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Warnings...m/m sex...rough oral.

Remus reached with shaking hands and gently folded the mewling infant in his arms, his amber eyes over spilling with tears. He looked up into the gaze of his lovers and tentatively extended his free hand, Lucius immediately by his side with a soft smile on his face. Amelia stood frozen, his eyes fixed on the family scene with anguish written all over her beautiful features.

"Together." Remus whispered, hope in the single word.

A single tear fell along her alabaster cheek and with a trembling hand she stroked the soft downy hair on the baby's head, a soft gurgle from the child made a spark of love appear in her unusual eyes. Lucius pulled her close and pressed a tender kiss to her brow. Remus leaned across and brushed his lips gently against hers.

"His name is Theodore…Teddy for short." Andromeda's voice was tranquil and her smile full of relief as she watched Teddy's new parents gaze upon the infants with adoring eyes.

"A son." Amelia whispered and tears shone in her eyes, Remus stroked her cheek and looked down at his son, his blue eyes flickering between amber and Amelia's unusual orbs. Finally settling on a mirror image of the vampires, Amelia gasped and Remus laughed.

"I think someone likes you," Remus said with joy and with a bright smile he handed Teddy into Amelia's shocked embrace. The vampire's smile bringing tears to Lucius' eyes and he ran his fingers through Remus' sandy hair before pulling the wolf into a kiss, hope and understanding infused in the passionate touching of their lips. The vampire features radiating such joy that even Andromeda wiped the gathering moisture from her own eyes.

"I forgive you." Remus looked at her and she saw the truth in his words.

"Thank you," Andromeda looked at Dumbledore, "I fear for him…Dora's choices have put us at risk." The older man nodded his agreement while allowing a pleased smile to appear on his face at the sight of the cooing new parents, all three staring at the child with awe.

Harry, who had been standing watching the scene unfold snapped out of his shock and immediately walked to their side. The baby soft cheeked and plump was grabbing at Lucius' luxurious hair earning giggles from the haughty man.

I think Draco has a new brother.

Harry felt a massive grin spreading across his face, everything forgotten, the war and fears for what the future held pushed aside at the happy smile from the oblivious child.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Draco paced in the corridor, his nerves and anxiousness brimming over as he muttered to himself. Saul stood watching his lover with concerned eyes and he reached to tap his arm, the blond seemed to have not noticed and continued to pace.

"My own friend… all this time….he slept in the next bed!" his grey eyes filled with betrayal and hurt as he looked up at his love. Saul instantly enveloping him in his embrace and tears flowed as Draco gave into his emotions.

"Oh my love," Saul soothed and lifted the blond' chin, tears streaking the smooth unlined face, "So beautiful…so fragile." He pressed a soft kiss, a brief touch of lips and smiled as Draco' breath caught in his throat.

"Saul." Draco whispered into the kiss and the vampire swept him up into his arms, the younger man automatically lifting wrapping his legs around the vampire's waist. Saul smiled and deepened the kiss, robbing Draco off his breath as he moved them into a nearby dark alcove. Draco moaned into his mouth as he felt the wall against his back, his tongue curling around Saul's agile one.

"I have to have you…let me have you?" Saul asked as he broke the heated kiss and Draco wiggled rubbing his body deliciously against Saul's taut muscles. The hazel eyed man took that as the blonds acquiesce and grasped Draco's buttocks firmly in his strong hands. The kiss all compassing, both men exploring the warm heat of each other's mouths, Saul remembered occasionally to pull back long enough for Draco to take a breath. The vampire slowly and softly removing Draco's clothes, his cool fingers heavenly on Draco's hot skin. There was almost a reverent quality to the touches, taking his time and delicately mapping every each of exposed smooth skin. Draco's heart fluttered at the love in those touches and he pressed his firm shaft against the smooth material of Saul's trousers, moaning into the vampires' mouth at the sensation.

"I'm yours." Draco breathed and Saul's eye flashed with fire at the words, his tongue pushing roughly into Draco's mouth. Tongue duelling hotly as the kiss gained heat and passion and Saul deftly unlaced his flies, his own cock diamond hard as it sprang free from its confines.

"Mine…forever?" There was a timid quality to the vampire's words and Draco looked deep into his eyes, putting all his love into the kiss and saw a spark of understanding the hazel orbs.

"Forever." Draco whispered.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Harry stood listening to Remus and Andromeda talking quietly, Amelia sitting in one of Dumbledore's large armchair feeding the smiling Teddy. Lucius stood beside the older wizard with such adoration in his eyes that it made Harry long for Severus in his arms. The vision of a family of his own flashing through his mind and he image of smiling dark haired child making his heart yearn.

"Sickle for your thoughts?" Severus whispered in his ear and Harry shivered at the feel of hot breath on his skin. Severus regarded him with worry in his eyes and he looked to take in the sight of the softly singing vampire cradling the child in her arms. Sadness filled the obsidian eyes and Harry felt that he had in some way hurt his lover. He looked at Harry and tried to offer a reassuring smile. The potion master moved away from Harry and there was suddenly a chasm of unsaid feeling between them.

"Sev?" Harry reached out and his heart broke as his lover shook his head while moving further away, suddenly turning and stalking from the room. Silence filled the room and Harry stood frozen to the spot, Remus looked at him with soft sympathetic eyes.

"Go to him," it was Lucius that spoke, "Make him realise that you love him no matter what," he paused for a moment looking deep into Harry's eyes, "You do love him?"

"Yes!" Harry didn't hesitate for a second, looking at the baby and realising that as long as Severus was with him then he would always be happy. He took in Lucius' smile and ran from the room, determined to find and claim his errant love.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Draco couldn't breathe, the air trapped in his lungs and his whimpers being swallowed by Saul's greedy mouth. His kiss swollen lips were burning from the friction of the fiery kisses being bestowed on him. His cock had surpassed hard and was now throbbing with need, rubbing back and forth against Saul's shaft, the length like cool silk covered iron alongside his own heated member. Draco muttered a spell and keened at the thrill of slickness between his legs.

"Please." That one word almost pain filled with need and Saul lifted him higher. Draco arched his back and sighed into the cooler mouth as Saul's cock slid inside to the hilt in one thrust. The younger man feeling the intense fullness that bordered on pain take over his body and he whimpered with desire. The yearning to be owned by the vampire overwhelming him and making his heart beat rapidly. Saul seeming to sense the overload of emotions thrust harder, Draco coming back into the moment as the cool wall rubbed along his back.

"I love you." Saul said with emotion, his cock nudging against Draco's prostate and they both moaned as the blond clenched around him.

"Yes…yes…love you…so much." Draco panted out between the snapping of Saul's hips, the pleasure near its peak already.

Both of the men revelled in the intensity of their coupling. No time for tender love making, frenzied and desperate was what they needed. The overwhelming yearning to be connected for what could be the last time driving them to their completion. Draco and Saul hating the war for threatening the love that was building between, both craving more time to explore the new bond.

"I need you," Saul mouth against Draco's hot mouth and Draco moaned, "The ritual…tonight?"

Draco thought that his heart may stop and he closed his eyes to hold in the tears at the pleading tone in his lover's voice. Searching within his heart and mind for any doubt that he loved the handsome vampire. Thinking back to his behaviour as he became the man he was today and realising that he finally knew what he wanted for once in his life, this was something that he knew he would never regret.

"Yes…yes…make me yours…yours till the end of time." Saul's eyes widened at the certainty in Draco's voice and he crushed their mouths together. The vampire kissed along Draco's jaw and licked his neck, the pulse throbbing beneath his tongue. Draco writhed and silently urged the vampire, fangs elongated sinking into his neck.

Draco felt his body shaking with pleasure, the cooler length buried inside him spurting the craved essence along his convulsing channel biting his lips to hold in the scream. Hot splashes raining over both of their flesh and Saul shuddered at the wondrous sensation of Draco painting their skin.

"Till the end of time." Saul whispered.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Using his instincts, Harry bypassed Severus' quarters and headed to the Astronomy tower. His heart in his mouth as he climbed the stairs as quietly as he could, frightened that this time he had pushed Severus away. The man in question stood with his back to the door and without looking Harry knew that he was scanning across the grounds of Hogwarts. Trying to calm his thundering heart Harry walked behind the man and wrapped his arms around his chest, pressing himself to Severus' back.

"I'm sorry." Harry didn't know what else to say to make it better.

"One day I won't be enough for you." Those worlds froze Harry's breath in his chest. Severus spoke with no emotion as if he had already let Harry go.

Harry could feel the tension in the potion master's body and the words filled his head. Sorrow filling his heart initially but quickly replaced with anger. Without realising it he tightened the hold on the man in front of him and Severus moaned at the sensation. Torn between wanting to let the now squirming man go, knowing that he was holding him too tight and that it must be hurting him. Possessed with a need driven by despair and pure instinct, harry let go long enough to grasp the man's arm, spinning him around to face him. Severus' eyes fluttered shut at the look that he knew must be on his face and Harry would not tolerate his refusal to look at him, needing the man to be staring into his eyes as he spoke the next words.

"LOOK AT ME!" Severus' eyes sprang open wide at the annoyance in Harry's voice.


"YOU…" a minute amount of extra pressure on Severus' flesh earning a wince from the stoic man, "ARE…" he leaned his face closer and his breath ghosted Severus' skin, "MINE!" Severus moaned at the words.

"Harry,,,I will always be yours but…" Harry couldn't allow him to continue that sentence and crushed his mouth to Severus moving lips, swallowing up the words. Harry put every bit of emotion, need, desire, lust and love into that kiss, his tongue mapping the heat of his whimpering lover. He broke the kiss long enough to release Severus' arms, bringing his fingers up to softly caress the potion master's face.

"You are my life, my love, my family and I will never let you go." Harry prayed that the words would sink in, Severus opened his mouth to argue, "Adoption, surrogates…Severus… you are more important than having children."

"You deserve a family of your own." Severus lowered his eyes and it tore at Harry's heart at the bereft tones. Harry struggled to find the words that would sooth the man and decided that he would just have to show him exactly how much he meant to him. His fingers tilted Severus' chin up to him and he licked along the narrow lips, feeling the tiny hitch of breath from his older lover.

"Mine." Harry said and thrust his tongue into Severus' mouth dominating the man. The wet sound of tongues lapping against each other punctuated only by the little moans that kept spilling from the potion master's mouth. Harry's finger delved into the soft inky hair and he tugged hard, the gasp muffled by his lips. He smiled into the kiss and he gripped tighter, enjoying the feel of Severus rubbing against him with barely contained need as his desire appeared to be enflamed by the rough treatment.

"On your knees." Harry commanded and Severus fell to the floor without hesitation, Harry took a calming breath at the sight. Dark eyes filled with fire looking up at him and Severus leaned forward to press a kiss to Harry's cloth covered cock, the member filling with more blood. Running his fingers through Severus hair, Harry smiled at the kneeling man. Severus made no move to release Harry from the restricting material and he allowed the smile to widen at the implication.

Waiting for my permission…oh fuck…yes!

"Suck it." The power brimming under the surface clear in his tone, Severus dived in like a man possessed, his nimble clever fingers freeing Harry and licking the tip. Harry clenched his fingers tighter in Severus' locks, schooling his face to one of indifference and Severus sucked the head into his scorching mouth. Harry threw back his head and his hip thrust forward, the potion master taking more of him deep into his mouth, his tongue always active along the rigid shaft. Harry pulled Severus closer with the grip in his hair, clutching the man's head and thrust deeper. Severus gagged as Harry's cock hit the back of his throat.

safe word…. Won't work for what I want

"Tap three times if this gets too much." Harry spoke clearly looking into Severus's eyes and the dark haired man nodded his understanding.

This was what Harry yearned to see, his body taking over as he thrust harder and faster. A perverse part of him relishing the gagging and gasping from the man as he fucked his mouth. Gripping tighter at Severus' skull, Harry could feel him trying to swallow around the intrusion and Harry's cock dripped down his throat. The slick saliva dribbling on Severus' chin as his mouth struggled to cope with the almost animalistic thrusting. The hot spit flooding Severus' mouth felt heavenly on Harry's turgid cock, the constant convulsing of the potion masters throat adding to the heady experience. Harry pulled back long enough for Severus to take a breath. The potion master whimpered with need and rubbed his mouth of Harry's sopping length, his mouth dribbling along the pulsing erection. Harry was fascinated as his cock seemed to seek out the heat of his lovers' mouth and Severus swallowed him to the hilt again.

"Touch yourself…but you don't come till I have…your cock belongs to me!" Harry's harsh breath adding to the thundering command and Severus reached down with shaking fingers, his mouth never leaving Harry's cock as he freed himself. Harry closed his eyes and wallowed in the debauched sound of his cock sliding in and out of the slick mouth, the slap of skin on skin joining the music their bodies made together. Severus stroking his own weeping cock in time with Harry's forceful thrusts. Gasping for breath and slurping noises joining the hedonistic orchestra that echoed in the room. Harry's thighs began to tremble and his balls ached for release but part of him longed to continue this new game. He couldn't stop himself from holding Severus hard against him, feeling the potion master's nose buried in the soft curls surrounding the base of his cock. His breath blocked by Harry's length and soft little exhales puffing on Harry's skin as he struggled to breath, instinctively trying to swallow the large obstruction. Harry pulled him back and roared his release, filling Severus mouth with hot salty come.

"Come!" Harry managed to shout out even though his brain was shutting down with the force of his climax. Severus had forgotten his own needs for a brief moment grasped his cock hard and spilled breathless onto the floor beneath, the taste of Harry in his mouth making him moan with pleasure.

"Yours….yours…always." Severus whispered hoarsely and Harry pulled him to share a soft kiss, tasting himself on the man's tongue. Both men wrapped themselves around each other tightly and allowed the closeness to fill their weary hearts. Jumping as a loud alarm sounded throughout the castle, Severus shook his head as if clearing his thoughts and look on his face filled Harry with dread.

"Someone is trying to breach the wards surrounding the castle."