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So here I was driving with Percy to go meet his mom. I thought it's a little weird to meet his mom on our first day of dating but I soon found out that his mom means the world to him.

We drove to a neighbourhood that had a whole lot of expensive looking houses.

We stopped at a dark grey house with stainless steel trimming. It was a mansion!

Deep breaths, deep breaths. I kept chanting to myself on our way to the door and the closer we got to the door the faster I chanted.

When we were on the stairs I thought I was going to hyperventilate but I didn't show it. I kept a smile on my face.

I was going to get through this because that's who I am.

"You ready?" Percy asked to me

"Ready as I'll ever be." I answered as truthfully as I can.

He took a key from his pocket and opened the door.

I followed him in.

Wow, it looks greek architecture, the patterns on the pillars and the roof really define it. I guess I might have a small, not so small, thing for architecture.

"Mom, I'm home and I want you to meet someone." Percy yelled

"Coming honey" I heard a female voice called back, even from here just her voice sound so warm and loving.

A lady with dark brown hair, warm chocolate eyes and with a smile that makes you just feel better came down the stairs.

"You must be Annabeth, I heard so much about you." She surprised me by hugging me

"Mom..." Percy whined while his cheeks turned a slight shade of red

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs Jackson" I told her when stopped hugging

"It's nice to meet you too, dear but please call me Sally."

"Mom, I need to go get the jeep ready - where's the keys?" Percy asked


"I think they're in your dad's study" Sally told him

"Okay, be right back." He told me and ran up the stairs

I was just about to ask 'how's the weather 'or something along that line because I was just standing there in awkward silence but the next thing I know I'm being hugged.

I hugged his mom back

She stepped back and her eyes looked teary

"Are you okay?" I asked her

"Of course I am. You probably think this is weird." Kind of

"It's okay, what's wrong?"

"I just have to say thank you, I don't want to get into it but Percy will tell you when his ready. I heard what he did at school today and I'm just so happy because he hasn't touched a guitar in five years and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have had the old Percy back. He was still Percy but a part went missing five years ago and you brought it back. Thank you so much" then she hugged me again.

"It's my pleasure, even though I don't know what I did or if it was me even" I told her truthfully. What could I do to make Percy, the old Percy?

The better question was what happened five years ago?

"Found it!" I heard Percy yell

"I have to go, dear. I don't want him seeing me all teary - he'll think there's something wrong. Hope you guys have a nice day" She hugged me one more time and then headed for the kitchen

"Bye Mrs Jack- uh Sally" I told her

"Where's my mom?" Percy asked me while looking around confused.

"She got a phone call." I don't like lying to him but it seemed that Sally didn't want him to see her like that. What could have possibly happened to make such a nice guy change?

"Oh okay, let's go." He gave me his lopsided grin that made my stomach flutter, I'm going to find out what happened but no snooping - he will tell me, eventually. Soon hopefully.

He took my hand and led me through a door that entered into the garage. There were about four cars total but place for six - I take it one space is for Percy's car, which was still in the drive way, and the other is for his dad's car.

I didn't have time to see what car was what because Percy led me to a black Jeep Wrangler and helped me in.

He ran around to the driver's side and got in.

"So… where are we going?" I asked him as he put his seatbelt on.

"Not telling you." He grinned mischievously

"Please tell me." I brought out the big guns… that's right, I did the puppy dog face - I'm not proud of what I did but I hate not knowing.

"We're go- No! Thalia warned me about the face! But I didn't listen - I thought 'It can't be that irresistible'. Boy was I wrong. That's why Thalia made sure I have this." After he finished his weird little rant he took a blindfold out of his pocket.

I huffed, but let him put it on me because it's logic the faster we get going the faster I get to know.

I was pretending to be mad at him - I know it was a really low thing for me to do but it's my last resort. I really don't like not knowing something.

I heard him sigh. But nothing happened.

"Please don't do this - you know I can't have you mad at me." Hehe, its working

"So are you going to tell me?" I asked in a small voice

"Nope" he popped the 'p'. I knew he was grinning

I groaned and turned my head to where the window would be.

He has to have some weakness.

The car stopped and I felt something lightly move my head to the driver's seat and then soft warm lips were on mine. I didn't hesitate to kiss back.

He pulled away to my dismay.

"I want to keep this a surprise for you because I know you never had the chance to enjoy where I'm taking you with all the paparazzi. I'm just trying to make it special and I really don't want you to be mad at me - please, it breaks my heart." He whispered to me.

"I was never mad at you - I can't be mad at you. Just wanted to know but I'll shut up now." I mumbled feeling bad for the way I acted.

He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said, "Don't worry, Wise Girl. Only two more minutes, I promise."

Sure enough when two minutes were up the car stopped, I heard him turn the ignition off and open his door in a few seconds my door opened and he leaned over me to undo my seatbelt. He helped me out and I heard the door close and then the car being locked.

"Just a few more steps." He whispered in my ear, I really had to fight the urge to shiver.

We walked with him holding my hand and telling me to watch out for a tree etc.

"Okay, you can take your blindfold off now." He told me standing behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist, "I brought you in the Jeep because my car will attract a bit too much attention."

I took the blindfold off and in front of me was an amusement park. I know what you're thinking, 'Wow, an amusement park so uh - awesome?' But to me it is, being famous has its perks but it also has its downfall.

You can't eat an ice cream without the rest of the world knowing and the title will most likely be something along the lines of, Look how much carbs our American Sweetheart is eating! Going-to-get-fat alert! Yeah, it's a cruel world.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. New York is different. They really don't care who you are. Sure you get a little bit more respect than others but you don't have paparazzi jumping out of alleys or rubbish bins, it's happened, you get to be you for a bit. There's still the fans but they're not so pushy.

I lead back in his arms while he put his chin on my shoulder.

"Thank you." I told him

"Anything for you" he kissed my cheek and then took my hand

We went on a lot of rides, mostly rollercoasters – Percy was kind of surprised at my love for adrenaline.

Percy even won me a giant stuffed pink panda at the basketball game. I must admit he is pretty good.

"So what are you going to name your panda?" Percy asked me

"Hmm... I don't know. Has to be something that nobody would really think of. That nobody has over used."

"Perfect. He is now dubbed Nobody." He told me with a grin

We were walking around the park eating an ice cream.

"The parks going to close soon lets go on the ferris wheel for our last ride." Percy told me

I nodded and we went to go stand in the line

We got on and I must admit this thing was huge. I stared at all the lights getting smaller below us and it looked magical.

We came to a stop at the very top as more people climbed on and off.

Tonight had a full moon and the stars looked amazing

"It's beautiful." I whispered

Percy pulled me into his side more and murmured, "Yes, you are."

I was thankful it was dark because I was blushing like crazy.

I must have fallen asleep on our way home because I felt someone pick me up and it was Percy- I would know that smell anywhere.

I opened my eyes, we were halfway to the door, and I looked up at Percy and saw that he was grinning down at me.

"I can walk, Seaweed Brain." I muttered

"I know – just like feeling needed" he joked with me

He set me down at the front door

"Good night, my girlfriend – never get tired of saying that." He grinned at me

"I never get tired of hearing that either, good night my boyfriend."

We both leaned in and kissed good night it was a sweet and simple kiss just the way I like it.

I walked to the door unlocked it and walked in. I was busy locking the door again when I heard someone yell, "BEST DATE EVER!"

Then whoever that was got in his car and drove away because one of my neighbours yelled at him.

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

Best date ever.

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