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After watching The Notebook and a few other sappy movies, Thalia couldn't handle it anymore so she put Paranormal Activity in.

After that we watched Paranormal Activity 2 – safe to say we won't be sleeping much tonight, well besides Thalia she'll be sleeping like a brick.

Just to calm our nerves we decided to watch a comedy – Your Highness.

I fell asleep soon after that. What? Eating lots of junk food and doing nothing makes me sleepy.

When I woke up I felt so rested and relaxed, but… then the memories off the last few days came rushing back. I kept seeing Percy's face – shocked, hurt and finally anger. It still hurts what he told me. I did apologize and I meant every single word.

I looked around. It appears that everyone went home besides Thalia. I nudged her with my foot.

She groaned and muttered, "Nico…. Hmmm"

I just stared at her for about a minute or so and then I started laughing. I haven't laughed much lately.

I laughed so hard that I woke Thalia up.

"What the hell? Why are you laughing?" She asked moodily. Never wake Thalia up.

I composed myself enough to say, "Nico… Hmmm" in my best imitation of her voice.

Her eyes got big and then her cheeks turned a bright pink. She repeatedly slammed her head into her pillow, all this while I was still laughing.

My message tone started to go off.

I finally found my phone under a mountain of pillows.

It was from Lauren.

Meet me studio in an hour. Xx

I quickly replied and then told Thalia to get ready.

After putting on some paparazzi approved clothing we were ready to go. We took my BMW.

When we got there, there were a lot of paparazzi but luckily the security team got them away long enough for us to get enter.

"Hi Lauren." I told her while looking down. I felt really bad - I was too careless, I let her down.

"Hi Annabeth and Thalia."

"Hi" Thalia murmured.

"I'm sorry, I know I messed up and I took Thalia along with me." I still wouldn't meet her gaze.

"Actually you have gotten yourselves quite the publicity."

"How?" Both, Thalia and I asked

"You showed that you guys are just normal teenagers." She told us

"Some people don't think so." I whispered really softly

"Sorry honey, what did you say?" Lauren asked

"I asked, if we still get to go to school?" I quickly recovered and I was going to ask that soon anyway.

I really like having the chance to be normal but this time there is no wig. Besides I don't know if I can handle seeing Percy - he still hurt me with what he said. But you lied to him, a little voice in my head said.

"Of course you can, but if it gets to rough you two will have a body guard or two assigned, undercover of course."

Thalia and I were grinning like crazy.

I got ready for school, but not as Anne Caccia but as Annabeth Chase. I was really nervous but I wasn't going to show any emotion. Happy thoughts I kept on chanting to myself as I ate my cereal.

Thalia was going to meet me at school so I decided to take my motorcycle.

When I got to school everyone was staring.

I got off and took my helmet off. A lot of people were shocked because who would have thought that I would be back.

I held my head up high and walked to locker to get my books for first period - I could feel the stares on my back, but I ignored them the best that I could.

It appears now that everyone knows who we really are they understood our laughing fit in the cafeteria the other day so basically Rachel is now a nobody. I almost feel bad for her. Almost.

I walked into English and that's when I remembered that I sat next to Percy.

I kept my head down and walked over to the table. I sat down and doodled on my notebook.

I felt someone move into the seat next to mine. I didn't look but I wanted to.

I wanted to see that mess of black hair, those sea green orbs that made my knees weak, that lopsided grin that gave me butterflies, that laughter that made me want to join in but I knew if I looked it wouldn't be there. No I wouldn't find it there.

Instead there was a boy with blonde hair and brown eyes that was trying to catch my attention.

It hurt that he got some guy to switch with him - but what could I expect him to do? That he would just forget about everything and pretend it never happened. No I didn't and I didn't want it to be that way either because now there are no secrets. No lies but a broken relationship - if you could even call it that.

I sighed. I zoned out, because when I was doing home schooling I carried on with the studies that I would only do later so I've done this work before. It was quite easy.

In my sad mood I started to write a song - I would probably finish it in lunch in the music room. I don't think Percy wants to face me and besides they were his friends first so I can't keep him away from them, it wouldn't be fair.

The bell finally rang. I met Thalia at our lockers.

"Hey, have people been staring at you like you're a unicorn?" Thalia grumbled and just to prove her point a group of girls walked past and started whispering while looking at us not so discreetly, " I am not a unicorn so stop looking at me." Thalia yelled at them

It made me laugh - she could always cheer me up no matter what, even when she wasn't trying.

"Yeah they have Thals. Listen I'm going to go work on a song, I'm not really hungry."

"Okay, I'll see you in music class after lunch." One of the things I love about Thalia she won't question me. Not yet at least but when we get home I will be tackled.

"See you." With that I made my way to the music room.

On my way there I bumped into someone. Not just anyone but Percy.

He looked like he was contemplating something but then shook his head and walked off towards the cafeteria. I sighed and carried on walking.

When I got to the music room I was chanting a new mantra. You will not get sad.

So I have a problem with pride - Sue me!

I picked up a guitar and started trying a few things. I would figure out a few lyrics and write them down and finally the lyrics were done.

I worked on the music for the rest of the period. Just then the bell rang.

Great another class with Percy, Fan-freakin'-tastic, note the sarcasm.

I know it's only been a weekend but I miss him, not that I would ever admit it.

People started filing into the room and the teacher soon followed.

I avoided everybody's gazes.

The next thing I know I'm being nudged by Thalia.

"Sorry, what?" I asked being snapped out of my thoughts.

"I asked would you sing us a song there are only a few minutes left of class."

"Uh... yeah sure. I have a new song I'd like to try out. Thalia will you help me out?"

She nodded

"Just fall in when you want to." I told her.

Guess this means you're sorry
You're standing at my door
Guess this means you take back
All you said before
Like how much you wanted
Anyone but me
Said you'd never come back
But here you are again

'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly,
My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

Baby I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for tryin' to pick a fight
I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Either way, I found out I'm nothing without you

'Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly,
My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

Being with you
Is so dysfunctional
I really shouldn't miss you
But I can't let you go
Oh yeah

'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly,
My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly,
My life (my life) would suck (would suck) without you

When I finished I was looking everywhere BUT Percy.

I walked to my seat but on the way there the bell rang. So exited the room.

Thalia and I walked to history.

"So what did you think about the song?" I asked Thalia

"It was really good but some parts never happened."

"Yeah, I know. I had to make some stuff up - I guess I just like living in my only little world for a while and singing gives me that."

"I know what you mean." She told me as we stepped into the class

I gave her a smile and then went to my seat.

School was finally over and I was making my way over to my motorcycle when I felt a big strong hand on my shoulder.

Sighing I spun around.

"Luke, listen I have told you already. No I will no- Oh hi Percy." I said the last part really softly and then ducked my head so that my bangs could fall over my eyes.

I will not show emotion. I will not look weak.

I felt him put his finger under my chin and lift my face to look him in his eyes. Man they look even more amazing than before.

"I want to say that I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said that I realized what I said was not true and especially after I spoke to Thalia at lunch. I only said those things because I was mad. I thought you were playing me because why would someone like you want anything to do with someone like me? It just doesn't make sense." He whispered quietly but never breaking eye contact

"You don't see yourself very clearly do you?" I whispered back

He laughed quietly

"I still like you - I just wanted to know how you feel but I would understand if I messed this up and besides why would you want t-"

I cut him off. I didn't want to hear it but the surprisingly thing was the way I did it.

I grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him. He was shocked for a split second before kissing me back.

It was soft and gentle and it made my knees weak. I pulled away and slowly opened my eyes to dazed Percy in front of me.

I smiled at him and he had a big goofy grin on his face.

"Answer your question, Seaweed Brain?" I asked softly

"Perfectly, Wise Girl. Just perfectly"

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