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I woke up at 9 AM. I usually wake up at half past 7, but I had a late night. I went downstairs and started the coffee maker. I know I'm only sixteen, okay, I know I'm only fifteen but I need the energy.

You're probably wondering if there's anybody here in this house except Thalia and I. No, there's not well Argus lives here too. See my mom is Athena Chase the famous architect and she can't just up and leave whenever I have a concert so I usually have Thalia with me and I always have Argus. My dad, Dr. Fredrick Chase is a history professor in New York.

The coffee was finally done. I placed it on a tray with two bowls of Coco Pops Cereal and made my way upstairs to Thalia's Room.

Thalia's room is black with sky blue stripes. Her room is kind of messy compared to mine, but that's Thalia for you.

I set the tray down on her desk and examined the lump curled up in the middle of her bed. I readied myself and leaped landing right on top of her.

She groaned.

"The early bird gets the worm." I joked.

"Don't worry McDonald's serves breakfast till half past ten." Came her muffled reply

"But I have coco pops. I guess I'll just have to throw out the chocolaty puffs and milky goodness." I said in an amused tone.

"You can't do that!" she shot up almost bumping her head into mine.

I laughed as she stood up and grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down again eating as if it will run away.

After we ate I told her to get ready because we have a meeting with Lauren before we fly to New York tonight.

After showering and putting on fresh clothes etc. We were ready to go. I had a white T-shirt on that said 'I'm not a nerd. I'm just smarter than you' with black skinny jeans and my red converse high tops. I pulled my blonde locks into a ponytail and applied minimum make up and a grapefruit lipgloss.

Thalia wore a pair of dark wash jeans and a blue shirt that said 'Please speak very slowly. I'm not fluent in idiot!' and some black converse. She had her hair down and some eyeliner on.

I convinced Argus to let me take my car and that he can follow us. I walked through the conjoining door of the kitchen to the garage and saw my beauty. My silver BMW Z4. I got in and Thalia got in the passenger seat. I know I'm only fifteen but being famous has its perks. Argus followed us in the car from last night. I made sure to have my roof up and my sunglasses on.

After 25 minutes or so of driving we reached the studio. I hadn't even fully parked yet and Thalia was climbing out yelling something along the lines of being in the game room and having to beat a high score.

I made my way to Lauren's office.

After going through a few things I finally got enough courage to ask Lauren a question that has been on my mind for quite some time.

"Uh – Lauren I want – May I – Um – , please? I quickly blurted out.

"I thought you might need a break so I agree, but you'll have to have disguises."

"But please I promise I will – Wait what? – You said yes?"

"On the condition that you actually go learn and for the experience and maybe some new songs" she told me.

"I will. I promise." I said as I hugged her

"But you have to be the one to tell Thalia that she has to go to school."

I stiffened. "Oh no."

As I walked into the game room I saw Thalia doing a weird little happy dance and yelling "Take that GingaNinja5, I Thalia McAwesome Grace beat you, you son of a – "

"Thalia language! There are younger kids here!" I quickly told her

"Yes, mom" she groaned.

"So I was wondering."


"How much do you love me?"

"I don't know at this point, 'cause you only every ask that when you need something. So spill it."

"Pfft – Is not. I just wanted – "but she cut me off

"Spill it Chase!" She glared at me

"Well I got Lauren to say yes to me going to high school, but you have to go with me. Please don't kill me!" I said so fast I was out of breath. I shut my eyes and braced myself for when she'll attack me. But nothing came. I peeked at her and she smiled.

"Yeah, but we have to go to the school of my choice. I wanna go to Goode High." She told me

"Why Goode High, if I may ask?" I asked her

"My brother, Jason goes there. He's a ninth grader."

"Oh, okay. I guess it's settled then. We're going to Goode."

It was the morning of our first day at Goode High. I was already awake at 6 AM. Showered, dressed, fed and teeth brushed by 7 AM.

I wore a simple white shirt that went to just above my knees with black leggings that had silver studs down the sides. I had a black leather jacket on and a pair of black heels. I would rather have worn sneakers but then the tabloids will have a field day about no fashion sense. I decided t get a wig that is exactly like my hair just brown and after a long battle I don't have to wear contacts.

Just before I left I got a text from Thalia saying that she and Jason had just left home. I replied that I was about to leave. I grabbed my helmet and school backpack. I lifted the seat of my Ducati Desmosedici RR motorbike (a.k.a. my birthday present)and placed my backpack under the seat before popping the seat back on. I put my silver helmet on and started the bike.

I arrived at school in 10 minutes. It would have taken 20 minutes if I had taken a car. I stopped in a parking spot in front of the school. I could feel a few eyes on me. I took off my helmet and let my hair fall down. Well if I didn't have their attention before I sure do now. The guys were gawking and most of the girls looked shocked. Some even looked jealous.

I lifted the seat and replaced my backpack with my helmet. I slipped a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses on. Making sure I had everything and that nobody could take my bike I made my way to the main office. I could still feel the eyes on me.

I was almost to the office when someone walked in front of me blocking my way. I looked up to see a tall guy with blonde hair and light blue eyes.

"Well hello there pretty girl" he said. Probably a jock that tries to get with every moving thing with boobs.

"Don't call me that." I said with my teeth clenched

"Don't be like that, baby. I know you want me. I'm Luke by the way." He told me.

"And I'm out of here" I retorted. Pushing past him and walking into the office where I found Thalia already waiting for me.

She had some black skinny jeans on with a grey shirt that said 'Good Girls Are Just Bad Girls That Don't Get Caught' and a pair of grey vans. Her usual black hair was still there but she opted for contacts.

"Hey Thals or should I say Tina Grey" I greeted her.

"Hey Annie. Ha I can say that now, Anne Caccia" She said grinning

"Did you get your schedule yet?"

"Yeah, I'll wait here while you get yours. PS. The principle – not so nice."

"Thanks for the heads up."

I made my way over to the lady working at the desk.

"Hi I'm Anne Caccia. One of the new students and I was just wondering where I could get my schedule." I asked sweetly. (A/N: Her surname is 'Chase' but in Italian. Oh and I got it off Google Translate)

"Go through to the principal's office. Down the corridor last door on the right." She said smiling at me.

"Thank you" I smiled back.

I walked down the hall and stopped outside the door that said 'Principal – Mr.D'. I took a deep breath and knocked. I heard a muffled 'Come in'. So I did.

"So you are the new brat- I mean student?" he said looking at me with bloodshot eyes

"Yes, I am sir" I said a little scared

"Well here's your schedule. You and Miss Tina Grey have the same schedules. So if you need anything don't hesitate to ask someone else first. Off you go now!"

"Thank you, sir. Goodbye!" I replied and got out of there at fast as possible. I walked towards Thalia but was stopped by the lady behind the desk saying that she had called two boys to show us around the school. We said thank you and made our way out of the office.

We walked back outside and to the cafeteria to where the lady instructed us to go. I could feel eyes on us again.

As we got there, I saw two guys with dark hair standing and talking. One had raven black hair that kind of looked like Justin Bieber's while the other had dark brown hair. The Justin Bieber Boy had a blue v-neck shirt on and black jeans with a pair of blue converse shoes on. While the other was dressed in all black.

I tapped on the Justin Bieber Boy's shoulder and he turned around saying "Look Rachel, I don't care how much you pay me I will not – oh hey you're not Rachel." he said blushing slightly.

"Last time I checked I was Annab-Anne, just Anne." I quickly tried to correct

"The new girl, right?" he asked

"Yep" I said popping the 'p'

"Uh… gah"

I couldn't help but giggle.

"Do you perhaps know where we can find two guys who have to show us around the school? Oh and this is my best friend. Th-Tina Grey" I pointed to Thalia.

"That would be us" the emo looking guy told me "kelp head over here is my cousin, Percy Jackson, and I am Nico DiAngelo and it's a pleasure meeting you."

"Sorry about – uh yeah – you know" Percy stuttered

"It's okay, don't worry" Thalia spoke for me seeing that I was distracted by Percy's sea green eyes.

"Well this way ladies" Nico said. Walking through the cafeteria. Percy turned around hesitantly and followed. I swear I heard him something about 'So glad Ms. Dodds caught me and made me do this.' But you never know.

Before we followed, Thalia and I turned to each other and said "Maybe high school isn't so bad after all?"

We started laughing and walked into the cafeteria.

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