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Chapter Six: Artistic License for Evil

As it turned out, Bobby had been ecstatic when Dean had told him the news.

"Why is it always you two idjits that the world relies on?" Bobby drawled taking a shot of whiskey. Dean shrugged his shoulders and glanced over at Sam, mirroring his expression. "Did Cas tell you anything else, aside from the fact that you two chuckle heads have to save mankind?"

"Yeah he did" Dean responded, reaching over to grab the bottle and pour himself another drink. "Told me the name of the Leviathan that's wearing him like a pretty new dress, it's some guy named Dextro." Upon hearing this Bobby straightened, and stared at Dean, mouth agape.

"Dextro?" he asked quickly, at Dean's nod of affirmation he stood up, and cursed. "I was reading about him on the way over-"

"There's a passage on him in one of the books?" Sam asked curiously.

"Hell there are entire books on him" Bobby walked over to the sack which he had shoved all applicable books in from the Campbell's library. "This guy Dextro is a nasty one, strong as shit, and as bad as anything we have ever faced." He made a triumphant grunt as he pulled out a thick dusty tome, and flipped to a page, "Of all Leviathans, and their brethren, the sheer power of all that is unholy, and dark lies within Dextrosis, or Dextro. He alone was created and the sheer magnitude of his birth ricocheted others like him, but not nearly as strong. Dextrosis is a force that can black out worlds, dry oceans, and darken suns all because he wills it."

"So wait a minute" Dean Interrupts, "this thing can block out the sun, and drain oceans?" He asks skeptically, "can he also shoot laser beams out of his eyes?"

"You know Bobby," Sam adds, "Dean does have a point. If this Dextro has the power to do all that, wouldn't he have done it already?"

"The books not being literal you idjits" Bobby explains, "It's just attempting to explain the magnitude of this thing's power."

"Well I'm sorry for not taking the time to think that the writer is taking artistic license when describing an evil, potentially world ending creature, how silly of me." Dean mock apologizes. "Does he say how to defeat Dextro? Perhaps in a Haiku?"

"All it says is that you have to infuse him with holiness." Bobby read slowly.

"So how do we do that? Should we knock on his door, and ask if he has thought about letting Jesus into his life?" Dean asked exasperated, "I mean what does that even mean!"

"I know as much as you do boy! And I won't glean how to beat this Leviathan, with you snapping at me!" Bobby yelled in reply "you need to get your head on straight for this!"

"I know, I know Bobby" Dean sighed throwing his hands up in the air. "It's just; we need to get Cas back. He came to me asking for help, and after all the times he's helped us, we owe him. I can't stand the thought of him being this Dextro's bitch.

"Don't worry Dean," Sam reassured, putting an hand on his brother's shoulder. "We'll save him. I mean we beat Lucifer, after that, we can beat anything."

"But look at the cost of that," Dean reminded. "You wound up in the pit with Michael and Lucifer for so long, that you're the embodiment of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." He sighed deeply, "Bobby is there any other books that maybe talk about less cryptic ways of ganking this thing?"

"Quite possibly" Bobby confirmed, "however unless one of you can read Ancient Linear A Greek*, it's going to take a while to decipher some of these texts." He looks at Dean sharply, "Don't go off doing anything stupid like attempting to confront Dextro before we know how to kill him."

"Oh don't worry Bobby, I'm not going to confront him" Dean reassured, "but knowing how to kil him won't mean shit, if we don't know where he is."

"Dean you're not exactly in the right frame of mind to impose self-control once you find him" Sam reminded. "I mean you're still pretty raw over what this thing did to Cas, locking him up in his vessel, making you think he was dead. I know you Dean, when someone messes with family, common sense for either of us, is thrown out the window."

"Well one of us has to narrow down his location" Dean reasoned. "I mean all I got from Cas was the fact that he's in the lower 48, and that's still a lot of ground to cover. Bobby has to research, and you're in no fit position to travel long distances. Like it or not, I'm the last man standing."

"Dean, " Sam began standing up from his chair "I'm not letting you do this alone." As Dean opened his mouth to object, he continued, "I'm coming with you, either in the Impala, or I'll steal a car and follow you. I'm with you until the end, like always." Dean lowered his shoulders in resignation.

"Fine" he said in defeat, "but if you start playing the hokey-pokey with Lucifer I'm calling Bobby to pick you up."

"Ok" Sam agreed nodding his head in affirmation, as they both walked toward the door of the kitchen, towards the car. "Call us the second you find something Bobby" Sam reminded, looking towards the older hunter.

"Yeah, yeah I know" Bobby said worry plastered on his face, "I suppose saying be careful is arbitrary at this point right?"

"Don't worry Bobby we won't do anything stupid" Dean reassured confidently, as he and Sam walked out the door towards the car, leaving Bobby alone in the kitchen.

"I know" Bobby said to the empty room as the screen door slammed shut, "I'm worried about what you'll do period."

*Note: Linear A Greek is historically the first version of the language written on the Greek islands, during their Dark ages. It is to this day virtually untranslatable….I learned that in college, and I feel smart lol!

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