Chapter 5: Operation Woo Code's Part 2: Jealousy

"Morning Code's." I said as Cody took a seat at the juice bar. My plan had worked! He was in dark blue skinny jeans, white converse and a light purple shirt, the sleeves of which were rolled up to his elbows.

"Hi Zacky. You wouldn't happen to know what happened to my clothes would you?" He asked in an accusing yet calm tone.

"'re wearing them?" I said, putting on an innocent look.

"Sigh. Maybe Woody stole them. Seen him?"

"Aqua lounge."


Cody left in search of Woody and his missing clothes...which were miles and miles behind us in a soggy pile of bagginess...evil bagginess!

"Hey Zack." I looked up to see Bailey sitting in the seat Cody had vacated.

"Hi Bailey. You know i never see you coming you just appear."

"Maybe I'm a secret agent."

"Yeah fighting for evil and poisoning my brother's innocence with your damned sexy yaoi."

"How did you say that with a straight face?"

"Tones of practice."


"By the way i need your help."


"Do you know any other gay guys?"

"Hmm not on the ship."


"But i heard we're getting new students from Spain. You could try and find a boyfriend during the four days we're docked."

"Maybe but I'm not sure I'll have time. Mine and Cody's parents are visiting."

"They don't know you're gay?"

"I didn't even know until yesterday Bailey."

"Wow, that soon and you're looking for a boyfriend."

"Actually not a 'real' boyfriend more of a fake one to make someone jealous."

"Ah. Cody?"


"I knew it! An extreme yaoi fan like myself can tell these things!"

"Sigh. You're still no help if you can't get me a 'fake' relationship."

"Fake relationship?" Asked a tall brunette boy, coming over to lean against the juice bar, "Let me guess. Trying to make someone jealous perhaps?"

"Uhh yeah."

"I have the same problem. See the little redhead," He said, pointing over his shoulder. I looked to see a small boy with fiery ginger hair, probably just a little smaller than me, laughing with a couple of other boys, both taller than him. "I've had a major crush on him for just over a month now. I managed to convince him to go on a date with me, but he's just too innocent and naive, he thought of it as just friends getting dinner. It wouldn't have bothered me that much if the little brat hadn't kissed me.

"So you wanna make him jealous?"

"Bingo. The names Ethan. You?"

"Zack. So you'll be my fake boyfriend?"

"Sure. As long as you and Cody let me and Brat hang out with you."

"Sur- how do you know Cody's name?"

"I've kinda been eavesdropping a little. So i heard about you trying to get Cody jealous. He is the one you're trying to impress right?"


"So what is he? Like a roommate, a friend, just a guy you thinks cute?"

"Well um actually he's my brother."

"Older or younger?"

"Younger by ten minutes."



"That's cute."

"Ethan, I'm bored can we go now?" Said the redhead, tugging on Ethan's sleeve and looking like a kicked puppy."

"Sure," Ethan replied, then looked at me. "Pick you up at eight Zack."

"'K." I nodded.

"Aww Ethan found a new friend." The boy commented, making me internally face palm. How innocent? Even my Code's isn't that bad!

"Come on Brat." Ethan said walking off, the redhead followed.

"So you got a date Zack?" I turned around to see Cody sat next to Bailey.

"Yeah. I did. His name's Ethan."

"Oh. Well i hope you have fun." He said, putting on a smile. I could tell it was fake 'cause it didn't reach his eyes.

"Yeah i will. Ethan's a really great guy." I mentally fist pumped when i saw the flash of jealousy appear in Cody's eyes.

"Humph yeah I'm sure he is." He snapped then got up and started walking back to the cabin.

"Attention passengers," Bellowed a voice through the large intercom speaker. "We are two hours away from docking in Spain."

"That means it's only two hours till my parents board."

"How are you gonna go on your date with your parents here?"

"I'll just tell 'em i met a cute girl and I've got a date. They won't question it."

"Ok. If you're sure."

"I am."

-19:00-7 o'clock-

"Zack, where are you going?" Mom said, ruining my attempt at sneaking off.

"Uh sorry Mom but I've got a date tonight."

"Oh it's ok sweetie. You go enjoy yourself, I'll just join Kurt and Cody at the pool."

"'K. See ya tomorrow Mom."

"Bye baby. Oh, and here for good luck." She said placing a kiss to my forehead. I was about to thank her then remembered I'm supposed to act normal.

"Eww Mom!"

"Sorry sweetie. Now get going! Wouldn't want to keep her waiting would you?"

"Heh no." I replied, taking my leave. Ethan said he'd pick me up at eight but from where? My phone started ringing so i pulled out my pocket. I looked at the caller id then answered.

"Hey Bailey."

"Hi Zack I'm with Ethan he wants to talk to you."\par


"Hey Zack it's Ethan."


"I wanted ask what number your cabin was, oh, and to tell you to wear something nice tonight."

"Ok, i will and it's room (A/N I don't know so i made a random number!) 742-3."

"Thanks Zack. See ya later."

"Yeah." He hung up.

I made my way to mine and Cody's cabin.

"Hey Code's." I said walking in.

"Hey Zack." What no 'Zacky'? "D-do you want h-help getting ready for your… Date?" He asked, saying the word 'date' venomously.

"I'd love that Code's. "I replied, beaming at him. A slight blush appeared on his cheeks.

"O-ok Zacky." YES! Zacky! Even my own brother can't resist my charm!

"Thanks." I said, placing a seemingly innocent kiss to his cheek. "Alright! If you wanna help, you can pick me an outfit while i take a shower."

"K." An idea suddenly flashed into my head. I turned my back to Cody to hide my smirk, and began stripping right in front of him.

"Z-Zacky? What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently. "We've seen each other naked tones of times."

"Y-yeah! When we were little!"

"Oh! So now we're older you don't wanna look at me anymore?"

"Zacky..sigh i didn't mean that."

"I-i know...sorry."

"You shouldn't be sorry. I should be sorry. It's not like you can look that different, right?"

Cody pov (A/N Yes! Another)

Oh how wrong i was! Zack was so different! He had the beginnings of a six pack, wider shoulders, and that ass! It looked so firm! When he turned to walk into the bathroom i caught view of his strong legs, dusted with pale blonde hair, and a little happy trail leading down to his uncircumcised cock. I quickly tore my eyes away. The bathroom door clicked shut behind him. I rose and walked over to Zack's still unpacked suitcase.

I picked out a teal t-shirt with a white collar that hugged Zack's slightly feminine curves, some white skinny jeans and his light blue and trainers with white laces. Digging around in the suitcase for his white and grey bracelet my hand brushed against a piece of paper. Curious i grabbed it and tugged. What emerged was a photo of Zack a few years ago, he had a little golden hoop in his ear. Hmm earing?

"Hey Zacky?"


"Is your ear still pierced?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Do you have any earrings with you?"

"No. I left 'em at home."

"Ok. I'll be right back."


I left the cabin, photo still in hand, and made my way to Bailey's cabin.

"Bailey?" I called quietly as i knocked on her door.

"Cody? Egh!" London said, grimacing as she opened the door. "What do you want?"

"I was gonna ask Bailey if i could borrow one of her stud earrings."

"She's not here but if you want you could take one of my old ones."


"Yeah sure i don't need 'em, but the question is why do you?"

"For Zacky."

"He has pierced ears?"

"Just his left one."

"Prove it."

I handed her the photo of Zack. "See."

"Oh cool. Alright come on in. What kind do you want?"

"Um just something simple."



"Um right. How about this?" She said pulling out a small light blue smiley face.

"Perfect." I said as she dropped it into my outstretched hand. "So what do you want in return?"

"I want you to come back every now and again and take some of my old earrings."

"That's it?"

"Well, i also want you to get your ear pierced."


"Yeah, it'll be cool, but get your right one pierced."


"Um 'cause earrings come in pairs, a left and a right. Duh."

"No London. You can put either in any ear."


"Never mind."

"So will you do it?"

"Sigh, fine."

"Yay, now please leave. I'm about to start painting my toenails." She said shooing me out. The door closed behind me and i walked back to my cabin.

When i got in Zack was already dressed and was searching through his suitcase.

"Whatcha looking for?"


"Oh ok." I said nodding. He looked up and noticed the earring in my hand.

"What's that?" He said, pointing at it.

"An earring."

"Sigh. Yeah, i can see that Code's. I mean, why do you have it?"

"It's for you to wear on" I hated saying that. Zacky was mine! No-one else's! Mine!

"Thanks." He said, standing up and taking it from me.

Zack pov

I walked over to the mirror and pushed the earring in, clipping it at the back.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked turning around.

"It-it looks great." Cody replied, his voice taking on a sad tone. I didn't have time to ask why because a knock at the door interrupted.

"That must be Ethan." I said, walking past Cody to answer the door, Ethan stood on the other side. "Hey."

"Hey sweetie, ya ready?" He asked.

"Yeah." I nodded. "Later Code's."

"Bye Zacky! Have fun." He replied. I joined Ethan outside, closing the door, before turning to him.

"So where we going?"\

"They have that Spanish buffet on the sky deck, so we're gonna get a table by the railing and act romantic."

"Hmm, 'kay."

"I asked my friends, Jordan and Kasey, to convince Brat into going to the buffet, and, i Bailey also agreed to get Cody out there."



"By the way um..what' name?"

"You mean the Brat's?" I nodded. "Mitchell."

"So how do you know he's gay?"

"I don't. But then again in the thirteen years I've known him he's never been with anyone, never even showed any interest."

"What about during sex ed?"

"We didn't have classes together so i wouldn't know."


We got to the sky deck and i couldn't contain my gasp. There were Spanish decorations all over. I quickly scoped around and panicked when i saw my parents eating dinner with Moesby and London.

"Shit!" I said ducking behind Ethan.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"My parents! I can't let them see me!"

"Don't worry. There are tons of people between our table and theirs."

"Fine." I said, though I was still unsure, I took my seat at the table.


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