"I wish we were better strangers," Kaiba said, half lost in his own head.

Jonouchi looked away. Shame took him. He let it. Just for those moments.

Kaiba placed his legs over the side of the bed. He put his head in his right hand, elbow digging into his thigh.

Silence. Jonouchi didn't know what to do with silence. Normally he would make noise, but now was not the time. He let it be silent. He let himself feel shame. Felt what Kaiba felt. Could feel that tension a mile away. It made him feel uneasy. Jonouchi narrowed his eyes. Thoughts filled with concern and wonder over what Kaiba was thinking, then swung his legs over the opposing side of the bed. Looked behind him at the man hunched over. Part of him thought of how it couldn't be the same person. Kaiba doesn't slouch. "Are we... friends?" Jonouchi didn't realize what he was going to say before he said it. Yet, his anticipation for the answer made him feel anxious.

Kaiba's eyes widened at the disastrous proposal. However, the initial reaction of anger glazed over him. The 'of course not' turned into "Perhaps." There. He had said it. Perhaps they were friends. That is right. Friends who had just slept in the same bed. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. They were just friends and that is a friend thing to do; share a bed. Kaiba's adam's apple bobbled. The hopelessness realized but denied.

Jonouchi closed his eyes and ran both of his hands through his blond hair. He put his hands through it again, only this time clenching his hair in his fists, pulling firmly but not so much that it hurt. His hands fell to his sides with a slight bounce on the bed. The child inside of him wanted to do it again. Instead he imagined doing it again while singing about how bouncy his hands were. Smiled at that thought. Jonouchi, remembering his situation, looked over his shoulder again at Kaiba; still hunched over. His friend instincts were to go over there and rub his back in soothing circles or to tell him to cheer up and that it is not the end of the world. This wasn't a card game he had lost.

Or was it?

Kaiba stared at the floor. He was thinking about how he was going to tell Jonouchi to get out of his house and to never come back. Wanted to run away. To be proven wrong. To lose the game. He lost last night. Suddenly, he felt a stirring on the bed. His head jerked to see Jonouchi right behind him. He wanted to say: Back the fuck off! But for some reason, he didn't. Jonouchi put a hand on his shoulder. "Jou...," Kaiba said softly.

Jonouchi felt a heated flush come to his face at the sound of the first syllable of his last name. It took him by surprise. "Look, I will just, get outta here? Uh... I won't tell no one k?" Jonouchi whispered. Paused for an answer. Kaiba's face stiffened up. Jonouchi leaned over to get a better look at Kaiba's face. Something strange about his eyes.

"Don't look at me."

Jonouchi sat back up. He heard the tear drop on the floor. That soft tap on the hardwood floor was unmistakable. Jonouchi didn't even have to look down at the floor to know. He stood up and looked out the window of Kaiba's room to see the sun shining brightly on the garden. "I will leave if that's what you want. Take care, moneybags."

Kaiba listened to the steps. The sound of the door opening, then closing. I wish we were strangers so I could be right.