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Smith's Grove Sanitarium

I look out the window… expecting him there…

The boogieman's out to get you!

Jamie's Uncle is the boogieman!

Everyday is Halloween for Jamie Lloyd!

"Shut up…! Shut up…! Leave me alone," Jamie screams, violently throwing anything in sight. Two of Smith's Grove Sanitarium nurses rush into Jamie Lloyd's cell in an attempt to calm her.
"Jamie please calm down…! This isn't doing you any good!" Hilda, one of the nurses who's treated Jamie since her arrival yells.
"Tell them to leave me alone…!" Jamie yells... covering her ears, crying in agony as the voices in her mind haunted her.
"Nobody's there Jamie… it's all in your head" Hilda says as she hugs Jamie protectively.
"Shouldn't we call in doctor Loomis…?" Andrew, the other nurse that had entered Jamie's cell nervously says.
"Don't call him, she's going to be okay, Jamie just needs someone to love her…" Hilda says with tears running down her cheeks.
"She's just an intern… nothing more Hilda…" Andrew rudely responds.
"You're new here so you don't understand…" Hilda snaps, turning her gaze towards Jamie, and adds, "You wouldn't feel the same way if you lost your loved one to insanity…" She mumbles, remembering her own daughter.
"Probably…" Andrew whispers, regretting his harsh words.

"Didn't I tell you he's something…?" Dr. Soler comments as they leave Jack Napier's cell.
"He is, all he did was try to play with my mind and tried to reverse the roles…" Dr. Loomis chuckles.

minutes earlier...

Dr. Loomis and Dr. Soler both walk into Jack Napier's cell. There Jack was, lying in bed and looking up at the ceiling. Angry, that he was tied stiff, feeling like a hopeless animal… but he was going to get out of the jacket, and the hospital… one way or another, and his key was Dr. Soler.

"So Jack Napier am I not correct…?" Dr. Loomis says. Jack sits up and looks at Dr. Loomis cautiously. Nothing like Dr. Soler, guess he isn't that dumb like I thought…
"I guess so doc…" Jack smiles sarcastically.
"Mind if I sit down beside you…?" Dr. Loomis asked.
"Not at all doc, go right ahead…" Jack says gleefully. Dr. Loomis sits down beside Jack; Dr. Soler on the other hand, stands a few feet away from them.
"So, I've read Dr. Soler's report on you, and have decided to study your case myself…" Dr. Loomis comments.
"It's so nice to know that he cares…" Jack chuckles, looking directly at Dr. Soler.
"That's our responsibility Jack… we're here to understand you and support you," Dr. Loomis responds.
"We're here because we're nothing but little social outcasts that the world either hates or doesn't need…" Jack responds sharply, quickly turning his gaze on Dr. Loomis.
"We're all outcasts Jack, but we could find a place to be loved and to fit it" Dr. Loomis quickly responds.
"We both know the truth Dr. Loomis, this place isn't built on love, we both know that this world was built for the strongest… it's every man for himself out there…" Jack answers.
"Is that why you killed your father…?" Dr. Loomis asks.
"Am I the only one with the capacity to kill a man? After all he did have enemies…" Jack chuckles.
"You show a good point there my dear boy…" Dr. Loomis responds.
"I'm chopped full of them doc, now tell me, why did you really come here with my pal Soler…?" Jack smiles, looking directly at Dr. Soler.
"We're colleagues and after all, you're not the only patient he has to see…" Dr. Loomis smiles,
"You're sharp Dr. Loomis; a man like you is what a call a true survivor…" Jack responds.
"What I am is smart Jack… nothing more, well; I'll be seeing you when all the interns have recess…" Dr. Loomis says as he gets up.
"Oh goodie… time to play tag with all the little boys and girls," Jack says sarcastically as Dr. Loomis and Soler leave Jack Napier's cell.

"Loomis, I beg you to take the Napier case…" Dr. Soler pleads. Dr. Loomis turns his gaze towards his colleague and smiles,
"Are you that afraid of a simple intern…?" Dr. Loomis chuckles.
"He's not just a simple intern…! You should know…!" Dr. Soler snaps.
"I know…" Dr. Loomis says, quickly changing his tone of voice, "He's unpredictable, intelligent you could say… I've dealt with what I call is evil walking on two legs, and Napier is close to the same or perhaps worse…" Dr. Loomis says in a serious tone.

"Are you sure you want to go out Jamie…? I could just bring you your lunch to your room…" Hilda asked as they walked into the lunchroom for the interns.
"No… I want to eat outside and see friends…" Jamie lightly smiles.
"Okay if you need anything, just look for me at my office…" Hilda smiles, leaving Jamie at the front of the intern's lunchroom.
Jamie slowly walks inside and looks around her. Slowly a smile formed on her face.

Everything's going to be okay…

"Did time stand still for ya toots?" She slowly turns around to see a young boy standing next to her, smiling a weird, yet friendly smile. Or so she thought…
"I was just looking around…" She nervously responds.
"You're standing in the way… you know other people here want to eat lunch too ya know…" He answers sarcastically, chuckling at his own response.
"They could wait, or walk beside me… or what am I…? A brick wall that covers the whole entry…?" She responds. He lightly chuckles at her answer and says,
"Jack… and you toots…?" He asked.
"Jamie…" She smiles shyly.