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Chapter four: budding hostilities

Mew stretched and sighed as she opened her eyes. "alright so here I am, with a happy happy joy jirachi, and a prick of a celebi. What did I do to get into this situation? Jirachi isn't bad, but celebi? He doesn't like me. Just this morning I woke up with those baby blue eyes of his staring at me. And when you're woken out of a sound sleep, it's not the best thing ever. But do any of us really know anything about the other?"

Gazing out into the predawn light Mew scratched an ear with the tip of her tail while curled up on a bed of leaves as she ran through what she knew about herself and her two denmates. How ever little it was. She needed to understand what celebi's problem was. Alright she was for giving everyone a chance to make their own life, but celebi… He wanted to be the one to make people do what they wanted. To control everyone and everything. Jirachi pointed out, not even dialga wanted to control everyone, that people and pokemon were free to make their own choices.

"Dialga is a fool," Celebi's voice was cold, distant. Mew snarled back before Jirachi got between the two of them, breaking the two apart before a fight could break out.

Mew sighed and gazed at the small fire burning as her mind drifted to what she knew about her rockmates.

Celebi is a green fairy-like creature. He has round toe-less feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on his back. He has a round head that comes to a point and sticks upward in the back. He has large baby-blue eyes, with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae that are tipped blue. Celebi is a time traveling legendary Pokémon, He is known as the guardian of the forest, where he is worshipped as a god. He wanders through time, visiting various undisturbed old-growth forests during peaceful times, leaving behind flourishing grass and trees. He often leaves behind an egg that he brought from the future. Celebi's continuing existence signifies a good future.

Mew turned her thoughts towards the kinder of her two denmates. Jirachi, Jirachi possesses telepathic and telekinetic abilities, including the ability to levitate. Jirachi hibernates for periods of one thousand years in a crystalline cocoon. When she wakes up, she grants wishes for a week. If she is ever in danger, she will fight her attacker, but not awaken from her slumber. After one thousand years have elapsed, Jirachi awakens from her sleep for one week if she is sung to in a pure voice. During this period, she is able to make wishes, by using the attack Teleport. If a message is inscribed onto one of the "tags" on Jirachi's head, she will fulfill those wishes. After she fulfills the wishes, Jirachi returns to hibernation in a newly formed cocoon, waheing another thousand years for her next master's wish. Jirachi's signature move is Doom Desire.

She sighed again and reflected, "I know very little about them. And yet, myself? Plenty."

Mew is a pink,feline-esque Pokémon with large eyes and a long, thin tail that broadens at the end. Her skin is covered with a layer of short, fine hair. Her DNA combines the genetic composition of all existing Pokémon species. she is said to be the single ancestor of all other Pokémon. she is shy and rarely seen by humans. It is possible for Mew to learn any move that can be taught. Other than Ditto, she is the only Pokémon that can transform into other Pokémon using the "Transform" technique. She is capable of flight, teleportation, shapeshifting, summoning giant pink bubbles of psychic energy (which serve various purposes such as closing herself in for protection, acting as a cushion, or simply for Mew's amusement of bouncing on, and rendering herself invisible.

Mew sighed and curled up on her bed of leaves, deciding to take a short nap before she headed out to explore, leaving the budding hostilities for a little while. Wrapping her tail around her she drifted off to sleep, unaware of celebi watching her from the mouth of the cave.