A/N: OK, I know I should be getting on with Not His Type? but I've got real writer's block with that story and I've had an idea for this future fic rolling around my head for the last few days so I thought, what the hell? I'll have a bash at writing this and then see how I go. Will carry on with Not His Type? once the writer's block has abated!

So, as mentioned, this is a Kurtofsky future fic. It's AU from the end of Season 2 and is set about 10 years after high school graduation. I can't promise super regular updates since I'm really busy with uni but we'll see how it goes. Blaine's not really in this but, for the sake of the few bits that he is, I've kept him the same age as Kurt.

Rated M for language and possible rude bits. I haven't decided yet.

With A Little Help From My Friends


There had been a lot of surprises in David Karofsky's life. That the hyper-masculine football and hockey jock was gay had come as a bit of a shocker to him and everyone else. At least at first. Now being gay was as natural as breathing, but until he was seventeen and in his senior year of high school, Dave tried to fight it.

That Kurt Hummel managed to persuade Bland Anderson to transfer to McKinley high had come as a bit of a surprise too. And that this simple act had persuaded Dave that he should come out had also been a bolt from the blue. Dave had resigned himself to the fact that he could never be with Kurt and he knew it was his own fault, he accepted it. But seeing Kurt merrily skipping through the halls of McKinley hand in hand with Hair Gel had stirred up jealousy in Dave like nothing before. He wanted Kurt. He needed Kurt. And if coming out was what it took to win him over then that was that.

So Dave had come out to his parents and here was another big surprise. Although Dave had been nervous, he had honestly thought his parents would accept him after their initial shock. What he hadn't expected was to be given $200 "for food and stuff" and told he had thirty minutes to pack his bags and drive as far away from them as possible. As it turned out, Paul and Erin Karofsky were fine with people being gay as long as it wasn't their son.

It was getting dark and Dave had had nowhere to go. The experience had, understandably, put him off coming out to anyone else, so that ruled out his jock friends. He'd have to explain to them why he'd been kicked out and he couldn't face any more rejection. The only place he could think of was Kurt's, but Mr Hummel was hardly going to be understanding after what Dave had put his son through the previous year. So Dave had done the only thing he could think of. He drove to one of Lima's many parks, pulled up in the parking lot and slept in his truck. The next morning was a Friday and he went to school and showered in the locker rooms. No one knew anything was wrong and that night he went back to the same parking lot and settled in for the night.

He was woken early the next morning by an insistent tapping on the driver's side window. After getting his bearings, Dave had looked out and seen, just for another surprise (because he hadn't had enough lately), Rachel Berry standing there, hands on hips, glaring at him as if she had seen nothing more offensive in her life. Dave wound down the window.

"Not that I really care, but why are you sleeping in your car Karofsky? I live across the street and your truck's been parked here for, like, two nights now. If you're staking out my house to commit a hate crime against my dads I will have you arrested, you know."

And David Karofsky had done something a bit surprising himself. He burst into tears. He hadn't cried when he came out. He hadn't cried when his parents kicked him out but now, faced with the Rachel Berry Death Glare he couldn't hold it in any longer.

And it all came pouring out. Dave was gay. His parents had kicked him out. He was homeless. And no, he was not planning on committing a hate crime. Dave had expected many things but he had not expected Rachel Berry to pull open the driver's door and pull him into a tight hug. "Oh, David," she soothed. "Is that why you were so awful to Kurt?" Dave had nodded, sniffling into her shoulder, and Rachel had, with astonishing strength, pulled him out of the car and told him to get his bags and led him across the street to her house where she introduced him to her dads, Jonah and Matt. And here came the biggest surprise of Dave's life to that point, he found he had just moved in with Rachel Berry.

It turned out that Matt Berry was not too dissimilar to Dave. A basketball player at high school he had been unable to deal with his sexuality. Instead of bullying and acting out, though, Matt had become more and more introverted and depressed. One day deciding to end it all, he had driven his car out to a secluded spot, attached some rubber hosing to the exhaust and had set about ending it all. That is until Jonah Allen, a fellow high school student, had showed up. Dragging Matt from the car he had resuscitated him and Matt had told him the whole sorry tale. Jonah had confessed that he was gay too, that there was nothing wrong with it and he would keep Matt's secret until he was ready to tell. The two had become firm friends, eventually falling in love. Unable to legally marry, Jonah had changed his name to Berry anyway and the two had set about arranging Rachel's birth. Rachel knew this story inside and out and upon realising that Dave was in such a similar situation to Matt, she had forgiven his former bullying on the spot. Matt and Jonah also had great sympathy with Dave's predicament and offered him a place to stay, rent-free, for the rest of senior year. And so another surprise was to hit Dave, in less than 48 hours he had gone from being an only child with estranged parents, to the surrogate son of a gay couple and the surrogate (slightly) older brother of Rachel Berry.

Of course, it only took Jacob Ben Israel about a day to work out why David Karofsky was living with Rachel Berry's family. By Monday afternoon it was round the whole of McKinley that Dave was gay. Perhaps more surprising was that after the initial shock wore off, most people didn't care. Some of the jocks made a little more effort to cover up in the locker room and Sue Sylvester called him nothing but Sneaky Gay for the rest of the year, but beyond that there was little reaction. Perhaps this was down to Rachel and Azimio teaming up to Death Glare and threaten anyone who did say anything, but Dave didn't really care. Azimio's reaction had been worth its weight in gold. "You've never checked me out, have you?"

"No, Az."

"Why the fuck not? I'm a prime piece of meat!"

Azimio, it seemed, didn't care. As long as he could still beat Dave on Call of Duty and talk about football with him, it didn't matter to him who Dave found attractive.

In fact, the only thing that really hurt Dave was Kurt's almost total non-reaction. He was so wrapped up in Eyebrows that he barely noticed anything or anyone else, least of all Dave. But, all in all, things weren't too bad which was in itself surprising. Dave's friendship with Azimio was stronger than ever and his brother-sister relationship with Rachel was growing stronger every day. Dave was fiercely protective of the diva who amused him and irritated him in equal measure. She too adored him and trusted him with everything. Through Rachel, Dave grew closer to Finn Hudson and the other Glee club members, although he never joined, and he finished high school with a large group of genuine friends and a full football scholarship to Ohio State University.

Rachel had gone to New York to attend NYADA and the two had stayed as close as real brother and sister. When, after six months, Rachel and Finn had split up due to the long distance (Finn had stayed in Lima to work with Burt Hummel) it had been Dave who had hopped on the next flight to New York and had held her in his arms while she sobbed broken heartedly. Kurt, also in New York with Harry Potter, had simply sent a text that read: Oh, dear. :-( Well we all knew it wouldn't last, didn't we? Any lingering feelings Dave may have had for Kurt were dissolved by his callousness. Rachel may well have known that she and Finn wouldn't last, but he was her first love and she was devastated.

Meanwhile, Dave enjoyed a freedom at college he had never experienced before. His degree in sports science and sociology was something he enjoyed immensely and he loved being able to be open about who he was. He even had a few relationships. Never anything too serious, but relationships nonetheless. However, post-college brought new problems. He did not want to play football professionally but found himself unable to get a job. He moved back in with Matt and Jonah on a temporary basis but did not want to stay in Lima, let alone sponge off them.

And then one night six months after they'd graduated college, Rachel called from New York. She had been struggling herself, working as a waitress while she auditioned for parts in chorus lines but now she had an idea.

"There's this TV talent show in the UK, I'm the Greatest Star and it's trying to cast a new Fanny Brice for a West End revival of Funny Girl. I'm going to fly to London to audition. Want to come with me?"

So, with nothing left to lose, David flew out to London with Rachel Berry for her audition. At first they were only going to be there for a week. But then Rachel got through her audition, then she made the last twenty, and then the last ten. And before Dave knew it he was renting a tiny studio flat in London and working in a council office while Rachel Berry won the hearts of the British public. By the end of the series of live shows, Rachel had taken the UK by storm and had won the role of her dreams. After she started rehearsals for the show, Dave continued to live with her in her luxury London flat but he still wasn't completely happy. Despite making new friends, learning to play rugby and developing a great knowledge of real ales, he wanted to have a "proper" job, doing something he was trained to do.

And then, one day, about a year after he moved to the UK, he found it. Liverpool City Council in the North West of England were looking for pitches for new community projects to work with troubled teenagers from deprived backgrounds. David put together a pitch that would see him and a team of colleagues working with these kids through sport. This would be after-school and weekend clubs where they could learn rugby, cricket, basketball, and other sports – just not football (Dave had been living in the UK long enough to learn not to call it soccer anymore). He felt football had a bad influence, with rowdy crowds and bad behaviour encouraged, so he wouldn't use that. But other sports would be a way of teaching discipline, communication, teamwork and other skills that the kids could take into the real world.

Dave's pitch was, much to his surprise, a complete success and before he knew it he was moving up to Liverpool to start his new job. It was ideal, he was doing what he'd always wanted to do, while still being only a two-hour train journey from Rachel. After a week of living in a hostel, Dave answered an advert for a flat-share just outside the city centre. Helen was a recent graduate the same age as Dave, who would be starting her PhD come September. She needed someone to share her two bedroom flat which was both stunning and affordable. Dave clicked with Helen straight away and before long he found he had a second sister in addition to Rachel.

Still living with Helen four years later, Dave could back and smile at the many surprises his life had thrown at him over the last eleven years – even the bad ones. But nothing would prepare him for the surprises that were to come.

A/N: Wow. That ended up a bit longer than I anticipated for a prologue and may be a bit information overload. Something's I've left purposefully vague for the sake of revealing them later and there will also be more dialogue in future chapters. I think the story will be entirely Dave's POV with Rachel and Helen as prominent characters. And, of course, a certain Kurt Hummel will be making a reappearance eventually...