Series: Touch

Pairing: ItaSakuSasuKaka

In trying to ensure Sakura's future they had forgotten one of the most basic situations that needed to be covered.

They needed to tell their Kage what they were planning. None of them had even thought to mention to her what was going on or get her opinion on the matter. Although given the fact that the jutsu was a forbidden one that could have had a thing or two to do with the situation.

Still, it wasn't something they could hide forever. She was well aware of Sakura's condition and if she somehow appeared to be miraculously healed questions were bound to be asked. So Sakura sent all three of the men to the Lady Tsunade to apprise them of her situation.


And appraise her they did.

Sasuke and Kakashi weren't unused to seeing their Kage in varying states of rage. Their team was notorious about making the woman angry about one thing or another, so it was no surprise to them that she was seconds away from maiming someone. Itachi, on the other hand, wasn't used to receiving the brunt of the woman's anger and was rather discomfited by it. He wasn't only the golden child of the Uchiha Clan, but he was the golden child of Konoha as well. A source of pride to all who knew him.

He was not pleased by the turn of events at all. And while he was pleased that Sakura was safe he was not pleased that they hadn't found a safer way to make it so. In other words, he was angry at himself for agreeing to Kakashi Hatake's wild scheme.


It was surprising that her screams didn't shatter the windows. What was more surprising was that the three of them were still alive. Tsunade didn't think that even Jiraiya had come close to making her as angry as she currently was.

"Where is she?" Tsunade asked through clenched teeth. Her eyes had turned into pools of liquid fire and this time none of the occupants of her office thought even once of hiding the information-but none of them wanted to be the one to tell her either. The silence seemed to stretch, but in reality only a moment or two had passed.

Kakashi, never one to allow anything Tsunade said annoy him replied with a, "She's at home resting."

"Alone?" Tsunade asked through clenched teeth.

"Of course not." Kakashi, of course, who had the nerve to sound affronted replied, "I left her with Pakkun."

"So let me get this straight. Together the three of you decide to kill Sakura. You bring her back to life with a forbidden jutsu. And then you leave her with a dog not knowing if there will be any negative side effects that could kill her again while you are gone."

Kakashi frowned. When she put it that way it sounded rather stupid and not well thought out at all.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Kakashi confessed.

Tsunade threw a desk at him.