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Important: In the previous chapter I wrote Percy's sad life story thing, I know it wasn't good but I'm never really sad. I'm that type of person that's always calm and never stresses as well as always making jokes and stuff. I'm not really good with 'SAD'.

I am going to kill the idiot!

I thought he was being sweet when he I walked out my front door today and he was there leaning against his car looking so freaking hot.

Now here I am standing in the school parking lot an hour after school ended and theirs no one here but me, Percy's car and a few teachers' cars.

I am going to murder him.

I lived to far from the school to walk and I forgot my money in my car so taking a taxi was out of the question.

After waiting another twenty or so minutes I see him coming out of the front doors with his purple hoody up, looking down, and shoulders sagged with his bag slung over his shoulder.

"Well hello Percy." I faked politeness

"Hi Annabeth" he said as he walked past me but stopped when he realized that I was there, he backtracked and looked up at me.

"I-Im so-o-o so-rr-y…" he was stuttering apologizes left, right and center but I wasn't paying attention.

I started laughing my ass off because he had round Harry Potter glasses drawn around his eyes with black marker and a lightning bolt drawn on his forehead.

"It's not funny." He grumbled

"Y-yes it is!" I said between giggles.

He just looked at me with a blank face until I stopped laughing

"Okay, okay. What happened, where have you been?" I asked

"I had detention."

"And how'd you get detention?"

"I fell asleep in math…"

I smacked his arm

"Seaweed brain, you shouldn't fall asleep in class but they can't give you detention for that though."

"I know Wise Girl but that's not what I got detention for..."

"Care to elaborate…"

"Well, while I was sleeping the Stolls drew this on my face so I chased them..."

"So you ran in the hallway it's not that bad. Sure it's disruptive but it's not that bad."

"Well as I was chasing them I slipped on a puddle and tackled the history teacher by accident…"


"Into the nurse…"


"His face landed in between her boobs…"


"He didn't pull away…"


"I know. I'm really sorry, I'll make it up to you, okay?"

"Fine, but let's get home. I'm tired."

Monday before school I was texting Percy while I walked into the living room.

I heard someone clear their throat and I got so startled my phone went flying into Lauren's lap.

"Uh… hi" I gave a nervous chuckle

There in my living room was Lauren, my manager, Chiron, my publicist, and my mom.

I was about to ask 'what's happening?' when my phone buzzed, signaling I have a text message. I motioned for Lauren to read it.

"It's Percy, he says… I have a bad case of the manboobs. Can't wait to see you, maybe you could help me fix it… With a wink face."

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.

Mom looked appalled, Chiron looked confused and Lauren was trying not to laugh.

An awkward silence followed. Luckily my phone buzzed again.

Lauren read it aloud again.

"Percy, again… I'm sorry that was supposed to say 'I have a bad case of the Mondays'. Lol see you later… With a little kiss."

I let out the air I was holding in. Thank goodness it wasn't something worse.

I got my phone and quickly replied that I will see him soon and it was okay.

"Not that I don't like seeing you but…" I trailed off

"Oh yes. Sorry I forgot about that with the uhm… interruptions" Chiron started

"We want you to go to a few red carpet events, get some publicity and a bit more exposure because the press will start thinking that you have quit or taking a break and then it will be harder to get back to work." Lauren explained

"Oh okay, what do I have first?" I asked

"There's a new Sony game console being released and a lot of celebrities will be there and we thought you could take Percy with you. So that people know that America's Sweetheart is taken."

"I'll ask him, I don't know if he wants to be watched the whole time and scrutinized."

"Well, let us know what he says…"

"Oh and can I get an extra ticket for Malcolm, he would kill me if I didn't at least try."


"Well then. I have school so goodbye and it was nice seeing you again Chiron."

Sorry I know it was short and I will try to get the next chapter up sooner than you guys waiting two months for it.

Please give me some ideas

And i was thinking of starting a new story that I could write when I have writer's block.

I've come up with a few ideas. Let me know.

1. Harry Potter & Twilight Xover

NM & HP4la goes back to Hogwarts where she use to be a student and now she's going to be a teacher. Cullens show up. Sirius/Bella.

2. PJO

Go back in time and read Percy's adventures but the characters are Gods in the future. (I have a rough first fraft if anyone wants to see it and tell me what they think)

3. Twilight

NM - When Edward leaves he doesn't just leave Bella but their unborn children (probably twins) and they run into each other three years later (i know it's cliché)

4. You guys make suggestions

eace. Love. Percy. Hmmm.


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