Forgotten Lies – Part One

Summary: JJ returns to the team with a lie that's about to boil out of control, a secret that can change friendships and makes a mistake that could effect the outcome of it all. The more you tell a single lie, the more you forget it was a lie to begin with.

Authors Note: I hope you guys like this story.

It's mainly focused on JJ and the time in between the 6th and 7th season.

There is a JJ and Morgan pair, I know it's not a popular pair, however, I think it fits the story line pretty well and it doesn't show up for a bit.

The main focus is the way the secret JJ's keeping can effect all of their relationships.

Emily's in it, and that's why I set JJ and Emily as the main characters, because I think it mainly focuses on that.

I hope you like it!

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"Hotch..." JJ said as she stood in the doorway, it was her first day back at the BAU. Monday morning, 7:30am. The exact time she was asked by him to come in. It felt slightly unreal to her, the year and a half she spent working for the State Department was a long one, but she was glad to be back. She wanted to jump at the chance to come back to the BAU, but she knew she had to run it by Will and when they talked she couldn't stop thinking about it. Then she went to tell Dave she was coming back for sure. And there she was 2 weeks later, starting her first day again.

"JJ," he said as he looked up at her. "Thank you for coming in so early, have a seat." he told her as he pointed to the chair, JJ smiled and shut the door behind her and sat down. "I'm glad you're back," he started by say, JJ smiled.

"It's glad to be back." she answered, Hotch smiled and thought.

"You're sure your up for this?" he asked as he looked down. "A lot has changed in the past 8 months..."

"Hotch," she cut him off, even when she cut people off, she always had a firm, yet sweet voice. "I know a lot has changed, things change, I've changed, you've changed... besides, don't try to talk me out of it because I'm already transferred." she said with a smile and a small laugh, Hotch nodded. "How have they been?" JJ asked, it was understood she was talking about the rest of the team. "I mean, I've seen them and all, but not nearly as much as you have and every time I see them I don't know whether or not to bring it up..."

"They've been better..." he answered. "We all have."

"I guess it's something where even time isn't enough..." she said in a lower voice, Hotch nodded.

"You know it's going to be different." he said, JJ looked at him. "The work," he finished, JJ nodded. "You'll still have your office, but not as much as the work you used to have. You will do the same thing the others did with some of the case files, along with the liaisons, if you're too busy to answer any calls just transfer them to me and I'll take care of them." he answered. "It's a little more work..."

"I can handle it." JJ said. "I had double the work at the State Department in half the time." she said, Hotch nodded.

"You will be working under Morgan's supervision," Hotch said, JJ nodded slowly. "We all know how strict Strauss is about protocol." JJ gave him a small smile as in agreement with him, then he nodded. "If you need anything, let me know." he told her as he leaned back in his chair, she knew that was the signal that their conversation was over, she nodded and got up before walking out of the office. It was still 15 minutes before anyone was supposed to show up, sometimes they would show up early, usually Spencer would, with Derek coming in right on time, Dave had his own schedule. She knew there was one person would be there 15 minutes early on that day. She went to Penelope's office and opened the door slowly.

"I like knocking!" Penelope exclaimed as she pressed a button that minimized everything she was on, JJ stood at the doorway with her eyebrows raised.

"No coffee?" JJ asked, Penelope looked at her and sighed with a smile.

"I don't usually snap at people, I'm sorry JJ. It's just early." she said. "It's great to see you back in the office, Jayje.." JJ smiled. "I still can't believe you're a profiler..." Penelope reminisced, JJ laughed, knowing Penelope did look into her file, otherwise she wouldn't have known that. "I never would have thought in a million years... why'd you take the classes?"

"I don't know, I guess I just missed it? It wasn't too hard, I've been around profilers for 7 years. I guess you just pick up a few things here and there."

"You missed profiling sickos that kill people?" Penelope asked with a disgusted face.

"You know what I mean." JJ said, Penelope laughed.

"Well, it's already 8, we don't want bossman yelling at either of us on your first day back." Penelope said, JJ laughed.

"No we certainly do not." JJ said as she headed for the door.

"If you get a lunch today, do you want to eat lunch together?" Penelope slipped in, JJ looked at her.

"Key word if." she said with a small laughed. "I'll keep you posted." Penelope smiled with a nod. The people on the team gets a lunch break once a week, sometimes even less than that. Most of the time they only had time to eat while doing work.

x x x

"This just came in to me 5 minutes ago," JJ said quickly as she walked into the conference room and pressed the button on the remote for the TV to start playing, she had already called Hotch in there literally two minutes before she showed up in the room. The news was on, Kirk Shakow was talking about a man that kidnapped a 7 year old child on school grounds less than an hour ago. "The same thing happened in at Dale City elementary school 10 minutes before hand, and the same exact thing was reported happening in City Spring elementary school 15 minutes later." JJ said, Hotch was bombarded; Jack hit his mind for about two seconds before he even got the chance to tell him to focus on the case, he looked at her.

"Boy or girl?" JJ looked at the file.

"Two girls from Dale City and Maryvale. A boy from City Spring."

"And you've contacted the detectives or police?"

"Dale City Town Police, Rockville County Police, and Baltimore PD." JJ answered.

"Alright, we'll assume these are connected, You, Morgan and Reid go to Baltimore, I'll stay back with Rossi and keep in touch with Dale City and Rockville. If they're all together, there might be another kidnapping soon. I'll talk to State Police to see if it would be a good idea to have a lockdown for schools."

"Okay, I'll tell the others." JJ said as she walked out of the conference room. It was only 20 minutes into her day, and the only time she talked to the others was a quick 'hi' as she ran by them to the conference room. They all knew just by that there was a case, and it was big. They looked at JJ as she walked over, already knowing there was a case of some sort. "Hotch wants us to go to Baltimore, I'll sent the information to your emails. We'll talk more about it later. Planes leaving in 10." JJ said quickly as she walked by them. Derek and Spencer exchanged a glance as they stood up to go to the plane.

x x x

"The first two kidnappings happened within 10 minutes of each other," Spencer gathered from the file when they got on the plane, they got right to work. They only had 30 minutes before they were going to arrive to Baltimore and they had a lot to talk about.

"Probably because of the media," JJ said. "Do you know how fast a kidnapping from an elementary school can get from Baltimore Maryland to Dale City, Virginia?" she said. "Dale City was all over the news at 8:33 and the kidnapping happened at 8:20. Maryvale happened at 8:30 and hit the news at 8:35." JJ explained. "So why was the last kidnapping just 5 minutes later?"

"We shouldn't get to held up on that;" Derek explained, JJ nodded as she grabbed her phone that was vibrating on the table and excused herself from them as she got up and walked behind the curtain.


"Hey, JJ." Hotch said. "I talked to State police and they agreed to putting all the schools in a 20 mile radius of each of the schools. They're putting it into effect within the next 10 minutes."

"Wow, that fast?" JJ wondered out loud.

"Do you guys have anything?" Hotch asked, he wasn't expecting much, but he was curious.

"Just that the kidnappings may be happening so quickly together because of the media." there was a small silence. "I'll keep you posted."

"Okay. I e-mailed Morgan 10 minutes ago, can you make sure he e-mails me back?" Hotch asked.

"I will tell him." JJ said. "Bye." she said before hanging up as she walked back to the two of them, Spencer was reading something in the case and Derek was grilling him. JJ sat down and looked at Derek. "Hotch wants you to email him back..." she said, Derek pulled out his phone and groaned as he looked at the e-mail he didn't notice before. "He also got the State police and the schools to agree to put them into a code red." JJ explained, Derek looked back up at the two of them, after typing back to Hotch. JJ glanced at Derek, who looked at her.

"He was just reminding me I'm supervising you and that while we're here I'm in charge." Derek answered, JJ nodded. "So if you have any questions let me know," he said as he then got back on topic. "Code red means no one in or out... We'll need to talk to witnesses." JJ looked down at her phone and read an email Hotch just sent her.

"Hotch said they'll talk to us over the phone; and everyone will be asked to be picked up by their parents for dismissal." JJ said, Derek nodded.

x x x

1am the next morning and JJ, Derek and Spencer were on their way back from Baltimore on the plane. Even though it took about 45 minutes to get back to Quantico, each of them were asleep the second they got on the plane. After they shut down the schools, a man took a 3 year old from a day care, who had a tracking anklet on, his parents they were afraid something like that would happen, and there you go. A parents paranoia lead to the capture of the unsubs, who's plan was to take 8 children to the middle east and use them for terrorist plots. They didn't expect something as little as a tracking anklet led them to the unsubs, but the team seems to have a specific kind of luck.

They landed 45 minutes later and headed back at the BAU to grab case files and their stuff, Hotch was in his office writing up a report, JJ went straight there. "Hey Hotch..." JJ said as she stood in the doorway.

"We'll worry about the paper work in the morning JJ, go home and get some rest." he said, JJ smiled. "You and Morgan should get together sometime this week so he can show you what to do with the files, I'm not expecting any from you until the end of next week." he told her, JJ nodded.

"See you tomorrow."

"Tell everyone to get here by 9am." he said, JJ nodded. Every once in a while Hotch would throw in an extra hour before they had to show up for work, maybe once every other week. If the case had run later than 3am, though, he would have said they didn't have to come in the next day, or be there after 12, but that rarely happened. Usually they would get home from a case in the morning, because depending on where the case was, they would spend the night there. JJ walked over to Spencer and Derek, who were gathering their stuff together.

"Good news boys," JJ said, they both looked up at her. "We don't have to be in 'til 9 tomorrow." she said with a smile as she passed them to go to her office. Derek nodded with a smile, he was more excited than Spencer because he'd use that extra hour for sleep, Spencer, however would be up regardless. JJ went to her office and got everything she needed, then headed out to the elevator, just as Derek was following Spencer to it.

"Hey, Jayje," Derek said, JJ looked at him. "Maybe sometime this week we should have dinner so I can show you how to work up the profiles," he said, JJ nodded.

"Yeah, I'm free after 7, usually." she said with a shrug.

"Alright, we'll talk about it tomorrow." was all he said as the elevator doors shut. They were all exhausted, and small talk was the furthest from their minds. JJ was already back in the swing of things by the time she got home; and it was only her first day. She walked into the house quietly, not to wake up Will or Henry. Walking quietly into Henry's room, smiling at his sleeping face. She would see him in just 4 hours before he had to get up for school. She heard a creak of weight on the hard wood floor behind her.

"You're home late," Will commented in a low voice, JJ turned around and walked down the hall a little so their conversation wouldn't wake up Henry.

"You're up late," JJ said, she knew by the way Will looked right now he had just woken up. "Sorry I didn't get a chance to call and tell you how late I'd be back.."

"I know," Will said, he was used to it from her days at the BAU just 8 months before. Of course Will wished she didn't take the job, but he knew it would make JJ happy, and now that Henry's starting pre-school, he can have a job at least from 8 to 2. "The same thing happened a year ago." he said as he disappeared into their room. JJ let out a sigh and followed him, she was too tired to talk to him about it, knowing it'd probably end in a fight at the rate they've been going the past week. She decided they'd just be better off if she let it go.