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Look at Me, Only Me


'How much can one sacrifice for the person he or she loves? To what extent could one take it?'


Huddled up in a corner of the dark room, the young boy, barely 18 years old, curled his body into a ball, wishing that he would become smaller and smaller and eventually disappear into nothing. There was emptiness in his heart, portrayed by his blank eyes which were swollen from excessive crying. There were no more tears left now. He had poured out all his emotions until none remained, together when they had pushed his brother's body into the crematorium, and now, all remained were his picture and a wooden tablet with the words carved into them:

Takahashi Takahiro

The doorbell rang twice but Misaki did not even lift his head up. He was hoping that whoever that was would think that no one was at home since the lights weren't on. It wasn't that he didn't want to turn the lights on in the dark room but he really didn't want to see that tablet and recall the fact that what remains of his beloved brother were right in front of him. Even when he closed his eyes, he still could see it. Those glinting words shined as if they were etched inside his eyelids. Moreover, he didn't have much money. His brother left him with a huge amount of debts. Now that he was gone, debtors were pestering Misaki non-stop.

The bell rang again for another few times, followed by a series of knocks. He continued to ignore it. More like trying to block them out. For the past few days, he had been working from early morning till late night at a few part time jobs to earn money. Around midnight, he would come back home and curl up like what he was currently doing, staring off into the darkness. Then, the cycle repeats. It wasn't hard to be oblivious to his surroundings anymore. It was like he was floating in his own mind. Deep down, he wished he could just collapse and let it all end but his brother had always taught him not to trouble other people.

He had to pick up what his brother left. After all, the reason his brother borrowed the money was to keep them alive. Their parents left them with a pile of unpaid debts as well when they died in an accident and his brother had to borrow more to clear it. Although his brother worked day and night as well, the money was just enough to barely feed them both and pay off a small amount of the debts. Finally, his brother overworked himself and left Misaki alone as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud hammering finally paid off. He turned his head slowly to look at the dark shadow looming at the door. Getting up slowly, he dragged his feet to the door and opened it reluctantly.

"How much did my brother owe you? I'll pay back if you give me some time…" he mumbled. He had used up the money from these few days to pay off those persistent ones and was left with only a few coins which were supposed to buy him food but he was not hungry. Being so tired, he did not notice the passing silence as both of them stood at the doorway. When at last he managed to gather what last strength he had, he used it to look up at the stranger.

The person's eyes were clear amethyst, looking far and beyond him into the dark. Misaki saw what was reflected in his eyes; his brother's memorial tablet.

"Takahiro…" The man unexpectedly whispered.

'Huh? He called onii-chan by his name? Who is he?' Stunned, the young boy continued to stare at the man. Barging in and pushing Misaki aside roughly, he could only whimper as he hit the wall and slide down to the floor lifelessly. He watched the man standing in front of his brother. He wasn't sure whether that man was trembling or his eyes were blurry.

"I've never seen you before. How much did my brother owe you?" Misaki repeated the question. This time, the man turned sharply towards him, as if he finally registered Misaki's presence. The smaller boy shivered as that strong figure loomed over him, or perhaps it was just from the hunger.

"You're his brother?" Misaki was shocked when he spoke, unconsciously attracted his deep voice.

"Yes, I'm taking over his debts. I don't have much now but I'll pay you back eventually if you give me some time…" The man's brow twitched together in a frown, his fingers curled into fists. Now that the moonlight shining through the window cast its ray on the man's face, Misaki could see that he was a lean, sharp faced man with silver hair matching his purple eyes. He had to admit that the stranger was a looker. Or maybe he was just hallucinating. It happens quite often lately. He could not really tell which is which.

"I shouldn't have…" he muttered through gritted teeth, his hand covering his face in frustration.

'Shouldn't have what? Lent the money to my brother?' Misaki thought. Sighing, he got up, staggered a little and tumbled his way towards the man.

"Do you need the money that badly? I already said I would pay you back but since I'm only 18, it will take some time for me to clear off large loans. Unless you want me to sell my organs? I don't mind… Even if you chop me into pieces…" He didn't know what gave him the guts to talk back to the guy but the words just slipped out without him realizing. The death stare returned to glare at him as the man gripped on Misaki's shirt collar, choking him.

"You have no idea how much he owed me! To pay me back, even selling your organs and body is not enough!" he hissed into the boy's face before throwing him against the wall again. He slid down against the walls when he thought his knees would give way.

"Then, what do you want? Do as you please…" He had no more strength to fight, no more will to live. He didn't care whether he was dead or alive anymore. Surprisingly, the man knelt in front of him and gripped his face with a large hand. Even with a scowl on that face, he was still handsome, Misaki thought numbly.

"What's your name?" he demanded, forcing Misaki to look straight into his eyes. Those lilac pools swirled with unknown emotions that made the younger boy's head spin, mesmerized as if he was looking at the Milky Way.

"Misaki… Takahashi Misaki…" he answered softly, his head floating. Blinking a few times slowly to clear the haze in his mind, he managed to move his tongue again.

"What's your name?" he asked in return. He tried hard to focus on the moving lips but he was just slipping away into the darkness. The last thing that managed to reach his mind and somehow glue itself to his brain was that low voice of the stranger.

"Usami Akihiko…"


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