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Right now I am freaking out because I have no clue, which doesn't happen often, what Percy is going to tell me but my mind keeps making up stories each one stranger than the last.

I only have to get up at eight but I've been up since five.

I watched the sunrise. The darkness changing into a lighter shade and eventually changing into a light sky blue that will be seen for the rest of the day did not have its calming effect on me as it has had countless times before.

I know I'm taking this way out of proportion but I can't help it. It's in my nature to come up with a solution to a problem. Everything has a reason and I need to know that reason.

After drinking some coffee I got up from my seat on the roof and headed inside.

I figured that a nice hot shower will at least help loosen the tension in my shoulders and let me forget about it for a while. Curse my impeccable memory!

I started the shower and waited for it to heat up in the process steaming my whole bathroom. My bathroom looked like a scene in a horror movie with all the mist.


Mist distorts your vision and your brain helps you come up with some illusion of what's happening. People with more perception would easily have a better idea what they are seeing but then you get people that really have some weird conclusions.

I sighed. Nice Annabeth, you were rambling again to get your mind off of the 'five-years-ago' issue and most of it didn't even make sense. Oh, great now you're talking to yourself.

Finally the shower was at the perfect temperature. Just between 'I-just-took-a-dip-in-the-river-of-styx' and 'Let's-go-skinny-dipping-in-the-Alaska'.

I let the hot water stream down my back muscles. Pure bliss.

I started to wash my hair with my lemon shampoo but I was so distracted that I got some shampoo in my eye.

I would like to say I handled it very calmly and rinsed my eye out with cold water… but then I'd be lying. I started swearing in Greek, I think a few things I said may have put a sailor to shame.

After successfully getting the soap out of my eye and washing my body with peach shower gel I hesitantly turned the shower off.

Walking into my closet I wasn't sure what to wear so after much deliberation I settled for the classic dark wash skinny jeans and a long sleeved white shirt with a pair of white Superga's.

Thalia would still be sleeping in and Silena would be leaving soon to get ready for a date with Beckendorf.

When I walked into the kitchen I found Silena and surprisingly, albeit half-dead, Thalia sitting at the kitchen table having chocolate cereal in Thalia's case, not that she's eating it because she's snoring on the table and fruit and yoghurt in Silena's case.

"Morning." I told them both

"Morning morning." Silena said in a cheery voice

"Mmhfng." Came Thalia's muffled reply

I wasn't going to eat because I would be eating breakfast at Percy's house, apparently I just had to try his mom's blue pancakes. Blue? I know, but he's weird that way and that's what makes him Seaweed Brain - More importantly MY Seaweed Brain!

For the next few minutes we, meaning Silena and I, talked about mindless things. Mostly famous people, parties etc. while Thalia started to wake up a little. A little.

At half past eight Silena had to go so I walked her out and said goodbye. Only a few more minutes.

I learned that Thalia is going to Nico today so that's why she's awake. I would have thought that the date would have started later because of what I've heard about Nico is that he can give Thalia a run for her money when it comes to sleeping.

I was becoming impatient just when I started to feel the urge to start pacing the doorbell rang.

I casually walked - who am I kidding I ran but I slowed down a few meters away from the door and walked to the door at normal speed.

And there standing in all his 6.3" glory was my Seaweed Brain, grinning my favourite lopsided grin making my heart flutter.

"Morning beautiful." He told me still grinning yet there was an edge of nervousness to it.

"Morning." I said before giving him a kiss on his cheek.

I yelled goodbye to Thalia, locked the front door but not before grabbing a red hoodie - the weather is starting to cool down lately.

As soon as I slipped my keys into my pocket I felt a warm hand interlocking with mine. He led me to his car and opened the passenger door for me with an over dramatic bow. I rolled my eyes at him but I was smiling the whole time.

He jogged over to the driver's side and slid in. The car purred to life and we took off.

"Geez, Percy! Slow down a little, what's the rush?" I asked him when we finally stopped at a robot, he had been going a little over the speed limit the whole time.

He looked at me with a straight face and said, "Two Words. Blue. Pancakes."

I thought he was joking but his expression didn't change nor did it waver.

Before I could say anything the light changed to green and we were off.

After a few more minutes we pulled up to his house. He locked me in the car so that he could run to the passenger door and open up for me like a 'gentleman'.

"You know I can do that myself, right?" I asked only slightly annoyed.

"I know. That's why I locked you in the car to buy me some time." He replied with a smirk

Before I could say anything else I was being dragged into his house with him yelling about blue pancakes.

When we got inside he immediately headed for the kitchen where we found his mom making pancakes.

When Sally heard the chair being moved and saw a ravenous Percy sitting in the chair she simply held an amused expression on her face.

"Morning Sally." I told her

"Morning dear." She came over and gave me a hug and led me to the table.

She started stacking pancakes, on a plate, of which were quickly devoured by the human garbage disposal next to me.

I must admit I have never had such delicious pancakes before in my life.

After chatting for a while Sally left herself to go do grocery shopping.

Percy led me in to their living room. It was huge, open and light. The walls were a light beige colour while the couches were an off-white colour.

He led me to the one big couch and sat us down.

After waiting in silence for a few minutes I looked over at Percy and saw him running his hand through his hair nervously.

Oh crap, oh crap. He's breaking up with me! I wasn't such a bad girlfriend, was I? I mean we've only been dating for about seven or so weeks.

"P-p-please look at me." I spoke in a small voice, "Did I do something wrong?"

His head snapped up so fast he should've caused himself whiplash.

"No, no, no. You did nothing wrong I promise. I'm just freaking out about something I want to tell you and I don't know how you'll react." The last part came out quite unsteady

"Just tell me. I'll try my best. I'll keep quiet until the end, okay?"

He nodded and took a deep breath that he exhaled.

I grabbed his hand and gave it a light squeeze and gave him a reassuring smile which he returned with his own small smile.

"You know when I asked you out with that song?" He asked me

I nodded

"Well remember you asked about me playing guitar and that you didn't know I could?"

Again I nodded

"I-I-I used to have a baby brother. His name was Brandon. He had my mom's dark brown hair and blue eyes but he was born with an illness, he was mentally and physically challenged. People teased him and not a lot of kids wanted to be his friend so I was always there to protect him, cheer him up and be his big brother and best friend all-in-one and when he used to be sad I used to play the guitar for him and sing to him. One day he got really sick and the doctor gave him six months to live."

He paused for a while.

I gave his hand another squeeze which he returned. He started playing with my fingers as he continued his story.

"He shocked them. He shocked everyone. He showed us all how strong he was. The six month mark came but he was still with us. It was almost eight months after the doctor said he would only live for six months and I thought that he would make it but one night he got really sick. We took him to the hospital. I wouldn't leave him, I couldn't but he begged me to fetch my guitar and play him a song. So left. I fetched my guitar and when I came back. T-t-they were wheeling his bed out of his room w-w-with the sheet over his face. He was only eight." As the story progressed his voice became quieter.

I saw he had a lone tear go down his cheek. I looked down to our intertwined hands and I saw my own tear drip onto the back of my hand.

"I was so angry that I smashed my guitar right there and then in the hospital and then I slid down the wall crying. It changed me, but after a while I knew my brother wouldn't want me to carry on the way I had. My parents only had one child left and I was going to be the best child I could be and when you came I felt that whole inside me close just a little and I felt inspired to right again."

A few more tears streaked down his cheek.

I let go of our hands to wipe them away but as I let go he started to whisper, "I shouldn't have told you. Now you're go-" but I cut him off with a kiss a soft, sincere kiss.

I pulled him in for a hug while whispering that every things okay and that I won't leave him while he buried his head in my hair.

Hope you enjoyed. Sorry I'm not really good with sad stories so it was my best attempt.

Hope you enjoyed and really sorry for how long this took.

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