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The dance is in exactly one week. Just to please Silena, all the girls are sleeping over at my house until Sunday or in Thalia's case until Monday.

"I can't wait for this afternoon." Silena gushed as we were walking to music class.

"Yeah me too" Bianca told us excitedly.

"Yay, shopping!" Thalia replied sarcastically. I groaned.

Before Silena could say anything the teacher, Mrs. Black, told us to just pick up an instrument and play something we like.

Thalia picked up one of the electric guitars and I took the other. We started playing this game we used to do on tours where we try to outdo each other.

Damn! Thalia knows I can't beat her when she plays the guitar with her tongue. I find it disgusting.

We started laughing.

I sat down on the nearest chair and started playing Angry Birds on my iPhone while Thalia started to listen to music. I looked up and found the class staring at us. I nudged Thalia and she looked up.

She looked at everyone and asked, "What?"

"Uh….." came Silena's reply

Bianca looked at us skeptically.

~~Bell rings~~


"Meet you at the car." I told them and grabbed Thalia by the arm and pulled her to the car.

"We have to be careful around them. I think Bianca is on to us." I told her

"I guess but we'll have to tell them and soon."

"Yeah, I know"

After saying goodbye to the guys we all climbed into my car. We sang out loud with the top down and .fun.

Luckily I made sure Argus stayed in his side of the house before we came over.

I parked the car and grabbed my bag, the girls followed.

"Do you guys want anything to drink?" I asked

"What do you have?" Bianca asked

"Anything you want." I stated



"Cherry coke?"


"Fanta Raspberry?" (A/N: Drank it once in Amsterdam, was quite nice except doesn't have nearly as much sugar as our Fanta)


"No freakin' way!"

I laughed, "So what do you want?"

"Coke is fine."

"Me too, please." Silena added

"Hey Annie, do you have Cream Soda?" Thalia asked

"Always." I yelled from the kitchen

"Can I have some?"

"Since when do you ask?"

"Since I'm too lazy to get it myself." She whined


"Love you."

"Stop misusing that!" I yelled back

We were watching TV when I got a text from my mom.

'Hi honey, can you please just take care of Malcolm for an hour or so. His friends' mom will pick him up. Xx'

'Okay mom. X' I texted back

"Guys, is it okay if we wait another hour? Malcolm has to come here for awhile." I asked

"No problem." Bianca told me. There was no reply from Silena she was too busy watching 'Who wore what?'

We continued to watch the show when I heard keys in the door. I knew it was Malcolm – he has a key to our house- so I didn't go check it out.

"In the TV room, Mal" I yelled

"Hey Annabeth, next time you and Thalia do a show together can I come backstage I haven't done that for a whi-… oh crap, I'm sorry!"

I just sat there with wide eyes staring at the coffee table in front of me.

"Wh-what did h-he jus-st s-say?" Silena stuttered

I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding and looked at Thalia she looked shocked

"We should tell them." Her voice was only a whisper

"Yeah." And with that I pulled my wig off and Thalia took out her contacts.

"TaDa" I whispered to them with a nervous smile.

I heard someone gasp and Bianca mutter "I knew there was something."

Then I heard a thud I looked to the two girls and see that Silena had passed out.

"Woah." Silena muttered

"Please don't tell anyone, please. We just wanted a normal life, Please it's just that – "I was cut off by Silena's hand over my mouth

I looked at her worriedly.

"We won't tell anyone but you'll have to tell the rest of the group and soon." She dropped her hand

"Thanks so much and I will I've been thinking about how to tell you."

"So I was wondering…." Silena trailed off

"Yes…?" I questioned

"Just wanted to know how it is to shop with someone famous because it looks so fun in the movies."

"Do you guys want to put on disguises and go shopping with us?" Thalia asked

"If you're offering." Bianca told us with a sly smile

"Thalia take them to my room, I'll go tell Argus."

I walked into my room to find Bianca and Silena sitting on my bed watching Thalia with a weird expression on their faces, while Thalia stood in front of my wall pushing random spots.

"Thals, what are you doing?" I asked her slowly

"I can't find the button to open the closet."

"We've been over this Thalia. There was never a button. You had a dream remember and I wouldn't install the secret wall button." I told her as I took the remote out of the little bed side table.

She just glared at me and I swear she grumbled something along the lines of 'Always have to remove anything spy-like in my life, don't you?'

I threw her the remote and she caught it without hesitation.

She pressed all the buttons at once.

The wall started to move to the side.

Bianca started squealing and Silena looked like she was going to pass out again.

"Well what you guys waiting for? Get ready!" I told them and they didn't need to be told twice.

Twenty minutes later everyone was ready.

Thalia had grey skinny jeans on with a loose dark blue shirt on that was over a tight sleeveless black top. She had 4 inch light grey faux leather bootie high heel shoes on.

Silena had pink sundress and white flats. Red wig on, she wouldn't put contacts in, she said 'Eww no!' to be exact.

Bianca had a sundress similar to Silena's except hers was yellow. She had a blonde wig on and light blue contacts in.

I was wearing an oversized grey shirt that hung mid thigh with black leggings and a black leather jacket along with black stilettos.

We made our way to the black BMW that Argus was driving.

We made it to the mall in ten minutes flat. When we arrived we were hounded by paparazzi but Argus can scare anyone away. Trust me.

We just stopped for iced coffee when we heard a high pitched squeal and 'ANNABETH?' I turned around slowly and just saw a flash of red hair.


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