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With A Little Help From My Friends

Chapter Two

It was Wednesday and Dave had barely spoken to anyone since he had left the Ship & Mitre on Sunday. He'd briefly told Helen she had nothing to apologise for when she had returned to the flat, devastated that she had unwittingly reintroduced Kurt into Dave's life and he'd had a short chat with Rachel when she had called, after being filled in on events by Helen.

"Perhaps you should give him a chance, Dave." Rachel had suggested almost shyly.

"Give him a chance? After the way he acted?"

"That was nearly ten years ago, sweetie. People change. They move on. Kurt treated me and Finn horribly but that doesn't mean he hasn't changed now. I mean, Finn must hear from him, mustn't he?"

"Only irregularly over email or the odd call. Kurt never went to his wedding and he's only visited them a few times since Lou was born. And Lou's four now."

"Helen said he seemed nice. Until she knew who he was, anyway."

"Well, obviously he's nicer to strangers than he is his own family and friends." Dave snapped. "Look, you might have forgiven him for what he did to you but I love you and I love Finn and I can't just forgive what he did that easy."

"Is all this anger not just because you loved him in high school, had him on a pedestal even, and he disappointed you?"

"Let's not go there, Rachel."

Rachel had known better than to push it and eventually changed the subject. But, David had to admit, she'd been right. David had been crazy about Kurt in high school. Not only was he hotter than a hot day in Hell, but he was smart, talented, funny, kind, generous, forgiving and generally amazing. Dave had worshipped him. So when Kurt had actually turned out to be a complete douche, Dave's faith had shattered. And now here he was, living in Liverpool, working alongside one of Dave's best friends and Dave wasn't quite sure how to deal with that.

So he retreated.

He stayed quiet, didn't really talk and got lost in his work. And that's why on Wednesday afternoon he found himself sitting in Leaf, drinking tea and drafting a presentation for a fundraising drive on his iPad. He was so engrossed that he didn't see the slender, elfin-looking man until he was sitting down opposite him.

"That seat's taken," Dave growled.

"No it isn't," Kurt retorted. "Helen told me you'd be here working. Alone."

"Helen told you?" Dave made a mental note to hide each and every one of his flatmate's shoes when he got home.

"I saw her in the library this morning. She's worried about you. She told me in no uncertain terms that whatever's wrong with you is probably my fault and I need to make it right or she'd castrate me and feed my manhood to a cat." Dave smirked in spite of himself. Kurt seemed to take this as a good sign and continued. "You said a lot of things on Sunday and pretty much all of them were true. If I were you I'd hate me but I do think I have a right to explain myself. Maybe if you hate me a little less then you won't be as angry. And if you're not as angry your friend won't turn me into cat food."

"I really don't think you could have anything to say that I want to hear, Hummel. You hurt people who are very dear to me."

"I'm not asking you to forgive me or anything. Just to… understand."

Dave looked at Kurt and noticed for the first time that the man looked as if he hadn't slept in days. He looked haggard and had big dark shadows under his eyes. In fact, he looked just how Dave felt. The bigger man felt a sudden surge of pity mixed with curiosity. "OK, Hummel, go ahead. But if you piss me off I'm walking out. Understood?"

Kurt nodded and took a deep breath. "What a lot of people don't know was that in senior year of high school, Blaine cheated on me with some guy from his old school. Sebastian. Apparently it went on for about six weeks but I only found out when I went to his house to surprise him one afternoon and found him on all fours with Sebastian's cock up his ass."

David choked on his tea and nearly spat it all over Kurt. "Thanks, Hummel, that's a mental image I'm stuck with now." Kurt blushed. "OK, so he cheated on you. Why didn't you just leave him?"

"He begged me not to. He ended things with Sebastian and told me it had just been sex. It didn't mean anything. I was mortified. I'd been going on to everyone about my perfect boyfriend and perfect relationship and the thought of having to tell everyone I'd been wrong was humiliating. Plus, I figured I could either stay with Blaine or be alone. I didn't want to be alone. So I made him promise he'd never stray again and I stayed. Except I couldn't really trust him so I made it my business to dominate his every waking moment."

"That's why you were always so wrapped up in each other?"

"Yes. I was determined not to let him out of my sight and this continued when we went to New York. The reason I didn't visit Rachel or Finn when they split was I felt I couldn't leave Blaine alone. Especially because Sebastian was in New York as well. Blaine and I were both at Columbia, he was at NYU. I was totally ashamed of myself though. That's why I stayed away from Rachel and Finn after it happened. I couldn't face them. But I was obsessed. I needed to keep an eye on Blaine so he wouldn't stray again."

"So what happened?"

"A few weeks into our sophomore year I caught Blaine and Sebastian in mine and Blaine's bed. Turns out they'd never broke up back in school. Blaine had been scared for my mental health and so had stayed with me out of pity. Sebastian tolerated it because he loved Blaine. They'd been sneaking moments together for nearly two years. But when I caught them this time, they told me the truth. Blaine told me he was going to leave and he'd be moving in with Sebastian and I was left alone."

"But why didn't you contact Rachel? Or tell Finn? That was, like, eight years ago, Hummel. As far as I can tell, Finn thinks you're still with Blaine."

"I was humiliated. Everyone knew about Kurt Hummel's perfect life with perfect Blaine Anderson. I couldn't bring myself to tell them I was wrong. That I'd been wrong twice. I didn't outright lie. I just never told them Blaine and I had broken up. If my dad or Finn would ask how he was, I just said 'fine.' It was the truth, after all. My dad and Finn never liked Blaine much anyway, so it wasn't like they ever asked to speak to him."

"But, didn't you meet anyone else?"

"No. Blaine put me off. He said he loved me and he lied to me. He hurt me. If that's what love and relationships brings then I don't want a part of it."

"So… You've been, like, celibate? For eight years?"

Kurt gave a wry smile. "I get by. Anyway, I somehow dragged myself through college. Blaine transferred to NYU to be with Sebastian and I stayed at Columbia and majored in film."

"Film?" David was genuinely surprised. "I thought you were into all that theatre stuff."

"I was. But I took a few film courses and enjoyed it so switched majors. Theatre reminded me too much of Blaine. After college I didn't know what to do. I stayed in New York and got an admin job in my old department at Columbia. I worked at that for two years when a scholarship place came up on a Masters in Film. I applied and got it. I specialised in costume and make up design and three years later I graduated. I worked a few jobs on film sets but then my tutor got in touch saying there was a fully funded PhD scholarship at Liverpool in the UK to research British costume dramas. It was kind of my specialty area so I applied, got in and a few months ago I moved over here."

"So, what? Your family think Blaine's with you."

"No. I told them that Blaine and I had split. I was maybe a bit vague with the when. But they know he's not around anymore. Look, the reason I'm telling you all this is so you know that the reason I hurt Rachel and Finn and everyone else was because I was so wrapped up in myself I couldn't see anything else. It's not an excuse but I wasn't right in the head at that time. And then I stayed away because I was ashamed. Finn's forgiven me. I visited him, Lisa and Lou at Christmas."

"I haven't spoke to him since before that."

"I gathered as much. My problems are my problems, David Karofsky, but if I'm going to be living in the same city as you, and working alongside your best friend then I'd really like for you not to hate me."

"I don't… hate you. You just… you just made me angry."

"I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for high school. When you came out, when your parents abandoned you. I should have been there for you. I was one of the only people who could have any idea what you were going through and I acted like you didn't exist. I let you down."

"You didn't owe me anything. And anyway, it wasn't like I was alone. I had Rachel and Finn and Az."

Kurt smiled and Dave realised it was genuine. "I'm glad you've done well. Seems ironic that you ended up the happy, well-adjusted gay and I, well, I didn't."

"I think you'll be fine, Kurt. Helen's a good girl who probably won't feed your genitals to a cat. Well… Maybe a little bit. If you're working with her you'll have a best friend in no time."

Kurt smiled again but this one seemed a little… disappointed? "Thanks, David. Anyway, look, I'll see you around, OK? Thanks for listening."

And with that, Kurt was gone.


"So I'm allowed to be friends with him now then?" Helen was smirking annoyingly at David as she stood by the stove frying off mince for a lasagne.

"You were allowed to be friends with him anyway, you daft cow. I'd never tell you who you could and couldn't be friends with."

"I know. But I wouldn't want to be friends with him if I knew he upset you. You're my bestie. But now I can be friends with him it's all good. He's the only other PhD student in my department with dress sense. I need him in my life, Dave."

Helen was what David liked to think of as a typical Scouse girl. Never seen without make up, always glamorous and would get dressed up for the opening of an envelope. He wouldn't have her any other way though – even if it did mean waiting an hour to get in the bathroom every morning. Thinking about it, she was actually a female version of Kurt.


"So what, Hels?" Dave knew that tone. Helen wanted something.

"So would you mind if I invited him to our party on Saturday?"

Dave hesitated. He didn't mind Kurt hanging out with Helen, but he wasn't sure he wanted to socialise with him himself. But then, he didn't want Helen to have to tiptoe around him either. "No problem, Helen. Course you can invite him. You don't have to ask."

Helen looked at him sceptically but no more was said.


Later that night, Dave lay in bed thinking about Kurt. Part of the problem, the part he would only admit to himself late at night when no one else was around, was that he was still attracted to the man. Kurt was even better looking now than he had been in high school. Less baby-faced, more masculine and a bit more lean muscle.

He was exactly Dave's type and he couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to feel that hard, slender body pressed against his own, to feel those hot, full lips gliding over his mouth, his jaw, his neck. He imagined long, perfectly manicured fingers gripping him, stroking him, and without even realising he was doing it, Dave wrapped his own fingers around his arousal and began to stroke, picking up a rhythm.

He imagined Kurt's mouth latching on to one of his nipples, sucking hard in just the way he liked while his hands played with Dave's substantial cock and balls. Kurt would murmur all of the things he wanted Dave to do to him – fuck me, take me, make me yours – and would pull one of Dave's hands round, inviting him to prepare him.

"Oh fuck!" Dave groaned as he came hard all over his hand and stomach.

Of course, he thought as he searched for tissues, the worst part was that he would never do anything about it and Kurt wasn't interested in relationships anyway. Saturday night was going to be hell…