Series: Bound

Pairings: HinaIta, NaruIno, KakaSaku, SasuTen

For some reason Hinata didn't understand, she agonized over whether or not to wear red as had been requested by the Uchiha she was to marry. She didn't want to give the impression that she was happy with the thought of them getting married but she didn't want to give the idea that she was rebelling against the marriage. The problem was that she was in love with Naruto. She had been for so many years now that the thought of even being with someone else was agonizing.

Still, she was a kunoichi first and a woman second. The Hokage had given her an order and as a member of the Hyuuga Clan they followed the rules—even if they didn't want to. Hinata thought about the uncomfortable conversation she had with her father after Itachi had left her home and shuddered.

She had never been so mortified in her life. She was amazed that she managed to stay conscious for the entire time because her father saw fit to give her 'the talk'. Of course the first thirty minutes of said 'talk' was her father stating in no uncertain terms that there was no way in the world was she to spawn a child with the Uchiha. It would be an abomination.

Not to mention bearing the child of Itachi Uchiha...something about that didn't sit well with her. It could have been because it was widely known that the man was decidedly odd. He made her nervous and tongue tied—even more so than usual and he seemed to enjoy every second of it.

She wasn't a good match for the older Uchiha. They would both be the future head of two very prominent Clans within the village. Just the thought of the responsibility of it all was overwhelming. They should have chosen someone who could have been more supportive of him. Someone he could lean on when things within the clan got hard to deal with. Someone who could understand him and the things he would have to do.

Hinata wasn't that person.

She wished they had chosen Naruto for her, but on the other she was glad that they hadn't...because if things didn't work out...and he left her in the end...she didn't think it would be something that she could ever recover from.

However, Hinata realized as she made her way to the Uchiha District for the scheduled dinner that there were worse things than being with Naruto and having him leave her in a year.

Ino clung to Naruto's arm excitedly. They had just found the perfect place to live together. The price was right and it was gorgeous. She hadn't known they had such nice places in Konoha, but then again she hadn't been looking for a home for a couple.

Ino looked up at Naruto and grinned. "We should celebrate." Naruto looked down at Ino's infectious grin and smiled back.

"Yeah, let's get ramen!"

Ino's grin slowly slid off her face. She knew about Naruto's obsession with ramen. Sakura complained about it often enough, but she was not about to indulge him the way his team did. It wasn't healthy and no future husband of hers was going to walk around in a condition that wasn't peak.

"No." There was no mistaking her words nor the unrelenting look in her eye. Naruto pouted slightly and Ino couldn't help but think that it was cute, but her decision remained the same. Before she could expound upon what they would actually be doing she saw heading in their direction a familiar figure.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto called out and jogged over to her pulling Ino along. Ino allowed it since it didn't actually hurt but it did exasperate her a bit. Would be dragged along for a year become the norm for her?

Hinata's impossibly large eyes widened at their approach which caused Ino to frown. There was some important information that she was forgetting regarding Hinata.

"Where are you headed?" Naruto asked curiously. "Me and Ino are going to celebrate our new place together. Did you want to come with us?" Ino wasn't exactly happy that Naruto was inviting other people on their date. Hinata had never been a person that irritated her, but-

It was at that second that Ino realized what she had forgotten about Hinata.

"N-new place?"

"Yeah, Ino and I are getting married and-"

On the one hand Ino, for some odd reason, was pleased that Naruto didn't mention that the reason for their impromptu marriage was the Hokage's orders. He made it seem like it was something that he planned on lasting forever. However, the devastated look on Hinata's face wasn't worth the pleasure.

Hinata was in love with Naruto and the Uzumaki couldn't be anymore oblivious.

"We just found a new place and it's great. It makes Ino really happy. We were going to go get ramen," Ino growled, "or something else to celebrate and it's always more fun to celebrate with friends so-" Ino squeezed Naruto's arm in hopes of getting his attention and stop him from making an already bad situation worse.

"Actually, I'm on my way to have dinner with the Uchiha Clan s-so I can't come."

Ino raised an eyebrow. Dinner with the Uchiha Clan? What was that about? She made a mental note to talk to Sakura about that.

"Okay, well we'll be leaving then." Ino grabbed Naruto's arm and dragged him along before any thing else could be said.

Hinata watched them as they walked away noting with a heavy heart that they looked happy. She couldn't recall ever seeing him look that happy before-except for maybe when he was eating ramen.

She briefly wished she had wore red.