Harry walked slowly as if he was heading to his death, though he was beginning to think that death would be preferable to a evening in detention with Snape.

"Where's Voldemort when you need him." snorting with barely contained laughter.

An image of the look of surprise on old Voldie's face as he willing threw himself at a killing curse. His face dropped, suddenly the image wasn't that funny.

Aware that it could very well be in his future, his shoulders drooped more, feet dragging in the direction of the potion's classroom.

Ok, not the best start to my sixth year

Harry mused as he thought back to the reason for this detention. A detention that in a way was entirely Snape's fault.

Bloody sexy voice…all…his… fault….how can I concentrate when he sounds like that.

Harry had come to realize over the past summer that while he liked girls, even finding some attractive, he was drawn more towards men. One man in particular, Severus Snape, cruel, sarcastic, cutting, hateful, down right nasty but oh so sexy, Severus Snape.

The first time Harry had put the word sexy along the name Severus Snape had been towards the end of fifth year. Waking up with come covered pajama's, the image of Snape down on his knees, sucking Harry like a starving man at a banquet. To say that Harry was disturbed by this dream would be an understatement. Having nearly screamed, then cried, scrubbing himself almost red raw in the bathroom, he had convinced himself that Voldemort was trying to torture him and adamantly refused to think about it.

For a while, that strategy worked, he concentrated on Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley, concentrating on them, to the point of getting a headache while masturbating at night.

Refusing to acknowledge the thoughts just off on the periphery of his mind, thoughts about how good it had felt even in a dream when Snape had licked down his cock, tongue dipping into the slit, tasting the fluid that had gathered there. Wondering how it would taste to return the favour, his orgasm bursting through, his brain kidding itself that it was the thought of Ginny tasting him instead that had pushed him over the edge.

He sighed, and contemplated the events from that afternoon.


Ron looked confused, scratching his head lightly.

Harry sitting next to him, writing down the ingredients that Snape was writing on the board at the front of the Potion's classroom.

Harry wished fervently that he still had his Advanced Potions Textbook.

Half-blood prince. Where are you when I need you?

"Harry?" Ron whispered, trying not to attract Snape's attention.

Harry continued to stare at the front, his eyes constantly moving, following Snape as he walked back and forth.

His smooth voice reciting the instructions and what was expected of them.

"You will be graded harshly for any mistakes," voice sneering, "sixth years, even with the limited intelligence of some of you, should find this potion easy." the disdain in his voice echoing across the room.

Harry was oblivious to what was being said, he was concentrating on his voice, smooth,rich baritone. His imagination changing what was being said to things he longed to hear.

"Yes, Yes…I want you"

"Please touch me."

He was so lost in thought, that he failed to notice that Snape had stopped talking and was staring at Harry, an eyebrow quirked, face slowly reddening with anger.

"POTTER!" He thundered, causing Harry to nearly fall back off his stool.

Eyes wide, face pink with embarrassment, robes uncomfortable as his body fought with the massive erection that had sprouted during his day dreamings.

"Am I boring you, Mr Potter?" He sneered, Harry heart raced, erection firming more. "Clearly, my lesson holds no interest for you!" He spat.

"Sir…" He muttered, weakly.

"Detention…tonight 8pm!" he snarled, twirling and walking away with his usual flourish, robes sweeping, looking formidable as he walked towards the board.

Ron sighed next to him, Hermione turned briefly from her stool in front to give the 'you idiot' look. He lowered his head, sheepishly, at least this time Snape hadn't taken points.

"Oh and 20 points from Griffindor." He said, tone amused.


End flashback

The door to his office was shut, he knocked briskly, looking down at his watch to confirm the time when he received no answer.

6.55pm…I'm early…wait.. he did say 7pm didn't he?

Harry knocked again, listening intently for any movement inside. Having heard nothing, he stood for several minutes wondering how to proceed.

Should I go? What if he said 7pm…if I come back later, I'll be in more trouble.

Maybe I should go into his office and wait.

Expecting the door to be locked, he turned the handle, the door opened revealing a cosy looking office.

Desk set along one side, a fire that was alight with a nice looking black leather chair in front of it. Rows and rows of books lined bookcases that were along the walls.

Harry was surprised at how homely it felt, there was even a rug in front of the fire.

There was a large door at the far end of the room, it was slightly ajar.

He knew that he should just stay in the office but curiosity won out and he walked slowly towards it.

He touched it and it opened quietly.

Harry looked into the room that lay within and realized that this was a door to Snape's private room, his private bedchamber judging by the large four poster bed he could see just off in the one corner.

Muscles tense, ready to run if caught, he stealthily entered the room, a fire roaring to his left making the room warm, the light casting shadows everywhere.

His heart was pounding so loud in his ears that he almost missed the noise from the bed the first time, a soft moan echoed through the room. Harry's breath froze in his throat, ears straining, thinking that maybe he had imagined it.

"Ahhh," it sounded again, Harry swallowed nervously.

With trepidation he approached the bed, freezing to the spot when the person causing the noise was revealed.

He nearly fainted at the sight of a completely naked man on the bed. A man on all fours, a large charmed dildo thrusting in and out of a stretched pink hole. A very naked, being fucked senseless, by the sound out it, Severus Snape