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My Son Tony: The Beginning

Gibbs walked back to the elevator and punched the button to go to the bullpen. He was glad that his baby boy was healthy. He would have to find a Pediatrician, but he was glad that Ducky took a look at the bubbly little boy.

Walking into the bullpen he stood there for a while as he watched as Ziva, Zach and McGee talk amongst themselves. Once again they were correcting Ziva's English and telling her what it meant.

As he made his way towards his desk he saw all three of his team stare at the sight of a baby in his arms. Just then Abby made her way towards the bullpen and watched as Gibbs talked.

"My son, Tony. Abby will tell you more. Tomorrow come over to my house. Abby will tell you when." He said as he turned and walked away.

McGee blinked and stared after their boss even after the elevator swallowed both of them up.

"Did our boss just leave with a baby and did he say he was his son?" Asked McGee.

"Yes, he did. Tony's parents were friends of Gibbs and when they died they gave him custody of their son. That's why he took off work on Friday. Gibbs will also be taking this coming week off too, so he can bond more with his son. Like the bossman said you are invited to his house for a welcome baby home. Be there at four. We also need to bring the baby presents, so after you are done we need to go shopping. I will bake a cake for Tony. You three need to make something. Gibbs will provide the steaks and beans, but that's it."

"Okay, well I'm about done." They all said at once. Each of them printed their reports and put them in folders and placed them on Gibbs desk and then they all headed towards the elevators.

"Wait a minute, guys. I have to make sure that Ducky and Jimmy know about the party." She said as she poked the button for Autopsy.

"Abigail, how are you doing?" Ducky said as he spied the happy Goth.

"Hey Duck man. Isn't it nice for Gibbs to take care of his friends son."

"Yes, it is, Abby."

"I came to tell you about the welcome home baby party tomorrow."

"Jethro told me about the party that you are planning tomorrow."

"Good. I'm going to bring a cake for Tony. Gibbs is grilling steaks and going to have beans. Ziva said she will make a salad and McGee said he was going to bring drinks."

"I'll make something for tomorrow then." Ducky said.

"You're invited to Jimmy."

"I am?"

"Of course, Jimmy. Gibbs told me to invite everyone and he wants you there too. Just remember both of you to bring gifts for Tony."

"Of Course." Jimmy said as he smiled. He was happy that he was invited too. He didn't think that Gibbs liked him.

The day of the party Gibbs watched the little boy crawl around and grab things. Some things he put in his mouth and some things he threw around. He had already taken out the steaks to thaw and after they thawed he would season them and put them back into the fridge. He would just open a couple of cans of baked beans and heat them up on the stove before everybody arrived. He picked up the little guy and started reading to him. The little hands wanted to either turn the pages, or rip them. He kept on grabbing the boy's hands and pulling them away from the book. The boy's eyes were closing as he read to the little boy. Finally he was asleep, so he carried Tony up the stairs and put him into his crib. He looked around. He had made the crib for Kelly and it was fitting that Tony got to use it now. He stared down at the sleeping boys features and smiled down. He the turned and went back downstairs to start cleaning up. He had brought the baby monitor downstairs, so he could hear when Tony woke up. He took all his little boys toys and put them in the toy box. He had begun making one for Tony, but this one would do until it was finished which would be soon.

He was in the kitchen when he heard the boy wake up and as he was about to head up he heard a knock at the door. He checked to see who it was and was surprised to see Ducky.

"Come in Ducky, I was just about to get Tony. He was sleeping and just got up."

"I'll set this down in the kitchen and will take care of him for you, so you can get ready for the party." Ducky said as he carried the potato salad into the kitchen and put it into the fridge.

"I need to give him a bath first and then change him." Gibbs said as he made his way upstairs.

"I will do it if you want me to."

"Thank you Duck. I'll take you up on that. His clothes are already out. The bath stuff is in the bathroom." He said to Ducky as he watched as he went upstairs. He heard the bath running and he knew the tub was full and Ducky had put the bath seat into it already. He had it in the tub already. He made his way towards the kitchen and seasoned the steaks and put them in the fridge. Next he grabbed a pan and opened two cans of baked beans and put them into the pot. He would heat them up next after he went and cleaned up some more. He watched as his son and Ducky made their way towards the living room. His cheeky little boy smiled at his Daddy and held out his arms.

"Hello, little man. How's my boy?" He placed a kiss on his little cheek. The little boy gave him a slobbery kiss back. Gibbs laughed as he did it and the boy laughed too. He played with the little boy for a while and then handed him back to Ducky.

Ducky played with the little boy with another stuffed animal. This time it was a little dog.

Gibbs went into kitchen and heated up the beans and put them into a bowl and then there were knocks at the door. He opened the door and saw Jimmy there.

"I'm glad you could make it. Ducky's in the living room taking care of Tony."

"Thank you for inviting me Gibbs."

"You're welcome." Gibbs said as he turned back to the kitchen and heated the stove to put the beans in, so they would be hot when he took them out. He started the fire in the chimney because they were having steak cowboy style. He really didn't like that because of the curious little boy he now had, but he didn't have a grill. He would have to get one soon if he was going to have people over. He didn't want his little boy to get burned.

There were some more knocks on the door and Gibbs went to go answer it. McGee, Abby, Ziva and Zachary were standing there waiting to be let in. "Ducky and Palmer are in the room taking care of Tony. Make yourselves comfortable." He said as he turned back to the kitchen. The four took their things into the kitchen and put them down. Ziva had brought lasagna even if they were having steak, McGee brought pasta salad. Abby baked a cake and Zachary brought a green salad. Jimmy had brought a bean salad. They watched as Gibbs made his way towards the fridge.

"Abby take out the plates and silverware."

"On it bossman." She said as she made her way towards the cupboards. Gibbs carried the steaks into the living room and put them on the fire. He watched as his team interacted with his son and was happy that they seemed to like him.

When the steaks were done he took them into the kitchen and took out the beans and turned the stove off. He put in spoons in each of the bowls and called the others in to eat. Ducky told them to eat first and he would take care of the little guy. When Gibbs was done he took care of his son while Ducky ate his food. They all talked and laughed and Gibbs looked around at his emerging little family. It would be good to have Tony grow up in an environment like this. After they were done the cake was cute and they ate their cake. After that Tony was given his presents. Rip the wrapping paper went as it was torn off by tiny little hands.

McGee gave him baby Einstein DVD's, Ziva gave him baby books, Zachary gave him a little stuffed cat, Abby gave him clothes with a Goth theme, Ducky gave him clothes too and Jimmy gave him a stuffed lion.

A few hours later it was time for everyone to go home. "I want to thank you all for coming and welcoming this little guy."

"You're welcome, Gibbs. Of course we would welcome him. He's your son now and we are his Aunts and Uncle's." Abby said as she hugged her silver fox and kissed the baby's cheek. The baby blew raspberries back at her.

"I will stay and clean up Jethro."

"You don't have to do that, Duck."

"I know, but I want to." Ducky said as he made his way towards the kitchen. The leftovers were already in the bags and everybody's stuff was washed and was in the drain. Ducky watched as father and son played with the stuffed animals.

"As Abby said your team will be his Aunts and Uncle's and I think Jimmy will think so too. He nodded when Abby said that. I want to be his grandfather."

"Thank you Duck."

"You're welcome, Jethro. Goodbye, Jethro, Goodbye, Tony" He said as he smiled down at the happy little boy.

The End