Almost Loveable
By RHHP Freak

Characters: Hawkeye Pierce & Margaret Houlihan
Disclaimer: M*A*S*H belongs to me! *army of lawyers knock on my door* I WAS JOKING!
A drunken Hawkeye has some deep thoughts concerning Major Houlihan. Not quite HM, but definitely hints of it.
This fanfic is inspired by the episode 'Alcoholic Unanimous.'

A drunk Margaret Houlihan was a fun Margaret Houlihan.

A Margaret Houlihan without Frank Burns was almost as good as a drunk one.

But a drunk Margaret Houlihan without Burns was the best Margaret Houlihan anybody could wish for. In fact such a Margaret Houlihan was almost loveable.

God, those were deep thoughts considering his state of drunkenness. He sat there, watching her as she got more and more intoxicated. She was probably going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.

Suddenly she burst into song. He shrugged before joining in, both singing at the top of their voices, and soon Trapper started to sing to. It would be a shame to say they sang it perfectly. He was slowly falling behind and Trapper had started to sing a completely different song. Ah, it was all in good fun. As was the sharing of drunken stories prior to this (He and Trapper had certainly done their amount of stupid and brainless things, and surprisingly so had she), which had been followed by some very silly dares (He was sure Henry would never forgive him).

When they stopped singing he still hadn't taken his eyes of her. She was so different and it was all because of the few (Okay, many) drinks they had shared. But he had to admit he was having a great time. Who would have thought she would be so much fun? Where did she hide that during the day? He sure hadn't known it was under that mask of hers, and he had never bothered to look for it. After all, this was Major Margaret Houlihan. The woman with a heart so cold it could make hell freeze over. Except when it came to Franklin Marion Burns... and a bunch of generals.

Okay, maybe this was all because he was under the influence (Who was he trying to kid? He was bombed!) but he thought she deserved better. She was beautiful, talented, obviously funny, smart and had one hell of a... okay, put down the glass and stop trying to fool yourself. You're drunk.

He looked at the liquid in the glass he was holding and tried to force his hand to put it down. Unfortunately the hand was stronger than the mind, and soon he felt the all-familiar burning in his stomach. Okay, what harm could just one more drink do?

"One time," she suddenly said in a slurred voice. "my friend and I stole some of my dad's medals and used them as earrings. It was funny," she said and giggled loudly.

Oh yeah, he may be drunk, but this Margaret Houlihan was definitely almost loveable.

The end