nope, that's not what I want to hear," the other grins manically.

Grimmjow honestly doesn't think Ichigo will figure it out; he just wants to tease him a bit more. Ichigo, on the other hand, is determined to please his dominant. His mind works slowly through his fog of desire, trying with all it's might to find what it is Grimmjow wants to hear. The teal haired man is going off Hollow instincts, so it'll be far more meaningless and instinct based than something emotional like 'I love you'. From the distant recesses of his mind, Ichigo can hear Shiro providing what he needs to say. Shiro knows he'll end up listening to Ichigo whine later, hoping to erase the majority of that rant by ending his suffering. Ichigo vaguely remember his next comment from after his first date with Shuuhei, but brushes it aside.

"I… ah! G-Grimm… I… I'm your bitch," Ichigo gasps out. "I'm your… Hollow bitch! Please… please claim me!"

Grimmjow starts a moment, surprised the too-far-gone male actually thought of it, but wastes no time releasing a purely dominant growl. He snaps his hips forward, his feral mind ignoring the fact he hasn't stretched the smaller male yet in favor of claiming him completely. Ichigo cries out in pain, yet gasps in pleasure when that stiff erection is driven straight into his prostate. Grimmjow's pace leaves no openings for anymore foreplay, killing any ideas of teasing he may have had, and Ichigo screams in ecstasy with no room for breaks. He hammers into the other, pushing them both toward their release much faster than normal. It pools in their abdomens, begging to be let go, and with one powerful shove into Ichigo's entrance… the orangette snaps. His hoarse voice cries out his release, his body tightening before hot liquid splashes onto his stomach. Grimmjow buries himself into Ichigo and spills his seed within him, his fangs immediately driving down for purchase on the tan neck before he realizes what he's doing. Faster than he ever thought he could with such a distracted mind, Grimmjow yanks himself in another direction. His fangs tearing into the porch instead, a sigh of relief leaving him before he spits out a bit of wood. Ichigo is already sleeping beneath him, his face lax and his wrists still bound. Grimmjow unties his wrists, catching the small whimper the teen lets out unconsciously… the sound of a submissive reaffirming their place. Carefully, he lifts the other into his arms and forces himself to carry Ichigo to the bedroom. He collapses on the bed, barely capable of positioning them both comfortably and wrapping a blanket over them before passing out.

Grimmjow wakes before Ichigo, a look of pure determination on his face. This is the day he goes home, the day he takes back what Shiro stole from him. As much as he hates to admit it, he's missed the bleak white halls of Los Noches. He closes his eyes and feels his body slowly change form. A satisfied smirk touches his lips as his form takes on that of his Arrancar body, but before he finally manages to finish the change… a fist catches his jaw and he loses the hold he had.

"What the fuck?" he mutters.

Shiro's glaring gold eyes are only inches from his cyan pools, the fury within them so molten it makes his orbs look like the sun and Grimmjow's afraid they'll reduce him to ashes. He doesn't have time to say anything, the pale replica of his lover grabbing his teal locks in one hand before yanking him out of the room. Grimmjow is vaguely aware of looking back to see Ichigo snoozing obliviously in the bed, glad the smaller male didn't wake. Once they're out of the room, he's slammed against the wall by the surprisingly strong male.

"The fuck you think yer doin'?" Shiro hisses. "Yer suppose ta stay wit Ichi! I didn' go through all this shit fer nothin' and I certainly ain't listenin' ta him bawl his eyes out like a fuckin' chick 'cause ya left him!"

"Let me go," he growls out.

"I though ya wanted ta be wit him!"

"I… do," Grimmjow admits. "But I hate it here! I want to go back to Hueco Mundo!"

"Ichi can' go there! They'll think he's a Shinigami an' try ta kill him. Is that what ya want? Ta take all that time ta get him imprinted real good only ta take him back wit ya an' have him killed?"

"He has the same powers as you do, so don't give me that shit!" Grimmjow snaps. "He can change forms just like you can! Taking on the form of an Arrancar should be child's play to him!"

"Ichi can't use that power," Shiro admits quietly as he averts his gaze. "It's not that he can'… I lock it away from him. He has the ability… but I don' let him apply it."

"… What the hell? Why would you do that?"

"… He wasn' adjustin' well," the snowy haired male sighs in exasperation as he moves away to pace. "He tried. He learned it all well 'nough, but… he wanted ta be normal. He wanted ta date an' be wit his friends… he wanted ta go back ta when he didn' have powers more than his Shinigami form. I didn' want him ta be unhappy so… I locked those powers away from him."

"He can still use them though, right? I mean, if you unlock them?"

"Probably… maybe… I don't know," Shiro frowns. "He might have ta learn it all over 'gain."

"Damn it, Shiro!" the teal haired male hisses.

"If he could a just ran off ta Hueco Mundo, I wouldn' a changed ya, dumbass!"

There's movement in the bedroom and the two still, waiting for Ichigo to get out of bed and sighing in relief when he just rolls over to get more comfortable in his sleep. Afterward, Shiro sends Grimmjow a warning look and the other glares back at him.

"It ain't easy ta piss off my aibou… okay, maybe it is… but takin' him from his friends an' family is a big thing ta him. If ya wanna keep fuckin' him without hassle, don' think 'bout it again. That's one surprise he ain't gonna appreciate."

With that, he stomps off to release some built up tension… hopefully in bloody spar with Kenpachi. Grimmjow sighs, hanging his head as his decision just became that much more difficult. Either stay here and play the good ex-Espada, take his form and take Ichigo with him only to deal with a 'no sex' grudge, or run off to Hueco Mundo alone. He thinks on that a moment, knowing he isn't staying here any longer and the first choice is going to be thrown out. He moves toward the bedroom and glances in, debating whether he should talk to Ichigo about it.

"Like that would go over well," he grumbles. "I'd probably end up staying and still not getting any sex from the temperamental bitch."

That comment in itself makes up his mind, the other closing his eyes and glad this place blocks his reiatsu. Shiro may know how a Hollow's mind works, but he doesn't know how the ladder within Hueco Mundo affects how they act. Ichigo will be fine… or there'll be hell to pay and Grimmjow is the last person anything in that world wants to piss off. He feels his body change, leaving behind his Arrancar form in its normal white uniform. He flexes his muscles, overjoyed at the power he feels behind the action. His human form was weaker and even his Shinigami form lacked something, but he's almost positive that was Shiro's fault as well. Thinking on it, he doesn't want to piss off the Shinigami to the point of war.

"Fuck," he mutters. "If I 'kidnap' their precious Ichigo they'll just hunt us down anyway… better leave a note. It's better than nothing."

He walks to the kitchen and grabs a piece of paper and a pen, scribbling as neatly as possible to make it legible. Once he's happy with the result, he takes it to the front door and pins it there with a kitchen knife. Afterward he heads back to the bedroom and packs their bags quietly, making certain he doesn't wake the dozing orangette and thankful he's a heavy sleeper.

"Okay, Kitten, time to go," he murmurs.

He grabs the bags and wraps Ichigo in the blanket before lifting him into his arms. Ichigo yawns and mumbles, yet curls up against him and continues sleeping. Grimmjow takes him out to the training ground, ripping open a Gargantua and only looking back a moment. With a heavy sigh, he steps through with the smaller male happily nestled in his arms.

The sands of Hueco Mundo are just as he remembers, white and cold… but beautiful. The entrance to Los Noches is still standing, the only difference within the area being the new skylight made by Ulquiorra and Ichigo. A few of the pillars are smashed from the fighting… some because the residences had to release some steam. For the most part everything is the same. With a relieved sigh, Grimmjow carries his prize to the large main building. The walls are no longer white, the chairs no longer hard and uncomfortable. Los Noches was given a rather nice make over once everything ended, so it's now far more welcoming. Grimmjow missed it so much. Ichigo shifts against him, the teal haired man stopping in order for him to fall back asleep. He takes a few more steps, hurrying toward his own quarters to lay the other on a more comfortable surface. That's when he hears a faint murmur. He tilts his head in curiosity and heads toward the meeting room he's avoided since the war… god he hated that place, it was so boring. He carefully pushes the door open and stands within the doorway.

"Welcome back, Grimmjow," the multiple voices utter at the sight of him.

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