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I woke up, it was night time, gotta stop fainting, before it becomes a habit, not to mention that if I keep fainting I'm never gonna find out what the hell's going on around here!

Then I see 'Marik' well the female Marik look alike, I mean really what the hell and behind her, female Ryou? I must be trippin up a face down! (Going mental) I need answers and I know where to get them. ''Yo, uh, you over there?''

'Marik' looked over at me with a smile, ''what the hell is going on here, and where am I?''

''First of the name's Maria, second off you're in dolmino city, but as for what's going on I don't have a clue myself'' she spoke in a cute country accent and looked as confused as I did so I believed her though she still seemed light and perky, unlike 'Ryou' she just stood there with her hands behind her back swinging herself around, daydreaming. Then the awkward silence was interrupted by another female voice

''well hey there guys what kind of cutie pie have we got here?'' Well you have got to be kidding me...


''There really is nothing else you can do Ryou'' Bakura's words were kind and reassuring, kind of scary, especially for him ''you just gotta get on with your life''

AND JUST FORGET ABOUT MARIK! YOU IDIOT, I CAN'T JUST FORGET ALL ABOUT HIM...'' I release a long breath, Bakura looks shocked and yet he's smiling slightly, sick fetishes.

''I love him'' I whisper to myself.

After that Bakura just turns and leaves without a word, what's that all about?

I didn't believe it at first but who else has that random emo hair?

''This here's ... well I don't know. What's your name hunny'' Maria looked at me with a cute smile, she so reminded me of Marik, except female and... Hotter dare I say

''maybe he doesn't have a name, or he's got amnesia.'' Pegasus spoke out and broke my daze, ''the name's Marik, and you are?''

''the name's Maxine, Maxine Pegasus but everyone calls me Peggy, please to meet you Marik''
''how's about I call you maxi, its a cool name'' I smiled at her with my seductive smile
''you can call me anything you want hunny pie'' she gave me a little wink and leant on the post of the door, her long lush red coat shaped her figure, she was an hourglass, curves in all the right places and her red skinny jeans looked amazing with her black military boots, wait a sec why am I noticing this? Damn it Gok Wan

''he's a real drifter aint he Ryoko? You'd have thought with 3 hot women in the room he could at least pay attention for more than 5 seconds'' so the female Ryou's name was Ryoko, this was getting weirder by the second.

''you got that right, but I bet its weird for him, I mean he is from another dimension''

Say wha?

after since Bakura left earlier I haven't left Marik, I can't, what if he wakes up and I'm not there and and...

''oh, Ryou'' I look up through blurry eyes to see Yugi and Seto in the doorway, Yugi walks over to me and glomps me, almost in tears.

''I'm sorry Ryou I know how much Marik means to you even if he s a sort of psychotic evil dude from Egypt'' Kaiba piped up still standing in the doorway, not the best choice of words but I'm sure he means well.

Yugi pulls away from me and wipes his eyes with some tissues that have just appeared from nowhere, Kaiba comes in behind him and grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly.

Whenever I look at those two I always imagine me and Marik like that, not I guess it's not so likely now

This guy, why is he so familiar? And what's with the daydreaming? I suppose Ryoko's got points though, wait, WHAT?

''What did you just say Ryoko?''

''He's from another dimension, didn't you guess?'' I don't have a clue what she just said but I'm pretty sure she's crazy or at least getting there anyway because I could have swore she said another dimension!

I see why the girls keep looking at me weird when I daydream. Maria's daydreaming; I still can't believe the resemblance between her and Marik back home in Domino city. Thinking about it, I haven't spoken with him in ages, ever since he moved back to Egypt, I wonder how he's been.

''OI, MARIK!'' it was Maxi, ''did you not heard what Ryoko just said? And you Maria!''

''Yeah I heard '' I didn't actually hear what she just said but form the look on the other's faces, it seemed both shocking and important.

''What did she say then?'' Maxi scowled at me, and, believe me, it wasn't a nice look either!

''Uh...'' I hesitated slightly ''anyone up for a pepperoni pizza?''

I don't think I should have said that now because all three of them are looking at me like I'm from another dimension or something?


Sludge: well you hit the nail on the head there didn't you Marik dearest
Honoka: Watch who you're calling dearest... (Evil glare)
Sludge: O_O
Honoka: joke! Lol! But really hands off...

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Why can't Marik just get a grip?
Poor Ryou... :'(

Sludge: but you see... (Pie in the face)

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