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Look at Me, Only Me Chapter 9

Take Over

'If only memories could be altered, if only life could be exchanged…'


Before Misaki fell to the ground on his face, the kind stranger who brought him to the cemetery caught and cradled him in his arms. The boy was unconscious with tears flowing like silver ribbons over his pale cheeks. From the stairs, Akihiko ran towards them with fury burning in his eyes. He slowed when he was two steps away from the stranger but the man swung the boy away from his sight.

"What are you doing?!" Akihiko growled through gritted teeth.

"Keeping him away from you obviously," the stranger replied calmly.

"He's mine!" Akihiko lunged forward but the man sidestepped him before Akihiko could touch either of them.

"Haven't you hurt him enough?" the man carrying the boy asked. Akihiko clenched his fists.

"What do you know?!" Akihiko roared, attempting to grab the boy unsuccessfully.

"I know that he doesn't want to see you now, doesn't want to be with you now, Akihiko," the man stated flatly.

"That's absurd. I will not let you have him, Haruhiko!" Akihiko spat.

"Can't you see you're killing him?" Haruhiko asked, retreating further and further away from Akihiko. He turned and went down the stone steps on the other side to the car. All the while, the silver haired man stood frozen in front of the tombstone, unable to move a muscle. When the car finally went out of sight, he twitched a little and collapsed on his knees.

"I'm sorry, Takahiro…" he whispered quietly to the stone while his hand slid over the bloody characters beside the carved ones. A single clear crystal fell from his eye.

"Please… Don't take him away. I beg you." His forehead touched the cold stone as more and more crystal droplets fell to the ground.


Misaki woke in a completely unfamiliar room. Sitting up slowly, he looked around at the elegant decorations, admiring the huge wooden bookcase all along one wall and the large but weirdly empty oak table. The bed, too, was large with silk sheets and comfy feather pillows. Unable to figure out where he was, Misaki sat there in a daze until the door opened quietly.

"Oh, you're awake," the man said. Misaki blinked unknowingly at the man for a moment before remembering. In the midst of his blurred memory, he had met this man and had been helped by him.

"Thank you for your help yester-…" Misaki paused, unsure how much time had passed. All that he could tell was that it was day now, judging by the sunlight that was filtering through curtains.

"It was just yesterday night," the man told him. The boy nodded. He slid to the floor and stood wobblingly. The man rushed forward, catching him before he fell and placed him gently back on the bed again.

"Where do you think you are going?" the man grunted disapprovingly.

"I'm going back," Misaki replied in a dead-set tone.

"Back where?"

"Can you bring me to Usami Akihiko's place?" Misaki asked the man, suddenly realizing he did not know where he was or which way Akihiko's penthouse was.

"Why do you want to go back to that guy's place? You can just stay here," the man offered.

"No. I have to go back." Misaki was determined. The man stared at him emotionlessly.

"Will you stay by him no matter what happens?"

Misaki looked into the man's eyes without wavering. "Yes."

"Even though he treated you unkindly?" The boy pondered on the question deeply. Meanwhile, a part of him realized that this man was no ordinary person.

"Who are you? Do you know Usagi-san?" he asked suspiciously. The man sighed and sat on the armchair positioned facing the bed.

"My name is Usami Haruhiko. I'm his older half-brother." Haruhiko explained.

"I…see. And yes, even if Usagi-san hurts me, I will still stay by his side." Misaki clenched his fists and bit his lips stubbornly. The man watched the boy carefully; his expression still doesn't betray a single thought.

"…Why?" he asked after some time. Misaki's eyes dropped to his lap.

"He… he's a sad person. Lonely. I want to be with him," he replied after thinking hard, unable to properly express his feelings.

"Even if it hurts to stay with him, even if he hurts me, my heart hurts more when I'm not with him…" Misaki whispered softly, clawing at his chest where his aching heart was supposed to be, tears rolling down his cheeks.

A loud barking erupted outside and both man and boy turned to the window. After a moment, a door was slammed, followed by rough stomps down the hallway. Misaki flinched when the heavy door of the bedroom was thrown open. Standing in the doorway was a messed up Akihiko. His eyes, filled with hatred, anger and fear, were directed at his half-brother. Without leaving his seat, Haruhiko returned Akihiko's glare with a calm, poker face. The younger brother slicked gracefully to the boy's side like a silver cat.

"Come, Takahiro. We're going home," he told the boy, holding out a hand to help him. Misaki twitched slightly at the low tone. His trembling hand went slowly towards the offered one. An inch above the palm, he stopped and closed his eyes, offering himself to whatever fate that would come. The remains of earlier tears fell again. Misaki waited for Akihiko to decide. The man closed the gap between their palms without hesitation and strongly pulled the boy into his arms. Not losing another second, he scooped the boy up and left the room without a word to his blank-faced brother.


Misaki remained silent the entire ride back to the penthouse. Occasionally, at traffic stops, Akihiko snuck worried peeks at the boy but he was calm. His looks were serene. Halfway through the journey, he fell asleep. Akihiko released a breath of relief.

When they finally reached home, he gently shifted the boy into his arms, unwilling to wake the boy, and carried him home. Holding Misaki like a piece of precious treasure, he was reluctant to let go of him. Instead, he eased himself onto the bed with the boy still in his arms.

"Misaki…" he murmured into the boy's neck. When the boy suddenly stiffened, Akihiko looked up. Those emerald eyes were wide open.

"You're finally willing to call this name?" the boy asked coolly. Akihiko was shocked at the sudden change in attitude in the usually docile boy.

"What's wrong?" Akihiko asked anxiously, touching the boy's cheek softly. When he thought of what might have happened at that house earlier, he gripped the boy at his shoulders tightly.

"What did that man tell you?!" the man growled softly but not meanly.

"What did you not want me to know?" Misaki returned. Akihiko looked away. Both of them remained in the silent darkness, not moving, unwilling to make the first move, to say the first word.

"You promised me to look after my brother, Usagi," the boy said after a long lapse of time. Akihiko jumped at the icy tone again. The boy was staring him in the eyes, without fear, without wavering, without emotions. He looked at the boy in total disbelief, but he knew he was no longer talking to the boy himself.



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