The service was a quiet affair, the soft sounds of falling tears filling Harry's ears as he struggled to give his eulogy.

"He was my family…a man who loved and cared for me," he swallowed the lump in his throat, "He was the closest thing to a real family that I will ever have," He looked into the sad eyes of his loved ones for the strength to carry on, "He sacrificed so much to protect all of us…he was a… no he is a hero, he will always be in my heart and in the hearts of so many." Harry let the sorrow wash over him as he looked at the coffin that contained one of the greatest men he had ever known, he closed his eyes and the memories flooded his mind.


Harry was frozen to the spot, the world ceasing to exist. Not a single sound or sensation touching him. A roar of NO filled his ears, for a moment he wondered where it was coming from, the word containing a fury that he had never heard before. Harry felt out of his body as if staring at himself, tear streaming down his face and his mouth stretched wide with that one word battle cry.


That one thought almost tore his heart from his chest, looking at the prone body lying on the muddy ground of Hogwarts, the steady rain falling on his closed eyes. Harry let the despair wash over him like a physical pain, taking his breath and every fibre of his being yearned to be there, lying dead with the only man he would ever love. He felt the hexes fly past him and no longer cared, his friends in the midst of their own battles were forgotten, one thought, one need consumed him.


The fear that usually lingered at the periphery of his mind gone, replaced with a fire that threatened to swallow him whole. Harry turned to look into the red eyes of the man that had ripped all of the people he loved from him. Voldemort smirked as Harry's eyes came into view but whatever emotion was written on Harry's face caused the smirk to fall for a second, replaced with a flinch of terror. Harry walked slowly towards him blocking all hexes thrown at him without even having to think, his mind fixed on one thing and one thing alone.

You will die…even if I die with you.

Death was not feared as he approached, if anything it was now a tempting seductress, its lament like a sweet siren song.

I am not afraid…my love…I will be with you.

"Sssso young Potter, it endsssss now." Voldemort goaded but Harry could hear the sudden nerves in his voice.

"Avada Kedarva!" Harry's heart stopped until he realised that he was the one to scream those words, Voldemort's red eyes widened for a second then he disintegrated before Harry's gaze.

It's over.

The world suddenly silent, some battle cries still renting the air but for Harry the world became clear again. The rain felt cool on his heated skin, mixing with the tears that still fell.

"Harry?" it was Lucius' cool voice that got his attention, he turned to look at the blood stained man and sagged into the man's arm, the weight of everything crushing him.

"He's dead." Harry sobbed in the blonds arms.

He opened his squeezed shut eyes and immediately he was drawn to Severus' body lying on the ground, he pushed Lucius away. The need to touch his love was overwhelming him, staggering almost blindly from the tears towards him. Hermione and Ron instantly by his side and both were wearing similar forlorn expressions. He could feel eyes on him as he collapsed to his knees next to Severus' body, the rain on his face. Harry could see a bruise on his forehead and he instinctively reached to soothe the hurt, shocked and bewildered when his hand hit something solid in front of Severus' face, a barrier blocking him. Heart hammering with a hope that was filling him, he ran his fingers over the barrier, feeling the cool familiar fabric.

"My cloak." He whispered and Hermione gasped at the words, Harry pulled at the fabric slowly revealing the amazing sight of an unconscious Amelia sprawled over his lover.

"Amelia." Lucius whimpered and the vampire gradually opened his eyes, wincing with pain.

"Can I just say…ouch again," She smiled up at Harry before looking at Severus, "Opps, I think I head-butted him."

"Severus." Harry's voice shook as he spoke Severus' name, slumping forward with relief as dark eyes opened to stare at him.

"Harry…what happened?" the usual rich tone filled with a hint of pain, he took in the sight of his crying lover and pulled him into his arms. Harry sobbed harder into his chest, burrowing his head under Severus' chin and breathing in the scent of his lover.

"I thought…I thought you were dead," Harry muttered between sobs, Severus stroked his head tenderly and looked at Amelia for an explanation.

"I stole his cloak," she offered them an apologetic smile, "Voldemort threw a killing curse and well you know."

"You saved me?" Severus looked into the smiling eyes of the vampire.

"You are my family Severus," she looked up and Lucius, who stood stroking the fur of Remus as the wolf watched with golden eyes, "You are all my family, I couldn't let anyone get hurt."

"Thank you." Severus whispered his own tears falling now as he cradled Harry in his arms.

"Voldemort's dead…wow… you should have seen it, Harry just walked up to him and boom, gone!" Ron had a massive smile on his face and he took a breath before pulling Hermione into a heated kiss.

"It's finally over?" Harry murmured against Severus' skin.

"Yes, Harry, you're free." Severus kissed the top of his head.

"We're free." Harry leaned up and kissed Severus' tenderly trying to show how much he loved him in that one gentle gesture, Severus smiled into the kiss.

"Where's Dumbledore?" Lucius asked, looking around as the last of the deatheaters were arrested by the Ministry, the fight having left Voldemort's followers after his defeat.

"Oh!" Amelia's words caused them all to look towards the forest, Hagrid was crying as he walked to them, his hands holding the body of the headmaster gently.

Harry was shook out his musings of the battle by Hermione talking. His friend was red eyed from crying and holding Ron's hand. Harry gave the couple a smile at the display of affection earning a blush from the red head. The Weasleys were standing together, their own grieving over the death of Percy has hit them hard, the twins were trying to make everyone smile by telling funny stories about their older stuffy brother.

"Harry, are you ok?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah I think so, it's all you know…strange and hard to take in," he looked at his friends and then towards his lover, Severus was talking to Remus while Amelia balanced Teddy on her hip, the child laughing happily, "It's finally over."

"So what plans do you have now?"

"Finish school I suppose," he smiled, "Marry Severus properly."

"Really mate, marriage?" Ron looked at Hermione with scared eyes, she laughed and hit his arm.

"Don't worry, marriage is a long way off." Hermione reassured him and he laughed at his silliness.

"I'm already sort of married to Severus, I want to be with him forever." Severus must have sensed Harry watching and turned to give him a breath-taking smile, Harry's heart felt like it could burst at the sight.

"Merlin you have got it really bad." Ron laughed.

"Yeah…you have no idea." Harry found himself thinking back to the night in the infirmary after the battle and his heart quickened.


The infirmary was full to capacity, some of the more injured had already been sent to St Mungo's but there had been enough minor injuries to fill the school room. Madam Pompfrey was dashing about here and there administering potions with Hermione and Ron's help. Harry sat next to Severus' bed, his lover was grumpy about being stuck there while he recovered from his concussion.

"I am perfectly capable of resting in my rooms!" Harry stroked his hand in a soothing gesture but merely earned a huff.

"Sev, you're being unreasonable," an arched eyebrow an answer to Harry's comment, "She said overnight that's all, I will stay here with you." Severus huffed again and closed his eyes. Harry found himself nodding off in the chair and before he knew it several hours had passed. The infirmary quiet as people slept, he looked down and smiled at the blanket that covered him, it was one of the spare ones off Severus' bed. He looked at his sleeping lover, his face serene and softer while he slumbered.

"Stop watching me." Severus whispered in a gruff voice.

"I can't help it," Harry moved and leaned to kiss Severus' lips, "You're just so beautiful." Severus shook his head and opened his eyes, the dark depths gazing into Harry's shining green eyes.

"You really think I'm beautiful." Severus whispered, his voice filled with awe.

"In every way," Harry deepened the kiss, his tongue lapping at Severus' and the older man let out a soft moan, "I love you."

"I love you." Severus' voice trembled and Harry moved closer, now lying next to him on the bed.

Harry allowed the sensations of being entangled with his love to wash over him, every breath and every moan like music. He devoured Severus' mouth and moved to straddle his lover, the change in position brushing their now rigid cocks together. Harry rocked back and forth, the heat building in the room, he broke the kiss long enough to seal the curtains while putting up a silencing charm.

"We can't here." Severus complained, Harry bit his lower lip and Severus arched his back at the sensation. Harry moaned as Severus' shaft rubbed between his balls and ass, his breath caught at the feeling.

"Severus, I want you to be in me." Harry murmured breathlessly as he lapped at Severus' lips, the dark haired man whimpered at the words.

"Harry, are you sure?" Severus' pressed soft kisses along Harry's throat and he found that he could not contain the moan of desire that spilled forth.

"Yes…yes…please." Harry begged, overwhelmed by the lust that beseeched to set free, frightened but almost intoxicated by the idea of Severus being inside him.

A whisper word and they both moaned at the sensation of naked flesh against naked flesh, the infirmary pleasantly warm. Harry arched his back as Severus' unfettered cock rubbed against the cleft of his behind. The virgin muscle clenching at the thought of the hard shaft breaching it, Harry whimpered.

"Harry?" Harry heard the unspoken request and he smiled down at his flushed lover before nodding his head, the fear slowly leaving him and quickly being replaced with the usual need to show how much Severus was his.

"I want you." Harry nipped at Severus' bottom lip and plundered the gasping mouth in a brutal kiss, casting a silent lubrication spell upon himself, shuddering at the sensation.

Harry reached down and entwined their fingers, guiding those nimble almost artistic looking digits to trace around the dripping guardian ring. Severus moaned into the kiss but seemed reluctant to explore the unchartered territory, Harry allowed the need for dominance to claim him.

"You will prepare me…make me ready for your cock!" Harry loved how Severus' eyes flared with desire at the orders and rewarded him by stroking the tip of Severus' twitching cock dragging a long heartfelt moan from the dark haired man. Immediately, Severus' fingers rubbed around the clenching muscle, a fingertip breaching and Harry found his breath caught at the feeling of being filled. He lapped eagerly at Severus' tongues and stroked the potion master's engorged length , revelling in the need that sparked every nerve in his body. One finger soon became two, scissoring inside and testing the resistance of the smooth channel, Harry struggled to breathe.

Is this how it feels when I touch him?

"Everytime…everytime." Severus muttered against his lips, Harry was not surprised that the man had read his mind.

"More…I need more." Harry ordered as he pushed back, taking the fingers deeper until they hit something that set sparks of light to explode behind his eyes.

"Harry." There was a plea in those words and Harry looked down at his lover, sweat starting to gather at his brow, Harry leaned down at licked at the gathering saltiness.

Harry felt this body being stretched as the numbers of fingers increased the burn that he felt making his cock twitch and his heart race. He reached behind and grabbed Severus' hands, thrusting them above the moaning potion master's head, muttering an incarcerous and binding the wrists. Severus arched his back, whimpering with need and Harry felt his lovers cock twitching as if seeking out the heat of him. He pushed back, eyes shutting as he felt the slick tip of Severus' cock pressing against his pucker, taking a slow fortifying breath before pushing back. The tip sliding inside and the pleasure burn feeling making Harry's body hum with bliss. Severus was biting his lip to hold in the howls of gratification that were building inside him. Relaxing his body, Harry sank down rejoicing in the way his body opened up to his lover's length. The feeling of being stretched and filled with his lover's throbbing cock made Harry arch his back. The pleasure almost pain sensation making his heart race and a thin sheen of sweat coated his flesh, he could feel Severus trembling beneath him . Remembering what it felt like to try and hold back when inside Severus, Harry took pity on his lover and lifted up, the cock sliding out until the tip nudged his clenching entrance before slamming down. The sharp sting rather than dampening his desire merely enflamed his need and Harry started a hard pace. The slick sound of skin and skin loud in the quiet infirmary. The heat building, Severus whimpering with need and lifting his hips to meet Harry's downward thrusts. Harry could see his pre-come splashing onto Severus' chest and belly,

"You're mine…mine." Harry's voice cracking with lust as he leaned over to crush his lips to his lovers parted ones. The kiss was sloppy and more like a wet exchange of breath as Harry struggled to stay in control. The tell-tale tingling in his balls building and Harry tilted his hips to get Severus deeper. His dark eyed lovers' shaft hitting that spot that took his breath away, Severus reached to stroke Harry's dripping cock. Two strokes and one hard thrust down and Harry's world went supernova, stars exploded behind his eyes as he spilled lushly over Severus' heaving chest.

"I love you!" Severus moaned and shuddered, Harry could feel wet heat filling him as the potion master emptied himself deep inside.

End of flashback.

Harry found himself smiling and Ron was staring at him before blushing as he realised that this was Harry's sappy smile. The red head shook his head and wandered back to his family.

"A sickle for your thoughts?" Severus whispered in Harry's ear causing a warm shudder to travel through his body.

"Let's get married." Harry just blurted out the words and for a moment Severus stands with wide eyes before a massive smile graces his features, Harry feels like his heart might burst at the sight.

"Yes." Severus whispers and Harry pull the smiling man into his arms for a soft kiss.


The heady gasps of pleasure filled the air of the forest, moonlight lighting the clearing and Harry felt lust rising in his veins. The feeling of magic pervading his very being as they watched the scene developing at the alter, Draco writhing with desire as Saul slid deep inside him. Amelia stood in the clearing, instructing Saul as the ritual washed over them all. Remus and Lucius kissing at her side, both men touching her skin. The vampire was unashamed in her nakedness and her lovers caressed her flesh without embarrassment. The animalist urges growing and Harry remembered discussing what had happened at the ceremony for Amelia and Lucius.

The ritual has an effect on couples that share a deep connection.

Severus breathed against Harry's neck and he shuddered at the sensation, the air charged with electricity. Draco moaned with need, the blood decorating his skin bright and Saul's own life essence mingling with the blonds as they chased their release.

"Love you." Draco breathed.

"My draco." Saul murmured and kissed his lover with intensity.

Amelia's words filling the air as she called to the gods to bless their union. Remus started stripping his blond lover, Lucius in turn pulling at the werewolves clothing. Harry found that he was not embarrassed at the display, instead pulling Severus into his arms. Movement for the corner of his eyes revealed the wolves in various stages of undress, Patrick on his knees before his husband Ewan.

"This is not what I wanted for our honeymoon." Severus sighed as he pressed a heated kiss to Harry's mouth. Harry closed his eyes and allowed the memory of their wedding day to fill his heart and soul.

The sun setting set the sky ablaze with a reddish glow and Harry turned to Ron, as his red headed friend fiddled with his dress robes for the hundredth time.

"Relax…this is my wedding…I should be the nervous one." Ron looked sheepish and smiled at Harry's words.

"I know mate…it's just…bloody hell…you're getting married!"

"I know…isn't it wonderful?" Harry smiled and Ron laughed at the love struck smile on his beat friend's face.

"He's the one, isn't he?" Ron asked with a sudden seriousness.

"There will only ever be him."

"Then let's get you married mate."

Remus peeped into the room, Harry smiled at his surrogate godfather and the nerves fluttered in his chest.

"It's time."

Severus stood at the alter looking handsome in his silk black robes, his dark eyes the only thing betraying his nervousness. Harry took in the sight of all his friends and adopted family. Amelia stood looking beautiful in a deep purple gown, Teddy playing with her loose curled hair and Lucius stroked the infant's cheek.

They're a family.

Harry was so happy for the three, he smiled at the besotted Draco as he watched the blond and the hazel eyed vampire holding hands. Thanking Merlin that the Ministry had reversed its opinion of werewolves and vampires, a new policy that accepted their new allies within the ministry due to the help they had provided in the war.

Harry looked into the eyes of his lover and his heart felt like it could burst with the love that filled him.

"My Harry." Severus whispered as he took his hand.

"My Severus." Harry whispered back.

"I think we should depart." Severus muttered as the kiss began to deepen, Harry opened his eyes to take in the sight. Saul held Draco in his arms, kissing and whispering love against his skin as they both recovered from the climaxes, the ritual complete. The heat still building around them, gasps and moans of sex surrounding them. Amelia straddling Remus while Lucius filled the gasping man's mouth with his hard shaft.

"Mmmm yeah…sounds good to me." Harry struggled to keep his head straight as lust in waves drifted over them.

"Honeymoon…remember?" Severus swiped his tongue over Harry's bottom lip before nipping lightly.

"Mmm yeah…you apparate us…so happy….love you." Harry knew he was babbling but Severus' laugh made him smile.

"Love you too…how did we get here…together?"

"Mmm wrong time…right place." The sound of Severus laughing echoed followed by the crack of apparition.

The end.

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