Raven woke in a panic from her nightmare. She'd never been so disgusted with herself. Of all things, it had to be with him.

It had started out normally enough. She'd dreamt that when Cyborg had been infected with a virus, Beast Boy hadn't been injected into him, and instead joined the other Titans in fending off a manic, hallucinating Cyborg.

They all stared at the remains of the ATM Cyborg infected.

"And if this is what it does to an ATM machine…" Raven said.

"Hey, Raven," Beast Boy said, "is this what it feels like when you correct me?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replied flatly.

"Well, I'm glad you asked!" he proclaimed, when she clearly hadn't. "Via the letter 'm,'" he lectured mock-seriously, conjuring a chalkboard out of thin air, "the word 'machine' is already included in the acronym 'ATM.'" As he spoke, he chalked a thesis on the board, explaining the history of acronyms and their proper usage.

"Therefore," he paused dramatically, pushing up a pair of glasses he hadn't been wearing earlier, "it is redundant to say 'ATM machine.'"

It had felt so real, and so horrifying. It had felt like all the truths she relied on to survive had been flipped on their head. Raven took it as a warning to be more careful around Beast Boy.

It still didn't explain why everyone had been naked, though.

Author's Notes:

The previous chapter was sad, so I figured I'd follow up with a lighter one.

I can't be the only one who was amused when Raven said "ATM machine" in "Crash" :-)

Speaking of "Crash," it becomes much more horrifying if you pretend the virus makes Cyborg manic-depressive. We see the mania part during the episode, but can you imagine a really depressed Cyborg? I mean, considering that he's half robot, so he can just… shut himself down if he wants to Q_Q

Thank goodness for happy endings.