Only Once

This O/s is for Jordan for his birthday. Happy Birthday, baby boy.

You are an amazing young man. I am proud of you for being the person that you are and the ability to stand true to what you believe.

3 ya.

I sat at the end of the bar and watched the doors. All the different varieties of men made their way inside the dark, crowded, too loud club.

"You want another, J?" Peter, the bartender, asked.

"No, I'm good for now." I replied, my eyes never left the door.

Finally, the doors swung open and he walked in.

I'd seen him in here a few times sporadically over the past six months. I'd fantasized about him every day and dreamt about him every night.

He had consumed me.

Three months ago, we shared one five-minute dance on the dancefloor.

But my hips still remember the feel of his fingertips and my thighs still burn from the connection to his.

My crotch still ignites at the thought of when his swollen cock rubbed against mine.

I had hoped to get more from him that night, but he was with a group of friends, we shared a dance, a shot and then they left the club in a group.

While I stood and watched him leave.

I had not seen him for a month. Then he acted as though he vaguely remembered me when he stood next to me at the bar, ordering another drink.

The night I met him I'd just broken up with my boyfriend, Riley. I was heartbroken as we had been together for almost five years.

Then I saw him.

He didn't appear to be attached to anyone. He flirted. He laughed. He made the rounds. His eyes seemed to avoid me at all costs.

But, tonight, I was going to do my damnedest to get him to notice me. Acknowledge me. Want me.

Once I saw that he had settled into a booth with a few of his friends, I made my way to the dance floor, grabbed Jordan, a regular club-friend, "Come dance with me?" I asked as I made my way to the floor, as I pulled him behind me.

"What's going on, J?" He yelled in my ear over the blaring Rhianna song currently playing.

"Help me score." I yelled back as I enclosed his hips with my hands.

He threw his head back and laughed, "Edward, again?" He looked at me, but still held me tighter against him.

"You know he's a player. Don't get burned, J." He warned me as he started to grind against me.

I just nodded my head and tried to be discreet in my attempts to watch for any notice from him.

The song switched to Give Me Everything Tonight by Neyo and Pitbull and we kicked it up a notch. I turned Jordan around so that his back was to my chest. I put my semi-hard cock right in his ass crack. I slid my hands down the side of slender frame and as my eyes glanced up, he was staring straight at me.

His eyes bore a hole into my soul.

They were green and lit on fire.

I couldn't look away. My body wouldn't let me.

This is what I had been waiting for. My chance to have him actually notice me.

The song was almost over and my heart was racing. I didn't want to lose contact with him but if I kept this up with Jordan, he would get the wrong idea.

Just as the beginning of Lady Gaga's You and I started to play, he stood up and started to walk my way. He moved right behind me and pressed the full weight of his body against mine.

"I remember you." He said in my ear.

I tried to contain the shiver that ran through my body at the feel of him, the scent of his breath, the intoxicating aroma that surrounded him.

He grasped my hips and forcefully pulled me back into him. "You are mine, tonight." He spoke in my ear.

Jordan turned, balked and put his hands on hips, "What the fuck, J?"

"He's with me now, go away Jordan." Edward's voice was harsh.

"Whatever," Jordan threw up his hands and slid back over into his own group to continue dancing. I knew it was just an act on Jordan's part.

My heart raced to the beat of the music, blasting through the speakers.

My skin was on fire as he slid his hands around the front of my hips, directing my body how to move against him.

I felt his lips at my neck and fought to breathe as I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the sensations.

We finished out the song then I was being pulled through the throngs of sweaty, dancing men.

He lead me down the hallway towards the bathrooms, but stopped at a door at the end of the hall, pulled out a key and unlocked it.

We walked inside to what looked like an old storage room but had a bed, a sink and a small shower stall.

"Tell me now if you aren't willing to go by my rules." He said as he shut the door, locked it and pushed me against the wall with his body.

I was speechless but I knew I had to answer him. "What rules?"

"This is a one time shot. There are no repeats. There are no hearts and flowers. We don't exchange phone numbers, we aren't going to start dating. Got it?"

I nodded. Gulped. "Yes."

"Good," he said, then dropped to his knees. He quickly released me from my jeans, my swollen cock bounced free out into the stale air.

"Fuck," he moaned just as he took me into his mouth. His hands circled around my thighs as he sucked me, licked me, sent me into hyperdrive with sensations.

Between his hands, which were spread out over my ass cheeks, kneading my skin and his mouth wrapped around my dick, the moans he made forced me to grab his head and fuck his mouth.

One time. I'd only get this pleasure one time. I had to savor it. Memorize every detail.

His tongue sliding through my weeping slit.

His teeth slightly grazing my sensitive shaft.

His lips taking me in and out of his warm, wet mouth, sucking me down his throat.

The noise he made as he slid me further inside.

I grabbed his hair and shoved myself as far in as I could go while my cock exploded inside his beautiful mouth. He licked me clean, stood up and kissed me, hard.

"Get on the bed, on your stomach," he growled into my ear as I rested my forehead on his shoulder.

He stepped back from me, his eyes were like green lanterns as they followed my every move. I did as he told me and laid on my stomach on the bed. He lowered the lights, and grabbed a few things out of the drawer. I assumed he got lube and condoms, but I couldn't tell for sure.

"Do you know how I like to fuck?" He said from behind me.

"No," I replied as my eyes searched the dark for any sign of him.

"Hard, deep and fast and I've watched you watching me for months now. I know you want me, but you have to realize you can't keep me, I'm not yours to have. This is one time only, so you better enjoy all that I give you." His voice was cold, harsh and demanding as I felt his hands gliding across my butt cheeks. His long, skinny fingers started to probe my ass, not rough but not gentle.

Like a means to an end. He prepped me, lubed me and covered himself up. I felt him start to enter me, the pain mixed with pleasure as it had been a while for me. He was thick, hard and impatient as he pushed himself further into me.

"Fuck, you are tight, J." He groaned as his pulled back a bit. I didn't realize how my breath had already become a pant as I gasped for air.

"Keep going, please." I begged.

"Oh don't worry, I'm nowhere near finished with you yet." His hand came down to slap my flesh before he started to stroke in and out, as he stretched and filled me. He worked up a good rhythm, as he pushed my body to new heights. I'd never experienced anything like him before.

He rode me hard.

He pounded me relentlessly.

He had the stamina of a horse as he drove into me, over and over.

He had me flip over, so he could throw my legs over his shoulders.

And when he came, I came too and passed out from exhaustion and the overwhelming high of what had just occurred.

A short time later, he woke me, "Your turn." He said wickedly.

I tried to gather my wits about me as he stood naked before me. "Tell me what you want, it's yours, but only once."

I sat up on the bed, did I want his mouth on me or did I want to feel him wrapped me as I drove into him?

Whatever I chose, it would have to be enough to last a lifetime.

"On your back, on the bed, spread eagle." I relented. I needed to be inside of him, just once.

He did as I asked and I marveled at the beauty of his body. I grabbed a condom out of the drawer where I'd seen him get one before. The lube was still lying on the table top, so I applied the condom and took the lube with me.

His eyes hadn't left my body as I did all of this.

"You know, it's to bad I have such strict rules or I think I'd like to fuck you again." His voice shook me from my task.

I just stared at him.

"So change the rules." I told him.

He laughed.

"I don't think so. You see, this is my one night a month to do as I please. When my leash comes off, I'm not about to fuck that up." He replied with a hint of disappointment in his tone.

I finished applying the gel and put a line across a few fingers before I leaned down over his body.

"I've been wanting to do this for months." I admitted as I started to prep him.

His body accepted me, willingly, full of want as he spread his legs further apart. I put some of my body weight on him as I stretched up to kiss him.

Our lips met and I was reminded of his taste, sweet, tart and full of lust.

I inserted another finger, as I stretched them out, I knew that he was ready. I pulled back from his lips, sat up on my knees and lined up my cock.

"Ready?" I asked as I slowly pushed into him.

"Fuck." I groaned, he was tight, hot and swallowing my dick with each push.

I looked down and watched my cock disappear inside of him.

He pushed back into me as I finally got all the way inside of him. I had to stop for a moment.

The feeling of being completely consumed inside of him was enough to make me want to burst right then and there. But I restrained myself. I had to make this last.

"Fuck me, Jasper." His voice demanded.

I stroked in and out, driving deep each thrust. I had never felt such euphoria before.

I pulled his legs up over my shoulders and moaned at the new sensation the depth of this position provided. "Fuck, Edward." I grunted as I grabbed his hips and pounded into him with all my strength.

I couldn't hold back and further, I could feel my balls tighten and my abs seize up as my orgasm shot out into the condom.

I had enough sense to grab his cock and stroke him so that he shot his cum all over my. I wanted to feel claimed by him. This was the only way that would happen.

Once his pulsing stream subsided, I collapsed on top of him.

We laid there, each of us struggled to regain our breath.

"Damn, Jasper. You've really been waiting for that, haven't you?" He asked as he moved some hair out of my eyes.

I nodded, unable to speak.

"I've wanted you, too. Since that first night I saw you six months ago," he told me. His eyes showed he was telling the truth.

"So what took you so long?" I questioned.

"I had to get you desperate to follow the rules." He shrugged his shoulders as best he could in this postion.

"Only once." I repeated, as if I were trying to remind myself.

"That's right." He agreed.

He told me to shower and get dressed. I did as he told me. I knew the rules.

When I was done, he stood at the door, dressed in his boxers.

He kissed me at the door, swatted my ass.

"Such a shame." Edward's voice came out in a whisper as I tried to wrap my arms around him one more time.

"Please?" I begged, quietly.

He put his forehead to mine and closed his eyes, "Only once, Jasper." He spoke so softly, I thought I might have imagined it.

He gave me a quick peck on the lips, opened the door and watched me walk out. I stop over the other side of the threshold and looked back at him.

His eyes were dark and cold.

"Only Once." He said and shut and locked the door behind him.

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Tootles, Kyla