Welcome! One and all to my very first fan fiction challenge writing! Deathshipping, sounds grim eh? But none the less i hope you find this interesting and amusing, coz that's what i'm here for and don't forget to leave a review on your way out! Thank you.
Sludge: (goes to speak)
Nope this time you are not ruining anything! Now shush!

What the hell, where am i? I look around in a daze, did i hit my head coz it hurts like hell?
OM MY GOD WHAT IS THAT! The i fainted... again

''Marik, please wake up'' that's it I give up I've been trying to wake him up for a whole hour now, he's been asleep for the past three days now yet the doctor said he's not in a coma he's simply sleeping breathing is normal and everything, oh Marik what's wrong with you?

For F sake! I can't believe I fainted again, this is not gonna help my reputation, must... do... something... evil...
Ahh that guy looks limey enough to be a victim of an evil plot, hold on a sec... Ryou's the only limey person i know, but this guys wearing a skirt? I thought to myself
Then the guy turned around
u guessed it, I fainted again

after a nice hot cup of fresh green tea you'd have thought that i'd have felt a little better, i've been worrying so much lately it's unbelievable and ive barely left marik's side, i need to go home and get some rest, but i cant bare to leave him, who's gonna watch over him?
oh no... Bakura!

Forget the F why the fuck do i keep fainting? And where is that limey... girl? She looked just like ryou nd i could have swore the girl behind her looked like Bakura! I must be going insane

Speak of the devil... here she is now ''Yo, you over there!'' when i called her she looked around to see who'd called ''over here'' then she looked right at me, she was gorgeous, with hair just like Ryou's but she was wearing a light blue ribbon in it. She wore a fairly low cut top that showed a line of her belly at the bottom and a black skirt mid height between knee and ass. Her legs were long and looked silky and dazzling, she wore a pair of black socks the came up just below her knee... yet no shoes?
She blew me a kiss and winked with those beautiful brown eyes, you can guess what happened next.

This was not bloody on!

I'm looking at the ceiling, the glow in the dark stars look amazing but i can't sleep, i keep thinking about Marik, even the stars remind me of him

Marik rolled over to face me
''You know Ryou, I can read your mind''
''Oh really then what am I thinking about right now?''

''Lets see, you're thinking about something big, long and hard penetrating something else''


''Yes Ryou'' Marik smirked at me, he's so handsome when he does that.

''Why? In the name of Obelisk, would be thinking about is kaiba's duelist kingdom turning into a rocket and penetrating the earth's O-zone layer, I mean just think of the global warming!Kaiba's ego alone is responsible for 20%, then there's the hair guy, with all the hairspray he uses he causes an addition 47% of greenhouse gases in the world''

''Uh, Ryou, I was actually thinking of maybe something along the lines of rape or happy fun time''

''I knew that'' : |

Oh Marik.

This is it, this time I'm not gonna faint, I'm not gonna faint, who the hell is that piece of sweet ass?
Oh no, please don't tell me that, it can't be I'm gonna...


Seriously though, what the hell is going on?
then a voice came from no where, ''i can help you with that'' out from the shadows emerged a girl, she was tanned , had blonde sort of hair kinda like mine, she wore a dark purple jacket, that came to just below her arms, and she didn't wear what i would call at shirt more like a bra with an extra bit at the bottom in a triangle kind of shape so you could see her beautifully tanned thighs... then I realised, it was Malik, my other half.
Sorry but this time I couldn't help it.

So guys how are you enjoying it?
What the hell is going on with Marik?
Why is everyone a girl? Find out tomorrow!

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