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My Son Tony: The Beginning

Leroy Jethro Gibbs stepped into his house and dropped his things onto the table and turned to the empty house. On days like this he wished that he had his girls with him. He missed them so much all the time, but when he had a case like the death of a little girl it made him think of Kelly. He remembered the day that Kelly was born and vowed that day that he would protect her the best that he could, but it didn't turn out that way. While he was overseas Shannon his wife had seen something and had been killed along with their little girl because of it. They had died a long time ago, but there were days like this that he missed his family.

A couple of days later a lawyer had called him.

"Gibbs." He said as he answered the phone.

"This is Dylan Franklin and I am the lawyer for Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiNozzo. I'm sorry to say this, but they died in a car accident and didn't make it."

"What about Anthony their son?"

"He wasn't harmed. He was at home with the babysitter. He is the reason why I'm calling. I know they told you that they were giving you custody of Anthony if they died. The papers are all here and even the papers to change his last name. We need you to come in on Friday at 1:00." Dylan said and continued as he gave out his number and the address of the building.

"Thank you, Mr. Franklin I'll be there."

Gibbs parked the car and looked around. He didn't know if he was going to take Anthony home today, but he had gotten a car seat for the baby. It was just two weeks ago that he had seen the baby. He had also seen Tony when he was born and both the parents were so happy. Tony Jr. was barely a year old and was so cute of course he was biased because he already loved the child. He had also took out the bed in the extra room and made it into a nursery. He was ready to be a father again and he vowed this time to be the best father he could be and protect this little boy.

He walked up to the building and went inside. After signing and doing whatever he was needed to do he was given the little boy. He stared at the boy and smiled down as the baby smiled back.

"Hello, little guy. I'm going to be taking care of you. I knew your parents and they were my friends. I saw you when you were born and they were so happy. I'm going to protect you the best I can and I will love you like you were my own child." He told the baby. Tony blinked and he smiled. It was almost like he knew what Gibbs was saying.

He strapped the boy into the car seat and he sat down in the seat and buckled himself in. He knew that to be there for the little guy he had to change the way that he did things at work. Often he would go off by himself to get the job done and he knew it was dangerous, but he knew now he couldn't do that anymore. To protect Tony he had to protect himself and that meant no going off by himself anymore.

When they got home he unstrapped the boy and carried him to the house. He had also brought toys and even food for the little guy.

The next day while Tony was playing somebody knocked at the door. He had began locking the door to protect his precious boy.

"Gibbs why did you leave yesterday and why did you lock the door?" Asked Abby who had on a white shirt with a skull on it, a dog collar, a black skirt and boots. "You never lock the door Gibbs." She continued.

"Come in, Abby."

Abby came into the living room and spied the baby playing with a bear.

"Oh, he's cute. Who is he and why is he here?"

"This little guy is Anthony Dominic Gibbs. He was my friend's son and when they died they gave custody to me. I had to leave yesterday because I needed to sign papers." He said as he picked his boy up.

"He's adorable Gibbs." She said as she bounced over to the little boy. "Hi, Tony. Hi, baby. I'm your Aunt Abby." The little boy reached out a hand as if he wanted to shake his hand. "He's a friendly little guy."

"He's a good boy."

"Have you seen him before?"

"Yes, I was there when he was born. I had also been there a couple of other times. The last time was two weeks before his parents died."

"Did you call anybody else?"

"No, but I am going to take him in and see if Ducky will check him over. They said that he had a Doctor's check up the week before, but I want Ducky to check him out."

"You do that. I'm going to call Ziva, McGee and Zachary to welcome this little guy home. We're going to have a welcome home baby party."


"Come on. Please. We can all be Aunts and Uncle's to this little boy."


"We can even bring presents."

"I already got clothes, toys and a crib."

"I know we can bring things too."

"Okay, Abby. Go ahead and call." He smiled at the happy Goth. "I'm going to take him to Ducky today. He said that he was going to catch up on paperwork today."

"I think McGee, Ziva and Zachary are going to be there too. I heard them say something about reports." Abby said as she bounced out of the house as she watched Gibbs carry the baby out and lock the door. Tony was playing happily with the bear that Gibbs had given him. He really was a good baby and had even slept all night last night. He parked and watched as Abby's car parked next to his. He grabbed the happy boy and walked into headquarters. He stabbed the button that would take him to Autopsy. He saw Jimmy cleaning pipettes and Ducky was working at the desk. He walked in on both of them.

"Jethro why are you here and who's the little guy?" Ducky said as he turned in his chair to stare at Jethro holding a baby. He was dressed in blue, so he knew that the little baby was a boy. As soon as Ducky spoke Jimmy turned and looked at Gibbs and the boy.

"This is my son, Tony. I just got custody of him the other day. I want you to check him out."

"What do you mean your son?" Asked Ducky as he laid a blanket on the metal table, so it won't be cold for the child.

"He was my friends son. I had been there when he was born and had visited them before they both died. They had asked me if anything happened to them that they wanted me to gain custody of him. I got a call the other day and was told that they died. I had to sign custody papers and a last name change. I now am a proud Papa to Anthony Dominic Gibbs." He grinned at the baby as he watched the baby wriggle his feet. He had laid the baby down on the blanket, so Ducky could check him out.

"He's a healthy baby boy, Gibbs." Ducky said as he smiled at the baby's giggles.

"Good, I'm glad. They told me that he had a Pediatrician check up the week before his parents died, but I wanted you to check him out."

"I understand." Ducky said as he watched the proud father pick up the baby and cuddle him.