Forgotten Lies – Part Eighteen

A/N: Thanks for the reviews! Here is chapter 18. It's longer than the last part and things are going to start to build up to Emily's return! This has some spoilers from 7x01, so the dialogue that is clearly from that episode is not my property:] This doesn't go the same way that episode goes though, so don't expect it to be exact. It speeds up about 2 more months.

This is also the last part. I know things are relatively left open-ended, but JJ got closure and that's the way I wanted to end this story. I hope you liked it and please review :]

"What do you mean the team is downsizing?" JJ asked Hotch in disbelief. He called her in to tell her about it before he went to tell the team together. The second she heard the word 'downsize', her heart dropped. It wasn't as bad as the team being separated, but it was pretty close.

"I've been assigned to lead an investigative task force for 6 months. It's not permanent, and everything will return to normal then." Hotch explained to her, JJ let out a sigh and shook her head. "I'll be leaving January 6th..."

"Hotch... that's 3 weeks.." JJ said, Hotch nodded. "So by downsizing you mean you're just leaving?"

"I'm still technically going to be the unit chief, but I'm leaving Morgan as acting unit chief..." Hotch explained, without answering the question. JJ let out a sigh and nodded.

"Sorry... it's just... none of this makes sense..." JJ explained, Hotch nodded.

"Will you get everyone in the conference room?" Hotch asked, JJ nodded and walked out of his his office.

x x x

"Hotchner," Hotch answered the satellite phone just 2 months later. He was in Pakistan for that entire time.

"Hey, It's me. How's it goin' out there?" Derek asked him. Hotch knew by his voice that it was Derek, he already had the idea it was Derek when he got the call in the first place.

"You know, long days, some territorial issues to work out, nothing surprising. How's everything there?"

"Hotch, we found Declan Doyle."

"What?" was all Hotch could ask, his second question would have been why, but knew Derek would most likely answer that for him.

"Listen, I knew that finding the kid was the only way I could find Doyle, Hotch..." Derek explained. "I know what you're thinkin' man." Derek said.

"Is Declan safe?"

"Yeah, he is for now. I've had surveillance at his house and his school for weeks."

"Morgan.. I didn't authorize this."

"I know you didn't Hotch. But listen to me, I think Doyle may have found Declan too." Derek told him. Hotch wasn't angry with him, he was actually more relieved that Derek was watching him.

"Alright, I'm coming back." Hotch said.

"You want me to wait?" Derek asked, he was hoping Hotch wouldn't make him.

"Morgan, It could be a trap. You make sure you have eyes on Doyle." Hotch said, he knew as well as everyone else knew that they couldn't underestimate Doyle ever.

"And if it is him?" Derek asked.

"Then you take the shot." Hotch told him, Derek nodded and shut the phone as he looked at Penelope who was standing behind him.

"I'm tell the team what's goin' on and we'll go. I'll keep in touch." Derek said, Penelope nodded as Derek walked away. He walked out of Penelope's office and to the bullpen. JJ was there and Spencer was no where to be found. "Where's Reid?" Derek asked as he walked over to her.

"Oh," JJ said as she looked up. "He's out on his lunch break." JJ answered, Derek nodded as he thought, he couldn't tell JJ what was going on with Spencer and Rossi there, it wouldn't be right. They would take it a lot differently than she would, he let out a small sigh.

"Can I talk to you in my office?" he asked, JJ noticed his facial expression and the tone of his voice; she knew something was wrong

"Yeah... sure.." JJ said as she stood up and followed him, she figured it'd be best not to ask questions at that moment. Derek texted Spencer on the way up to tell him he needed to come back, once they got to his office, he shut the door behind them and JJ looked at him. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"When Hotch left, I started digging deeper into Doyle's past and I've been keeping surveillance on Declan because I knew we'd be able to find Doyle." Derek explained, JJ raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"And you didn't tell me?" she asked, even thought that wasn't what she probably should have asked, she was just shocked and her mind was racing.

"We think Doyle may have found Declan." Derek told her.


"Penelope was helping me, but I told her to. None of this is her fault. But we have to go..."

"Does Hotch know about this?" JJ asked, only because she knew that if Hotch knew from the start, he wouldn't let Derek start to dig because they could potentially find out what happened to Emily. JJ hasn't even thought about what really happened to Emily in the past 4 months... It was like she forgot she was even lying to the them in general. It was like the second Hotch left, and her and Derek started growing closer, the lie just evaporated into a routine that she didn't even think twice about... until now.

"I just talked to him." Derek answered.

"And what did he say?" JJ asked him.

"Once we know it's him for sure... take the shot." Derek replied, JJ looked at him.

x x x

The next hour was hectic, once Spencer got back from lunch they all gathered in the conference room and Derek explained everything to them, an then they went their separate ways. Spencer and Rossi went to get Declan and JJ and Derek were doing surveillance at Doyle's house. The main reason Derek choose JJ to go with him was because he knew they'd be staring at monitors the entire time and figured it'd be best to talk.

"You got any movement?" Derek asked as he pressed the button to communicate with the snippers.

"Negative, no movement detected." the snipper replied as Derek watched the TV monitors, then watched a car as it drove by. JJ glanced over at him and then back down as she bit the inside of her lip and looked back at him. She had to say something. The pressure of him finding out was over her head, along with the fact that they're probably going to find Doyle tonight.

"That's all Hotch said?" JJ asked, Derek looked back at her. "Take the shot?" she said with a shrug, Derek took a breath as he looked back at the monitors.

"Yeah," he answered. "But he's pissed." Derek said as he watched the monitors. JJ raised her eyebrows and looked back down at them to. Me too. She thought as her phone started to ring.

"Hey, Spence.." JJ said as Derek looked out the window again.

"Can't find him."

"Wh... what do you mean you can't find him?" JJ asked, Derek looked back at her.

"The headmaster said Declan got sick and went home."

"Oh s... okay, uhhh, call for back up and get to the house."

"We're already here."

"The lights are off." She heard Rossi's voice in the background.

"I'll call you back." Spencer said quickly before hanging up the phone.

"What, no Reid!" JJ tried, but he already hung up the phone. She looked at Derek and let out a sigh as she hung up. Derek let out a sigh as they both watched the monitors again. They heard sirens start to get closer and closer and they watched it pass them while chasing a car, they immediately looked back at the monitors and saw an arm move the blinds to a door they had a camera on.

"You see that?" Derek asked as he pressed the button.

"I've got movement." the sniper replied.

"He's in there." JJ said, Derek opened the door and JJ followed him out. Derek opened the door and they headed up the stairs, JJ followed closely as they went into his apartment and looked in every room of the house. Derek opened the closet and they heard noise coming from above them, they pointed their guns up and saw the opening to the ducts and heard him moving around up there.

"He's goin' to the roof." Derek said as he turned around as JJ's phone started to ring. "JJ, cover the back stairs." Derek said as he ran. JJ pressed the button and put the phone to her ear.

"Spence..." JJ said as she headed out of Doyle's apartment.

"He's fine." Spencer answered, JJ let out a sigh of relief as she went to the back stairs. "He's just home alone, he was just taking a nap.

"Good. Doyle's here and he escaped to the roof... I'll call you soon." JJ told him as she hung up the phone and reached that back stairwell. She let out a sigh as she looked around to make sure he wasn't there and waited for Derek to give her an order, basically.

"I've got the shot Agent." the sniper told Derek as he ran after Doyle once they reached the roof.

"Don't take the shot! Don't shoot! I've got it!" Derek exclaimed as he got to the latter, just as Doyle was about to shoot him. Then, Doyle did something Derek' wasn't expecting. He stopped and turned around and raised his arms in the air.

"Wanna kill me yourself Agent?" Doyle asked him. Derek caught his breath as he held his gun in Doyle's direction.

"No, you're gonna come back to the FBI with me." Derek told him, Doyle stood there with his arms up. "If you pull anything, I will put a bullet between your eyes." Derek told him as he walked towards him, when he was about 5 feet from him, Doyle said something under his breath. "What?" Derek asked as he tightened the grip on his gun.

"You should have taken the shot." Doyle told him, Derek didn't even get enough time to process what Doyle said before he ran towards him and tackled him on the ground, Derek's gun fell out of his hand as he looked over at Doyle, who was to his left. Doyle got up and took off in a sprint right after grabbing Derek's gun.

"Don't shoot!" Derek warned the snipper as he took off in a sprint after him, knowing that the first reaction for the snipper would be to shoot. Derek sprinted after Doyle and tackled him right as Doyle got out of the line of fire from the snipper, and knocking the gun away from him. Doyle had his back to Derek, which was his mistake.

"I have lost visual. I repeat, I do not have a shot." the snipper warned Derek, who wasn't really listening as he turned Doyle on his back and punched in the face. Doyle, knocked Derek in the face with his fist in return, pushed Derek off him.

JJ let out a sigh, 10 minutes has passed and Derek hasn't even gotten back to her, she let out a sigh.

"Dammit." She groaned as she ran up the stairs to the roof. She knew something had to be wrong, otherwise Derek would have at least gotten back to her. JJ opened the door to the roof and held her gun up, she couldn't see anything in front of her. "What's going on?" JJ asked as she pressed the button to communicate with the sniper.

"They are out of my line of fire, Agent." the sniper replied just as JJ heard a noise coming from behind, she carefully made her way around the entrance and to the back. She saw Derek laying on the ground and Doyle was just standing up and holding Derek's gun down to him.

"Doyle." JJ said quickly, seconds before Doyle would have pulled the trigger. Doyle looked at JJ.

"He's my son, Agent." Doyle explained, as if he had a chance.

"I know." JJ told him. "If you put the gun down, maybe we can work something out."

"After I killed an FBI Agent?" Doyle asked, JJ didn't reply. Doyle nodded as he looked at Derek. JJ knew what was coming next. JJ let out a breath and blinked as the gun fired.

JJ looked over at Derek as he stood up and walked over to Doyle and pressed his index and middle finger to his neck as he looked up at JJ. JJ's arms fell, she knew what that look meant. They heard sirens as JJ put the gun in her holster and turned away, walking towards the door. Derek let out a sigh as he shook his head and stood up. JJ walked down the stairs, just as Spencer and Rossi were both running up it. They both looked at her as she walked past them and out to the car. She couldn't look at them, she felt that if she did, she'd have to tell them the truth right then. But she knew now, that she was going to be the one to tell them and it was going to be as soon as she could.

x x x

"How ya holdin' up?" Hotch asked JJ as he walked into his own office. When everyone else went home, JJ went to his office and waited for him, even though she knew she'd be in there for hours. She didn't know where else to go. JJ had her back to him, looking out the window with her arms crossed over her chest. Hotch sighed when he didn't say anything. "You should get home and gets some rest... it's 5 in the morning." Hotch explained, JJ looked at him.

"I took the shot." JJ said.

"It was justifiable." Hotch told her, JJ let out a sigh.

"I know," she said as she dropped her arms. "When I did... everything seemed to just come back and hit me in the face. I didn't even think about Emily being gone or even lying to everyone about it. I forgot I was lying to them, and the second I pulled the trigger everything became real. I never even cared I was lying..." JJ said, Hotch looked down and then back up at her. In the time that JJ had to think, she realized that the more you tell a single lie, the more you forget it was a lie to begin with. Even though she knew everything was about to come crashing down, she knew that Emily was coming back and that was all that mattered. She had a lot of things to explain to everyone else, and she knew it would take a while to gain their trust back. But, it was all worth Emily's safety and they didn't have any other choice.