Full summary: After a sex education on the S. Zack questions his sexuality when he's aroused by the pictures of men but not the pictures of women, after finally accepting his homosexuality he begins to panic when he sees Cody in a whole new way. But Cody has a secret of his own. Takes place just after Break up in Paris so Cody and Bailey are single. Slight Bailey bashing in beginning but it goes away.

Warnings: Twincest, yaoi, that's boy on boy love, Lemons in later chapters, strong language and extremely shy Cody.

A/N: Uhhhh I have such a bad headache but this needed to be done!


Chapter one: Sex Education

I woke up to my twin brother Cody shaking me.

"Come on Zack. We're gonna be late."

I groaned. "Go on your own I'll catch up."

"Zack i can't everyone'll stare at me."

Damn! I forgot about Cody's shyness. I sighed and got up, i hurried to get dressed. Cody just stood by the door, quietly waiting. He wasn't always shy, just since we came to the ship, he's not used to being with so many people, and the break up with Bailey didn't help. Now he's clinging to me endlessly. It's not too bad 'cause it turns out Cody is pretty good at fighting games such as; Street Fighter, Smash Brawl, Naruto etc. I never knew before because we never had fighting games back at the hotel. Mum always said they were too violent, and as soon as we were old enough we didn't spend that much time together.

"Ok I'm ready." I said, quickly running my fingers through my hair.

"'K." He replied, opening the door. I followed Cody out of the room before turning to lock the door. "Wow! You remembered to lock the door!"

"Yeah my brain grew over night." I stated sarcastically.

Cody laughed and i laughed with him. He didn't joke around anyone else, didn't laugh, barely even spoke, only ever with me. While i loved that i was closest to him, i knew i couldn't let his quietness last. He needed to interact with others; i can't always be there for him.

We jogged to class not wanting to be late.

"Ah Zack and Cody, "Miss Tutweiler(sp?) Said as we entered, all eyes turned to us and Cody quickly ducked behind me, "Well," she continued, stealing a swift glance at the clock, "You're just a little late, so I'll go easy on you. No detention, but i want you to stay behind and help me tidy up. Ok?"

"Yeah." I said, mentally cursing Cody for his refusal to sprint in the corridors. I faintly registered Cody releasing a quiet "Fine."

We took our seats at the back of the class, i sat straight in front of the door, for an easy get away, and Cody sat to my left. Bailey and London sat at the front, whispering to each other, probably moaning about Cody and Baileys break up. Three weeks and still gossip travels around the boat about it, poor Cody. Woody was dozing in his seat by the window and i honestly pay no attention to anyone else.

"Well class today we're going to be doing 'sex education." Miss Tutweiler said. A flurry of groans was released from the class, all except...London?

"Woohoo!" London squealed, "Text education!"

"Uhhhh. No London 'Sex' education." Miss Tutweiler explained.

"What education?" London asked. God! She can't really be that dumb, can she?

"Sex London and to explain it, here's Mr Blanket." More groans. Way to connect with your students Miss T.

Mr Blanket came in and without saying a word, inserted a DVD, pressed play, then left.

We need new teachers.


Halfway through the DVD i realized something; little Zack wants to 'party'. But the thing is, we haven't even got to the part with the girls yet, so i have an erection over seeing some naked guys.

"Ok," Said Miss Tutweiler, "We'll continue this after lunch."

Everybody got up and left for the sky deck, everyone except me and Cody, we always go to the . room. We got there and unlocked the door, the teacher trusts Cody like majorly, and then went inside.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom, be back in a min." I said, walking into the con-joined (sp?) bathroom. I walked into a cubicle and locked the door behind me. Dropping my jeans and boxers i wrapped my hand around my cock and began to stroke, my mind filled with the kind of images you'd find in a playboy magazine, but no matter how many dirty thoughts filled my mind i just couldn't cum. My thoughts rushed back to what gave me the erection in the first place, naked guys. It's worth a try, i thought. I closed my eyes and pictured the guy from the video, dripping wet, kissing my body. I began to moan. My climax grew closer and closer, until i finally burst cumming in my hand. I panted trying to catch my breath. That was the strongest climax I'd ever felt. Maybe i was gay? No. No, i liked girls, right? Maybe...maybe i was bi?


A/N- I hated my sex Ed class. The same shit video year after year, always the boy enters the girl. Never ever the really hot guy you met in college pounds your tight ass into the mattress. Mmmm. Freshman year god that was fun.

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