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I said this fic was Auish, because people are aware that there is another dimension/world out there that considers their's fiction. Next chapter will explain a bit more. Other than that, it's the same universe as the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited universe.

The Trouble With Sues

December 5th, Watchtower interrogation room...

"Your name is Suzy Smith, correct?"

I nod my head. It's the only thing I can do really; Batman is quite an imposing figure in person. There's the scowl for starters, as iconic as his costume. His costume, it's all dark, like the creature of the night he takes his name from. No bright reassuring colors, just darkness, letting you know he's there in the shadows always watching you. Then there's the gravelly voice. It sounds like the one the boogeyman I was afraid of as a child might have.

Up to now I've only seen pictures of him in magazines, newspapers, or on the internet or television. I've never been this close to a superhero before; I don't know how Gary does it every day. There's this aura coming off him that makes you want to go curl up into a protective ball while confessing all your sins. Even my mother isn't this intimidating when I'm spilling my secrets to her. She has cookies at least.

He's not even sitting; just standing across the table glaring menacingly. Annie would probably say something cute right now, trying to get him to smile. I can't help but wonder, does Batman ever smile? Can he even smile?

While pondering whether or not Batman can smile, I miss what he asks next, but it doesn't take a genius to guess what it was. He wants to know about what happened.

"Well, it's kind of a long story," I finally respond. Judging by his expression, I was right about the question. Go me.

"We have time," he growls, finally taking a seat in the chair across the table.

For a second, I think about lying or abridging my tale to protect everybody. Then I remember it's Batman I'm talking to and there's no way I can fool him. I'm not that talented as an actress to begin with, nor that great at coming up with lies on the spot. Besides, they're all probably being interrogated right now, just like I am. And they're lucky enough to not have the Bat.

"I'm waiting," he says, while I finish debating the pros and cons of lying to him.

I let out a groan. I wouldn't be in this mess if I had only remembered The Rules.

Three month ago, the first week in September...

The wait in line for coffee was taking forever. I swear I could hear the second hand of the clock on the wall mocking me with each tick. Tick, tick, you won't make it to class on time, you won't make it to class on time, tick, it seemed to say. Considering that I had spent the night before studying for my physics test (not that I even needed physics for my major, or that it works when it's suppose to) and now was on my way to my eight o'clock class, biology (another useless class in my opinion) I was in much need of some caffeine. It didn't help that the few hours of sleep I did get were spent dwelling on whether or not my boyfriend might be cheating on me.

The line was slowly inching forward, and I was doing the math in my head. I had a half hour to get to class. Broadway would be crowded so it would be best to take Maine...except it was still being repaired after that fight from last week. Maybe I should take the subway instead, and leave my car here? Except I didn't have enough quarters to feed the meter for the time I was going to be gone. Perhaps it would be best-

A loud crashing sound interrupted my thoughts. Like most customers, I turned my attention to the big windows in the front to see what the commotion was about. Another alien invasion perhaps? Maybe an evil villain once again plotting world domination through nefarious means? Once I saw what it really was, I suddenly found myself wishing it had been one of my former thoughts.

The world around me seemed to pause, waiting for my brain to process what I was seeing. My baby, my precious Gertie, was a crumpled heap of iron and twisted metal. I had spent two years saving up enough money for my own car, and finally purchased Gertie from a friend of the family who no longer needed it. Now my baby was lying in ruins, looking like a giant had smashed it with his fist. I was so in shock that the only sound I could manage was a high pitched choking noise.

Satisfied that nothing threatening their immediate safety was going on, the customers and staff went back to what they where doing, while I continued to look on in shock at Gertie.

"Aren't you going to move?" said a guy from behind, motioning me forward. That snapped me out of my daze. Taking in the sight of my poor baby I realized that I no longer needed caffeine to keep awake. I was plenty awake now, and was determined to make the person responsible for my baby's death pay. Biology was just going to have to wait.

The person in question, was clearly a superhero. The bright pink spandex made that abundantly clear. As did the giant purple 'G' on her chest, and the pink cape flapping in the wind. Her hair was a tumbling mass of blonde curls with pink highlights that fell gently around her heart-shaped face. She had huge cerulean orbs for eyes, and her body filled out her costume perfectly, showing off each curve individually. She looked young, but she extruded an air of confidence, and her eyes shined with wisdom beyond her years.

Oh good god, what the hell did I ever do to deserve a Sue?

The Sue in question was dusting herself off, when she exclaimed cheerfully, "Thank goodness for my healing factor! Not a scratch on me!" She then noticed that I was starring at her. "No need to fear dear citizen, I, Galactic Girl, am here to protect you from evil doers!"

She really was a Sue, I cursed mentally. "You're going to protect me, like you protected my car?"

It was then the Sue, or Galactic Girl, finally noticed what she had used for a landing pad. "Oh, well that's what insurance is for right?" she said with a blinding smile that perfectly complimented her breathtaking lilac eyes.

Wait, lilac eyes? Her eyes change color? Yep, I was so not going to make it to biology today. "Sorry, but you have to pay extra for superhero and villain coverage. What's your number?"

"My what?" asked the Sue, in a completely endearing way.

I was suddenly grateful that I never actually ordered cup of coffee. Otherwise it'd be coming up right about now. "Your badge number. The one that you're given as a member of the Justice League. I have to know it so I can file a claim with their insurance."

"Oh," said the Sue absentmindedly, and started to twirl a golden ringlet around her index finger. "That's the thing... I'm not an actual member yet. But I plan on it soon!" she giggled excitedly.

"What do you mean by, 'soon'?" I said slowly, dreading the answer.

The Sue's demeanor suddenly changed. Her emerald eyes started to fill up with glistening tears that were threatening to spill over, and her rose-colored lower lip began to tremble slightly. "It all began many years-"

"Nobody cares about your back story," I interrupted before she could get a chance to launch into her back story. The last thing I needed was to waste an hour of my time losing brain cells while listening to this bimbo.

"But the audience does," said the Sue with her lip still quivering ever so slightly.

"In order for the audience to care about a back story, they have to care about you as a character, which I assure you, they do not. Now, what do you mean by 'soon'?"

A heavy sob escaped the Sue's chest, but no tears marred her flawless ivory skin. She was far too brave to let the that happen. "They said I wasn't allowed to join and kicked me out. But I will prove them wrong! I will be Galatic Girl, protector of Central City! If I show them my worth as a superhero they would have no choice but to let me join! They'll even make me a founding member!"

The last bit was said in a super perky bubbly voice that made me want to gag on my own vomit and die. "You do realize that Central City already has a protector, the Flash. And it's kind of a little late to be a founding member," I pointed out.

The Sue put her arms on her hips, puffed her chest out, and held her graceful head up high. The gentle breeze blew her golden curls back, along with her cape, showing off her heroic pose. "The Flash is far too busy with League duties that I have decided to aid him in protecting his fair city."

In other words, I noted, Batman and Superman had already kicked her out of theirs. The Sue continued, "The League will be so grateful for my help, they will name me as an honorary founder and statues will be built in every city by citizens whose lives I have touched."

I snorted. Like that was happening anytime soon. Nobody in their right mind would dedicate a monument or statue to a Sue. In fact-

It was for the second time that day that the world around me seemed to pause. I even made that strange choking sound again. I had been so upset over seeing Gertie's remains, that I overlooked Rule #4: Always Ignore A Sue.

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