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This week on The Nightmare Before Love: A nightmare never truly ends until one wakes up. Unless, of course, they wake up back in a world where fear haunts their every moment...and love, the only cure, is ever gone.

Inside the quite, isolated darkness that wrapped around Logan like a blanket of loneliness...Logan felt someone shove him, hard.

What the-...?

He tried to pull away...but was shoved again. He could feel it on his chest, pushing hard, and damnit it hurt!

He tried again to move. He wanted to fall back into the nothingness where no one could hurt him. Nothing could cause him anymore pain and sorrow. He could just lay there and fade away.

And again. Another fierce push against his chest. Harder with more force. Angry that someone was trying to pull him back into a world where he now knew he didn't belong, his own or the one he had stumbled into, he did the only thing he could think of doing.

He pushed back.

"That's it Logan. Breathe. Come on buddy. Deep breaths now. I want to see your heart doing its big, beautiful thing."

Light flooded Logan's senses and with a jerk he realized his beloved darkness had faded away. Logan blinked against the bright light above him as shadows and shapes moved around him. There was something covering his mouth and as everything came into focus he came to one sudden realization.

Everything. Fucking. Hurt.

He tried to cry out in pain, but all that came from his dry sore throat was a gurgled moan.

Whatever was pushing down around his mouth was suddenly removed and a face came close to his own. They wore a surgical mask with a head piece and glasses covering their eyes. He found it harder to breathe now, and tears were forming at his eyes from the pain.

He faintly heard noises. Loud beeping and the shapes talking to each other. Even the face, still close to his own, Logan could see its mouth moving, but couldn't hear any words.

With the last bit of strength Logan could muster, he managed to croak out, "Hurts..."

The face pulled away, and within moments Logan felt a sharp burning in his right hand. The pain was nothing compared to what he had faced with Jo...Logan shook his head. He couldn't think about that.

He wouldn't even go there.

The face came close to him again, but it didn't matter. Sweet darkness was pulling him back, and that is where Logan intended to stay.





Logan shot up in bed, fear racing through his heart fast. He instinctively grabbed his stomach where he expected to find a sharp knife lodged there, but instead found the smooth bumps of abdomen. He lifted his shirt and found no traces of the marks Jo had left there. No stab wounds or deep cuts. No letters...

Just pale smooth, unmarked skin.

A whole new set of pain, though, found its way into realization and Logan fell back to the bed with a soft thump, moaning quietly. He realized it must have been his injuries from the accident. It felt like years ago when he was on that stage with Kendall.

After a few moments, Logan opened his eyes again, furrowed them in confusion, and sat up again, this time slowly and gingerly.

His mouth fell open at what he saw.

It seemed like the apartment 2J had migrated into the little hospital room he was currently laying in. Nighttime had fallen, and bean bags filled with kids from the Palm Woods held passed out friends scattered all over the room.

Board games, cards, and various junk food and drinks littered the floor all around. There was a giant TV set up in the corner and connected to it was Xbox, PS3 and a Wii. Various video games lay around the consoles, some open with their discs scattered.

The orange couch was in the opposite corner and Logan felt his heart melt. On the couch held James and Carlos. James curled up against the far right side, cuddled into the side of the couch. His mouth was open and he was drooling big time. Carlos was cuddled up to this side, snuggled under James's arm. A blanket covered them both.

Logan bit his lip and gently laid back down wondering where...

He turned to his other side and gasped. There was Kendall.

The boy was sitting away from the others in a hospital chair pulled up close to Logan's bed. He was slumped against it, laying back so far his head was hanging off the side, fast asleep. Logan could see on his right arm a green cast filled with names and pictures drawn on it.

Memories of his journey filled his mind, and he had to blink back tears.

He was back.

He was home.

And all he could wish for, was the darkness to consume him once more.

Kendall awoke with a start when he felt a hand shake him. He jumped up and his eyes focused on the sleeping brunette in the hospital bed before him.

"Kendall! Relax. He's not awake yet. I'm sorry." Kendall turned to James, who looked just as haggard and sleep deprived as he did. Carlos stood next to him, rubbing his eyes sleepily and regarding the sleeping Logan.

James's hair was a mess, having lost its usual luster and shine since Logan was first admitted. "Carlos and I just woke up. Were going to get breakfast. You should really come." James was getting nervous. Kendall had barely eaten since the accident over a week ago.

But Kendall shook his head. He couldn't eat. He was surprised he had even slept. His nerves for his friend were destroying him and he could barely function again until he knew that Logan was okay.

Last night had been the worst since Logan was admitted here a week ago after falling through a crevice created by a fallen speaker on the stage they were performing on.

His initial injurious weren't as bad as the internal ones. He had a broken arm, three broken ribs and a severe concussion that left him in a coma. He had to have emergency sugary, removing his spleen and stopping some internal bleeding. It had been touch and go for the first 24 hours he was admitted, but after that they had him stabilized and were just waiting for him to awake.

Except for last night.

The night had been the same as every night since they had set up base in Logan's room. Gustavo paid for a private room for Logan, allowing everyone to come and go without disturbing anyone else in the hospital. Also to avoid unwanted publicity. Once it seemed like the rest of the Big Time Rush group weren't going to be leaving Logan's side any time soon, everyone had migrated to Logan's hotel room as well.

Food, games, the orange couch. It had all been brought over by the boys and their friends as a way to keep them occupied during their constant vigilance of their comatose friend.

The only one who didn't involve himself in the other time passing activities was Kendall. He was the only one who watched Logan like a hawk.

Kendall had been seated in his usual spot by Logan's bed, staring at nothing while praying for those eyes to open.

And then it happened.

Logan began to twitch a bit...and then shudder...then convulse.

And then...he flat lined.

Kendall was sure his own heart stopped as he heard that dreaded beep prolong itself to let the world know it's owner was...

No. God please no.

Kendall felt two hands grab him and pull him aside as the doctors worked to revive Logan, confused by his sudden state.

Kendall's chest hurt so much he couldn't breathe.

And then...


A voice. The doctors, "That's it Logan. Breathe. Come on buddy. Deep breaths now. I want to see your heart doing its big, beautiful thing."

The entire room remained silent, fear stretched to each corner that any single movement would take Logan away again.

But it had been hours since then, and eventually everyone returned to normal.

By now all around the other kids from the Palm woods were awake or having already been awake for a while. Some had McDonalds and other food from the cafeteria. They were quietly playing a round of poker. Kendall was so glad that so many people had come to support them and Logan.

James nodded and turned to leave when he saw a nurse come walking in with a tray of pills and some food.

"Oh! Thanks! You didn't have to bring us food!" James exclaimed, reaching out for the tray, only to have his hand slapped away by the nurse.

"Don't be ridiculous. This is for the patient." She scolded, and placed the tray down on the bedside table.

Both boys regarded her with confusion.

"Um. Logan can't eat. He's still in his coma." Kendall stated, standing and moving aside to let the woman tinker with the various tubes and machines Logan was hooked up to.

She turned back to the boys, confusion etched on her features, "No dear. He woke up last night. Called me straight up. See?"

Kendall's stomach dropped and his eyes widened in hope as she gently began shaking Logan's arm, sing-songing, "Logan. Dear. Time to wake up. Breakfast." She turned to the wide eyed boys, "He wanted us to be quiet, not wake any of you. I couldn't blame him. It was nice to have some peace and quiet around here."

Tears filled Kendall's eyes as he felt James grab his arm, breathing stopping, when he heard, actually could hear Logan moan quietly, then move his head away from the woman's voice, and hoarsely whisper, "Arg. No. Go away."

"Logan!" James exclaimed, causing Logan to open his eyes wide in surprise.

"Jeeze James...not so loud." he complained, but barely got his words out when Carlos and James both lunged themselves at him, wrapping their arms around the bruised boy.

"Boys! Easy please! Let Mr. Mitchell breathe!" The nurse exclaimed, grabbing at Carlos's arm to ease them back a bit.

"We thought you were dead!" Carlos all but screamed.

The rest of the kids in the room had crowded around Logan's bed, also offering their own feelings and interpretations of what happened and how they felt. After almost a minute of it, Kendall could barely contain himself any longer. He stepped forward, reached down and took Logan's hand.

"Logan." Was all he said.

Silence descended over the room. Everyone knew how hard Kendall had taken Logan's accident, especially since Logan was the one who saved him.

Logan turned away from the others to regard Kendall. Kendall started to smile, but if fell when Logan's eyes met his.

Sadness. Sorrow. Hurt.

And fear. So much fear.

That was what Logan's eyes held. Though he wore a tired and tight smile, but there was so much pain in Logan's eyes he couldn't stand to see it. Before Kendall could even open his mouth, the nurse was pushing him away. Pushing them all away.

"Now. Now. All right kids. This has gone on quite enough. Logan is awake now and he needs to focus on his recovery. All of this," she regarded the TV, food and games, "needs to go. This is not a party room. This is a hospital." Her words were met with groans and a few words of contradiction, but they had known from the beginning that when Logan awoke, they would all need to leave.

The nurse turned back to the three boys and said, "Okay. That means you three as well."

She was met with instant protesting, but held up her hands to stop the onslaught, "That just means go home. Take a shower. Get some food." she turned to Kendall, "Let your mom know whats happening. Then come back here in a few hours."

Kendall opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off again. "If anything happens we will contact you instantly. Now please, with Logan awake there is much to be done if you want him to get better as soon as possible." Kendall closed his mouth and turned to Logan, who was trying hard not to look at him.

With his mouth closed in a tight line, Kendall nodded.

Two Months Later...

Logan trudged up the side stairwell of the Palm Woods hotel, heading towards his destination as slowly as possible. It had been a month since he finally left the hospital and even though physically he was getting better, mentally he was barely hanging on.

Being around Kendall had gotten ten times harder than it had ever been. After everything he went through with Were-Kendall, Logan longed for the taller boy to just pull him into a hug or touch him gently, like the doppelganger had once done.

But no. Kendall's kisses and caresses belonged to only one person...Jo.


Logan had to stop mid stride when his thought process came to her. To Jo. Shaking his head he sat on the step, trying to even his breathing out. Being around Jo in this world had also gotten significantly harder. Even though mentally he knew that this Jo was nothing like the demon he had dealt with back in the other world, his body remembered well enough.

When she had come to the hospital to visit him, he had awoken to her face with a scream. Everyone was immensely confused, since the two had never had any problems before. Logan just waved it off as nothing, he was just waking up from a nightmare he answered, but Jo kept a confused look that never went away when she regarded him even now. His body would tense and tremble when she came near him, and he suffered so many flashbacks that often, even when she was just sitting on the couch in 2J with Kendall, he had to leave the room and take almost an hour to get his breathing back to normal.

The others couldn't help but notice Logan's new, withdrawn nature. He didn't laugh or smile as much. He would flat out refuse to join in on any pranks or antics, especially if Kendall asked. And, if the blond boy went to touch him or accidentally bumped him, the brunette would wince and step back, keeping his eyes down and away from the blond.

He was desperately trying to get himself back to normal, to where he had been before his crazy coma induced nightmare.

And sometimes, when the day was quiet and uneventful, Logan could fall asleep assuming he had gotten to that point.

But...then the nightmares would slowly creep back into his dreams.

A spider leering down hungrily at him.

A vampires gleaning teeth caressing his skin.

A evil Jo's dark eyes and sharp claws digging into him.

He would always awake the same. Sitting up in bed, breathing hard with sweat pouring down face, hugging his legs close to his body. He would try to reassure to himself that it was just a dream, or I'm home, I'm home, but nevertheless the dreams would always creep back.

Kendall, as usual, slept through each moment.

However, Kendall had taken Logan's new attitude the hardest. He truly believed, despite Logan's constant protests, that Logan blamed him for getting hurt.

Logan didn't want Kendall to think like that, but besides telling him the truth, which was just not happening, Logan couldn't do anything else about it.

With a heavy and tired sigh, he stood and grabbed his backpack, continuing his journey back up the stairs. He had taken the back way to avoid the lobby, because what he needed least right now was in full swing downstairs and with the rest of the world.

It was Halloween time. The entire hotel had been decorated to the fullest extent in various Halloween decorations. And every pumpkin, cut out ghost and fake spiderweb sent him in a tailspin of emotions and flashbacks.

Tonight was Halloween, and he had planned on spending it at the local library, hidden from anything holiday related until this wretched night was over. Unfortunately, some local kids thought it would be hilarious to set off stink bombs in the third floor top stacks. The library had to be closed.

Despite everyone's insistence that Logan come to the Halloween party they were all going to, hosted by none other than Jo, he had blatantly refused. Now he hoped that they wouldn't try to make him come because he had no other excuse. But he would tie himself to a bed post before entertaining in anything Halloween related for a while.

He opened the door to 2J and dropped his bag the floor, kicking off his shoes after stepping inside. Strangely the apartment was quiet, which he sighed in relief for. Maybe everyone had already left...

Suddenly a figure jumped in front of Logan.

A Hiss. "I vant do dwink your vlood!" The figure exclaimed, pulling its cape away from its face to reveal James...dressed as Count Dracula.

Logan let out a yelp and could actually feel the blood leave his face. "J-J-James." He stuttered, not sure how to explain to his friend out incredibly freaked out he was right now. This was to much of coincidence...but it had to be a coincidence. Right?

James stood up straight and smirked his trade mark smile. "Dude! Totally scared you!" he exclaimed.

Logan let out a strangled, forced laugh. His James looked exactly like the vampire James he had briefly met in his dreams.

It just had to be a coincidence.

Pushing down the heavy breathing, he headed for the kitchen. He quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water from the sink, trying to keep his hands busy so James didn't realize how badly they were shaking.

Just as he was taking his first sip, a low moan echoed from Carlos and Jame's room, and Logan turned his head slowly, praying that that familiar noise was wrong...

Out stepped Carlos decked out in green, with a flat top hair style and bolts sticking out of his neck.

Logan let out another yelp and spit out the water he had been drinking. Franken-Carlos was now in front of him, and Logan couldn't stop his shaking.

Please. This can't be happening...

Carlos came to a stop in front of Logan, and broke out of his trance to exclaim, "Dude! My outfit is awesome!" He turned to James who was inspecting his fangs in a mirror, "Look at Logan. He's totally scared of me!"

James scoffed and walked over to them, "He's not scared of you! Just still reeling from how awesome my outfit is, right Logan?"

Logan made a noise that almost sounded like a whimper and, carrying the glass of water, walked into the living room, only to see Mrs. Knights door open and out walked Mama Knight and Katie...dressed as witches.

"You guys like? We match!" Mama knight exclaimed, spinning around so her black robes twirled.

Katie sighed and rolled her eyes, exclaiming, "Do we really have to go to Tyler's mom's Halloween party? There's going to be a blood and gore marathon on in an hour!"

The last time Logan had seen Katie dressed as a witch had been when the spider captured him...Logan shook his head. No. He couldn't think about that. No matter how immensely crazy this was...it was just a coincidence. Nothing more than just an innocent coincidence.

Now if only he could stop quaking in fear.

As Carlos and James headed over to the two witches to inspect their outfits, Logan stuttered, "W-well...I-I'm gonna go and...s-study..."

He turned to open the door to his room, but stopped when the door opened itself. He took a step back and looked up, and up, and up at the figure standing the door.

God. Please no.

There stood Kendall decked out in a white t-shirt, football jersey, jeans and converse sneakers. All along his hands and face tufts of hair stood out.

"Um. Logan? Are you okay?" Kendall said, tilting his head to the side at Logan's almost petrified look. He wanted to reach out and touch the boy, but refrained after how Logan had reacted to the other times they touched.

"Look! Kendall actually pulled off the werewolf outfit!" Katie exclaimed, as the others crowded around

him to check out his outfit.

Logan was the only one who didn't join in. He walked slowly back wards until he was right next to the front door, which suddenly rang.

He let out his third yelp and took a deep breath to steady himself before slowly walking towards the door, fear in his heart beating fast. His hand trembled as he reached for the door nob, turning it ever so gently before pulling the door open with the speed of a limp turtle.

"Logan!" Logan jumped back as a pair of arms engulfed him. After a moment he pulled back and revealed...Camille. Camille dressed as an Egyptian Princess.

"Cleopatra?" Logan asked regarding her bedazzle of gold and light blue. He felt such a rush of relief that not only was this completely new, it wasn't who he thought it was.

She swatted his chest playfully and replied, "No. Hatsheput."

"Gesundheit." Carlos called out.

"You look great!" James said, coming over to Camille with the rest of the group following.

Camille smiled and said, "Thanks! But if you think I look great, you should see Jo's outfit!"

Fear clenched Logan's stomach hard as he turned to see Jo walk through the door. She was dressed in a long black dress that was tight and fitted perfectly to her body. A corset of blood red engulfed her chest. Her lips, long nails, and hair were all black. And all along her arms chest and face, which were powdered a pale white, were tattoos of spiders.

"Josephine. The spider queen." Camille said.

As everyone rushed to compliment Jo on her unusual but awesome outfit, Logan stood frozen. The glass he had been holding fell to the floor and shattered. The sound broke him from his frozen state and he looked down, subconsciously intending on cleaning it, but the glass brought him back. Back to the room where the spider took him. Took him to Jo. Back to Jo digging her viscous nails into him. Dragging blood from his weeping body.

"Logan? Logan are you okay?" Logan looked up to see everyone regarding him curiously, and Jo had stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, speaking his name.

Lips tight, and without a word, Logan turned and walked away. He headed straight for the bathroom where he locked the door, knelt in front of the toilet.

And promptly vomited.

Logan lost track of how much time he spent in front of the toilet. He was so focused on his own situation that he didn't even know if anyone tried to follow him. But after he had nothing left to give, he could hear the door banging and the knob trying to be turned. Logan blocked them all out again, refusing to even venture out. He couldn't handle it. He couldn't take it. He just wanted to go back.. Back into the sweet darkness where nothing and no one could hurt him. Where he could forget Jo's pain.

Forget that Kendall would never love him.

He felt like such a mess. He tiredly turned to the shower and pulled himself up to turn on the shower head. He eased himself down and dragged himself under the water, unable to care that he was still clothed. He hadn't the energy to even try to undress. He let the scalding hot water cascade over him as he closed his mind to everything.

Even when the water turned cold and he could feel his body shivering, he refused to venture out from his spot.

It wasn't until he felt a hand shaking him gently that he turned and regarded Mrs. Knight, sans witches outfit, looking at him, fear and sadness etched into her bright eyes,

"Come on honey. Everyone's already left. It's okay to come out now."

Glad that he didn't need to explain himself, he allowed the woman to help him stand. He realized the door knob to the bathroom was missing, screws and a screwdriver on the kitchen counter.

He instantly felt bad walking towards his bedroom that he was getting water every where. "I-I'm sorry..." he began but she shushed him and helped him dry of before changing into warm sweat pants and a t-shirt. She helped him into bed and said that she would be right here if he needed anything.

"I-I just..." he began, wanting to somehow explain himself.

"What honey?" Mama Knights soothing voice caressed over his tired body as darkness slowly settled in.

"I just...want it to end."

And then...nothing.

Logan. Wake up. Loooogaaaan...

Logan's eyes shot open and he sat up straight, letting out a yelp when he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

He turned to his side and was instantly surprised to see Kendall sitting next to him. Were Kendall. They were on a blanket in a cemetery, heavy mist on all sides.

Logan let out a quiet gasp as he realized where he was. The cemetery...where this all began.

"Kendall! I mean...other Kendall! What? Why am I here?" He then narrowed his eyes angrily, "Did you bring me back?"

The real werewolf from the other dimension held up his hands in defense, shaking his head, "No! No I didn't I swear. I only just brought you back to our original meeting spot. I wanted to check on you. Make sure you were okay."

And just like that, Kendall easily wrapped his arms around Logan's waist and pulled him close, laying them down on the blanket so their legs and arms were tangled together.

"So...I'm dreaming?" Logan asked and the werewolf nodded.

Kendall's eyes suddenly went sad and hooded and he said, "I am so sorry for what happened to you Logan. I never realized how bad it was going to get. And if I thought for a second you were going to get hurt..."

Logan held out a hand and pressed a thumb against Kendall's lips, the rest of the hand resting on the side of his face, "Shh. It's all right. I'm all right."

Kendall let out a sigh and said, "I'm so glad. I've wanted to come sooner, but your mind has been so blocked I couldn't get through."

Logan looked away. The Nightmares.

"I'm sorry. How is everything with...other now not zombie Logan?" Logan asked.

Kendall gave a smirk and reached up to his own shirt, pulling away the part near his neck to reveal a dark purple hickey. "He apparently likes to bite." Kendall said, his face lit with happiness.

"I'm glad the two of you found each other." Logan said, and he truly was.

Kendall nodded. "And we have you to thank for that. I only wish I could do something to help you." Kendall bit his lip, not wanting to mention the fact that he knew that the Kendall back in Logan's dimension didn't love him. But he couldn't stop himself.

"He is such an idiot for not realizing how amazing you are." Kendall finally stated.

Logan just shook his head. "I-I hope you and Logan are really happy together."

Logan could feel the sadness lump in his throat and he closed his eyes tight to not cry. But Kendall felt so damn good holding him, and he never wanted it to end. Kendall pulled him close and whispered, "You will find love one day Logan. I promise." Logan could only nod.

Kendall eventually pulled away and said, "I have to go Logan. I'm so glad your okay."

Again Logan nodded, but panic began to set in. This was the last time a Kendall of any sort would hold him, touch him, make him feel for once.

"Kendall..." Logan began, but Kendall almost sensing what Logan wanted shook his head.

"You have to go back Logan."

Darkness began settling in and pulling Logan away, but Logan, for once, fought hard against the darkness. He watched the fading Kendall close and began to exclaim, "No. Kendall no. I love you. I need you. Please. Please don't leave me. I love you so much. Please." And with all the strength he could muster he reached forward into the darkness until he found something solid. He pulled it close and when the unique scent of Kendall surrounded him, he leaned forward and captured the other boys lips in a kiss.

He could feel the other tense for a moment, then gradually relax and kiss him back. Logan knew this would be the only kiss he would ever get, so he put all his heart and soul into the kiss, wanting the other feel the love he would never get to share. The love of his first, last and only kiss with Kendall.

After a while it was all to much and he pulled back, darkness claiming him quick. With on last, "I love you," he let himself be taken away.

Back in the real world, a very human Kendall regarded his girlfriend's party with little to no interest. He barely tasted the green drink in his hand, and wore an almost permanent scowl on his face.

The tall boy watched as everyone danced, played games and talked to each other excitedly about their own outfits, but he had no interest in joining in on the excitement.


His heart beat fast when he thought of the poor boy. The frightened look on his face when Kendall opened the door. He wanted so badly to pull him into an embrace and fight away ever ounce of sadness he wore.

Swearing softly to himself he shook his head. Logan had been pushing them away for a while and even though the shorter boy consistently protested it had nothing to do with him, Kendall knew that Logan regarded him differently ever since the accident.

His phone vibrated and he reached into his jeans to answer. The call was from Unknown. Frowning he answered, "Hello?"


His frown deepened. "Katie?"

"Uh! Yeah! This is your sister, Katie."

Kendall turned back to his phone, checked that the number did say Unknown and then turned back said, "Where are you calling from, Tyler's?"

He heard Katie scoff and say, "Tyler the Terminators? Why would I be hanging with-" she paused as someone spoke to her, and Kendall could swear that the voice sounded strangely like his own.

"I mean...yeah! I'm with Tyler...at his lair." Kendall frowned at that, but figured it just had to do with the Halloween theme party he was having. "So...yeah... um so, you should really go talk to Logan."

Kendall sighed, "I've tried to talk to him but you know how that goes!"


But Kendall was so worried and frustrated be just went on a roll, "He just locks himself up in his room. Doesn't talk about what's going on with him. He nearly freaks out every time Jo comes around," he thought he heard his sister give a little peep, but just continued on, "and you saw him before we left today. He locked himself up in the bathroom and would come out. I just...I don't know what to do."

He heard Katie talking to someone again, and the words, try the spell again, cut through and yeah whoever that was really did sound like Kendall, but then Katie was back on the phone and said, "Just talk to him. I don't know...hit him over the head with a broom flier and force him to talk! I gotta go. Bye!"

Kendall regarded the phone with a confused look and shook his head.

"Who were you talking to?"

Kendall turned to Jo who was standing behind him holding out another drink for him. He gave her a tight smile and said, "No one. You having fun?"

She cocked her head to the side a bit and said, "I would be having more fun if my boyfriend was paying some attention to me."

Kendall sighed and said, "I'm sorry. I'm just really worried about Logan."

Jo sighed as well and said, "Look. I get that Logan is your friend and that because he got hurt you're worried about him. But don't you think he's been milking this whole, "oh I was injured poor me" bit, a little to long?"

Shock and fury raged through Kendall at her words. "Jo. Logan almost died. He almost died saving me. How can you say that?"

Jo sighed and rolled her eyes, replying, "I'm just saying that he should toughen up a bit. I know he's the weakest out of all of you, but honestly...he just seems so useless sometimes."

Kendall's mouth fell open in shock before he slammed down his drink and started headed towards the


"Where are you going?" Jo shouted to him.

Kendall turned back, hand on the door knob, "Out of here before I say something I might not regret."

Kendall stalked back to his apartment with fury written on his face. He couldn't believe Jo. Logan was amazing. He was sweet, and funny and so smart. He was so much fun to be around and Kendall had been petrified for so long that he was going to live the rest of his life without him.

Stalking into the apartment he saw his mother sitting on the orange couch channel surfing. She turned to him with surprise and stood up to greet him. "Hi honey! Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing here?"

Kendall sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, not sure what to say. Finally he settled with, "I was just...worried about Logan. Is he okay?"

Mrs. Knight gave a sad smile and said, "Oh honey. He's asleep. If you go in just be quiet okay?"

Kendall nodded and started to turn, but turned back to his mother and said, "D-do you think he will be all right?"

Mama Knight smiled and went over to her son, pulling him close and saying, "Honey. As long as that boy has the support of his friends and family, he will get through anything."

Kendall hugged her close and nodded, whispering a thank you before letting go and heading towards his room.

He went in and shut the door quietly behind him. After taking off his jacket and placing it on his own bed he turned to Logan who was curled up and facing away from Kendall, towards the side wall.

He was muttering in his sleep words that Kendall couldn't understand.

Kendall sat at the edge of Logan's bed, resting a hand on Logan's back as he whispered quietly "Logan I wish you would just talk to me. I want to help you but I don't know how."

After a few moments, Logan turned towards Kendall. Kendall jumped in surprise at that, but then realized his friends eyes were still closed and he was breathing hard. His face was contorted in pain and he was clenching the bedsheets tight.

Worried, Kendall leaned down and placed a hand on Logan's shoulders to gently shake him, "Logan." he said, hoping to wake up his friend in pain.

Suddenly Logan's eyes opened but, then shut until they were half lidded. He took a deep breath and whispered, "No. Kendall no. I love you. I need you. Please. Please don't leave me. I love you so much. Please." And Kendall was shocked when Logan reached forward, grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him.

Kendall sat frozen for a moment, unsure what to do, but then somehow everything clicked into place, and he slid his arms around Logan's back, pulling him close and kissing him with just as much passion and energy.

They stayed like that for a few moments, until Logan finally pulled away. Eyes still hazy and half shut, he whispered one more time, "I love you." then slumped against Kendall, out cold.

Kendall sat in shock, holding onto his friend and breathing heavily, surprised and confused as to what just happened here.

Logan was in love with him?

He pressed his lips together in a frown, wondering when this happened and how the hell could he be so dense as to not see it?

And, most importantly...how did he feel about it?

Maneuvering the two of them Kendall slid into bed with Logan, pulling him close and looking up at the ceiling, letting his thoughts go through the quiet process of discerning what this new found information meant for him and the rest of their little family here in 2J. Logan snuggled up to Kendall, breathing easier as his head lay across Kendall's chest.

Kendall spent a long, long time thinking. A good couple hours. He considered his own feelings, how he felt for Logan, Jo...guys and girls in general. He wondered what his life would be like with either one of them, his reputation.

He thought about what his mother and Katie would say, though he knew they would support whatever he chose to do, he had no doubt. He thought about the band and what could happen if things went bad...or great?

Then...when it got down to it...when he realized none of that mattered except, really, how did he feel about Logan?

Did he love Logan?

Kendall looked down at the sweet face of Logan, one hand desperately clutching Kendall's shirt as he slept peacefully, unbeknownst to Kendall, for the first time in weeks. Kendall ran a hand along Logan's face, smiling when the boy murmuring a bit, shifted, then breathed out Kendall's name.

Did he love Logan back?

When the answer finally dawned on him along with the rising rays of the sun, Kendall's face broke out into a wide, happy smile.

Logan moaned as he threw a hand over his eyes, turning away from the harsh bright Californian sunlight streaming in through the window. His head throbbed and his body ached. But mostly, his heart hurt the worst. This morning he awoke to the realization that last nights dream was the first and last time he would ever be able to indulge in the love he felt for Kendall.

But...no more. Curling his hand into a fist he took a deep breath. No. It was time. Time to let go. To move on from wanting Kendall. He had to get used to the fact that he and Kendall were never meant to be in this world, and that he was destined to find love elsewhere.

He also knew he had to get his priorities straight. He was done with being scared. No more fear. No more trembling. He had to suck it up and get his act together. He had to many responsibilities to maintain to let his emotions get the better of him. He would not let his friendship, the band, his future suffer because he was scared of what was probably just a very, very realistic, painful and possibly traumatizing dream.


He was done with wanting Kendall.

Done with wallowing in the memory of the past.

Just done.

And with that new found determination, he dragged himself off the bed, tired eyes still closed, and stood.

And then he walked straight into a wall.

"Ow! Ah! What the-" Bringing his hand to his head to rube the newly forming bruise, he opened his eyes and once they focused from the tiredness he realized that the beds had been moved. Turning around he saw that the beds hadn't just been moved, they had been pushed together into one single giant bed.

"What-?" Logan began regarding the rest of the room. The small desk that separated the beds were now on the far left side next to the wall so there were room for the beds. The two smaller bureau near the closet, one for each boy, was now replaced with one larger bureau that resembled the brown one in Kendall's mothers room. Logan walked over to it and opened the first drawer, revealing his and Kendall's clothes mixed together.

The room itself had been completely cleaned. Not that it was dirty to begin with, but when Logan opened the closet his and Kendall's clothing was also mixed together, their stuff shelved in accordance above and below the closet.

Even Kendall's hockey stick and gear were off to the side while Logan's mounds of books and telescope leaned against the wall next to it.

"Oh my God. Did I go into another dimension?" Logan muttered to himself. He stumbled out of the room and into the rest of the apartment, which was currently empty, but it all looked normal to him, nothing different.

Deciding this would be better contemplated after he peed, he stumbled into the bathroom to relieve himself. Afterward, he looked at himself in the mirror, but everything looked the same, nothing different.

"What the hell is going on?" He muttered, leaning his head against the mirror trying to understand why his room was so different. He heard the front door open, then close, and was almost afraid to venture out to see if he really had ended up somewhere new again.

He left the bathroom and saw Kendall coming out of their bedroom, a nervous expression on his face as he looked around the apartment. His expression changed to relief when his eyes settled on Logan.

He stalked over to the boy and said, "Logie! Hey! How're you feeling?"

Logan replied, "Um. Oh. Ok I gu-uh hey what?" When Kendall reached him he leaned down and picked up Logan bridal style, shocking the smaller boy greatly.

"K-Kendall!" Logan exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the boy tight, now afraid of being dropped at such a height. He had forgotten that Kendall was so damn tall.

"You really shouldn't be moving around so much Logie. You have a fever you know." Kendall said as he headed to the bedroom.

"I-I do?" Logan asked, confused as Kendall laid him back on the bed, pulling the sheets over him.

Kendall nodded. "My mom and I checked last night. But if you're feeling better it should have gone down by now." He turned and started to head towards the bedroom door, then turned back, "Don't move. Wait for me okay?"

Logan nodded, then realized he hadn't asked Kendall about the room yet, but the blond was out of the door already. Heaving a sigh and shaking his head, so incredibly confused, Logan waited patiently until Kendall came back into the room, a bowl of something warm in one hand and a tall glass of milk in the other.

"Um...Kendall?" Logan asked as Kendall handed him the bowl and realized it was warm oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar.

Kendall placed the glass of milk on the bedside table before sitting on the edge of the bed with Logan.

"You have nothing in your stomach. So eat." Kendall said, looking at Logan expectantly.

Still immensely confused, Logan nodded and began bringing the spoon to his mouth, enjoying the food, but still feeling uncomfortable by Kendall staring at him silently.

After he was done he put the bowl aside and began, "Um...so the room-"

But Kendall cut him off and turned to the milk, "Don't forget that."

Biting his lip to prevent him from saying anything he might regret, Logan reached over and grabbed the milk, downing it in a few big gulps.

After he was done he opened his mouth to ask Kendall, but the taller boy grabbed the empty bowl and glass and quickly left the room.

Logan let out an exasperated sigh and leaned back onto the pillows, of which there were now two extra in addition to the original ones that belonged to each boy.

Kendall came back into the room a minute later and sat on the end of the bed near Logan's feet, a mischievous grin adorned on his features.

"So..." Logan began, waiting to see if Kendall was going to interrupt him again. When the boy remained silent, Logan continued, "So...the room. It's...different."

Kendall nodded. "I figured it would be better."

"Better for what?"

"For us."

Logan waited for Kendall to continue, and when he didn't he scrambled to find some level ground with the boy. "And you decided to do this...after the party?"

Kendall shook his head, "I went to the party, but I left pretty soon after. I came back here."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Was it kinda lame?"

Kendall shrugged. "I just wasn't feeling it. Anyways I was worried about you."

Logan could feel his face rise with heat and looked away, "I-I'm sorry. You didn't have to leave because of me..."

Kendall leaned forward and grasped Logan's hand. Logan completely froze at this movement.

"I left because I wanted to. I came back here and you were having a bad dream."

Logan frowned and bit his lip, not meeting Kendall's eyes. The blond boy shifted so he was closer to Logan, hands still connected,

"You've been having a lot of bad dreams, haven't you Logan?"

"Um..." Logan began, not knowing what to say.

"I wish you told me. And I hope you'll tell me what they are about. But, it's all right. It will probably get better now that were sharing a bed." He paused, "You did get a lot better after I laid with you last night."

Logan's eyes shot up in confusion, "What? You did what? Wait...you...you want to...share a...with me?"

Kendall was now seated next to Logan, his smile never faltering. "Yep."

Logan let out a breath, "Kendall. You gotta help me here. I'm so confused."

Kendall placed a hand under Logan's chin and said, "You kissed me last night."

Again, Logan's whole body froze.

"Oh-uh. I-must have been dreaming about Phoebe Nachee again...s-sorry about that-"

But Kendall cut him off with a shake of his head.

"You told me you loved me. You said my name."

Logan froze again. His hands grasped the bedsheets and he knew his heart was about ready to give out on him. Then in an instant he tried to pull away, muttering, "I'm sorry" and "Please don't hate me."

But Kendall had been expecting this reaction and had already begun snaking his arms around the boy, pulling him back in close.

"It's okay Logan. Shh. Relax." Kendall placed his other hand on Logan's stomach to rube gentle circles on it, whispering quietly into the boys ear.

Logan was in tears. "I-I'm sorry Kendall. It just happened and I understand if you don't want to share rooms with me anymore because it weird's you out and-" but Logan's rambling was cut off as Kendall leaned down and kissed Logan.

Logan let out a pitiful little whine of surprise and flailed his hands around helplessly as Kendall kissed him deeply, swiping his tongue against Logan's to gain access into his mouth.

Surprised, Logan opened his mouth gently to allow Kendall access in and was grateful for this act, because he felt Kendall snake his hand into Logan's hair, pulling him in close.

After a few moments they broke away for air, breathing heavily.

"K-K-Kendall." Logan stuttered, trembling in the boys arms.

"Mmm?" Kendall hummed, nuzzling his nose in Logan's hair along with gentle kisses.

"I-I think I'm gonna throw up."

Kendall's eyes shot open, then he laughed and pulled the boy so he was laying flat on his back on the bed with Kendall straddling him.

"No your not. You need to keep that food in you. You have barely eaten anything in a while and what you did eat you threw up yesterday." Kendall leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on Logan's forehead.

Logan was literally shaking he was freaking out to much to understand what was going on.

"Kendall. Whats going on right now?" Logan asked, petrified his friend was messing with him.

Kendall shrugged and said, "This is my way of saying...I want to be with you Logan."

Logan's breath caught in his throat and he choked out a few unintelligible words.

This can't be real. Couldn't be true.

Finally finding his voice, "What? W-why now? Why me? I-I'm not anything special. I'm not good enough for you." Logan whispered, faintly remembering Jo's words.

Kendall's eyes furrowed and he said, "Who the hell told you that?"

But Logan shook his head and turned away, tears filling his eyes. He just couldn't believe this was happening, that it was real.

"Logan. Look at me." Kendall demanded, but Logan shut his eyes refusing to look at Kendall. He was so convinced this could never be, that even with Kendall caresses and kisses, he still couldn't wrap his mind around this possibility.

"Please Kendall." Logan begged, unable to take it if the boy was lying, but Kendall grabbed the boys chin and forced him to look up at him.

"You are so beautiful." Kendall said, smiling when Logan gasped at his words, "I'm such an idiot that I didn't see it sooner. I didn't even...it didn't even click until you kissed me. Then it was like...all the puzzle pieces fell into place, and I didn't even realize the puzzle was broken in the first place. You make me so happy Logan. And I want to make you happy to. So, if you'll have me, I would love to be your boyfriend."

Tears were streaming down Logan's face and he was breathing hard because he couldn't understand how something amazing like this was happening.

Though Kendall was seriously worried about breaking the poor boy beneath him, he knew the words needed to be said to convince Logan how he felt.

"I love you Logan." Kendall said.

...and Logan just broke down.

Kendall gathered the sobbing boy into his arms. Kendall felt like a jerk for making Logan wait so long for him to figure it out, but he promised himself that he would make it up to his raven haired beauty every day he was alive.

After a few minutes Kendall pulled the now quieted down boy back a bit, whipping away his tears and kissed him gently, "I'm not wrong here am I? You want to be together right?"

Logan gave a small laugh and nodded his head, still not quite believing this could be true.

"Just making sure. Cause I definitely told you that I loved you and...I didn't hear anything back..." he began fishing with a smile, trying to lighten the mood and make Logan smile as well.

Logan swallowed deep and stared into Kendall's expectant eyes.

"I-I love you to." Logan whispered, clutching onto Kendall's shirt, "I love you even though I still can't believe this is happening."

Kendall raised an eyebrow and smirked at Logan. "Still huh? Now what can I do to prove that my heart belongs to you?" he said in a sneaky manner, then began to kiss Logan's neck gently, nipping and teasing the flesh.

Logan took in a deep breath at Kendall's actions, moaning and sighing. Then Kendall's castless hand was between his legs, palming at the hardening flesh.

"Oh! K-Kendall!" Logan exclaimed and the next thing he knew Kendall was laying him down back on the bed. Logan shifted as Kendall's hands began traveling downwards caressing his body slightly. Logan grasped onto the bedsheets, afraid to touch Kendall. He was afraid to even breathe, in case he woke from this amazing dream he had somehow fallen into.

Kendall, however, seemed to sense his unease and looked up from his assault on Logan's neck to smile and say, "You know you wanna touch me."

Logan smirked and hesitantly ran his hands through Kendall's hair. Kendall kissed Logan again before pulling his shirt up to near his neck to expose the soft flesh underneath.

Logan closed his eyes and focused on Kendall's sweet, soft touches along his stomach and abdomen. Logan was so glad that there were no scars to remind him of the awful time with Jo. Instead he pushed those memories away by opening his eyes and watching Kendall lavish his body with his tongue. He dipped his tongue into Logan's belly button, earning a giggle and light squeal from the brunette before continuing his administrations.

Placing two hands on Logan's waist band to his sweatpants, he looked up at the boy for consent. With a

thick swallow, Logan nodded and Kendall pulled down the pants, letting the slightly hardened member pop up to attention. With a smirk, Kendall made his way back up to Logan to help him with this shirt. Logan trembled again when he realized he was completely naked beneath a fully clothed Kendall. Kendall placed a hand beneath Logan's head and with the other began to lightly stroke Logan's member with his castless hand.

"Ngh. K-Kendall!" Logan moaned as Kendall leaned forward to take Logan's lips against his own.

After getting the member to full mast, Kendall kissed his way down Logan's body until reaching the hardened flesh, taking it into his mouth without hesitation.

Logan threw his head back in pleasure and let out a grunt as the warm heat enveloped him. He had never felt anything so damn good, and the fact that it was his beloved doing this to him made it all the better.

Kendall bobbed his head up and down, twisting his tightened lips against the flesh causing Logan to breathe heavily and whimper out Kendall's name. He was completely loosing his mind to the pleasure and never wanted it to stop. One hand grasped onto Kendall's hair while the other grasped the bedsheets.

But Kendall lifted his head and, while still stroking Logan, said, "Logan. Look at me. Now." Adhering to his command, through the fog of pleasure, Logan lifted his head and turned to Kendall. "Tell me again."

Already knowing what he meant, Logan chocked out,"I-I love you Kendall."

And with that Kendall brushed his thumb over the tip of Logan's member and with a shout of his name, Logan came hard.

Kendall watched in awe as Logan came undone under Kendall's administrations. He couldn't believe that he was the one to do this to him.

"Fucking gorgeous Logan." Kendall said.

Logan, breathing hard from the best orgasm of his life, could barely find the strength to blush at his now boyfriends words.

Kendall leaned down so he was flush against Logan and began grinding his painfully hard member against Logan's hip in a continuous rhythm. Logan tentatively wrapped his arms around Kendall, while the blond buried his hands in Logan's hair, pulling him close for a kiss.

It wasn't long before Kendall broke away to bury his face in Logan's shoulder, biting a bit as he moaned as he came.

Laying still for a moment, both boys gained their breaths back. Eventually Kendall pulled away, which earned a little whimper from Logan.

"Just relax." Kendall said, pulling off his clothes and using his t-shirt to wipe up the mess they made.

After he tossed their soiled clothes into a hamper, Kendall pulled Logan up so they were laying next to each other at the head of the bed, entwined naked legs and limbs.

"Sleep. Now." Kendall muttered, nuzzling the brunette. Logan blushed and nodded, rather tired after the exertions.

Kendall muttered, "Next time. Next time I can't wait to see your mouth on my cock." Logan blushed and buried his face in Kendall's chest, "I just need some sleep. Didn't get any all night."

Logan looked back up, "What? Why not?"

Kendall pulled him close to give him a quick kiss, "I was redecorating the room now that were couple."

Logan gave Kendall a watery smile before leaning over and kissing him again.


Logan shot up quickly and turned to Kendall with fear etched onto his face. How could he forget?

"Jo. Oh my God. What about Jo?"

His heart was still rapidly beating as Kendall gathered Logan back in his arms, saying "Shh. Just relax. Don't worry about it."

Logan took three deep breaths, trying to calm his shuddering.

"I broke up with her earlier this morning."

Yeah. Logan was pretty sure he was going to throw up again.

One Month Later...

Logan paced the length of the Palm woods pool nervously. It was past dusk, and the city of L.A. had settled into its usual nighttime hum.

The pool was mostly empty. Only a small group of people hanging around the fire pit with Guitar Dude singing some Beatles songs. Blackbird filled the air, but the sweet alto song did nothing to calm Logan's nerves.

Kendall and he had been dating for almost a month now and Logan couldn't fathom ever being happier. Granted, after that morning he and Kendall got together, he had spent a good amount of time freaking out about many different things. The band, their friends, family...Jo.

Apparently Kendall had broken up with Jo before Logan awoke the morning they became a couple. When the topic had been brought up, Kendall raised an eyebrow and said, "Logan...really. Can you ever see me cheating?" Logan said nothing, but hoped that he fell into that category of 'never to be cheated on by Kendall.'

Jo apparently had taken it...rather hard.

Their break up fight had acquired certain labels, such as 'epic', 'frightening' and 'world war III'. Logan, of course, panicked, which was reasonable considering the last time he got involved in a Jo and Kendall break up, he sorta died.

So, for Logan to take the road that involved hiding every time Jo came within eyesight, perhaps squeaking a bit in fear during the process, it was rather understandable, for him at least.

Kendall and the others just chalked it up to Logan being sensitive and feeling guilty that Kendall left Jo for him, and Logan had no problem letting them think that.

He was just to busy focusing on not hyperventilating every time he saw a butter knife at the dinner table.

Yet, other than the occasional panic attacks, his and Kendall's relationship had been going along fine. They were always going on dates or just hanging out together. They both had seem to fallen into the roles of boyfriends rather easily and without any problems.

Which actually brought him here, to this night. Kendall was on his way back to the Palm Woods from Roque records, re-recording a solo he had during a song with Kat's Krew for their sophomore album. Kendall and he were going ice skating to celebrate the new November month, and their one month anniversary. Logan had gotten a text from Kendall minutes ago, saying he was on his way and to meet him by the pool.

Logan's current nerves, however, stemmed from a recent conversation he had with Mama Knight earlier that day.

Apparently, while Logan was at the library this morning, Kendall had awkwardly come to James with some questions about sex that just ended up with them getting into a small brawl that with a broken lamp and a dent in the wall. Uneventful considering who lived in their little apartment and damage that could have been instilled.

James, though, went to Mama knight about it, who then came to Logan with some questions involving her son and their sex life.

Most awkward conversation ever...

Though he and Kendall hadn't 'gone all way' yet, it was apparent that Kendall was thinking about it. Which made Logan very nervous, because he wasn't sure he was ready.

It had nothing to do with the sex really. Both boys had gotten very good at using each other for their release with all the passion and love two people could give. What worried Logan was he was still unsure of Kendall's real feelings for him. Though Kendall told him time and time again that he loved him, Logan knew that there could just as easily be a part of him that is just confused or wanting to experiment. Logan couldn't stand the thought of loosing Kendall, especially if the boy ends up taking another piece of him.

"Enjoy it now. It wont last." Letting out a shriek that some may consider unmanly, Logan jumped a bit and spun around, coming face to face with Jo.

She was wearing a normal, human outfit of jeans and a comfortable t-shirt, but no matter what she wore, Logan would always see the evil demon he had once been tortured by.

Don't freak out. It's human Jo. She can't hurt you...

"He's just going to get bored with you and move on. He did it with me, and he will do it with you."

Ouch...okay. So maybe she can hurt you...

"Um..." Logan started, not sure what to say. It was weird how Jo seemed to pluck out his worst fears at the moment.

"Don't get comfortable Logan. If he broke up with me, than he will definitely dump you before you know it."

Logan cleared his throat, trying to muster up some bravery, and said, "I-I don't think so Jo..."

But Jo was on a roll and there was no stopping her. She took a step closer, narrowing her eyes in anger, daring the boy to challenge her words.

"Face it Logan. You're boring. You dress like a nerd professor. You both have nothing in common. And frankly, Kendall is going to want to settle down and get married at some point, have kids. And no matter how faggy you act, you're not going to be able to give him what he needs. So just give it up Logan. It's. Not. Happening."

Logan's mouth dropped open in surprise. He couldn't believe what Jo was saying. His heart broke because on some level he knew what she said was true. Kendall was going to get bored with him. He was going to want more than Logan could give him, no matter how hard he tried.

"You...you don't know that Jo..." He tired again, but it was no use.

"Oh I do know it Logan. You know he used to make fun of you with me? Nerdy Logan. Boring Logan. He used to say the only person you'd end up with is a calculator."

Logan's eyes filled with tears. He didn't want to believe it. He backed up until his legs hit one of the lounge chairs and he had to sit down, his heart breaking even more.

"I'm just trying to spare you the pain I'm going through Logan. No matter what he says, he's just lying. He used to say that that he felt sorry for you Logan. And let's face it Logan...you are pretty pathetic."

Logan might have been able to ward off the horrible things Jo was saying if it wasn't for her voice. The terrible angelic voice that held the same tone that haunted his dreams at night. The voice that held the awful words that brought the pain. A terrible sneering mixed with blood.

And that voice was sucking him into the darkness he had thought he had escaped...




"Jo!" Logan's face shot up to see Kendall stalking over to the two of them, his face set in anger. Logan had to clench his fists shut to keep them from trembling to hard.

Jo swung back to face Kendall, surprise on her face. "Kendall..." She started, but Kendall stalked past her to kneel in front of Logan, cradling his crying lovers face in his hands.

Logan clenched his eyes shut and turned away, unable to look into Kendall's eyes, afraid to see truth written in each orb.

"Logan. Logan look at me." Kendall instructed and pulled Logan's face forward to meet him. Logan resisted a bit, but Kendall was to strong and again said, "Open your eyes and look at me Logan."

"Kendall..." Jo started again but Kendall turned to her sharply.

"Shut up!"

Jo jumped back in surprise at his tone of voice, and frowned when Kendall turned back to Logan.

Biting his lip, knowing more tears would fall when he opened them, but there was no way to say no to Kendall, Logan slowly opened his eyes. Kendall gasped at the fear and pain he held, and leaned forward to kiss his forehead gently, trying to reassure the boy he loved, before standing and regarding a trembling Jo.

"You bitch." He seethed, stepping forward threateningly "How could you say those things to him? What the hell has he ever done to you?"

Jo took in a shuddering breath, chest full of fear at the wrath Kendall held in his eyes. "I was just telling him the truth. If you let me go so easily, whats to stop you from doing the same to him?"

Kendall gave a humorless scoff and shot back, "The difference is...I love him. Not you. And nothing you just said was the truth."

Jo opened her mouth to argue but Kendall stepped closer to her, drawing himself to full height, which was a good three feet higher than her, and his voice grew so low, almost to a growl, as he said, "If I ever see you talking to Logan again...even a fucking hello...I swear to you...you will regret it."

Jo gave out a little squeak, turned and ran into the hotel.

Logan watched in awe at the scenario that had just played out in front of him.

Did...did Kendall's eyes glow yellow just a bit?

Taking three deep breaths to calm himself down, Kendall turned to Logan and resumed his position of kneeling in front of the shaking boy. Tentatively laying his hands on Logan's hips he pulled him closer and said, "I'm sorry. I swear I never said any of those things to her and nothing she said about you was true at all-"

Kendall's words were cut off when Logan leaned over to kiss him. Pulling back after a few moments, Logan gave Kendall a small smile and said, "I know. And...thank you. You have no idea how much what you just did meant to me."

Kendall let out a breath and said, "I'd do anything for you Logan. I mean that."

Logan smiled and nodded his head, "I know Kendall-"

But Kendall shook his head and grabbed Logan's hands, starting into his eyes with an intensity that Logan rarely saw on the boy.

"No Logan. I mean it. I really mean it. I love you so much and when I think about all the time I wasted not realizing it, it makes me want to try all that much harder to be a better boyfriend for you. I never felt that way for any girl...for anyone. You make me so, so happy Logan. I absolutely love being with you. Just talking and touching you, and how you make me feel inside, its the best feeling in the world. I honestly wouldn't know what I would do with out you. I pray every day I never find out."

Logan swallowed back a lump in his throat, surprised at Kendall's words. He never thought he would hear Kendall say these things, and was so grateful that Kendall loved him so much.

"Kendall.." Logan began, and just pulled him in for a kiss, trying to relay how much he felt the same for the boy in this one action.

"You are seriously the best boyfriend ever. I love you so much." Logan said, squeezing Kendall's hands. He was so glad that he now had a protector in real life, and now in his dreams as well. He had a feeling, after watching Kendall finally defeat the monster that represented his worst nightmares, he would be sleeping better from now on.

Lacing his fingers with Logan's, Kendall pulled the shorter boy up, then wrapped an arm around Logan's waist. "Do you still want to go ice skating?"

Logan nodded and smiled, "Then after that...maybe we can try a new sport?" he asked as seductively as he could, giving Kendall a raised eyebrow with a mischievous smile.

Confused, Kendall frowned and said, "A new sport? Like...?"

Quirking his head to the side, Logan said, "Well...it's not a new sport itself. But new to us as...players. Let's see...we'll need some equipment though. Like this..." Logan placed a hand between Kendall's legs, rubbing his member gently and leaning forward to kiss the boys throat.

Kendall let out a shocked grunt and his breath quickened.

"And this..." Logan continued, grabbing Kendall's hand and sliding it across his own butt.

Kendall slid the hand up until it met the back of Logan's head, pulling him in for a deep, long kiss.

Finally pulling back after a few moments, Kendall gasped out, "Okay. Screw ice skating. I like you're sport way better."

With a surprised yelp, Logan suddenly found himself thrown over Kendall's shoulder, being carried up to apartment 2J.

"Kendall!" Logan exclaimed, hanging upside down, "You-you don't have to carry me! I can walk you know!"

Using his free hand to swap Logan's butt, Kendall laughed and said, "I know baby. Just call me a wild animal ready to mate."

Logan let out a groan.

Seriously...When the hell is Christmas?

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One Shots: Songs/Dress up: I already have 3 one shots I'm planning on writing for each story line, but I would love to take requests for ideas of songs you wanna hear the boys sing or outfits you'd like to see the boys wear? PM me or just leave a review when I begin posting for these one shots if anyone is interested.

Let the Music Play: Song one shot fics. Kogan/Jarlos. I will take requests and recommendations, but I can't guarantee I will get to everyone.

Dressed up in Love: Dress up one shot fics. Kogan/Jarlos. I will take requests and recommendations, but I can't guarantee I will get to everyone.

xoxo BA