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Pairings: Kogan

Warnings: boy x boy.

Note: Not part of "Loves Labour" Universe. A sequel based upon the Big Time Halloween episode. So if you know of any aspects of the episode, like names or characterizations or just anything really, that I might have written wrong please let me know so I can update and change for future chapters! Thank you!

Big Time Rush!

Big Time Rush!

Big Time Rush!

Logan peeked behind the curtain attached to the large stage he was currently hiding behind. He glanced out into the sea of young teenagers, more girls than boys, chanting the name of the band he belonged to.

As he scanned the various elated faces, he allowed himself to hope, just for a moment...

No. Nope. He was wrong. There she was. 6th row near the left. The blond haired girl who held the heart he longed to carry.


They were preforming an end of summer concert, featuring all the up and coming talent of L.A. Gustavo had somehow been able to nab them the closing number, a position solely reserved for the most likeliest to succeed out of the group of hopeful's that would perform this night.

Heaving a sigh he let the curtain close and turned back to the others behind him.

Carlos was in a tug of war with Gustavo and Kelly, refusing to let go of his beloved helmet. "Just this one concert? PLEASE!" He begged, refusing to let go.

James was practicing his singing face in the mirror, believing he needed to make sure he looked good for the girls no matter what note came out of his gorgeous mouth.

"Whose the hottest guy who can sing in A minor? You are! Yes you are." Logan had to look away in slight disgust when James started blowing kisses at his own reflection.

And Kendall. Kendall was away from the group, back against a wall, eyes glued to his iPhone with a frown adorning his adorable mouth. Kendall and Jo had another one of their epic fights. Logan wasn't even sure what it was over, but it most likely was something stupid...as always.

Logan sighed and rubbed his sweaty hands against his jeans. Was he really the only one who could see how terrible the two of them were together? They were just to much alike, and their similarities clashed to often and to hard, leaving them to damn stubborn to try and change anything.

But...it didn't matter. And Logan kept his mouth shut. He was biased, of course. Considering how much he wanted the green eyed boy to himself, he knew that it would be to selfish to butt in and try to end their destructive relationship with something as crazy as common sense. So, he simply kept his thoughts to himself, watching their relationship self-implode on its own. He truly wanted to do something to help his friend...but he knew he couldn't remain ambiguous when his feelings were so strong.

Also...those damn dreams he had been having lately weren't helping either.

Logan wasn't sure if it was the impending month of October, which meant Halloween-goodness, or if he has some subconscious thing for hairy guys...but his dreams lately have been so confusing to him, that they made his coming to term with his sexuality seem like a cakewalk.

His dreams were just...intimate...and well...unusual.

They all started out the same. Kendall and he were laying on a large checkered blanket, looking up at the night sky and admiring the millions of stars that were foreign to the L.A atmosphere.

And...they were also in the creepiest cemetery he had ever seen before. Loads of tomb stones were scattered all over the dead grass beneath them. And a heavy mist seemed to hang around them, but opened just enough where they were never cold and could see through it to watch the stars above.

They would always be chatting about something different each time. School, the band...each other.

Eventually things would get intimate. Kendall would normally make the first move. Brushing his hand against Logan's. Rubbing his leg against the others. Before Logan knew it, he would be covered by the long length of the blond boys body, but that was as far as it would ever go.

Kendall would look at him with such...longing. And Logan could never fathom why. He was dying for the boy to cover his lips with his own, but it would never happen.

Eventually Kendall would pull away. Not very far, but always with a fear etched into his green orbs.

"I'm afraid," He would start, and Logan would brush away his shaggy bangs and look up questioningly.

"Afraid of what?" Logan would whisper back, wanting Kendall to just kiss him already.

"Afraid...you won't want me...won't like who I really am."

Logan would laugh and shake his head, "Kendall...I think I love you."

Kendall would smile the saddest, most happiest smile, then go to stand.

"You'll still love me? After this?"

And then he would change. Gone would be the tall, lanky blond who was moments before wrapping his strong but skinny arms around him. No longer would the green eyes who regarded him so warmly would be present in his gaze. Changed was the mouth he longed to smother with his own kisses.

Instead, a creature would appear. Taller than Logan thought a creature on two legs could stand. Hair so dark and thick, if not for the mist Logan was sure he would blend with the now starless night sky. And the teeth inside the mouth he loved...sharp fangs good for nothing but violence.

Logan, breathing hard with surprise and fear thumping through his body fast, would just take a deep, shuddering breath, and say, "Yes. I still love you."

Then he would awake, drenched in sweat and glancing over to the lanky teen in the bed next to him. Kendall had no clue to his dreams, instead sleeping through the night with his blankets half covering his body, his bare chest exposed for Logan to ogle at for a while. He would then pull out his dream dictionary he got from the library from under his bed and spend a good while trying to understand the craziness behind his dreams.

For weeks he had been trying to decipher and interpret what his dreams meant, but to no avail. He was stuck, almost every night, in the continuous terror of being so close to the one he loved...and always awakening so damn far away.

"All right boys! You're on in 30!" Came the stage directors voice, breaking Logan away from contemplating his minds unusual actions.

Logan glanced back at Kendall, who nervously put his iPhone back in his pocket. He was probably worried that Jo wouldn't show. Since Logan now knew she was there, he made a note to avoid looking at Kendall's face to see how happy it will be when he realizes she still came.

He considered if he could get a superscription for Ambien. Dr. Hollywood probably wouldn't mind...

"Ready Logie?" Kendall's excited voice cut through his thought process as he clasped a hand on Logan's back while they lined up, waiting for the curtains to open.

Logan had to smother a shudder at Kendall's touch, and reply with forced excitement, "You bet!"

The curtains opened, and they began.

The singing? Logan could handle. The dancing? Well...he hasn't gotten booed off stage yet. The close proximity to watching Kendall wind and grind and just be plain sexy? Even Logan knew he was pushing it.

They were already into 5 songs now, just finishing up before they sang 'Boyfriend' a fan favorite and their most popular song. Logan just wanted the night to end. He was tired, his voice hurt from all the singing, and he was desperately trying to avoid looking at Kendall while not tripping over his own feet.

Also...those storm clouds were looking a bit ominous.

Biting his lip he heard shouting coming from beside him. He turned to stage right, where he could see the stage director fighting with Gustavo off stage. The director was pointing up to the sky and then waving his hand across his neck, indicating he wanted to shut down the show due to the impending weather.

Gustavo shook his head. Then held up one finger. One more song. Logan saw him mouth to the frustrated man, who threw his hands up in defeat and walked away.

While Logan was a self described math geek, weather and climate had never really been his strongest forte. But he could say, easily enough, that even through the loud music blaring from the speakers inches from his ears, the deep rumbling coming from dark cumulus clouds heading straight for them was never a good sign.

The beginning cords of "Boyfriend" came on through the large speakers surrounding the stage, and the screams from the crowd heightened to a new level. The 2 largest black speakers were a good 15 feet high with a width of 5 feet. Each were placed on opposite ends of the stage on top of metal towers that loomed over the dancing boys by about 20 feet.

Logan was distracted from the sky when Kendall's voice crooned over the speakers, the first words to the song being sung beautifully...

Until a long, thick bolt of lightening struck the right tower holding one of the speakers.

Sparks flew.

Then, lightening struck the second tower. After it settled, lowed creaking from the towers echoed over the stage.

The crowed was dispersing quickly, screams and shouts as people scattered to get away from the now acknowledged deadly storm.

Logan had been watching the towers with curiosity, his mind going into automatic overload of science.

The lightening was attracted to the electromagnetic waves pulsating from the most likely copper wiring of the...

"Logan!" His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Kendall calling his name. He turned and saw his friends had, in good sense, already run off the stage to the left. But Kendall was by his side, grabbing onto his arm and pulling him away. "We need to move now!" Kendall instructed.

Shaking his head to focus on the dangerous situation at hand, he started to move to follow his friend...when one of the speakers fell onto the edge of the stage behind them before rolling onto the floor off stage.

The speaker had left a huge dent, and Logan looked up at the other giant speaker. It was leaning dangerously on its side, and Logan knew it was mere moments before it would fall directly onto the stage, inches from them... from Kendall.

Kendall was closer to the precariously hung speaker, staring wide eyed behind him at the already fallen speaker and unaware of the danger just above him.

So, without really thinking, Logan took two steps, then simply pushed Kendall as hard as he could off the stage, knowing it wasn't high enough to hurt the taller boy to, to badly.

Just as Kendall flew over the edge, he heard the loud BANG of the speaker hitting the stage dead on...less than a foot from him.

Logan felt the floor give under him, and he turned to see the speaker falling through the stage, creating a giant hole as it sunk to the bottom of the stage, which Logan was now quickly falling into.

He thought he might have heard someone calling his name as he slid towards the stereo made crater, his attempts at stopping or slowing proving useless, but as blackness consumed him, it didn't really matter anymore.

Kendall was safe.

Next Time on The Nightmare Before Love: Logan awakens in a lopsided world where he meets new friends with old faces. Things get complicated when he realizes...maybe monsters really do exist.