A/N: Oh! I can so imagine this happening! Molly's always overworried about things u.u Lucky for her, Rocky will always be there for her :)

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"This is all your fault. You are going to tell them about this"

"Molly, we both know it's our fault, not just mine."

"Even so! You'll tell them"

"You shouldn't worry, Green Eyes. We're married" He put an arm around her shoulders, hugging her.

"But…how do we tell them that? We haven't been married for too long. I mean…"

"I know what you mean. But being married it's just a title. We've been together our whole lives! Damn, we even shared a crib, Molly."

"Ok. But, still, you tell them"

Rocky inhaled "Deal. Here comes nothing!"

They reached Primo's office.