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"The Black Swan"


EdwardsLove82 & Nikita2009

. for Jordan

Chapter 2

It's been four days since Edward Masen first walked into my shop, lookin all sexified and drool worthy. And we have spent nearly every minute together since then. He's coming in for his appointment in about fifteen minutes, so I decided to run to the bathroom and make sure I looked okay, which was definitely out of character for me, but I don't even care. I laughed to myself while flipping off Aro as I walked by him.

"I just love your professionalism, Isabella," he called out dryly as I turned the corner.

"Eat me, Aro," I shot back in a nonchalant tone. I heard Riley's unmistakable chuckle as I entered the bathroom. I gave myself a once over before deciding there was no reason to even check, the hair and make up people had me all ready for shooting anyway. I checked my phone and found a text from Edward.

Hey Bella, see ya in 10 … think I'll get booted off your show if I grab your ass on camera? – E

I laughed to myself, kinda hoping he would grab my ass, any contact with his hands would make my day. I quickly typed a reply while I walked back through my shop, towards my chair, not looking where I was going or who I was walking by. I was just typing and smiling, like an idiot.

Edward… are you trying to distract me while I'm being professional? … it's working ;) – B

I made it back to my chair, receiving curious glances from both Riley and Jasper. I set my phone down and looked at them, folding my arms across my chest.

"What?" I asked dryly, raising a bitch brow as I waited to hear this one.

"Nothing," Riley lifted his hands in a surrendering motion, making his way over to me, plopping down in my chair. "I was just uhhh.. wondering," he motioned with his hands, in a dismissive motion like nothing was important. "What the deal is with you lately?" he smiled, a smart assy, know it all smirk as he waited for my reply.

"I don't know what ya mean," I said sarcastically, of fuckin course I knew what he meant, but I wasn't about to give him the satisfaction.

"Edward? Is it?" he asked while he licked his lips, and nodding curtly to me, while he glanced over at Jasper le pew.

"What about him?" I asked, my voice light, as if I had no clue what he was referring to.

"Oh nothing… just that, Jasper and I seem to think there may be a little romantic spark brewing between you two?" he teased, trying to get a rise out of me. I just looked at him and averted my gaze to my table, making sure I had everything I needed for Edward. "So?" he pushed, not getting a response. "Ya fuckin him?"

"What? I can't believe you, you're incorrigible," I shot back, standing up and shewing him out of my chair. He laughed and ducked for cover when I threw a magazine at him. Jasper le Pew must have found it funny cause he just about doubled over laughing, unable to look me in the eye.

"What? It's a totally legit question, I mean… the press is gonna ask questions… what happened between us… did I dump you or did you cheat on me?" he asked, through his cackling laughter. I tried to hold a bitch face, but I had to laugh. He was right after all, I wondered what kind of a bullshit story the press would come up with. We were all in a fit of laughter as Aro rolled his eyes and huffed his way around the shop, snapping his fingers and shushing us, so they could start filming… it made us laugh harder. My laughter stopped abruptly when Edward walked through the door and smiled at me, and then looking around to find everyone practically on the floor.

"What's so funny?" he asked awkwardly. It made the assholes laugh even harder. Even camera mike started laughing. Aro didn't find it very funny.

"I am not amused, Miss Swan. Get your people off the floor and stop wasting my camera time," he yelled, causing Edward to scowl at him. I walked to him, never dropping my gaze from his eyes.

"Hi," I said lamely, unable to form a sentence as he stared at me like he wanted to wrap his strong and sexy arms around me.

"Hi," he replied, the word sounding so much better coming from his mouth than mine. "What's goin on ?" he asked, an amused smile forming on his perfect and pouty lips. Get a grip Bella, this isn't a cheesy romance novel.

"Nothing, they're just being ridiculous. Nothing new for this place. Are you ready?" I asked, as I held my hand out for him. He took it and we wrapped our fingers together as I led him over to my chair. The whistling and howling started immediately and I shot death glares at them in warning.

"Ohhhkay," his brows furrowed together, as he glanced around the shop curiously. I sighed in annoyance, knowing I would have to tell him what their problem was.

"Riley was just wondering what the press would have to say about … us," I motioned back and forth between the two of us as realization finally hit Edward.

"Oh. Maybe they'll come up with something original, like I'm your long lost half brother and we're engaging in a forbidden love affair, star crossed lovers… Meanwhile your boyfriend Riley is none the wiser," he joked with a straight face.

The shop went absolutely silent as we all stared at each other, our smiles barely able to be held back before the entire shop erupted in loud cries of laughter. Jasper le fuckin pew came over and patted Edward on the back, winking at me through his laughter.

"Ok mon ami, nous pouvons le garder," he laughed, nodding his approval of Edward.

"What'd he say?" Edward asked, confused and genuinely interested.

"He said… we can keep you, or something to that effect," I admitted, turning away I facepalmed myself, hiding my face from Edward in my much unappreciated embarrassment from the assholes in this shop. He reached over, moved my hand kissed my lips softly.

"As long as I get to keep you…" he whispered, kissing me again. We didn't stop until we heard a few throats clearing and doucheface Mike called out "I got it! I got the whole thing." Riley through a cup at him and rolled his eyes. I smiled and shook my head at the ridiculousness that is my life and went back to staring at Edward. My Edward.

"OK people! Playtime is over… can we get this show on the road please?" Aro yelled, giving me a pointed look. I nodded and winked at Edward, prepping him for his appointment. I watched in awe as he pulled his shirt over his head with one arm, never breaking eye contact with me. Fuck me…

I pulled out the designs for Edwards sleeves, showing him the stencils I had made yesterday, silently asking him if he approved. A chance to make sure it was everything he wanted. He looked it over, and nodded in approval, appraising my art with reverence.

"Bella… it's amazing, thank you," he said gratefully, leaning forward for a soft kiss. I smiled and tried to hide from the camera momentarily as I gathered myself and put on my professional face.

"Ya good, B?" Riley called out, standing near the sound system, waiting for the thumbs up. I looked at Edwrad, smiled then looked to Riley and gave him the go ahead. I grabbed my weapon of choice and dipped it in the black ink, ready to start working on Edward.

A couple hours later, I was ready for a cigarette, and I could tell Edward was too. I ripped off my gloves, throwing them in the garbage and grabbed the pack off my table.

"Smoke?" I asked him as I stood up, his eyes following my every move.

"Yeah, you read my mind," he smirked, nodding for me to go ahead of him as he stood up, not bothering to put his shirt back on, he followed me out the side door. I grabbed two cigarettes out of the pack, handing him one and lighting the end for him.

"Have dinner with me tonight," he demanded in a soft voice, a sexy smile forming on his lips. I smiled back, looking into his eyes as I nodded.

"Okay, where we goin?" I asked, a slight teasing tone in my voice as I raised an eyebrow at him. He moved closer to place one hand on my hips, the other still holding his cigarette, he leaned closer.

"My place. I wanna cook for you. Just us. No cameras… no crazy fans… no Aro," he laughed nodding towards the shop. I took a slow drag, blowing my smoke out the side of my mouth as I looked at him, narrowing my eyes.

"Are you trying to get me alone so you can seduce me, Mr Masen?" I asked, licking my lips as I silently begged him to say yes.

"Yes, Miss Swan, that's the plan," he said quietly as he dipped his head to kiss the side of my throat, biting gently before sucking the flesh into his mouth. I moaned quietly and grabbed onto him, my hand fisting in his messy, but sexy as hell hair. I didn't even care that he was leaving a mark, in fact, I fuckin liked it.

"Mmmm…." I sighed, as his lips made their way to mine.

"Tonight?" he asked, as he dragged his nose along my neck, breathing me in. It made me shiver… I could feel his satisfied smile on my neck.

"Tonight," I replied, an evil smile on my lips. He groaned and pressed our bodies together before kissing me one more time. When we heard footsteps coming around the corner, Edward pushed me into the doorway, dying our cigarettes out on the side of the building before tossing them into the street. We snuck back inside before anyone knew it was us out there, and I was grateful. I didn't wanna share him in that moment. I wanted our time to be just for us.

For another two hours, I worked on Edwards left arm, finishing up the outline and started to shade in the top, near his shoulder. It would be two more sessions for the left arm and at least four more sessions for the other arm. I smiled at the thought of having him in my chair so much. When it was time to close up, Edward stayed with me and watched as the camera crew left, causing a stir with the paparazzi outside. We could hear the questions firing off when the door opened. We just smiled to each other and then he stalked over to me as I shut the lights and headed for the back door. His strong arms wrapped around me from behind, he pushed my hair aside so he could kiss my neck and whisper in my ear.

"Ready for our date, my beautiful girl?" he asked, kissing my neck once more, making me weak in the knees.

"Definitely," I moaned as I felt his lips travel further back to the back of my neck. He groaned as I pulled away from him, opening the door, smirking at him so we could hurry up and get out of here.

We ran hand in hand to his car, which was conveniently close to the door, and he ushered me inside. He ran around to his side, I unlocked his door and pushed it open for him and we were out of there before anyone knew we had snuck out the back door. We made it back to his apartment, in record time by the way. The man drives like a maniac, but I felt completely safe the whole time. Every couple minutes he would glance over at me, then look away when I caught him. So fuckin adorable, I wanted to jump in his lap. The sexual prowess of that man made me shake. He knew exactly how to look at me, to touch me in the slightest way… unless he wasn't aware, in that case made it even sexier. Once inside his place, I threw my jacket down on his couch as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Sit down and relax, I'll start dinner," he called out, a soft smile on his lips as he searched through his refrigerator.

"Watch your tattoo, don't get it wet, keep it covered, we'll wash it in a little while," I called back, eyeing him over my shoulder as I walked through his apartment, admiring the art on the walls. An idea formed in my head, and I knew it was my chance to be bold. Edward and I had kissed and touched innocently enough with the distraction and idea of something more. I knew he wanted me, the way I wanted him… and it was now or never.

The hum of energy I feel between us is undeniable. I felt it when we first met, when he was pulling me through the crowd of paps, when he kissed me in the car, hanging out that night, just …being.

I want him.

I want everything.

And I didn't want to wait any longer.

"Edward?" I called, as I made my way to him in the kitchen. He was standing there putting things on the counter as he answered me over his shoulder, then did a double take when he saw me standing there, watching him intently.

"Everything okay?" he asked, turning to face me. I smiled at him, my sexiest come hither smile, before I walked slowly over to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He swallowed thick and loud, his gaze falling to my lips, as I bit down on my lip to keep from smiling so big.

"Mmmhmmm, I just … I wanna show you something," I whispered as I stepped up on my toes to reach his lips. He dipped his head down to meet me. Our lips moved together slowly, passionately… perfectly. I sighed in relaxation as his arms wrapped tight around me, pressing my body closer to his. He groaned at the soft sound, deepening our kiss. I tugged on his shirt, to get him to loosen his grip on me, so I could lead him into another room.

Maybe I was being presumptuous, but when I tugged on his hand, pulling him back to where I assumed his bedroom was, he said nothing but followed me. My words were failing so I showed him what I wanted.

Stopping in front of his large, but neatly made bed, I held his eyes as I pulled off my clothes, dropping them to the floor. My breathing is loud, nerves going wild but I am not afraid.

Saying nothing, he strips off his t-shirt and I draw in a breath. He is fucking beautiful, all long lean lines of pale skin highlighted by dark patches of ink. His eyes roamed over my body, greedily, licking his lips in the process. Fuck, I wanted him so bad. I could feel the tightening in my belly and the throbbing ache between my thighs as he stalked closer.

I stood there in nothing more than a bra and panties as he stared at me, appreciating the view. He traced lines of tattoo designs and admired the work on my body, most of which I did myself. He licked his lips as he followed the vines around my waist all the way up to the curve of the side of my tits, where they disappeared under the black lace of my bra. I liked that he was steady and completely calm, he knew what he was doing and he knew how to work that shit. He had me completely dickmatized and I haven't even seen it yet. He sighed heavily as he moved his other hand to my belly, following a pattern of lilies over to my other hip, a soft moan leaving his lips that he seemed to be unaware of. I'm glad I'm not the only horny one here. His long fingers felt so good as they ghosted along my body, leaving trails of fire in his wake.

"So beautiful…" he trailed off, as he studied the ink that covered my body.

I focused my eyes on him, his bare chest was stunning, marked by someone else's designs, I wanted to leave my own mark there. Maybe it was territorial, maybe it was just lust, it doesn't really matter, I knew I would get my chance eventually. I want to design something just for him, from me, and ink it on, forever. My gaze moved over to the cellophane over his left arm, my design… my ink. It turned me on. It was incredible to know he had my design inked onto him, over his perfectly muscular arms, arms that I wanted wrapped around me. His hands moved to my hips, his eyes inches from mine. He looked torn, almost as if he wasn't sure what he wanted, or maybe what I wanted.

"Bella, I …" he hesitated, avoiding my eyes, but his grip on me tightened. I knew he wanted me, I just didn't know why he wasn't taking me.

"Edward, please…" his eyes locked on mine again, his intense stare burning into me, I whimpered and leaned into his arms. He looked away and then released his grip on me, slowly backing away.

I watched him walk away and I didn't like it, I came up behind him, scratching my nails down his stomach. He groaned as his hands ghosted mine as they roamed his perfect body. I stepped to the side to walk around him and trailed my finger down his bare chest, while I stared into his dark green eyes, that had me hypnotized in some kind of sex driven trance.

"Bella, you… I, want us to be something, so much more than all of this," he waved his hands around focusing back on me, he moved closer. "You mean something to me, plus technically, I'm your client and I don't wanna fuck anything up here, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…"

"Shut up, Edward," I cut him off, running my nails up the back of his neck, so I could grab his sexy as hell, disastrous hair. "I want you," I whispered, loud enough for him to hear the truth behind my words. "But, I want you to want me too," I admitted, not sure if we were on the same page or not.

"You think I don't want you?" he asked, shocked, as his eyebrows pulled together in frustration. He reached an arm out to wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to him he kissed the side of my jaw, and then whispered, "I do want you. I want to kiss you," he crashed his lips to mine, drawing my bottom lip into his mouth. "And touch you," he whispered as his hand moved to grab the swell of my ass and bring me closer to him. "I wanna feel you trapped underneath me on that bed," he nodded towards his bed, before nipping at my jaw. "I wanna taste you," he groaned as he licked his way to my mouth, slowly, teasing. "I wanna be inside you," he whispered huskily, as he licked my lips, his hands fisting in my hair as he moved us towards the bed. "I wanna fuck you," he groaned as he threw me down and pressed his fuckhawt body impossibly close to mine.

"Edward…"I moaned, loving the feel of his hands on me, strong and demanding. My eyes kept closing from the sheer relaxation and pleasure, but I fought hard to keep them open, I wanted to watch him. He was gorgeous and I wanted to see everything he was going to do.

"Tell me what you want, Beautiful girl," he demanded, in between kisses. His lips left a wet trail along my collar bone, as he made his way to the exposed swell of tit that spilled over my bra.

"I want you… all of you … on top of me, inside me… I just fuckin' want you," I begged, as I arched my back, enjoying the feel of his lips trailing down my stomach. He groaned at my words and I smiled in satisfaction. I knew he wanted me the way I wanted him, or maybe it was need, I'm not sure which.

"Fuck, Bella…" he moaned, before he took the material of my panties between his teeth, ripping it down roughly. He didn't take them off, just brought them down to my hips so he could get a view of the promised land. He stared, all wide eyed and excited as he did his best not to drool… and I'm pretty sure he growled a bit when he saw my clit ring. His eyes met mine and I saw pure fire, swirled in a mix of lust and passion. Desire. It shook through my body, leaving me a trembling mess on the bed underneath him. He smirked and stuck out his tongue, running it along the bone of my pelvis, teasing me.

"Please…" I begged, "I need you," I admitted, in a lust filled haze. He groaned and sat back up, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down his legs. He crawled back up my body and leaned on me, clad in his soft black colored, boxer briefs. I could feel him, hard and proud as he ground into me, pressing his steel length between my thighs.

"No rushing, we got all night, and I plan to use every minute, to my advantage," he pleaded, but in a demanding kinda way. Fuck! Is he tryin' to kill me?

"Whatevah you say, Gawjuss, I'm all yaws," I purred, giving him my best fuck me stare. He seemed to like that, since I could feel the head of his cock practically pushing through two layers of material to get inside me.

"You are, ya know," he whispered, catching my eyes as he pressed us closer together, rubbing his nose along my collar bone. I smiled and waited for him to look at me before I acknowledged him.

"I am what?" I asked, smiling silly as he moved up and pressed his lips to the shell of my ear before he whispered huskily into my ear, licking along the way.

"Mine," he confirmed. If I wasn't wet already, I was dripping after that one. Fuck! Edward fuck me Masen just claimed me as his own. Fuckin ded.

"Am I?" I teased, bringing my hands down to trace patterns across his chest. He stared into my eyes and smirked and it was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen in my life.

"Yeah, you are definitely mine. I think I knew it from the minute I saw you," he admitted, his eyes fierce and his voice controlled, solemn in his words. I moaned as he gripped my hips and held me to him. He leaned back on his knees and brought me to sit up in his lap. He wrapped his sturdy arms around me and it felt amazing, being trapped in his vice like grip. I never wanted to move.

"I knew I wanted you from the second you walked into my shop, Fuckhawt McHottypants," I whispered, smiling as I remembered the incredibly embarrassing moment. He breathed a laugh, his eyes staring into mine, as his lips moved to take mine again. A soft kiss, a silent plea, he wanted more.

"Bella…" he murmured, in between kisses.

"Edward… I want you to touch me," I demanded, apparently. Who knew I was such a dominatrix in the bedroom? I snorted internally, hoping he found my admission more sensual or erotic than demanding. He groaned and picked us back up to a standing position. I must have looked quite curious cause he smiled at my confusion and forced me backwards, quite hard, until I was pushed into a wall. I gasped as his hands came up above my own, trapping me between his rock hard body and the cold wall.

"Where do you want me to touch you, Bella?" he asked, his voice tight as he roamed his eyes over my body. I felt the throbbing ache even stronger as I listened to the mischief in his voice, his actions speaking volumes as he locked his hands on my hips.

"Everywhere," I begged, my voice breathy and needy as I waited impatiently for him to make a move. My arms started to feel rubbery and lifeless as he held them above my head with one hand. He licked my lips slowly, making me whimper into his mouth. He kissed his way across my cheek, making his way to my ear where he whispered again.

"Mine," he kissed my neck, leaving a wet trail behind him until he reached my throat. I moaned.

"Mine," he licked down in between my tits, pushing my bra down to expose my pierced nipples. Looking into my eyes, he took one into his mouth, sucking lightly as he moaned around me. His grip on my wrists loosened and then he dropped them completely so he could take my other breast into his hand, massaging it slowly as he made out with the other one. I moaned louder.

"Mine," he groaned as he sucked on my nip, pulling the silver barbell between his teeth, tugging slowly, teasing me, making me beg for more. I gasped, almost screaming.

"Unnngghhh, Edward please…" I cried, unable to maintain any resemblance of control, when he did that. His hand slid down in between my thighs, rubbing over the wet lace that was blocking him.

"Mine," he whispered before hooking his fingers under the side of the lacy boy shorts, yanking it to the side so he could run his fingers along my slit. He dropped down to his knees, his eyes burning into mine as he pressed his lips to my clit, kissing me softly before opening his mouth and sucking the steel ball into his mouth.

"Fuck!" I screamed, closing my eyes throwing my head back, banging it into the wall.

"Oh … we will Baby, we will," he promised, a fiery look in his eyes as he circled his finger around my clit before he grabbed onto the steel that went through it, tugging on it, making my knees shake. He pressed his tongue to my wet lips, licking in a long slow stroke of his tongue until he reached my clit again, sucking it into his mouth. I felt his tongue push inside, slowly, teasing... torturing me as I begged him for more.

"Oh fuck yes," I whispered, my breathing becoming heavy pants as he pulled away, standing back up and staring at my parted mouth. His eyes met mine briefly before he closed the distance between us, taking my mouth with his, owning me in a kiss so strong, so sweet. Fuck, I could taste myself… God that's hot.

He rubbed a few last circles around my piercing before he moaned into my mouth, parting my lips so his tongue could meet mine. We kissed slow, but hard, as his finger pushed its way inside me.

"You're really fuckin' wet, Bella. I take it, you like this?" he asked, teasing yet admiring.

"Oh my Gawwdd, Edward… fuck, you have no idea."

He wore a satisfied grin, all knowing, as he pushed a second finger inside me, owning me and making me his as he thrusted slowly inside me. He knew what he was doing, he was a goddamn pussy pro, I was instantly jealous of any other woman who had ever felt the power of Masen. I lost all thoughts of jealousy when he hooked his fingers inside me, stroking the most sensitive spot, making me weaker by the second.

"Tell me what you want, Bella. I wanna hear you say it," he demanded, his voice sensual and dripping with sex. It's like my mind took a leap off a building and my vagina started doing the talking.

"Fuck me, Edward. Make me cum," I begged, staring into his eyes. His intense gaze was burning through me, melting me with white hot lust, a fiery fuckin passion that I had never imagined, let alone experienced.

"Fuck, Bella," he groaned, lifting my ass with one hand as he pinned me against the wall. He slipped his fingers from me and ripped the crotch of my underwear, so it became more of a belt than anything supportive. "Mine," he choked out, his voice tight as he pulled his cock from his tighter than tight, boxer briefs and rubbed the head over my clit. He moaned loudly as the cold steel of my ring massaged the head of his very pretty dick. Yes, a dick can be pretty.

"Please…" I begged, as I watched him stroke his cock a few times before pushing the head slowly into me, prolonging the thrust. He watched intently as his dick pushed inch by inch until he was completely sheathed inside me. "Oh God…" I panted, loving the feel of his hard cock inside me, thick and long, filling me perfectly.

"Perfect, Baby," he appraised, enjoying the tightness. I know it was tight as hell, it hasn't been in business in a while, and suddenly, I was glad about that. I wanted to be his. Only his. Huh…

I moaned into his mouth as he sucked on my tongue, driving me insane as he taunted me with wet kisses, not thrusting, not moving, just pushing me against the wall while he stilled inside me.

"Please… fuck me," I begged, again. He groaned as his grip on my hip tightened then released completely. His body pinned me tight against the wall and both of his hands flew to tangle in my hair as he kissed me roughly. We were a mess of heavy breathing, tangled fingers, hair pulling and moans as we kissed. He pulled back from our kiss, breathless and blazing eyes as he brought his hand to grab my jaw, pulling my face towards him.

"Say it," he demanded. "Say it again, Bella." I knew what he wanted, and I liked it. I grinned somewhat evilly, knowing he wanted to take me, to claim me. Mark me the way I wanted to mark him. I pushed out my tits, pouted my lips and stared into his hypnotizing eyes.

"Fuck me, Edward." And then I gasped as he pulled back quickly, just to thrust forcefully inside me. I swear I thought I heard the fuckin' wall crack.

"Fuck!" he cried, pulling back out just to slam back into me. He grabbed onto my ass with one hand, and leaning one hand on the wall near my head as he repeated his movements, at a quick pace, not missing a beat. I was so wet, I could hear him sliding in and out of me and it turned me on even more. I never had such a strong reaction to anyone like this. Ever. Everything about him oozed sex and I craved more of him every second that we were together.

"So good… more," I begged, my voice strangled as I moaned over my words. He looked at my face, his eyes saying so much to me as his body controlled mine. His gaze waivered from my eyes to my mouth, then down in between us as he watched himself push in and out of me, milking my orgasm from me.

"Does it feel good Bella? Do I make you feel good?" he taunted, making me whimper at his words.

"Oh God yes," I admitted, my voice low and deep, dripping with lust, that I only held for the beautiful man currently owning my ass.

"God you feel amazing, so tight, so perfect," he claimed, before pressing his swollen lips to mine, stilling inside me, just as I was on the verge of exploding. I sighed in frustration and he just pulled back and smiled at me as he lowered my body off the wall and wrapping his arms around me, pulling me in for a searing kiss.

"Edward…" I whined, begging for him to make me cum. He smiled into my mouth and grabbed my hips, spinning me around pretty rough, I liked it. He grabbed my long hair and fisted his hand in it while the other one pushed gently, but forcefully, on my spine, bending me over in front of him. He ran his hand along my thigh, pulling on it gently, as he spread my legs wide for him. The anticipation shot through me and I could feel excitement literally burst inside me as I waited for him to push back inside me.

"Mmmmm, fuck, Bella," he breathed, a husky whisper as he slid back inside me, going even deeper than before. Fuck, he was a sex God.

He pounded into me, relentlessly, over and over until I was crying out his name, my knees shaking so bad that I almost fell to the floor. I came so hard all over his magnificent cock, powerful and throbbing as he started to thrust erratically, losing his perfect rhythm.

"Bella!" he cried, as he exploded inside me, letting out a dominant growl as he pulled out slowly, letting his warm cum drip out of me. I'm pretty sure I heard him mumble the word 'Mine' again, as he came inside me. It excited me so much that I spun around and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him as hard as I could. He groaned into my mouth and walked us backwards onto the bed.

"Mmm… Bella Swan, what are you doing to me?" He breathed, eager to kiss me again. He fell on top of me, never breaking our kiss. We were calm, more sensual than erotic. More honest, less dirty. We were just feeling each other, taking our time as we kissed, hands exploring again. After a few minutes, I felt his hard cock, pressing against my hip and I moaned audibly into the room. He looked into my eyes, his smile wide as he nuzzled my nose with his, before kissing me softly. We didn't fuck like animals for the next two hours... no, it was more than that. Edward Masen made love to me, and it was amazing.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, cuddled together like a couple in love. It wasn't even scary, it was … nice.

When I woke up, he was sleeping next to me, his arm wrapped lazily around my shoulders as he dreamed, a goofy grin plastered on his adorable face and I laughed to myself. He was so adorable I could just bite him. And that's what I did.

"Owww," he cried sleepily as his hand came up to grab his jaw. I laughed and he smiled when he realized it was just me. "So, you wanna bite huh?" he teased. He rolled over me and trapped me underneath me as he bit down on my nipple until I was writhing under him. I felt how hard he was and moaned at the memories of the night before and he stilled instantly, his gaze fixed on my mouth.

"Good morning," I said, a small smile on my lips as I stared at him. He smiled softly, and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

"Good morning, Beautiful," he whispered. "You hungry?" he asked as he jumped out of bed, sliding his underwear over his hips, and headed towards the kitchen. I just layed there and smiled to myself, finally happy. Finally comfortable and excited that I had something new with Edward. That's what this was. It was Something. Fuck! Riley is gonna kill me. I shrugged it off and smiled, excited that I finally had something that was just mine. No cameras, no producers, no lines and bullshit stories. I had something real and something worth taking risks for. I had something special and I was gonna do my best to hold on to it for as long as I could.

Edward Masen was mine. And I was his. That much was obvious. I never connected to anyone that way before and it just felt right. I'm not saying we're Romeo and fuckin Juliette, but it was pretty intense. He's not just some shmuck off the street, he's … important. I just hope that nothing will come between us. With all the gritty fuckery that follows me around every day, I really hope I can shield him from the Hollywood bullshit, that I call my life.

To be continued…


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