Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game series. To play through worlds that I saw as a kid an fight alongside Disney heroes is a great adventure. So I will make my own Kingdom Hearts 3 story.

Worlds & Party Members: (Based off movies and other Square Enix titles.)

Old worlds:

Mysterious Tower

Agrabah (Aladdin)

Neverland (Peter Pan)

Pride Lands (Simba)

Land of Dragons (Mulan)

Olympus Coliseum (Hercules)

Twilight Town

Radiant Garden

Space Paranoids (Sam)

Destiny Islands

Disney Castle

Keyblade Graveyard (Lingering Will)

New Worlds: (If someone could PM names for the unnamed worlds or other world suggestions that would be awesome)

Artemis (Ed)

Death City (Maka)

Center City (Joey)

Tangled world (Rapunzel)

Princess & the Frog world

Meet the Robinsons world (Wilbur)

Treasure Planet (Jim)

Atlantis (Milo)

Emperor's New Groove world (Kuzco)

La Cite de la Clotches (Quasimodo)

Black Cauldron world (Taran)

Robin Hood world (Robin Hood)

Jungle Book world (Mowgli)

Bug's Life world (Flint)

Monstroplois (Sully)

Lilo & Stitch Island world (Stitch)

Summons: (The summons will be divided among Sora, Riku & Kairi)

Buzz (Toy Story)

Lightning (Cars)



Tod (The Fox & the Hound)




Aladar (Dinosaurs)

Experiment 221

Mike (Monster, Inc)

Kenai (Brother Bear)

Party: (Since there are a lot of old worlds, The original trio divide among their friends to better understand the old worlds.)

Sora & Mickey (Two noble heroes)

Riku & Donald (A cool-headed guy & a hot-headed wizard)

Kairi & Goofy (A princess & a noble guardian)

For powers I will uses Limits and Command Charges


Master Xehanort


Vanita's Remant

Maleficent & her Cabal

So that's the basics of my story. I also have an opening theme for it. "Hologram" (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening 2) Graphics wise the opening has the KH2 opening graphics.

Masshiro na keshiki ni ima sasowarete

(We see Sora, Riku & Kairi sitting on the beach looking at the sunset.)

Boku wa yuku yo mada minu sekai e

(They raise their hands and the keyblades appear. The scene cuts to a golden logo "Kingdom Hearts.")

Maigo no mama tabi shiteita

(Sora & Mickey stand at the base of a tower)

nezumiiro no sora no shita

(Zoom out and we see the Tower from Tangled and long golden hair falls out the window)

Higawari no chizu ikutsumo no yume ga nijinde ita

(Riku & Donald are eating in a pub with aliens all around them. The doors open and Jim Hawkins is held by the police)

Itsuka wa sa chipoke na boku no kono hobana demo

(Kairi & Goofy look around a factory and we see Sully hiding behind a door.)

Ano kumo no mukou made yukera kana

(We see the 3 keybladers falling in darkness. Then they see a glass Dive floor with all of the World party members on it.)

Tsuyogatte kizutsuita kokoro sukashita you ni

(We see Ven sleeping in the room of sleep, Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, and The Lingering will kneeling in the Keyblade graveyard.)

Furdashita amatsubutachi ga ranhansha kurikaesu

(Scenes of Heartless, Nobodies & Unversed flash by along with Maleficent, Pete, Braig, Vanita's Remnant, and finally what looks like Xemnas dressed in Master Xehanort's clothing.)

Massugu na hikari ga kousa shite

(Kairi is slashing through several Shadow & Soldier Heartless)

Yukusaki mo tsugenu mama dokomademo tsukinukeru

(A Fat Body Heartless is about to punch Kairi from behind, put Goofy blocks it with his shield. Kairi jumps from behind Goofy and shoots a blast of light.)

Awai zanzou ryoume ni yakitsukete

(Riku fights against several Unversed with Donald fires several spells.)

Kono sora no shita donna toko ni ite mo

(Sora throws Mickey at the head of the Twilight Thorn. Mickey prepares to slash at the head as light flashes through the screen.)

Todoku hazu nanda mada minu sekai e

(Kairi is holding her lucky charm. Her and the others are sitting on the castle walls of Radiant Garden looking at the stars. A shooting star appears in the sky a the logo flashes on the screen: Kingdom Hearts III)

Chapter 1 coming soon.